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  1. Cerise Sorbet

    3rd Eye Glasses

    https://marketplace.secondlife.com/products/search?utf8=✓&search[category_id]=&search[maturity_level]=GMA&search[keywords]=third+eye+glasses turns up 3 clones of your picture.
  2. Cerise Sorbet

    never mind

    Original request was for a teleporter script to get from up to downstairs.
  3. Cerise Sorbet

    never mind

    Also give the LSL Library section here a good hunt. The search works pretty well, and there are several teleport scripts in there.
  4. It will work in viewers like Firestorm that use the old time profile display, but not other viewers that use HTML profiles. Would it be possible to share the profile that does the thing you are interested in, so people don't have to guess? Adding: you could also try lookig yourself that that person's profile in the LL viewer, or at my.secondlife.com, the code will probably be exposed there. Sorry for the time gap, sometimes my brain needs a jump start these days.
  5. Cerise Sorbet

    How common are mesh avis for teens?

    Most seem to gravitate to SMB (Super Mesh Bros.) or Tweeneedoo/Toddleedoo.
  6. Cerise Sorbet

    BNF syntax for LSL? (ideally YACC+LEX files)

    Lex and yacc (or rather their GNU dopplegangers) used to ship with the viewer, but that was torn out a few years ago when syntax highlighting was remade. It won't have all the current functions, but it is srill good to learn how LSL parses things. Look maybe in old viewer release notes for a copy that still has those files.
  7. Cerise Sorbet

    No, please no Safehubs

    Most of the non-adult hubs on this list are mostly empty and you can set your home at any infohub in a pinch.
  8. Cerise Sorbet

    How to recover very old account

    It is possible, given the timeframe, that the account really was lost. Back in 2006, SL's login database was hacked and some were lost.
  9. Cerise Sorbet

    Forum user name issue

  10. Cerise Sorbet

    Help: Seeking FullPerm or Trans/Copy Sparkle Script

    Ohhh, Now I understand, you recycled the thread. PLEASE DON'T DO THAT. START A NEW THREAD. So!! The go to place to learn about particles is The Particle Lab. He has demonstrations of what you can do, plus take-home copies of the scripts. Jopsy is one of those SL heroes you don't hear too much about. His lab is at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Teal/182/74/21
  11. Cerise Sorbet

    Help: Seeking FullPerm or Trans/Copy Sparkle Script

    New Answer? >_> <_<
  12. Cerise Sorbet

    Can we see who "liked" our posts?

    Exactly. Who The Hell's Side is my RL name.
  13. Cerise Sorbet

    Can we see who "liked" our posts?

    That doesn't look like 27 pages to me. If I were Tommy I would double the requirement to 54.
  14. Cerise Sorbet

    Dance poles in Moderate region are okay right?

    Some poles have sex poses and those ones in particular should probably be avoided.
  15. Cerise Sorbet

    Account unavailable

    For how long was it, like 15 minutes? Those ones generally mean that you account didn't log off cleanly for some reason, and SL is just leaving it locked for few to help make sure nothing gets lost.