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  1. well, I tried out firestorm, Rezzed a cube Took the cube Cube is nowhere to be found in my invenotory Attaching the cube on hte ground from the pie menu put it in my objects folder as normal and I was able to detach and have it.
  2. Mixed feelings, I'm looking forward to checking it out, sounds like it's gonna be really fun, but, umm, why is LL competing with their own user base!?
  3. Huge Welcome! So awesome to see you having fun in the platform! Thanks for the peek
  4. A Browser based viewer for SL is gonna be awesomeness! And a really great new development for Second Life. However.... Phillip saying in his speech that LL is not going to pursue it and then a few months later getting a email and blog announcing it, followed by not being able to access it because "based on a number of variables, including bandwidth, system setup details, and other factors" is enough to get a person telling Linden Jokes! How many lindens does it take to change a light bulb? "Our teams are working on it, in the meantime, here is Torely with ten super fun things to do in the dark"
  5. Of course it doesn't help that Phillip is jumping ship to go work on a new buisness. Way to rally confidience
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