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  1. Sorry I thought this was where you tried to get through to LL. Not just a topic only dedicated to Sim Security..There is a serious problem with Regin crossing that LL are not addressing. I will try to find another wat to try to get a responce from LL. Once again sorry, pulling the plug on this forum
  2. Region Crossings I am one of the Admins for a 15-region estate, we regular hold sailing battles. Sim crossing are still a big problem with ships often going off world, the problem is still the same as it was 11 years ago. Ship creators have done their utmost to improve and make ships more efficient. BUT LL is still dragging it heals over this matter. The last I heard was one of the Lindens was taken off sorting region crossings to go and work on Sansar. Pleas will you remember who is paying LL employee. As a reminder it is us Estate/Region owners. So please instead of rebuffing and fobb
  3. LL viewer is so limited, there is no quick prefs, can not resize Camera/walk. The chat box is just an untidy mess. I downloades LL viewer a few weeks ago. Speed Graphics wise there is no diffwerece betwwn the two. FS wins hands down on the interface and adjustments to settings.
  4. I am on a Private Estate where because of sailing we allow people to rezz objects. With regularity squatter skyboxes are returned, combined with an Estate wide ban. Let’s break no bones over this, these people are parasites. Someone is paying for the prims on that land. We have a policy of keeping approx 700 prims per sim free for rezzing of ships. If one of these squatters put a skybox of 600 prims, those unpaid for prims t prevents us from rezzing our ships. A ban and report to LL is not excessive.
  5. One good reason to steer clear of mainland. If you pay rent for a Sim then you are paying for the prims on that Sim. With exceptions of clauses in the convent, where say, there is a Travel system, or X number of prims need to be free for sailing. It is very simple you pay for a plot or Sim, Then within a reasonable length of time, you should be given permission to return whatever you want. Unless it is agreed that certain prims remain. In RL you buy a house, you do not expect the previous owners thing to be in that house when you move in, if they are they as it is your house you
  6. Mesh is great for building, not clothing. None of the creators make mesh for women with a figure,I will never chang my shape for clothing, I still have medieval dress`s from 3 years ago they still look good and flow well, I bought one mesh dress thar nearly fitted, but it still had a lot of flexy prims, untill mes can be streached it will only be second best. I do use a lot of mesh in buildings and ground , there you cant fault it
  7. The whole layout looks simplistic and childlike. Is it not time LL increased the prim limit on all Sims, sorted out Sim crossing for Sailors and Aviators. Some of us Sim owners are getting fed up of the lack of effort that is put into sorting existing problems out.
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