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  1. I found this thread from a comment posted on my blog. I maintain a list of identified roaming bots in SL and this sounds like a plausible answer for what at least some of these bots are doing. If the item is at all legit and works, the only real ways I could think of it accomplishing this through the system are the stationary sensors someone mentioned earlier or roaming bots. Putting up enough sensors to detect the proverbial needle in the haystack would be a bit difficult and likely costly, but a specialized bot agent could pick up the people around it and report back. Get enough of these running and you might be able to do something like a "Find your Friends HUD" with at least passing accuracy. I'm in full agreement on this though, this is just a bit too Red Zone for me and needs to be crushed out before it starts. I've flagged the Marketplace item as well. Hopefully enough people will do so to make LL take a look at it and remove it.
  2. Just read AnneMarie's new profile entry. " Yes I am the notorious AnnMarie who invented the drunken vehicles on the SL Roads but the Lindens shut it down due to a SL bug.. 5 years with over 110,000 visitors taking over 325,000 rides. Rising from the dead now the bug is minimized." *sighs* The one bug the Lindens fix... Let it stay dead, AnnMarie... please let them stay dead.
  3. Pussycat Catnap wrote: 100% certain its the same person? Had thought that person had given up on the idea. I always liked the vehicles, but I seem to be in a minority on that. I thought they added good ambiance to SL. Absolutely positive. We were surprised when we came cruising down the road and hit a cube. We checked and found her name on it and both AR'ed it. I ran into several of her cars on the roads this weekend and we had a car launch itself (and run over us) from one of her rez points as we were sitting there. No question they're hers. I personally detest them. Mainly because of her attitude that SL is her personal sandbox and the mess they cause. I used to have a roadside parcel that also had a beach and I used to see her CARS cruising through the water all the time. Plus I'm tired of having my bike constantly pushed around by them.
  4. I'm a bit confused about the status of these things. Are they supposed to be gone? If so, they're not. I ride the roads frequently and have been run over by these stupid things as recently as today. Yesterday, there was one sitting in a Linden rez zone waiting for passengers. Unfortunately it was eating up all the prims and I couldn't rez my vehicle. I for one would be THRILLED to see these things gone. They're unsightly, egotistical, and a public nuisance. They break at least two of the TOS terms I can think of. I've been run over by them if I stop my bike for a second on the road to look around which is assault, and they pile up in epic crash sites everywhere on the mainland, which is object littering. Not to even get into unfair use of region resources or the idea that she's selling them by sending them down public roads. Nice. I've been sitting next to one of her spawning stations writing this and it just spawned one and I watched it roll over me and a friend out onto the road. These things are NOT gone yet. Edit: Now she's doing something else weird... one of her stations is rezzing a huge cube (not phantom) in the middle of the road and then sliding it over. Over and over again.
  5. Three excellent mainland parcels of various sizes (8192m, 5120m, and 512m). All with protected waterfront and access to several ocean sims. Buy one or all three for a beautiful landscape with room for a house and a dock in the lagoon. Come take a look! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sibsink/47/18/32 IM Cassandra Kestrel in world with any questions
  6. I have to go with Marina on this one. I've submitted several ARs concerning griefing over the years as well, and have had absolutely zero luck or response. It's very discouraging to pay the outrageous tiers LL charges, and then have your land griefed to the point of unusabilty by the village idiot.
  7. Kittens Hideout - waterfront living tucked away in a lovely setting - 8192 sqm parcel with a beautiful tiki style house. - Room for several average sized boats at the included dock - Direct sailing access to 14 full or predominately water sims. Ability to reach the Blake Sea for a good sailor. It's a hairy journey at points, but I've done it many times! :) - West facing, so you can enjoy the sunset while looking out over the water - Access to the Linden ocean sims through a connected waterway leading to a LL protected channel going straight to the ocean - Use of the connected waterway and its boardwalk area as a common area. This is another 4000+ meters directly connected to the parcel. - 1875 prims for you to use. When I say use, I mean use. A lot of rentals subtract any decoration, furnishings, house, etc from the prims you rent. Your 1875 prims could become more like 1500 before you even start! Kittens Hideout includes 1875 prims for you to use. Period. The house, the dock, and anything else are a bonus. Since the biggest prim expenditure on a lot is often the house, think of what you can do with the house already laid down for you. :) - Rental price is L$2000 per week. I also give a 5% discount for renting a month at a time. More info available, come get the notecard - just click on the "available" sign! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hedge/181/223/21
  8. Almost 15 months here. We're stronger than we ever have been and we're on together pretty much every day!
  9. My, how many posts there are telling anyone who complains that perhaps LL should be spending more time FIXING ANCIENT BUGS instead of creating shiny new toys that they should just leave or sit down and shut up. So the cheerleaders get their say, but we don't? I love SL, and its partly for that reason that I hate to see what its coming to. Frustrating bugs that never get fixed while they work on making it yet another social networking site. If anyone is to leave, perhaps it should be some of the folks less tolerant to other viewpoints than their own.
  10. I for one, must commend LL for keeping the status quo and thinking about in-world residents' safety and well-being. I know I myself would prolly have a severe stroke if LL did anything useful such as bug fixes... you know - chat lag, sim lag, inventory that goes poof, sim crossings in vehicles, just to name a few. By keeping their attention firmly focused on trivial garbage such as carnivals for 12 year olds, web profiles that nobody wanted, and removing last names in favor of widely abused display names, they're saving thousands of residents that might go into shock, keel over and die if LL actually did anything sensical or useful. A big warm "Well Done" to LL for caring so much about us!
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