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  1. Good lord! Email misfire? Who did this email automatically generated cluster? Wikileak trigger? S m h!
  2. Safe With Your Love

    Lovely!! So happy for you and your love <3
  3. I had to agree to the TOS to log in today

    Is Pep back at it again?
  4. SL security and scammer help pls

    Tarina Sewell wrote: Argus Collingwood wrote: These are KittyCats by Callie Cline, drop her a note also:) I do not think Kittycats is responsible or can do anything about this.It was a private seller. Maybe they are KittyCatCopies? Just sayin;) Callie may have some some "pull" with the seller.. never hurts. *shrugs*
  5. SL security and scammer help pls

    These are KittyCats by Callie Cline, drop her a note also:)
  6. SL security and scammer help pls

    and how many kittens are in your inventory now?
  7. SL security and scammer help pls

    What did your transaction log say on your dashboard? Did all the money go to one avatar or were other avatars paid?
  8. Stipend missing

    update: mine came in at 9:20
  9. Stipend missing

    valerie Inshan wrote: Update: Unscheduled System Maintenance [8:23 AM PDT, 24 September 2013] Payment of stipends in Second Life are temporarily delayed while we perform unscheduled system maintenance. Regular payment of stipends will resume when maintenance is complete. Yay Val to the rescue ♥
  10. Second Life Pic of the Day 09/20/2013

    Wonderful Jeanie!! ♥
  11. Second Life Pic of the Day 08/29/2013

    Wonderful, Caity!
  12. Marketplace

    Click the cart icon upper right and remove some items
  13. The Impact Of Server Side Baking

    Abbey Eldridge wrote: for my laptop im thinking i dont have the graphics i need cuz everythin is pink so i cant really use it Pink means you need a driver update I believe that will fix it,
  14. Large Crowd Bug?

    Dresden Ceriano wrote: I would think that the larger the crowd, the better your chances of catching a bug... you should be fine if you just make sure to get a lot of vitamin C and keep your vaccinations are up to date. ...Dres Thanks, Dres!! lol
  15. Large Crowd Bug?

    Question ~ when you go to a very popular place and it crashes, do you blame the place or LL for the crash? There seems to be a Large Crowd bug floating around that allows more avatars that the limit is set onto a packed sim and then since it has exceeded the limit everyone gets logged out, Is this your experience? TIA for replies♥