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  1. Good lord! Email misfire? Who did this email automatically generated cluster? Wikileak trigger? S m h!
  2. Tarina Sewell wrote: Argus Collingwood wrote: These are KittyCats by Callie Cline, drop her a note also:) I do not think Kittycats is responsible or can do anything about this.It was a private seller. Maybe they are KittyCatCopies? Just sayin;) Callie may have some some "pull" with the seller.. never hurts. *shrugs*
  3. These are KittyCats by Callie Cline, drop her a note also:)
  4. What did your transaction log say on your dashboard? Did all the money go to one avatar or were other avatars paid?
  5. valerie Inshan wrote: Update: Unscheduled System Maintenance [8:23 AM PDT, 24 September 2013] Payment of stipends in Second Life are temporarily delayed while we perform unscheduled system maintenance. Regular payment of stipends will resume when maintenance is complete. Yay Val to the rescue ♥
  6. Click the cart icon upper right and remove some items
  7. Abbey Eldridge wrote: for my laptop im thinking i dont have the graphics i need cuz everythin is pink so i cant really use it Pink means you need a driver update I believe that will fix it,
  8. Dresden Ceriano wrote: I would think that the larger the crowd, the better your chances of catching a bug... you should be fine if you just make sure to get a lot of vitamin C and keep your vaccinations are up to date. ...Dres Thanks, Dres!! lol
  9. Question ~ when you go to a very popular place and it crashes, do you blame the place or LL for the crash? There seems to be a Large Crowd bug floating around that allows more avatars that the limit is set onto a packed sim and then since it has exceeded the limit everyone gets logged out, Is this your experience? TIA for replies♥
  10. if you go to front of market, leave search blank hit enter then sort result in order of price low to high there are 38 pages [at 96 per page] of unpriced mis-matched wrong photo items
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