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  1. I'm not sure I'm understanding you. Could you elaborate please?
  2. I think we carry at least some of those ideas with us wherever we go, even when we nominally set them aside for a different virtual identity. I think we are all truly the same regardless, no matter how others treat us or how we see ourselves.
  3. Have you spoken about this with any likely creators themselves? It matters less what the majority of SL creators might or might not do and more what a few in your niche are happy to support in some way. I would start by building up relationships amongst others who are involved in the genre and asking what they would like to see, what they might hope to gain or be able to contribute. As for the idea of voluntary donation or free rent in exchange for providing ambience, decor and a bit of traffic, that's pretty much what I bring to a friend's sim. It works for both of us because it meets each of our needs in SL. My niche has a lot of ups and downs re sales so making regular rent can be a bit daunting. My store ranks well in a few key searches though, which brings in traffic to the rest of the sim. It seems to me that the focus on mainstores and TPing to them overlooks things like the value of being able to advertise your sim/community in their groups and what any store, no matter the size, might be able to add in terms of getting your place seen via search. Likewise, an umbrella group for the stores in your sim could be a boon to those who are too small to maintain strong groups of their own. Themed shopping events are very popular today, which suggests that there is merit to bringing a collection of merchants together. Just my thoughts. Good luck with your project.
  4. My apologies then. I'll see if I can get my posts removed from the thread. I thought looking at a rezzed object still told you something about it's geometry and construction, even if it's rigged when worn.
  5. Which is why I advocate looking at the geometry itself via wireframe or edit and zooming in and out to see how LoD changes are handled.
  6. post removed lest it further contribute to misinformation on the subject.
  7. Aside from the occasional shudder when I stumble into poorly made content, I haven't changed anything really about how I dress my av and my complexity numbers run under 10k. I generally have to work to get it higher and why do that? System body, good skin, short mesh hair, my favourite shoes (which are probably simple sculpts) as standard. Current clothes are mesh jeans and a lovely poncho top with a Mongolian textile print from a Genre event. Mentioning the latter because its visual interest is from the print, at least to me. It won't be everyone's cup of tea, but if the low complexity of my av has offended anyone's retinal health they've been sufficiently mannered to avoid mentioning it to me inworld. I keep jelly dolls on inworld and usually have it set low. CoolVLViewer handles the jelly dolls notices via a shirt icon in the menu bar rather than a pop up window. A yellow shirt icon appears (explanatory text available as mouseover) when your av isn't rendered by someone else. It's present but not intrusive. That sort of notice in the mainstream viewers would probably reduce a lot of the social tension around jelly dolls. The only thing I miss is watching some of the amusing things mesh body parts and clothes get up to when lag makes for slow rezzing. Sorry fashionistas, all of your stuff hanging about in mid-air can be more interesting to me than the finished product. When it comes to creating, the new ARC information has further increased my efforts to minimising render weight in everything I make. (This includes wearables, decor and furniture, both pre-made FP mesh and my own work.) I'm glad to do that but unfortunately it multiplies the already complicated processes of creating for SL, at least at this stage. At this point, I'm comfortable enough with Blender to be able to make and texture most of my objects but the endless process of optimising 4 level of detail (LoD) and keeping all of them playing nicely with each other can be a bit of a nightmare. It's proven to be too much during times of poor health for me. Jelly dolls and ARC isn't the real issue here, it's how complicated the process is to begin with. My experience is that optimising render weight tends to be multiplicative rather than additive for many of those steps. In short, changes necessary for optimisation can lead to having to redo a lot of that work depending on how far back in the process you need to go, including having to remake each LoD model depending on the nature of the changes. Other people who know more about the insides of these things have suggested that LL could do better with aspects of LoDs and their side of the mesh testing/uploading process. If that's true, and LL broke form to address these issues, it could go a long way towards making it easier for SL's creators to make better render-friendly mesh. I really appreciate the ideas, suggestions and information you share with us, Penny. Seeing how someone else does something, especially when it's thinking outside the box and looking at things in a new way, is great stimulus for my own efforts. Thank you for taking the time to do this.
  8. A Marketplace presence only tells you that the creator has a Marketplace presence. I know of a few who've sadly passed on, others who couldn't afford tier or the time required to manage an inworld store. Some of those seem to have left SL altogether (without taking the MP store down), others come and go depending on RL. Better to check the creator's profile inworld - how ancient are the pic landmarks and groups? - and last log-in dates via the store group. We've had several big changes, like the introduction of mesh, which increased the number of creators starting over with a new store name. Was that five years ago? I can't remember. Sometimes you can find out what an old fav is up to now by asking in a large shopping-oriented group. If you ask about Simone! though you might just hear ad nauseum about the mesh head of that name. Welcome back by the way. When you find an out-of-date LM, are you doing an inventory search on its name? That might help you get rid of a few more.
  9. Could be that the psych group guy may have been looking for someone to troll and took your 'no slex please' as his starting point. If it hadn't been there, he might have just found something else in your profile to start with instead. Those types though, will decide that they've won whatever you give them, so only play along if you're having fun with it too. It's tempting to speculate on a connection between faux-Domming and aggressive trolling, but probably best not to do that without a proper psychological analysis of the bloke. As for sex expectations, it seems to me that some will log in only when they want to pixel-bump, which encourages them to think that if someone else is logged in, they're also wanting to pixel-bump. And the random chancer types, who spam other avs in hopes of getting lucky. In both cases, it's all about them, not the other person. I like meeting new people and I like making things for my shop, so when random chancers persist in pretending that they want to be friends I invite them to my shop to see what I do. The ones who are sound might become real friends and the rest get to pretend to be interested in ancient art and history. Anyone who fancies that as a respite is welcome to pretend to be my building alt....
  10. Anyone who feels ostracised because of their av is welcome at ours. We care more about the kindness inside a person than what he or she's done to the outside.
  11. Yes, many creators who make different things (avatar components and houses would be a good example) keep them separate on marketplace through alt accounts. It's so much easier for customers to browse the shop for what they're interested in, especially when it has more than a few pages. IMO it's good practice to mention it in the account profiles and on the MP page, just to avoid confusion, make it easier for customers to find the right MP store, or know which account is best to contact you through.
  12. Add a bemused, some what cheeky tone of voice to the above please. Attempts to keep it polite enough for the forums sort of trashed that. C'est la SL. :matte-motes-smile:
  13. That would explain the behaviour of several men I've met in SL. :matte-motes-confused: I will stick with my shop, however. As hard as it is for some to believe, it's more satisfying to me than being expected to help internet strangers get their one-sided jollies.
  14. If they are copy and came in some sort of a box that you had to either Open or was scripted to open on rez or when attached, then that box will serve as a back up and you can safely delete the versions which went into your inventory. Don't delete the box though. Anything that isn't copy won't be in that original box though. Just something to keep an eye on when you're opening boxes. If you received a folder of stuff (rather than a single box/package), then the safest course is to rez a prim and put all of the bits and pieces into it. The ones you don't want now, the ones you do. Then you will have a backup in case of mishap, like a script malfunctioning, or when you do something different with your main body. Label it with something that will give you a heads up. I append the phrase "BOXED UP" for mine because it's unique. When I see the phrase in my inventory, I know that particular box is my archive copy and probably has my only copies of its contents. The consistent wording also makes it easier to search for things. After you've made your own backup box, you can safely delete the bits you're not currently using. If you want to further reduce your inventory count, those backup boxes can go into a master back up box. Don't trash them. Things WILL change, especially with mesh bodies and how rapidly that whole area is changing.
  15. If you haven't already - Get yourself onto the beta grid, take the mesh upload tests for both the beta and main grids and get payment into on file. Search the archives for info on what you need to do for that. Beta grid because SL mesh requires MUCH experimentation, trial and error and having to pay for each attempt tends to lead to saying 'good enough' too early. Beta grid is free. Understanding 3d software is one thing, understanding what SL needs from mesh in order to behave (as much as SL ever behaves) is something else entirely. So export as dae (rather than obj) and try uploading on the beta grid. Then come back to the Mesh section of the Creation forum (rather than General Discussion in the People forum) and start asking specific questions about the problems you're having. Or do an archive search, lots of great info already there from some very knowledgeable and skilled teachers.
  16. I've seen my relationship with my avatar change over the years, including today while I was working on the face of my new building alt, who has turned into my 'reminding myself how to play again' project. :matte-motes-smile: Would be happy to talk about this with you and do my best to answer your questions. SL isn't a site, btw. It's a complex, chaotic, malfunctioning, crazy-making, multi-faceted, amazing world, and something slightly different to every one of us that uses it. That's the kind of thing you need to understand if you're going to represent it accurately in your study. Good luck. :matte-motes-smile:
  17. DolceChic wrote: The best things in SL are def. not free I'd rate friendships as the best things in SL. They're not free in that they need care and effort, but they don't have to cost even a single linden. :matte-motes-smile: Since you talk about 'staying on trend', I gather you're into the whole fashion thing. Have you looked into blogging? It tends to be more payment in kind (you get to keep the blogger packs) than monetary, but you would be getting a creator's latest items. At least one of the big hunt organisers has a set up for bloggers, which might be a way to get a start without needing to invest many lindens. Learning the ropes and establishing a portfolio of work to show creators will go a long way towards helping you be selected. In-store models and greeters are other options with payment in kind and sometimes lindens (I've seen L$200-500 per shift advertised). A good greeter enjoys helping others find the perfect things, would that qualify as fun for you? I'm sure any trendy fashionista still has to buy plenty, so these are thoughts on how to reduce some of the costs. Good luck.
  18. Hate to be the one to break it to the fashionista set, but some of us aren't paying much attention to your outfits regardless of what complexity setting we're using. Except for the flying clothes and body parts scenarios. Those can be quite comical. :matte-motes-smile: Though that brings up another matter. The easier your outfit is to rez, the more likely it is to show up to the rest of us as you intend - regardless of what complexity setting we're using. So if you just have to be seen, give SL less to get glitchy over. The complexity number is an approximation of that.
  19. Surely local textures will be sufficient for tattoos? Or is there something I'm missing? I love the beta grid cause it's quiet and most of my work has at least some original mesh these days, but tattoos are textures and therefore Local Textures is all that's needed.Since Rolig's written up something for the wiki, may as well let her tell you: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/User:Rolig_Loon/Local_Textures Some things to remember with local textures: DON'T FORGET TO PUT THE PERMANENT TEXTURE on your item when you're done. Otherwise it will show up grey to others. Any changes made to the saved version on your hard drive will show up almost immediately inworld DON'T FORGET TO PUT THE PERMANENT TEXTURE on your item when you're done. Others can't see local textures, only you, which means you can't get 2nd opinions and stuff. :matte-motes-dont-cry: DON'T FORGET TO PUT THE PERMANENT TEXTURE on your item when you're done. (It really is important and easily forgotten because it and the local will look the same.)
  20. nPose is a free alternative. Documentation isn't their strongest suit, but there's an inworld group and they have classes. You can pick up a copy of the current version at their inworld location or via Marketplace. It does a lot, if you can figure it out. I'm still trying to figure it out. :matte-motes-smile:
  21. If that's what the OP meant with those words, it went COMPLETELY over my head. This is being dwelt on largely because of the disagreement. En route to taking me to task, you and Amethyst both agreed in passing with the point I had hoped to make. If it had been left at that, we'd have moved on already. Every group I've run or participated in has had some sort of code of conduct agreed on at the beginning, like agreeing to confidentiality and keeping things within the group. I think there is room (and need IMO) for discussion about internet safety in a place where people are likely to talk about sensitive matters. If I were to be involved, should I not bring it up? I've had plenty of conversations about that kind of personal safety with cross dressers and trans women in SL. I want all of us to be safe. And all I'm suggesting is that participants be aware of these sorts of possibilities so they can find a good balance between caution and openness for themselves. Maybe drama is so rife that everyone will take the idea and turn it into a witch hunt. I hope not. But then when I see what's happened here and how quickly, perhaps I shouldn't be so optimistic. I had been thinking about what in my store I could contribute for decoration. Now I think I'm not likely to fit in and should best stay away.
  22. Why did I even bother? Sorry for just wanting to make sure this was taken into consideration and that people were as safe as possible in a virtual environment. That isn't discouragement. That isn't preventing anyone from seeking help and support. It was simply wanting to make sure those involved are careful and aware. Cause I have been in groups which have been infiltrated and it can get pretty messed up.
  23. The one who dies with the most inventory wins.
  24. I think Alwin has a point which deserves to be considered. There are certainly female avatars run by men who seem to be acting out some pretty unhealthy feelings about women. Everyone has to find the balance of caution and openness they're comfortable with, but it is important to keep in mind people can be quite different to the way they present themselves. This has nothing to do with feminist men, or trans women, or anything like that. It has to do with misogynists hiding behind female avs.
  25. IMO SL got it really wrong with the way they handle the notices. Cool Viewer does it via a small, unobtrusive icon in the menu bar that you can mouse over to get the info if you want. Just a better way to convey it I think. Would it be too much to hope it catches on? So, the nagging viewer messages aside, do you really need everyone to see what you're wearing? Keep in mind that they can still see you, even if it is the silhouette, and interact with you if they want. Or is it a desire to be polite? Or just avoid the viewer messages? My main and building alt are both low complexity (~30k most of the time) and I still run into people who have their settings lower than that. I trust that they have their reasons for it and carry on. Depending on what I'm doing, I'll often have mine down pretty low too and adjust to suit the situation. If I want to see someone in detail, it's easily enough done. 95k is pretty average, no need to worry about that. If you socialise in busy settings though and want to be seen by more people, you might be able to find a compromise style of hair for those times. Up-dos and short styles tend to be more mesh friendly than the long flowing style you have in your forum icon. Jewellery can really eat arc too but it doesn't have to. Just find a balance that works for you. The beauty of the jelly doll thing is that we can each find our own and still hang out.
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