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  1. I remember years ago when Linden Labs rather abruptly ended educational discounts for colleges and universities, and had the impression most left. Early on I worked briefly on a project for a national Board of Education for a middle eastern country. Honestly don't know if they ever established a presence here, or a Grid of their own which was also discussed. Tonight I got to wondering and did a few searches under "education" and "university," and found a few remain. It would be heartening to find an ongoing educational presence here; it seems the tech crowd only want the Shiny And New anymore. I suppose that's not new, at that. I saw there was a conference on such back in the spring, of which I was unaware. Is there a good source for how many educational institutions still have an active presence in SL? Or is there a good way to find out beyond random searching? Thanks. Griz
  2. Had the same problem, and I also have KittyCatS... wonder if this is a KittyCatS issue? Perhaps they don't properly "report" their location, so the info can't be passed along to the viewer? Anyway, appears to be a SL Viewer issue, if it's both in Firestorm -and- the SL Viewer.
  3. Welcome to the Monkey House. Here's your accordion. </mixed_metaphor> All positive comments previously presented by others included by reference, as well as the more resonable of the negative comments. You done good so far, and yes, the problems exist -- though I might differ on what the problems actually are. One ironic and perhaps sad aspect: vast and extended conversations about SL and how to fix it, all taking place -outside- SL. There oughta be a way. Ditto for so much else essential to SL that has to take place outside of it. Something's broken there, I think. As Edward R. Murrow used to say, "Good Night, and Good Luck."
  4. I have to agree that's a major concern that they -don't- rule out raising Tier for mainlanders. I own over half a mainland region now, with bits and pieces scattered in other regions across Corsica. I devoted a lot of time to getting this land taken out of abandonment. If tier goes up, much of it, perhaps all of it, is going to be abandoned again. I'd feel bad about it -- but I can only pay what I can pay. I can see the point about the educational fiscal year versus the calendar year, and that'll suck. Then there's what my Dad would have called a "Yeahbut." Yeah, it'll cost more, but it wasn't a lower price, it was a -discount-, an exception to a rule that applies to everyone else. It wasn't kind to remove it right now, but it was fair. I'd agree, though, that making the change right now is a bonehead play by LL. Many of the people in education who would love to be able to continue here, simply won't be able to. Owning a whole Sim doesn't appear scaleable. You own it all, or you don't own any of it. So there's no option I see for cutting back, especially by half. There's no option I see for asking for the additional money. The only option is to leave. Dumb, dumb, dumb.
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