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  1. I have tried talking about it with him. Thank you.
  2. I already know that. I feel horrible about it already. Have a nice night.
  3. So I had recently gotten into an...argument with my sugar daddy due to the fact that I was playing with someone in PC sexually (Which he said I could do) which made him mad because we were cuddling. I didn't know he would get upset, and now I'm wondering if I need to let this account go back since he bought me everything on it as gifts. Will I get in trouble if I keep it? My friends say I won't because he had gifted me all of it/sent me lindens to get it.
  4. Don't the rules state that you can be nude on a moderate land? Just making sure. I just got tired of having to apply the underwear and take it off each time.
  5. I decided to just start going to only moderate and adult sims! Will help a lot more because I'm tired of making sure my nipples don't show (Since mesh nipples seem to pop in and out) and sometimes underwear looks strange on a top that doesn't normally have underwear. They say that you can be nude on moderate sims but I wouldn't be nude unless my mesh clothes don't load to other people
  6. Alright! I just wanted to check! I had just put my skinny jeans back on up until you answered, but now I get to put back on my new skirt! Thank you!
  7. So I typically only go onto general sims when I shop and noticed in a moderate store today that the skirt I have shows off my butt (Which I have panties on to cover the main parts and the only part that I could see was the bottom of my cheeks). I don't believe I wore this skirt to any general stores, but that does have me thinking, what's allowed on General Sims? I've read through the GMA settings helpful thing but could not see where it mentioned clothes besides no nudity. I know there's teens that get on here and have to stay in General Sims so I'm just wondering what is or isn't allowed? Wo
  8. I decided to just wear a bra and panties underneath ^-^ That way I wouldn't get in trouble if I poofed in on a sim, and my clothes were like "No. Not today," I wouldn't get in trouble. I just remembered to get them this morning and went deep into the depths of the marketplace to find them. I do hope that the few places I went in that were PG saw my clothes like I saw my clothes though. Could I possibly get in trouble if they didn't?
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