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  1. If I say I think you're a troll, will you yell at me too Hoki? Please. :matte-motes-wink-tongue:
  2. Thanks Gavin. I pushed everything down as low as possible, except mesh at 1, turned off OpenGL Vertex Buffer Object and lowered texture mem to 256. Still lagging like it's 2008. :matte-motes-confused: Didn't crash, but movement is shall we say impratical and I didn't really push it. This is so stupid. A not quite four year old desktop with reasonable/good specs is essentially obsolete for SL. And running on 2008 settings is so gonna help with making things that look good for other people.
  3. Good to hear. Time zones complicated things for me. A speedy response was the next day. And since it was a question and then another question.... :matte-motes-smile:
  4. Any advice on what to do? I'd really rather not lose SL, but this isn't a great time to buy a new computer and I have absolutely no reason to other than SL. Am feeling rather lost and stressed about it.
  5. Open a Support Ticket and ask for your inventory to be synced with Aditi. That seems to be the way they are currently doing things. You should have access after they do the next reset. I have heard it is at 6 am SLT but cannot verify that. Should be within 24 hours.
  6. So I installed the most recent nvidia driver I could find, all was working well. A few days ago, Apple gave me a new driver on an update. (I didn't realise this was what the update was, otherwise I wouldn't have agreed to it.) Hadn't done much moving around in SL until today when it was doing that graphics overload crash thing again. Tried to reinstall the driver I used before. It is now incompatible. http://www.nvidia.co.uk/download/driverResults.aspx/107851/en-uk The nvidia website says this: "CUDA Application Support: In order to run macOS Applications that leverage the CUDA architecture of certain NVIDIA graphics cards, users will need to download and install a compatible CUDA driver. CUDA driver which supports macOS Sierra 10.12 will be available at a later date." Anyone else run into this problem? Any suggestions for a work around? (Sierra, nvidia GeForce graphics card. Everything is fine except SL.) eta viewers used: Firestorm was dreadful. Cool Viewer was cludgy, if I was in a graphics intense area I could move once per log in. SL Viewer, bad in a mesh/graphics intense area. OK standing around a very quiet shop and at home. Turned everything off shadow wise.
  7. I always thought of gumballs and lucky dip as you pay for something and the something will be one of whatever. You get an item for your money. In some cases, you accept that you have less choice in return for a reduced price. Gachas can be like that. I know I've bought from a few where I was happy to get the item for the low price and wasn't fussed about which colour or thought twice the low price was still a bargain in case I got the one colour I didn't fancy on the first go. Would you still call that gambling? I'm not defending gachas, just pointing out that they are used in different ways and some may be more akin to conventional gambling than others. Or are all gachas and gumball machines necessarily bad because they can be used badly?
  8. I've seen Victorian/period nightdresses which were similar. The store that comes to mind is Montagne Noire, which is sadly no longer inworld (the last I heard) but may still be on Marketplace. My Victorian days were pre-mesh however, so I can't suggest anywhere in particular if mesh is an absolute requirement. If it's not I can have a rake through my inventory to find other store names.
  9. Arljne wrote: The question is : do we really want to live in Second Life as we are doing, or do we want to try to create a new game, a game where we don't have just to think about our sexual side, but we are humans, and we express also a higher level of interaction ? SL is what you make of it. If you're running into jerks, find new places to hang out and things to do. I'm happy with my shops and some really great friends and if a random chancer wants to pretend to be friends with me after I politely decline his sexual advances, I'm also happy to invite him to my shop and watch him pretend to be interested in ancient art and history. :matte-motes-smile: A lot of us have already made our SLs better. Now if you're looking to set up a dating group for people who are looking for serious relationships in SL, that could be a bit more complicated. :matte-motes-grin: But it really is what you make of it.
  10. Thank you thank you thank you Qie. That makes sense now. I hadn't thought about it in terms of the rounding up factor. I especially appreciate that you've given me enough information to evaluate beforehand whether or not a project will benefit from a single script sitter. The one I'm working on just now probably won't, but a chair with pillows probably will.
  11. I haven't seen a titler in years, but from what I know now I would guess that they use an alpha (transparent) box with hover text. So click BELOW the words or use whatever means your viewer has to highlight transparent objects, Ctrl Alt T and/or a menu option. Titlers are meant to be worn rather than rezzed, not that you would know that from a box of ancient freebs. :matte-motes-smile: When you figure out how to click on it, try looking in the description. If it has the same words as the ones you see in the hover text, then the text will change to whatever you type in the description. If it doesn't, try saying something in local chat. As you're exploring this curious world, be careful you don't agree to let an object take money from your account. I rezzed one that wanted to from a box of freebies when I was newly hatched and couldn't figure out how to delete it because I couldn't see it. Fortunately it was on a friend's parcel and he was able to use the land controls to make it go away. Scary moments when an ominous box came down asking for something to do with money that I didn't understand. :matte-motes-confused:
  12. Aww bless. Is your prim baby old enough to have her own account now? :matte-motes-smile:
  13. Thank you for the suggestion Xiija, but very few (if any) AO sits will work with this project. I will need to use specific ones instead of relying on what avatars bring themselves.
  14. Thanks Rollig and Qie. I think I'm clearer on the changes and how that contributed to my confusion (obsolete information + current situation + the usual telephone whispers game = many conflicting assertions). So touch scripts don't add to lag at all? I have an idea to switch textures in some of my art pieces so they can be a 512 for general viewing and a 1024 for close up inspection. If it works, it could be best of both worlds. But not if inactive scripts add up. Qie, I am confused by what you're saying about LI and script total. Could you please explain to me how that works? I know that adding a script makes every .5 bit count as 1. (So two individual throw pillows on a chair each contribute 1, even if they are .5 each, but only 1 if they are uploaded as 1 bit.) I don't know anything past that. What you wrote suggests that it is more complicated. Or maybe I have just misunderstood.
  15. Are the various sitter systems more or less the same in terms of lag and resource use or are there any which are particularly good in that regard? One of them advertises itself as having only one script (and thus very low lag), but does that matter for pieces which aren't in use? If everything is in one script (positions and animation names etc), does that one script not become a bit weighty? I know enough to get myself confused and have done a thorough job of it. :matte-motes-smile: Any guidance?
  16. Aquila & arton, I took all of that on board straight away, said yes I understand it, the basic layout is ok for the mesh bit, need to fine tune the sizing for the texture, thought now i know how to do that active quads thing sort of maybe and maybe some jiggle will be good for this project (so it's not too repeaty) and maybe it won't, things to try, and then promptly dove head first into making myself crazy trying to get a background pattern suitable for tinting so i can use the same 64 x 256 for every metal bit in this playground and still have them in lots of bright colours. At which point it seemed eminently sensible to take on animations. So sorry for the delay and thank you as always for your help in untangling one of my many brain knots. You two are stars. :matte-motes-smile:
  17. This is the generically unpacked UV for a piece of my current project. It's probably good enough for what I'm after. All of that blank space sends horrors of texture inefficiency up my spine however. But does that still matter if I use a 256 seamless repeated texture instead of a fancy baked shadows one? I can't see how it would, because a 256x256 is a 256x256. It's going to bug me if it's just my guess though. Hopefully that's clear enough because trying to write more is just confusing me. :matte-motes-smile:
  18. I had a box camera rather like that when I was a kid. Absolutely adored it and was very cross when my mum made me use a "better" one instead. The supposed upgrade was a thin, soulless rectangle which I loathed with every fiber of my 9 year old steampunk heart. If only it had been fashionable then. :matte-motes-smile: It was a roll your own and since I didn't know automatic I didn't think twice about it. The focusing mechanism wasn't hard on mine (which had been my grandfather's). It probably would confuse a lot of people today, but just looking at the picture I can remember how to use one. Haven't thought about that wee beauty in decades, thanks for the memories Theresa.
  19. Phil Deakins wrote: Bitsy Buccaneer wrote: I am confused. Could someone please explain to me how using the arrow keys to move around, teleporting and chatting to whomever you happen into is using SL to the full? Am I being thick or something? No, you're not being thick, but you're not up on all that has been said. There is a level of learning at which SL can be used to the full; i.e. go anywhere, do whatever is there and interact with people. That's the simple "using the arrow keys to move around, teleporting and chatting to whomever you happen into" level of learning. After that more can be learned to enable a person to get more out of SL. By 'to the full' I didn't mean the fullness of SL. I've said that before, and it's the part you're not up on. I doubt that very many people are able to use the fullness of SL. Examples: I think I'd be right in saying that most users are unable to write scripts, make animations, etc. I've been here coming up to 10 years, and there's an awful lot that I still don't know how to do, and I've no desire to know how to do. And yet I've used SL 'to the full' right from the the start. That is the strangest definition of "using [something] to the full" I've ever heard of. Now I'm wondering what your definition of "you're not up on all that has been said" is. Most people I think would hear that as an assertion that I hadn't read it all or hadn't read it carefully enough. I did read the entire thread and did my best to read it carefully and follow its twists and turns and convolutions. Perhaps the phrase means something else in your mind.
  20. I am confused. Could someone please explain to me how using the arrow keys to move around, teleporting and chatting to whomever you happen into is using SL to the full? Am I being thick or something?
  21. Not working anymore. Cannot figure out why it did, then didn't. The nvidia site wasn't easy to negotiate at all, but finally found a compatible driver with "mac sierra" in the site search. Time to try inworld again, fingers crossed. Am curious if this will adversely affect my computer's overall performance, especially on things other than SL.
  22. Installed Sierra at the weekend, everything was fine until this morning. It doesn't like one store thats always been a lag monster. Taking it slowly to enter sort of worked, till it didn't. Switching to wireframe worked even better. Like no lag. And I could still see where the MM boards were. Not what's on them, or any of the vendor boards.... For the moment at least this work around is amusing me. And whirly, if you wonder about a series of repeated crashes on your log reports this morning, that may have just been me, trying out different combinations of things to look for a less permanent workaround than changing drivers. :matte-motes-smile: Lowest complexity settings and LoD = 0 may help too.
  23. Scalar Tardis wrote: The much cheaper alternative is to grab a spare desktop computer and install OpenSim on it, but then I am left with an absolutely blank slate and an inability to allow our students to experience what other educators have developed in Second Life. You'd have a blank slate to begin with in SL too. Since that's your starting place, how can you make it a genuine feature instead of a bug? Something like shifting the focus slightly to co-operatively creating a world, with the modeling and scripting to support that. Such a programme might draw in a broader range of interests.
  24. My twin brother grew his wings shortly after we hatched in 2009. He had a two month head start on me, but mine never appeared and the prosthetic ones never felt right. It seems that wings are a boy thing in our family. Dad was a fairy too and Mum had her hands full. I like realism because it can be subverted.
  25. I don't know what your friends are like, but mine are all people I can trust to be honest with me. Disagreements and differences of opinion or taste really aren't a problem or a threat to the relationship. They're a pretty diverse lot too, in temperaments, opinions, degree of tact, pretty much everything. So I'm not sure I'm happy to along with your suggestion that they're like minded. Some of the people I've talked about this with were more contact-friends than friend-friends, so perhaps they might lie to me or dissemble for that sake of social purposes but the responses were quicker than that and more enthusiastic. Plus some random conversations here and there too. Not everyone thought that they would use a modular inventory, but those who didn't could see the benefit for someone else they knew. It was the diversity of those who thought it sounded useful that finally got me to post here. If it had just been me and a few mates, I never would have worked up the courage to put myself on the line like this. Right now, I honestly wish I hadn't. You are quite right about the lack of an emotional connection amongst forum regulars and new posters. There are lovely people in the creation forums (mesh & scripting especially), but in other sections it can be frustrating and lonely for those of us who aren't in with the cliques. More than that, there are enough never going to work suggestions put forward by newish residents that it probably does become a reflex to automatically say no. This past summer when I was participating more often, I stopped myself on many occasions because I didn't want to go down that route. And then there's the way people can all pile in on top of someone who has an unpopular opinion. At least that didn't happen to me here. I've thought a lot about what you said and to be honest, I'm still scratching my head over it. It just doesn't fit with what I've seen of my friends, the pool of inworld opinion I drew on, or the forums.
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