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  1. Thanks again to everyone, after a little thought, I realized that this was an attempt at manipulation through blackmail with the help of my reputation. This creator planned to make me do something with the script for free through blackmail based on my reputation.
  2. Thank you, I drank the sedative as I got a little nervous, thinking that someone on my behalf could write something.
  3. Sometimes I slow down and I can not always correctly understand what is being said. In some cases, I myself am misunderstood. In this case, I understood you and will continue to move on. I have a lot of ideas and projects for another virtual space that I want to bring to life. In any case, I am personally very grateful to you. Thanks again for your help!
  4. I gave up on SL by and large. I rarely go in and check if customers need help. If a person does not understand how and what works, I try to explain as clearly and meticulously as possible how to work with it. But moments with messages in SL are very rare. I just found a more peaceful virtual space with which I work and I like it there. Unlike SL, there are much fewer people like that. I hope that in SL one day other times will come, positive ones. I do not like when they try to drag me into any situation. PS I will not advertise that virtual world , SL is still a good place in many c
  5. By scammers, I mean people who blackmail. Let's say I asked one person why he left a bad review, that buyer wrote that if I give him an expensive item that he likes, he will change the review to 5 stars. But most of the other cases were about trying to cheat on lindens.
  6. I've been rude before. But he was rude only to crooks who tried to deceive me in any way.This was many years ago. For many years now, I've been ignoring crooks and only answering people who ask about my products.
  7. Thanks, that's what I did. This review was written by someone we haven't contacted.
  8. I very rarely visit SL. I recently checked if there was any correspondence with this person. But no, we have not personally crossed paths. There is no previous communication history between us. I specifically check for correspondence.
  9. If the review has not been deleted yet. I reported it.
  10. If we communicated personally and after our communication this person would leave this kind of feedback, I would not write about it here. Therefore, I created this post, assuming that someone could answer this person on my behalf.
  11. Why did I write "slander"? We are not familiar with this person. Moreover, we did not communicate at all. This person did not turn to me personally for help. In other words, we didn't intersect.
  12. @wesleytron thank you for your reply. I'm just guessing. I only assume that this could have happened, after consulting with other people, I can also assume that this is slander in my direction in order to promote his/her store. In other words, a person who leaves a negative review is trying to become popular by denigrating other people's reputation. I try to bypass any drama in SL and any negative side, since I don't need to. I visit SL very rarely, in recent months there have been no questions to me and to my products. The last time I was asked about BOM (this topic did not apply
  13. Hello everyone, does anyone know if it is possible to check the logins to the SL from your account? I rarely visit SL, but just the other day I saw a review on behalf of a person unknown to me, who wrote that I was allegedly rude to him. But I don't know this person. I need to check my login history to see if it’s defamation or if someone really might come in and be rude to customers. Because it was I who had not communicated with anyone in SL for a long time.
  14. На компьютере не хватает оперативной памяти (ОЗУ). Необходимо очистить память от ненужного, проблема не с самим клиентом. Используйте программу WizTree и гугл (в гугле смотрите что из ваших файлов можно почистить), чтобы найти ненужные файлы и удалить их.
  15. Как вариант, в настройках голос был отключён.
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