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  1. Всем привет. На днях я просматривал виртуальный мир Active Worlds и тут ко мне пришла мысль что СЛ могли создать благодаря ему. Откуда взялись такие предположения? 1. Первое название Second Life - Linden World. 2. AW был выпущен в качестве беты в 1995 году и для публичного доступа с 1997. СЛ был выпущен в 2003 году. 3. AW и SL в своём первоначальном виде выглядели во многом идентично. А что вы думаете по этому поводу?
  2. They helped me when I wrote to the "support ticket". First of all, I added my product to the "Anything Else" category. But for some unknown reason, my product was moved to the category "Furry", "Heads", despite the fact that it does not belong to them. When I upload a product for sale, I check the category several times before posting. For reasons unknown to me, the anime head was moved to "furry". I think it was a bug.
  3. I completely agree with you. Unfortunately, unlike the furry category, there is no "head" tab in the "anime" category. Moreover, Linden Lab does not specify exactly what the problem is with the product. This is very sad and misleading. As a result, my product was moved after the application by personally. I only received a complaint with no explanation about what exactly was wrong with the product. But they don't offer a specific category. Ultimately, this can confuse any salesperson.
  4. Do you know that I wrote not about this product? Instead of writing "Kenny, what kind of product do you mean?" you took as an example a product for which the required description was indicated on the vendor itself. You didn't even try to clarify what exactly I wrote about. You better not write anything, seriously. I wrote about a product that has a full description. I'm not talking about those products that don't need a description, since all the important information was described on the vendor. Therefore, before trying to assert yourself, you could clarify what product was bei
  5. now everything is ok, Linden Lab has moved the thing into its category.
  6. I don't like to record the step-by-step creation of my content. Nevertheless, I deliberately took a snapshot of the already prepared product, which I fixed by testing it through a local download.
  7. I get a complaint about my own content from some inappropriate person. This creature will not calm down in any way and constantly tags my product. I created this head from scratch using Blender and Prim Jass by Machinimatrix. I also created my own texture from scratch. Nevertheless, some sick creature continues to report my own work. This sickly creature is afraid to contact personally. I want to know who can I write to and challenge these pointless complaints?
  8. I understand that the topic is a little outdated. But I guess people are still looking for free anime heads. Free anime heads: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Anime-Head-ver50-Nekomusume/14503331 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Anime-Head-ver50-Tanuko/14503330 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/devil-girl-anime-avatar/8525463
  9. Тема: Environmental Enhancement Project (aka EEP!) или же - Проект по улучшению окружающей среды. Изначально проект присутствовал на тестовом клиенте. Где работает EEP: стандартный клиент, Kirstens Viewer. Список официальный клиентов. Любые вопросы по поводу Firestorm и любого другого вьювера задавайте самим разработчикам. Что даёт? Собственные настройки неба и воды с возможностью их дальнейшей продажи. Вбейте на маркете eep settings чтобы найти продающиеся еепшки. Многие пользователи привыкли к удобствам, удобствам с работой прозрачного .png изображения. Но созда
  10. Привет-привет! В этой теме я расскажу что такое БоМ и как с этим работать. В любом случае, Bakes on Mesh касается скинов, глаз и других текстур аватара. Bakes on Mesh - Выпечка на Меш. Данная технология даёт возможности использовать стандартные классические татуировки и скины для ЛЛ аватаров с меш телами и головами БЕЗ всяких там скриптов, модов, аппов. Но для этого вам не подойдёт абсолютно любое тело или голова, поскольку развёртка текстуры должна быть идентичной с классическим аватаром. У брендов Catwa, Maitreya и других присутствует похожая развёртка. На тело Матрёшки можно смел
  11. For several months now I have been having problems logging into my account. Every time I start the computer, I have a problem. I need to re-enter the marketplace. Every day throws me out of that website. I don't use vpn. My browser cache is clean. Literally today the problems began inworld. Second Life constantly thrown out of my account when I try to go to my profile or search. There is no reaction to "stay logged in." When I put a daw or when I do not put a daw - the same reaction. I need to re-enter the data from the account. P.s. No problems with the Internet.
  12. Hello everyone, when loading a bento head there is a problem with the area of the mouth. Blender Version: 2.79 How to fix this problem? Hints and images are very necessary.
  13. It's isn't help me. I still have this trouble: Access to cashier.secondlife.com was denied. You don't have authorization to view this page. HTTP ERROR 403
  14. I have nothing to pay, because the script that I bought does not cope with my task, and its creator does not respond.
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