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  1. Area: 1024 sqm Prims: 351 Rating: moderate http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Blair/45/143/127 Fully decorated snow land by the protected linden gully, connected with the ski, pedestrian and road network of Sansara continent. TO BUY Price: L$ 22.500 TO RENT Tenancy cost: 350 L$/week. Minimum tenancy is 4 weeks and you will get 2 days bonus. Prims are 351, available for your personal use are 10 (because it is fully decorated). The decoration is done with the best inworld stuff.
  2. Wonderful sea side plot next to protected river sims, to sail about, low lag, decently shaped land plot as well Price may be arranged accordingly, by reaching me through IM or a notecard for convinience (Do get IMs on Email) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Egremont/149/31/32 Thank you!
  3. We have just 2 left!! beautifully furnished houseboats, with both sunset & sunrise views. Please check below for availability... Sale until 24th July 2022 Lot's of options including Land Rights. Check for availability: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/21471 Contact Amnesia Babii for more info. Because you're worth it!!
  4. I would like to offer $1,200.00 for a full grand-fathered region, I will cover transfer fees. My in-world name is Benka Ravenhurst.
  5. Looking to buy a 30k prim, Grandfathered sim. Will cover transfer fee + sale price.
  6. Looking to purchase a grandfathered full region. The region can be 20k or 30k prims. Will cover transfer fee + open to talk over sale offers. Happy to go over more details. Please contact me in-world if interested with your sale offer.
  7. Looking to sell my Mainland parcel. It is 8192 m2 and 2812 Prims and is Moderate. Only available for PREMIUM members (Apologies for that) Bought for 7k and would ideally want at least 5k for it. But, I am open to sensible offers. A relatively quiet location, not many neighbors. An up and coming location close to SL Road. Please see a picture of the basics of the land/layout below. If you'd like to visit in person, feel free to IM me inworld @Pixii Littlepaws
  8. 5625 Prims, 16384m2 mainland available for rent, in Asadal - peaceful environment, perfect for farming. 20k Linden or best offer. Please IM Saturndoll.Suki or wynterxnight for enquiries. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Asadal/122/144/85
  9. Greetings, I'm looking to buy a full private land that is for sale. I'm hoping to find land that stands alone without anything around this land. I also would like a land in the region between 7,500 to 100000 Prims and I can restart it when I choose. further more I would like to have full Estate Manager rights and be able to do whatever I like. But it would be great if the land it'self was already decorated with trees, and a beach for different types pf water sports. sailing, surfing, swimming as I'm not good with landscaping at all. Not sure if there is anything out there, but fingers crossed. And if you don't ask you don't know right?
  10. Pretty much as the title. I'm looking to purchase a GF SIM, and I am able to purchase immediately. Please contact my via IM in-world with price. Thank you so much. -Vampyre Atheria
  11. Ideal spot for a home beside all the hustle and bustle of the protected Linden roadside! Jump on a passing pod from your doorstep or just hang out and see who's cruising the highway 351 prims. Only L$4,999, just drop by and buy right away. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hangflame Ridge/237/112/67
  12. Quick sale, guys/gals. Just need to free up my tier. Great, quiet neighborhood and neighbors, had no issues. Regular-shaped plot 500L$ 351 parcel capacity http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bluedrake/146/147/69
  13. SALE! ONLY 8,000 !!! Everything included for as long as you like just keep auto return off! ^.^ I have many things on the land to make it a personal tropical paradise! The bed is Debauchery Ultimate Tufted Swingers Bed v6.2 {worth 5,000 linden alone} I also have a sailboat rezzer that is set to public and rezzes an adult sailboat with many poses. Derezzes when you get off. Click board for new boat. HeadHunter's Island furniture and house! Right on the water. {Selling for half the cost of my empty neighbors plot} http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Curlew Waters/114/233/21 Just please remember to keep all items unless you don't want them I don't have copies!****
  14. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kenilworth/126/128/61 MUST GO! For Sale, 55296sqm, that's almost a whole region, A whopping 18984 Prims, to build as you wish! Quiet area, as the neighbors don't build too much, and aren't active! Was selling for L$4 per m2, but dropped down to now L$1.5 per m2. Only L$83220! Come see, and come buy! If buying, go to About Land -> General tab and click on the BUY button http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kenilworth/126/128/61 Ask me questions, at markbwalker
  15. Helo, does anyone know of any mocap dance animations that I can buy for full perm?
  16. Welcome to VR Systems Rentals! All our units feature: Instant access! Cheap rent Security orb The second week of rent for free as a signup bonus! Most are also for sale if you really like the place and want to own it permanently These units are currently available for rent or sale: Attractive land roadside along the Southwestern Bypass available for rent or sale now! Adult - 512 m2 - 175 prims - L$169 / week - Get the second for week free! - Map Further along the dirt road just off the Southwestern Bypass: Adult - 1024 m2 - 351 prims - L$275 / week - Get the second for week free! - Map In addition the following new parcel in Volokov: Adult - 2048 m2 - 702 prims - L$498 / week - Get the second for week free! - Map All units offer INSTANT ACCESS when rented, no waiting around for anyone to manually add you to a group! Security Orb already installed, or available upon request! See all offers on our website: https://vr-systems.cloud/rentals
  17. 2048sqm for only 999L Moderate 703 prims quiet and private parcel http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hyeonjeong/35/219/27
  18. Sale of land in the Adult Region 1024m The lowest price land: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pernam/176/204/39
  19. 1024 sqm parcel in a desolate Sim Type: Mainland/Full Region grass terrein 351 Prims / 4000 L$ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ironchurch/241/227/112
  20. As the title, I am looking to purchase a grandfathered 30k SIM (or one that can become 30k). Please message me in-world (not notecard, as those don't push to my e-mail), or better yet, e-mail me directly with your price. Thank you. Stay safe out there. -Vampyre Atheria, Crystal_Bearer@hotmail.com
  21. As the title, I am looking to purchase a grandfathered 30k SIM (or one that can become 30k). Please message me in-world (not notecard, as those don't push to my e-mail), or better yet, e-mail me directly with your price. Thank you. Stay safe out there. -Vampyre Atheria, Crystal_Bearer@hotmail.com
  22. 3 BRAND NEW Homesteads Available! 5000 prims a month Estate Rights 7200L a week or 28k if paid monthly Flexibility - No Covenant- set your own rules! - Full Estate Rights, take full control over your sim - Change sim ratings as you please - Terraform and adjust textures anytime - Change the name of the sim and location as needed (standard fees apply for these types of request) For more information or to reserve your new sim contact Celestrea Vasiliov Elite Estate Sales
  23. IS THERE ANY TECH GOD TO SAVE ME FROM THIS HELL?! okay this just started to happen and i don't know when or why, just want to fix it ASAP! i am using firestorm viewer > gone into some store > everything loaded right (i'm not laggy and stuff, my internet network is working right, okay and fast) > clicked to buy the demo > "buy button" greyed and content of the demo don't load > interestingly some load but most don't > interestingly other people are not having this problem because they are RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME AND ARE GETTING THE DEMO WITHOUT ANY DAMN TROUBLE. here are things i've already did: * my SL is fully patched (Firestorm 64 bit, 6.3.9 [58205]); * i tried logging in the SL viewer to see if it solved the problem but no; * i tried uninstall & reinstall... * i cleared the cache straight from the directory (my computer, C:, etc...); * already reloged many times; * this is not happening only on this store or this sim, it's everywhere, the demo content don't load and i can't buy; * i did turn off my modem or take a look at my internet speed and stuff and as i said at the start, it's all okay, everything loads well inworld; * buying on marketplace is working fine, but there are some items that aren't there, only inworld, so i need to fix this issue. HERE IS THE PICTURE SHOWING THE HECK OF PROBLEM: https://uploaddeimagens.com.br/imagens/h1-W9Ak
  24. I am looking for a Full Private Server to purchase. Please send me offers either on here or in SL. Thanks Topher
  25. Looking for a full region sim, not mainland. email me or contact me in world. This includes transfer of the sim to me so I will be paying the tier.
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