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  1. I forgot to mention my yachts though fully furnished and drivable have some bits that need to be attached to the avatar.
  2. How was it inconvinient for yacht owner? I have such yachts and some houses that I myself at times have had to take in or delete piece by piece as the hud was not working due to something or it had timed out or I had taken in the rezz box so I could not derezz the whole thing at once. One time I had rezzed a small furnished skybox over someones water and they started returning it to my inventory piece by piece, was it a problem for me or did I have to put it back together piece by piece, no, just rezz the box and click and voila, not just that all the parts went to lost and found folder,
  3. I just discovered Angel Manor Estate builds, does any one have their homes and furniture? amazing stuff, their fully furnished skybox Library is the type of thing you want to just buy even if it serves no purpose, its huge but everything is in proportion, not the awful size issues some builders have when a sink is the size of a bath tub and you av looks like a child sitting in it. BTW how does one achieve this beautiful daylight effect.
  4. I'm available for escorting you to attend events, parties, dance, sailing, riding, biking, exploring or anything non-sexual, no need to converse so no stress, small talk will do, rate anything from 50-100L per hour, can dictate how to dress/look.
  5. Delete all you want, they already got your money and are laughing on their way to the bank.
  6. Just noticed PB pics that were blocked due to policy for linking on other sites are now visible.
  7. I use FS so checked on SL viewer and there is full animations folder in it.
  8. Since a few days the folder is empty and not clickable, there is no white arrow/marker near it either, what could be the cause?
  9. No, some posts are mean in tone and are ridiculing the person.
  10. Admin needs to stop forum clique from ganging up and insulting others, seen it happen too many times. Some reported posts still remain, makes you wonder.
  11. I wont mind paying upto 50L or even 100L for a place that has a semi-formal dress code, good ambience and classy music, a place like Bogarts but not as formal, .
  12. Please have a dress code in your club, disgusted of all the slotwear and denim, usually jeans and cut offs with cropped tops or bikini tops or other shabby combos of underwear worn as outerwear.
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