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  1. five minutes of scrolling later ?
  2. Rather than buying and then deeding, you can also donate your tier to the group first and then Buy for Group. It's an option on the land menu. You'll need to have that group active of course.
  3. Wouldn't paraphilia in SL involve getting very excited by long screeds of discursive, adjective-embellished role play which leave no details untouched?
  4. quietly observes how many "This will be the death of SL" controversies we've gotten through alright
  5. In the summer it's the bored kids making accounts to troll the forums with you know
  6. /me wants to embroider this on every build platform in world
  7. An advantage of building your own is that you'll have greater flexibility for working with the contours of your land. Plus the buzz of achievement and learning a new skill Like I'm looking at ChinRey's linked path cut set up and imagining the larger box stretched on one axis to make space for flower pots, maybe a wee landing for a chair looking out over the water....
  8. Maybe some of the differences in people's experiences comes from different preferences in avatars and clothing. Standard Sizing may have been a nightmare for tall or voluptuous avatars but the small end worked well enough for my slightly built av. For those who want to show a good bit of boob, things have never been better for certain. The norm I see on offer in stores is a bit much for me though, so often older is a closer match for my preferences. Slink High heels look painful and awkward to me so I'm still going around in flats, boots or bare. In the 'old' days, things often couldn't be made to fit perfectly but I could get pretty much anything I wanted to wear to be good enough. (Again, having a slightly built avatar may well have affected how close I could get and I didn't mind minor tweaks to my shape to better suit something.) If I saw something I liked the look of, I knew I could get it work even if it took some effort. Now though, there's so much which will simply never work. If your tastes run to one of the popularly supported mesh bodies, it may well be that things are easier for you now, at least once you've got your HUDs set up just right. But if they don't, there's little which can be done.
  9. The store in question gets some monstrously bad lag. The Advent tree there is usually click and wait, which would fit in with some of the script discussion above.
  10. I chose something which reflect my sense of humour rather than my face because who we are as people is what really matters.
  11. This isn't all that different from RL situations. Solution there is to either dig into the ground or build a foundation so the house sits level. If you can't terraform down any more, digging into the ground won't be an option. Building a level foundation is easy though - classic prim shoved into the land textured with a brick or stone wall-type texture. Or cement or whatever you fancy or can imagine. Adding plants or rocks to soften that edge and blend it into the landscape is RL too. Plenty of ideas there. And examples from SL, have a look round at what other people have done. But start with the prim approach to get a feel for what you want to suit your land, house and tastes. I can't remember what's in the library textures any more, but check those out for possibilities to experiment with.
  12. There are a ton of divergent skills to learn for creating original mesh clothing for mesh bodies. You don't have to jump in at the deep end though. You can get some full perm mesh clothing templates to texture yourself or develop your mesh skills by making accessories which don't need to be rigged & weighted (or have simpler rigging than clothes). All of those skills will feed back into your end goal of making original clothing. So that's my suggestion. Don't try to do it all at once. It will feel like an insurmountable mountain. It's not though, and smaller short term steps will help you climb it What aspect of fashion design excites you most? (For me, it's fabrics and when it comes to clothes in SL I have enough fun playing with different textures I never get around to actually finishing them up properly to sell . I'm learning constantly with it, which means they'll be better if I ever do.) Good luck and welcome to the madhouse
  13. The shift towards phones and tablets probably affects the new user base. As fast as the technology is hurtling on, I wouldn't be surprised if SL is available on them (and in a way attractive to new users) before us old farts give up the ghost. That could lead to some leveling out of the decline. Or maybe computers will become the new vinyl Also, I'm more interested in decline over recent years. The massive peak was never going to be sustainable. (Chin Rey's just posted something which might be relevant to that. The close striping of the graph doesn't play well with my brain so someone else will have to examine it. But it looks to me like there's a leveling of the tail over recent years, with a pretty predictable swing through the seasons. Is it just the last two years though? That wouldn't be enough to bank on but perhaps it's the start of a new tendency towards holding relatively steady.)
  14. All possible. But fretting over the possiblity isn't good for anyone's mental health. The mindset that someone will come back to hurt you again gives that person too much power over you. We take those kinds of risks whenever we enter into a new relationship and for the most part it's worth it. But to continue to hurt yourself after someone's left? There's no reason for that whatsoever. Move on, heal, take some time to do what nourishes your well-being. If he does come back, deal with it then.
  15. But you may as well treat it like he's deleted his account and left altogether. It's better for your mental health than trying to guess what he's up to. P.S. Sending you a smile and good wishes
  16. Just a couple of ideas to throw into the mix: The single versions could stay on MP with the HUD versions available both inworld and on MP. Most folks understand needing to save prims. Does the vendor system you use require the item to be in a specific vendor inworld for redeliveries or could the single versions be stuffed in a box? If that wouldn't work, you could offer to send redeliveries on the single versions out as needed. (Assuming of course that you've kept the transaction records.) Upgrades are good PR.
  17. Check out the Builders Brewery group and site. They offer classes and advice for beginners and more intermediate builders. Mesh has some advantages, prims have others. Learning prims is easier and will help you gain useful skills which will help if you decide to take on mesh. You can definitely make a house out of prims. We did it for years before mesh came along. The land impact will probably be higher, depending on what you want to do, but there won't be worries about physics or visual collapse when you step away from it. Creating mesh is all about compromises too. I do alright with creating mesh, but it's something I like to have done more than I like doing. With prim building though, it's a delight watching it take shape and then come to life with the right textures. The process itself is as much fun as finishing it.
  18. /me changes display name to Bitsy O'Buccaneer
  19. Bitsy Buccaneer


    Rule of thumb - if the mesh is already uploaded inworld, it should be pre-rigged (for clothing). If it's a DAE file, you'll have to do the rigging and weighting yourself. I've never encountered it different to that but this is SL so there's always the possibility.
  20. Bitsy turned straight after getting hit on by too many men pretending to be lesbians and doing it badly. My building alt might be persuaded otherwise, but she's not full mesh and has no interest in losing her head. I don't think I could persuade her to voice with strangers either and she's definitely not inclined to be a third wheel or someone to be used and discarded. I'd like to make a joke that she wants strings, but Rhonda would probably offer to tie her up and that's not our thing either. But if it makes you happy to think the reason you haven't gotten any positive responses is just because there aren't any bi women in the forum, oops game, go right ahead. Your world, your imagination after all.
  21. GIMP is commonly used for texturing. It's a bit awkward to learn but it's free and there are a ton of tutorials. You'd need to find a way to hook your tablet up to your computer to use as an input device but that's probably less bother than moving files from computer to tablet and back all the time. There are tablet-based alternatives (use a search string like 'GIMP Photoshop Android alternative' to find them) which might suit your needs better though. Two basic ways to texture your own mesh - - use one of the Render functions in Blender to create a texture with shadows etc (the downside to this is that you'll have to Render each variation individually, which can add up to a lot of computer time if you want to make it in different fabrics or colour ways) - make a shadow (ambient occlusion) layer in Blender, then take it into software like Photoshop or GIMP to add to your fabric textures Whatever software you use for the second method, it will need to support layers. Generally speaking, the AO/shadow layer goes on top, set to Multiply (GIMP terminology, don't know if other programmes call it something different), with the opacity adjusted to suit your preferences. Then trims and small bits, then the base fabric layer(s). If you're using GIMP, use the Export command to make a single layer version. Open that version up, remove the alpha channel (unless you need it for sheer clothing) and Overwrite to save the non-alpha single layer version. (You can also Merge all the layers once you're done and export that, but it's WAAAYYYY too easy to forget to save a pre-merge copy and pre-merge copies are very useful for making adjustments and using different fabrics.) Inworld, you can try out your texture without paying the upload fees through the Local Texture option. Beta grid is also good, especially if you like some quiet for concentration. Local Textures is really cool because any changes you make to your texture will show up shortly after they're saved/exported in your graphics software. It's like magic and gives some instant gratification when trying out things like how opaque to make the AO layer. That's the gist of it. If there's some reason why you need to work just on the tablet, then it would probably still be useful to start with GIMP or PS first because more of us will be able to help you with any questions while you're learning.
  22. Most of what we do in SL is for our own amusement in one way or another. The difference with a true troll though, is that the amusement is designed to come at the expense of the target. From what the OP has described of her manner of play, it feels more like an invitation than something invasive. I also didn't read it as leaving suddenly, more like she doesn't over stay her welcome. (At the expense of the target feels to me like an important aspect of this more broadly, and may explain why some of us have less patience for things like Gorean misogyny in a mainstream sim than someone playing a comedic character who invites us to laugh along.)
  23. There will be all sorts of conversations going on in local at these sorts of public spaces and anyone there will be choosing which to enter into and which to ignore. The way I see it, you're adding a different vein of conversation to that mix. I'd much rather run into a bit of creativity like you describe than the usual griefing or general complaining.
  24. Excellent news, especially if we get to do more baby-delivery RP on the forum. It is summer after all and this year's crop of trolls have been most unsatisfactory.
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