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  1. The password change thing stopped working a good while back. When I got my building alt onto the beta grid (summer 2016 I think), the procedure was to submit a ticket and ask for your inventory to be synced. For mesh upload rights on the beta grid, you need to do the mesh upload test again - but from your beta grid dashboard. Try this link, log in top right and maneuver through the Dashboard/Account page to Mesh Upload Status and the mesh test. https://secondlife.aditi.lindenlab.com/ The mesh upload test should be straightfoward. The Payment Info on File acts like it needs to be done for Aditi as well but doesn't work. Unless they've change things again, Payment Info on File for the main grid should be enough. All advice and info on this subject to change.
  2. The current trend towards air-brushed fashion model "perfection" doesn't appeal to me. Of my dearest friends inworld, one wears an ancient skin and the other has a mesh body whose textures only sometimes rez fully for me. They're lovely people and I wouldn't change either of them for the world. My 8 year old main is pretty stable in her appearance, but my newish building alt is often in a state of flux as I go through periods of tweaking but usually get distracted by things which interest me more like talking with friends or building something. So if I meet someone new whose avatar isn't perfect either and they want to talk, I'll gladly do so in hopes that they also get distracted by interesting things themselves.
  3. You're a star Mads x. It's howling a gale outside but isn't due to go below freezing until Thursday night. I think parts of the U.S. might need them more. It's very kind of you to think of this. You too, Ceka x. Now I'm imagining Garfield roaring around the neighbourhood breathing fire. It's not the wind after all
  4. I'm cranky as stars after spending the day waiting to appear as a witness, only for it to be moved to March cause they ran out of time. Not that I blame the court. I want to metaphorically bash together the heads of the two idjits who caused us to be there in the first place but I'm far too exhausted. Anyone want to get properly angry for me? Maybe Maddy could be a sweetheart and fireball them
  5. I agree with you about no-mod, Qie, but the whole props thing is already stretched to its limit compensating for shortcomings in the perms system. Asking it to go farther to be open to changes on the order of Experiences is asking too much IMO. That still doesn't excuse the creeping shift towards no-mod and the passive acceptance of it though. Maybe it's related to how complacent or resigned many of us have become about tossing stuff out in RL when its design doesn't allow for efficient re-use or repairs. The free market hasn't been all that grand about providing better choices either.
  6. Secondarily to Callum's good advice and help, If you have it set so IMs go to email, don't forget to watch your email in case anyone IMs you. There's a window of time in which you can reply back to the IM via email without having to go inworld. Good luck in gettting this sorted.
  7. Interesting. So you weren't asking for other people's opinions then? You were just setting us up? Things like that might be why you're having a harder time in SL than most of us. It's not kind or fair to others.
  8. I've no doubt that there are large numbers of avatars behaving in rude and petty ways in SL. However, I find it much easier to avoid them inworld than anywhere else on the internet, including the forums. The closest I get to it most days is if someone tries to start things in a group. Doesn't happen very often, it's usually short-lived and it's always easily escaped. If you don't like the people you're running into, go different places and do things different things. There's a lovely generosity amongst many builders/creators, especially those of us who are doing it simply because we enjoy it. Find that sort of thing for yourself and your SL can be full of kind, interesting people too.
  9. It might have to do with the LoD system not being set up for things of that size which need to be viewed from that sort of distance. There are tricks and compromises, but they're far from obvious and they don't always work.
  10. Remember to keep all the not-for-my-body stuff too. Just in case you reincarnate in a different one.
  11. It's more and more of a no-win situation for a lot of us who might want to make clothing. Use templates, someone complains. Take on all the tasks of trying to craft, size and rig your own mesh and open yourself up to a thousand more complaints because the shoulders are wrong, or it doesn't move right or it doesn't work with someone's favourite mesh body. I can only begin to imagine the pressure some are under to keep turning out new stock for the sake of events.
  12. /me tries to decide whether we're being trolled or Donald Trump has discovered SL
  13. Bitsy was supposed to be a character. Then someone gave me hair that looked an awful lot like mine in RL and she's been an eternally youthful approximation of me ever since. This is no way stops me experimenting with clothing and costuming and other flights of fancy.
  14. My main is currently dressed like a 60s hippy and my building alt is adorable as a baby dragon. She'll engulf anyone who wants to complain in a ball of fire. Thank you Abranimations Advent xx Do what makes YOU happy. If conforming to others' expectations make you genuinely happy, go for it. If you'd rather do something else, do that. Some people get their happiness from scolding others, so let them carry on. Those of us who displease them are providing a valuable service.
  15. A tangent and not really relevant, but being inworld after reading this I remembered that part of the reason why pale skins feel like Bitsy is because of how blasted hard it used to be to find much which wasn't beach-babe tanned. Being pale was my wee rebellion against the mainstream trends of the day. It's much easier now fortunately. I still don't fit in with the mainstream trends clothes-wise but at least I have enough choice with skin I can avoid heavy make-up. Here's to diversity in its many forms. We all benefit from it.
  16. Thinking of the people you encounter as if they were NPCs in your personal game is still treating then badly, no matter how polite you are in doing so. May I suggest a different mantra? Someone made a sign saying this: "The only real things in Second Life are our feelings, so please take care of each other." Care about the person, not their skin colour or their biological gender or the shape of their avatar. Who we are isn't in the externals.
  17. Suggestion for new category: Customer resorting to social media/reviews to vent frustration instead of having a nice cup of tea and trying again.
  18. Once again, you're arguing for inclusion in the RP section. The close connection between RP and combat comes as no surprise to many of us. Imagine that.
  19. Before the mesh bodies on offer now, mesh butts and boobs were all the rage. Some people couldn't slive without them and some of us thought nipples which could poke an eye out were a bit much. Tangos were one brand of mesh accountrements. Probably best to stay away from them. Besides being lethal, there were a raft of difficulties in making them work with clothing and, given how little they're talked about any more, there's probably little support for them. The jargon of all of this is an utter minefield. I can't imagine how confusing this must be for someone new or returning. Alwin's suggestions of new hair and going slow are good. Mesh bodies are the must-have fashion accessory of the moment, but there's no need to rush into it. Do what makes you happy and at your own speed. Welcome back.
  20. I don't know about you, but I like to keep the two sides of my coins together at all times. I suspect they'd no longer be legal tender if I separated them. In other words, if they're two sides of them same coin a single section is sufficient.
  21. Thanks for posting this (and Vanity too). I was thinking of giving it a try but will think again with those restrictions.
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