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  1. To be honest, I don't read her replies that way. Not at all. She refunded you straight away, even thanked you for telling her. Maybe it's because I've been on the receiving end of a few complaints myself, but I read the rest of her words as expressing the pain which comes with rejection. It can feel like a punch in the gut whether it's justified or not. And naturally the inclination for many people is to talk about it with someone. It helps. You're doing a similar thing in writing about your experience here. Can you see it that way? She was experiencing negative emotions (her discomfort with the picture being on flickr suggests it might include shame or embarrassment) and she needed to talk about it in order to process it and move on from those emotions. A better course would have been to find someone else to tell, but that's a skill not everyone's learned and it can be very hard when something like shame or embarrassment is involved.
  2. If the item you don't like is copy/mod you could experiment with other textures. If it's prim, chances are you could even change repeats on the existing texure too (other params too like glow, transparency). It looks a bit 'full bright' to me. Unless of course it's no mod. No mod is frustrating. As a creator, I've had to accept that some of the decisions and compromises I make won't be optimal for some of my (potential) customers or people doing the hunt. There's just so much variety with different graphics cards, viewers, settings, windlight and how they all interact, let alone things like taste and how a rezzable object might be used. The same is true for consumers. The decisions one creator makes won't always work for everyone. But if it's prim and mod, you should be able to change a few of those, perhaps enough to make it work for you.
  3. I think I understand more than you're giving me credit for, Kristen.
  4. Right. So I didn't ask my question right according to your requirements. At least that's cleared up. I am not steadfast determined to prove anything. Please refrain from making things up about me. Thank you.
  5. Yes, I saw where she said she was putting Pussycat on ignore. I also saw pain underlying her words and actions. I did ask you a question. Did I not ask it right, according to your requirements? Why are you assuming that I'm "assuming and jumping to conclusions"? You've only asked me one question. If I'm understanding your advice to me, then shouldn't you have asked me more questions first in order to better understand what I mean?
  6. How was I, or any other reader, to know that the "Go for the ribs" was sarcasm? How was I, or any other reader, to know that it wasn't meant as encouragement? If I remembered a movie I saw 40 years ago, would that have helped? That's from you and it came across as celebratory. If you weren't involved, why did you write it the way you did? "Wonderful!" sounds pretty happy about things.
  7. Might be worth going back to read through the exchange after emotions have cooled. To an outsider, it looks like you and Pussycat were laying into a rape survivor. Or perhaps it was just Pussycat who was actually laying into her, with your role being to encourage Pussycat and then celebrating a victory over her opponent. Either way, you were both involved. I should have made that clearer in my post.
  8. Maybe slow down a wee bit. Are you really happy to lay into a rape survivor like this?
  9. Let's not get into what that awful awful white-blue fluorescent lighting does to my brain. It's quite different from blue glasses or a blue curtain over the window. I have to use an app that yellows and darkens the tint of the computer screen; normal is far too white-blue and far too painful for me to cope with.
  10. I have a crappy neurological system and am prone to seizures. (It's why I travel through SL with particles turned off and avoid places with rapidly animating textures.) In learning how to cope with this I've gotten very good at separating out physical reactions to physical stimuli from emotional matters, and also recognising how they affect each other. So when I say that blue light sometimes calms this all right down, it's based in repeatable observations. It doesn't always work, but when it does it's like throwing a switch. You know how quiet and calm it feels in an aquarium? That's the blue light. I get that same feeling when I pull a loosely-woven blue curtain over my window. Colours do affect us.
  11. Have you guys seen this? https://www.xrite.com/hue-test
  12. Hovertext is quick and simple. Callum's script gives a choice of three attention-getting colours. You can also change the numbers in the <0.0, 0.0, 0.0> to a different colour or something more subtle if that suits you better. There are charts online with the codes for dozens of shades. Also, this looks to be a good basic script with some explanation of how it works: https://www.outworldz.com/cgi/freescripts.plx?ID=176 If you use an open source script like either of these, copy it and then paste it into a New Script in the Contents of your prim. Change the colour if you want, and the text, then hit Reset at the bottom of the script window. You'll need to hit Reset after any further changes. You may already have a few in your inventory too. They're often delivered along with a freebie/gift or sometimes an LM. If one is modifiable, you can just use that as your starting point. Hovertext does bleed through walls though. If you were wanting to go with a changeable blackboard theme, you could use white hover text coming from a small prim (perhaps invisible) positioned in front of a larger black or green one. Or change it up to go for a whiteboard effect or glowing neon or whatever you fancy. Once you get the hang of it, there are so many possibilities. SL is great that way.
  13. Well, you see, Jewell isn't really a first name. LittleMe mated with a shape-shifting alien whose culture puts the matrilineal family name first and the given name second. The Jewell X alts are all descendants of that. Works for me
  14. If nothing else, the ability to change a name would be helpful to those who see themselves as a different gender than the one indicated by their starting name. My name was a private joke which one other person in the entire world understood. That was nine years ago though and my SL is different from anything I could have imagined it to be. Perhaps a change is in order.
  15. That sort of thing's happened so often I just make a friendly greeting in IM and local, watch for a response and then forget about it. The weird thing now is how often they manage to walk over whatever I'm working on while they wander around, apparently oblivious.
  16. All five were still in Frank's and Frank's is.... Well, I wouldn't use it as a norm for any kind of study. There could also be another explanation, like someone with a male av who says he's from Thailand has been causing trouble there and it was assumed you were his alt. I experienced a version of that on a dating site, though the bloke was more likely bored than out to cause trouble. But bottom line, all five occurences were in Frank's and Frank's is strange.
  17. /me wants an extra big heart. Being Human is brilliant
  18. Your plan could be done with one group and multiple titles, just to save on group slots and all . Truth is, I'm more creeped out by the vampires who do it surreptitiously than the Bloodlines spammers. I know my name on a database means little (unless of course it's FB/social media/CA/data-harvesting/buy this product/election manipulation), but it still weirds me out that people do this. But maybe the two aren't as far apart as they might seem. Both involve seeing other people as little more than toys to be used. OK, probably too serious for this thread. Back to shenanigans
  19. They're a pyramid scheme crossed with a gacha. I had a blue cat I named Skydog after Dwayne Allman. It was fun for a wee while. Now it lives in my inventory.
  20. I briefly knew someone who reminded me of an uncle. I never learned enough about him to form an opinion one way or the other. It was strange though to come to such a strong realisation that these things are possible.
  21. OK, so for mesh bodies then proper alpha-ing is a better solution. I just keep panties on my system avs because lag will happen and we don't have a whole lot of control over when our mesh clothing shows up for everyone else. I'm fine with nudity, but can't conceive of any reasons or need to impose it on those who just happen to be sharing screen space with my av. It really doesn't seem difficult to add those alpha cuts along with the hip ones. Am I missing something? It feels like there must be something I'm not getting for all these people to be making such a big deal over it.
  22. Are mesh bodies so complicated that it's difficult to just wear applier panties all the time and take them off when you want to be naked?
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