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  1. I think that's normal behaviour. The pinned islands stay where you pinned them and then everything else does it's own thing, which results in overlap. Looking at the 2nd map (where they're first overlaid), I can see two approaches to try. Both involve looking at it in terms of groups rather than dozens of individual pieces - which might just help with the life's too short aspect. The 2nd map (where they're first overlaid) has a good bit of space around the edges where you can bulk move things to. There are two groups which could easily be selected and moved, one up (red) and one right (blue). There are a few bits which are candidates for being moved on their own (green arrows), though one of them could become part of the red group quite easily if you included the orange highlighted part. That would give you some nice clear real estate to use to enlarge the coincided bits if that makes sense for your build. I keep seeing them as large walls and the kind of thing which might work well scaled up, depending on how it's textured. If they're not, and you want to keep each part in scale with every other part, just remember to do all your resizing with everything selected. I'd start by making it so the red group fits the full width and see how much room there was after. Eyeballing it, I'd guess that the blue group would be close to where it needs to be and the purple one moved to the right. Does that get you any closer to a solution you're happy with? Fingers crossed
  2. There are a few shopping areas/malls which focus on full perm things for creators. Renting a wee shop in one would at least get some creative eyeballs on your wares. What I can remember just now & in no particular order: Full Perm Faire, quarterly full perm event with group Texture Me True, Timeless Textures, Kushi's Textures (texture stores with attached malls/shopping areas for other creators) Creators Market (Clutter sim), monthly themed event S&B Mall (Quartz sim), run by Sophie Katsu There's a handful of creator-orientated sales groups/subscribers too. I'm not really sure what's active these days but there will be signs for them in full perm stores. Talk to owners too. Some will likely have helpful advice for a new creator. I don't sell FP and my success as a creator has been entirely down to being a very stubborn fish in a very niche pond, so I can't comment as to how much help any of the above will be. They are places I know of and frequent to varying extents as a customer. Good luck
  3. It's part of the underlying ethos of Second Life. If you want it and no one else has made one, find a way to build it. Which reminds me, I need to get back to my luge training.
  4. Mixed feelings are pretty normal, I think, especially when it's still new or is on-going. We had locked doors and all but it didn't stop people from entering and inspecting things while I was standing right there. Sometimes it was very unnerving, like a drunk, aggressive guy who marched into my bedroom while I was trying on clothes. It was all in the computer of course, but it was also something I was experiencing while in my own RL living room with its expectations of safety and privacy. The RL friend who owns the land gave me parcel management rights after that one and taught me how to Eject someone. The first time I used it I learned how much the discomfort is from the loss of control and how easy it is to put oneself back in control of the situation if you have an eject option. After that, seeing the humour is much easier. Though it might not have felt humourous to the couple I booted after I found them naked in my bedroom. Every day after work I'd log in to find pose balls out in several pieces of furniture in several rooms - they really got around and didn't pick up after themselves. Then one day I got home from work early....
  5. Just saw a friend lag-walking through a plate glass window with the words "It got me". Then I crashed. At least it was an entertaining way to go down
  6. Hmmm. Well.... the way I see it, since steroidal muscle mass doesn't actually affect avatar performance, we have an opportunity for everyone to compete equally. Therefore events will be open to all genders, species and ages. The Gor folks are welcome to join in and it's their choice if they want to hamper themselves by imposing their own gender restrictions on themselves. They do need to keep it child-safe and non-sexual though. As for the curling stones, I think the sweeping brushes might be a more suitable role for (upside down) toddlers. Have you seen how long some of the ends take? Enough to try the patience of adults, let alone two year olds. Your suggestion does open up possibilities for alternative tactics though - and Team Sesame Street pulls out their secret weapon shoulder pets to draw their opponent's stones away from the house. Fiendish that.
  7. Artistic Hosing. Superb! You can be the artistic director for Team Firetruck
  8. Emergency vehicles are essential participants in this. It's just a question of which events we'll be permitted to compete in. Ski jumping and Big Air snowboarding have been ruled out on account of tremors during landing. Firetruck halfpipe will be allowed in as a demonstration sport.
  9. We will definitely be doing short track speed skating relays with bumper cars. Still negotiating with Health & Safety about adding a short track relay for emergency vehicles. They think it might be dangerous. And I will be most distraught if Maddy does not turn up to add fire hazards.
  10. Mapping the UV via Project from View is my personally favoured method of making one side invisible. Trust me, it's a feature not a bug.
  11. What would it look like if all of the emergency services, midwifery clinics, family neighbourhoods and schools advertising in the RP section organised themselves into an SL Olympics? I'm asking because I want to drive a fire truck down a luge run. It would get stuck of course, so how about a half-sized fire truck and a giant luge run? We can just resize until it fits.
  12. /me imagines a horde of raving fashionistas hurling their shopping bags at the red scorpions who've invaded the Arcade. it will be truly gruesome.
  13. If that's all there is, Cody, then I must be remembering it wrong. I thought there was a more technical discussion in one where things like normals were brought up. My apologies.
  14. I think there was discussion of the reasons why this happens in another thread a few months ago, Cody. Maybe someone with a better functioning brain will remember it well enough to find it for you.
  15. Spent 15 minutes in very crowded lag this morning waiting for it to rez only to find out the owner had taken it down an hour earlier. Hurrah for time zones.
  16. Isn't that like in 40 days or something? Minus 3 Oh jeez. Now I'm fretting about whether it's 40 days from Easter or 40 days from Good Friday
  17. Some people wear complicated objects over their system avs now. Appliers are a way of putting new textures on these complicated objects (mesh feet, mesh hands, mesh bodies, mesh heads, and combinations thereof). For a while ginormous mesh breasts with nipples which could poke an eye out were the height of fashion, along with ginormous mesh derrieres but those seem to have died out fortunately. The Slink brand was first out of the blocks with mesh feet and came to dominate the market. The mesh bodies now include their own feet I think. It's a nuisance trying to buy new shoes if you don't want to go down that route. For my main, I just wear old ones and spend my lindens on other things. My building alt isn't old enough to have much though and finding her decent ones is frustrating enough I gave up. Much sympathy for those who are new or returning after a long hiatus. Boots tend to be more forgiving this way than shoes - but always demo. Some boots are set up so they can only be worn over a specific type of mesh feet, even though they'll cover the feet entirely. It's not really possible to match up skin tones from different creators. There are also problems with the way light is reflected from the different surfaces so even if all the skins are from the same creator there will still be visible lines and such. I've never learned how to overlook those lines the way a lot of people do. Skins for system/classic avs are still available. The mesh stuff is the new shiny so it tends to be at the front of the store and what's marketed/promoted but often system stuff will be tucked away in a back corner of the store. When clothes or shoes include a specific brand name, it means they've been designed and rigged to work with that brand. Rigging is about the way mesh items move with the avatar skeleton - and with each other. If the items (clothes and body) are rigged and weighted differently, there may well be problems. Apologies if that's too confusing, the whole system is very confusing and full of odd terminology. You have to learn a new language in order to navigate a clothing store these days. But some clothes do work on the system or other bodies. Always demo. Demo, demo, demo, demo. If you stick with a system/classic av (no mesh body), look for designations like Five Sizes, Standard Sizes (which used to mean a set of averages that fit no one in the larger sizes (though the smaller ones were ok enough), but is now used by some to mean non-mesh-body) or XS-S-M-L-XL. Those mean they were designed to work with system avs. Applier clothes are essentially system clothes for mesh bodies. They won't work on system bodies at all, though a few brands do include a system version as well. Time to stop now. This isn't something to be taken on all at once, it's crazy-making.
  18. Excellent idea Pamela. I was too busy laughing to think of taking a pic. I promise to next time
  19. You haven't slived until you've worn an entire folder's worth at least once
  20. I have a different browser for times when my settings on Firefox are being persnickety. It's easy and it works
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