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  1. Scylla, with all respect, that wasn't a request for you to elucidate your position further. I understood you and in my mind at least was acknowledging that you don't have the answers I'm looking for because you're not one who thinks it's accomplishing something. I'm running out of spoons here (used to replying during the quiet hours while the Americans are still in bed ), so let's just say I'm not writing clearly and leave it at that. Thank you for trying to help.
  2. Yeah, I know about changing zoom level. Use it frequently myself Sorry, got turned around by your insistence on changing topic and didn't word it correctly myself. Oops I did ask what the minimum size of a post was on your screen so we could use your numbers after you dismissed mine. Anyway, my rough calculation on an example page with a relatively small number of reactions per post was that it would double the amount of material to be scrolled through (without adding much, if any, significant content) regardless of screen size, resolution, etc. I'd rather not have to do that, whet
  3. Perhaps someone else who uses it or one of the others will have answers for some of my questions. I am genuinely flummoxed by those who think it's accomplishing something positive.
  4. Turning it on its head and resorting to emotionalism rather than honest debate is a fair description of what you've just done Tolya
  5. You remarked before that you read quickly. Could you perhaps be reading a bit too quickly and it's getting in the way of comprehension? The minimum post size is set by the name, title, avatar, post count info on the left of the post. It's the same regardless of your screen size. The comparison was between the efficiency of reaction buttons, which condense a lot of response into a very small area, and what the minimum size would be if they were all conveyed as posts per your preference. Sorry, but your lecture's been wasted as it's on something else 🤷‍♀️
  6. Oh pardon me for my faux pas My laptop screen is 8.5 inches tall, which is what matters to me on how much of a forum page I can see. Width and diagonal don't, because I find it harder to read when the width of the text area goes over 9 inches. But screen height, or width, or diagonal measurement really doesn't change how much extra material we'd all have to scroll through if you had your way. The minimum post size here is fixed by the identifying information at the side, not how much retail space is on your screen. It's been fascinating to get this glimpse into how your mind works,
  7. Maybe you can help me on this question I'm struggling to understand: What's the point of the interaction supposed to be? If it's to change attitudes, why use language which requires the recipient to understand this non-obvious redefinition of a word that already has a meaning? Do those who use this honestly think they're changing minds with it? If it's to change behaviour without changing attitude, that's just a form of intimidation, or shouting over someone, bullying even. Which is one way of ending an argument and feeling like you've won. Is that the goal? Unfortunately bullying an
  8. That is some impressive derailment you guys have accomplished. Well done
  9. I like this as an approach very much. I don't need to see my av for a lot of what I do inworld, so it's a good compromise in my book.
  10. It's 8.5 inches, not small. We can do the calculations by the minimum post size on your screen if you fancy. It will still be a doubling of thread lengths for no extra content. What I'm really struck by in this whole conversation is how your experience is the only thing that matters to you, and if someone has a different point of view or way of doing things, then there's assumption and judgement. You've done it with vanity threads, reputation points, why people react, my screen size, your reading speed. That's getting in the way of your understanding the points I'm trying to make. We
  11. Put in a request then, if it matters this much to you and you sincerely believe all this about pandering. As for the community staying together, the forums have been going in one form or another for a very long time. The community here is pretty solid. Given the evidence of my own experience, having read and participated on and off for close to a decade now, I'm not at all convinced by your assertions. There's a quicker and easier way to sort the problem though, just stop giving strangers on the internet this much influence over your emotions. People are going to people, and sometimes tha
  12. No. No. No. A vendor in a store doesn't TAKE customers' lindens. Customers perform an action which GIVES a designated amount of lindens through the pay box. Debit permissions are a different beast. You've gotten yourself into a forever box of your own making by not understanding this distinction.
  13. Does it really matter what someone has by way of reputation points though? There was discussion of that awhile back and the majority of regulars said they weren't fussed about reputation points. And it does seem we're a small enough community here that we know and react to each other.
  14. I'm so pleased to hear this ❤️ My other trick is to save and export frequently while I'm removing bits in Blender, with the number of tris included in each name. When I go to the beta grid to test, I try different combinations in the uploader to see how it affects LI and upload the most promising. Then I zoom in and out on different graphics settings to get a feel for how the LoDs shift. If the initial upload(s) do unsightly things, or could just be better, I have a pile of other daes ready to try instead. (And if I have to back track to try a different route, I have a range of very usef
  15. Someone has to make the things you wear, and the Creation Forum is the part of the boards for questions and discussion about different types of creating. Is that a sufficient point? It's been taken over by consumers though, which makes it harder for creators to use it effectively. Probably should just be moved to the People Section now. But putting it there could be why your original post didn't get any answers. As for answers, I'm curious why you ignored the one you did get and went after Alwin instead. Did I just not tell you what you wanted to hear?
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