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  1. Bitsy Buccaneer

    Starting with LSL

    MT Mimulus' 6 week classes on scripting (one series on the basics, one on specific subjects) were a huge help to me. I hope she's still doing them, I could use a refresher.
  2. Bitsy Buccaneer

    The Perils of Lifelong Lunacy

    This or dementia or both are the direction I'm headed. I'm not long past 50 and already battling increasing cognitive problems. Family history of strokes and TIAs too. As for support, my family is like that therapist who's speaking another language and I'm like you, trying to bridge the gap. Love all that is good about yourself Maddy, like your Mom does.
  3. Distance is probably less of a problem than time zones and schedules which don't fit together.
  4. It can also happen that a spammer reactivates several long dead threads which then get responses. Once a mod removes the spam, all that's left are the responses and it looks very much like the first remaining one necro'ed the thread. I have no idea how often this happens, or even if it's still going on, but I have seen it in the past. I haven't seen many talking about this in the forums so I thought it might be worth mentioning
  5. Bitsy Buccaneer

    Secondlife Dating Questionnaire

    Cause he might be a really great guy who prioritises other qualities than appearance.
  6. Bitsy Buccaneer

    AVSitter classes

    Just curious if anyone knows if there are any teachers or classes for AVSitter? There aren't any on the current Helping Haven and Builders Brewery calendars. I found it very simple to set up the basics, but got a bit lost in trying to understand what else it can do. I am in the rather quiet group and wish it were busier, I learn so much from questions I haven't thought to ask.
  7. Bitsy Buccaneer

    What the fitmesh LoD bug actually means

    I can't speak for everyone, but I don't argue with them because either I largely agree with them or they've gotten into technical aspects I don't understand well enough. I do read their posts carefully and think about how I can use the information to improve my mesh work. To be frank, the emotional attacks you're launching aren't making the case for your position. It does seem that your emotions are clouding your reading and it really comes down to a disagreement over an issue LL is unlikely to implement in a radical fashion. Have a go at me too if it makes you feel better, but maybe then take some time away from this?
  8. Bitsy Buccaneer

    Does anyone rp as people in their 50's or 60's on second life?

    Bitsy is a time traveller who's lost track of when she lost track of her age.
  9. Bitsy Buccaneer

    History Repeating Itself ?

    I'm an inworld shopper too. MP only to gather store names and items to check out or if I can't find what I'm after inworld at all. As for abandoning ugly land, I'm not so sure if I agree with you there. After living on that wretched granite for years, when I had to move my priorities were mainland road and grass. Finding abandoned grass wasn't difficult. A friend said that the sim next to his was mostly empty so I went to look, flew around a bit and found something even better. Maybe I got really lucky there but some abandoned land is fine. Perhaps that points to a simpler beautification project - god-mode some of the abandoned granite into grassland. All of those mountains turned out to be a mistake. There's no real reason why they all have to stay though.
  10. Bitsy Buccaneer

    History Repeating Itself ?

    I don't think any one is arguing to give all mainland ocean access. I think it's more like using abandoned land to add some woodlands, or parks, or water where it suits. If that landlocked region has had a fair bit of abandoned land for awhile, then it might be a candidate for an amenity to be added. It sounds like it's a fairly busy area though, so probably not. A lake on an abandoned region in the interior of a continent would create a different type of waterfront. It wouldn't attract the serious sailors but could be good for others. That's what my understanding of the hopes for mainland beautification are about, though I could be reading my own ideas into it as it's an example I put forward a while ago. Perhaps it's best the others here clarify their hopes.
  11. Bitsy Buccaneer

    Does anyone remember the AOL Rhy'Din chat rooms?

    hooks onto Maddy with my umbrella handle and takes her with me. bwah ha ha
  12. Bitsy Buccaneer

    Does anyone remember the AOL Rhy'Din chat rooms?

    Does necroposting to rant using lots of repetitions of a bleeped out swear count as edgelording? Does a lack of paragraphing in said rant increase or decrease edgelord status? I want to give it a go myself. I am BITSY LADY OF THE EDGE. Beware my wroth.
  13. Bitsy Buccaneer

    Secondlife Dating Questionnaire

    oooo, aftercare
  14. Bitsy Buccaneer

    Does anyone build with prims anymore

    My new shop is entirely prims. It was great fun to make, there's no LoD collapse, the only physics issues are when I convex hull the wrong bits, it's very moddable and the LI's great. I think every friend I told about it asked if I'm going to do it in mesh. Why? Aside from a ramp which might become mesh stairs at some point, there's very little to gain (a couple of LI at best) and much to lose.
  15. Bitsy Buccaneer

    Show Off Your Best Prim Builds!!!

    I love the aesthetic of these kinds of builds, whether they're delightfully charming or exuberantly creative. They feel like they come from the heart and share some of the creator's/s' personality. 💖