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  1. enormous hugs as big as your heart is maddy x x
  2. So that's what the boy alt is up to when I think he's not logged in. It explains a few things 🙈
  3. am trying to focus on the we were lucky to have him bit today
  4. Could prim params be scripted to simulate a fluid? How bad would it be for demands on the server and rendering? I'm guessing if it was feasible, we would have seen it more.
  5. Rounded logs would add enormously to the mesh geometry and render cost. So yeah, it's a necessary compromise for the overall quality of the regions. A different name would be more appropriate though.
  6. I thought I saw her post just the other day, but maybe it was an old thread? I hope everything is well with her.
  7. I would laugh so hard if I came across a parcel like this (even though, or perhaps especially because, I can't have much pizza in RL). Please make one
  8. You'll have to do a LOT of uploading to run out. I've gotten more without doing anything so there must be some automation to it, though I don't know the mechanics of it, just that it happens. Good luck with your projects
  9. It might take a couple of log-ins on the beta grid (with some time inbetween) to get it synced with your main grid inventory. I'm not sure what the current process is. For a while it was log in, then log back in after they do whatever they do to resync it at silly o'clock in the morning SLT. Was having problems with it and don't know if that was a temporary glitch or if they've changed it. If you have problems, ask. Someone here will know. Once you get it sorted, the beta grid is well worth the effort. Nice quiet place to work on a project and free uploads
  10. The friend I'd like to invite in has two small children so her days are pretty full. Had thought to ask when they're older, but maybe I'll put out feelers now. I also know someone whose sense of humour involves insulting people repeatedly. He's not malicious, he genuinely finds it hilarious, but we probably don't want him picking up tips from the info hub griefers SL is an excellent escape from this confinement and since it's a time sink anyway, perfect for those looking to fill long hours. I hope it helps many.
  11. You are literally taking offense and attacking someone FOR WISHING YOU WELL. I haven't been vicious or nasty. You're the one who does that, Prok. Amongst everything else, you derailed your own thread to have a go at me over the price of something in my shop. The price of something in my shop. Why? Were you hoping to somehow discredit me? Make me feel bad because I lost a sale for something I don't sell? When you've asserted incorrect things about me, I've attempted to explain and set the record straight in hopes that you might better understand me. Which is what I'm doing here. That's not virtue signalling, it's trying to improve communication between two people. Do you not think improving mutual understanding is a good thing? It does seem to be very important to you that you are understood on your own terms. Can you not extend that to others? I'd also like you to understand that I mean you no ill will. I genuinely wish you well. Can you set aside the narrative you've invented long enough to take this in? If you're not interested in conversation, why are you posting in a public discussion forum? I'm asking this sincerely because I'd like to understand why you do this.
  12. You're wrong again, Prok. I've never heckled you. It's just not something I would do. I told you I was sincere in wishing you well. I still do. All the best, Prok. Be well.
  13. Na, I say Blender is free, I can't afford Maya so I have to take it on trust when Maya users say Maya is better . Blender was originally animation software. There's a ridiculous amount it can do that's not needed for making mesh for SL. SL mesh has many quirks and requires many compromises, so there's a lot to be said for learning as you go. Make something, then slive with it awhile to get a feel for how it works inworld and figure out which compromises matter most for what you're making and what you want from it. It's at least as much an art in that respect as technical skills. The beta grid is good for uploading practice and test mesh to avoid wasting too many lindens on upload fees.
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