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  1. I have plans for a Grayson. If I can't get something when the hoped for large trailer release happens, then for the sake of my crappy health I'll have to accept that this dream of being a small part of the Belli community is really just a nightmare that needs to end. I'll try to adapt all of the wacky ideas and things I've been working on in anticipation to one of the Meadowbrook houses instead. It will end up more an experiential art space to visit than a trippy hippy hang-out for the community to explore and have fun in, but it's better than letting it all go to waste. Everyone here will be invited to check it out for a month and then I'll try to figure out what to do with the majority of two years premium I foolishly got on an alt for Bellisseria. It will be in a Grayson because of its special place in our hearts.
  2. That would work for my idea just fine. I'd be happy with just about anything.
  3. There's a lot of SL that's safe enough, so I think the more appropriate place for a warning would be tied to specific builds. That's hard to do though given the infrastructure and TPing to get around. I think I'd like for there to be a culture of providing warnings or information about what's ahead primarily because it would encourage broader awareness amongst the general population, but it would probably backfire and become the new script/arc policing. I'm just so used to dealing with it I don't think to mention it to others, though it usually comes up eventually with close friends. For me, the most important accomodation I need is somewhere safe on the screen to divert my camera to. It gives me time to fumble for the ctrl-shift Home and sometimes it's enough to let me stay a while.
  4. I have photosensitive seizure activity too. It's one of the reasons why I tend to travel with my graphics turned all the way down and then adjust them gradually to determine safety. I keep particles off and avoid places known to be difficult. This keeps the triggers at a low enough intensity for me that I get build-up rather than a seizure, which gives me time to get away from it. If there's somewhere with flashing lights that I really want to be, I find a place to park my camera (the roof is often good) which keeps the moving lights off my screen. It's a way of being there for the company without putting my safety at too much risk. Something like screen flicker means SL is more tiring for me than many other computer activities (and computer is worse than non-screen of course). It means I have to watch myself, limit my time inworld and not allow myself to over do. Having to be careful all the time is wearing too, but my SL friends are the ones who've stuck by me through my illness and deterioration so I'm not going to let them go until I have to. It would be lovely if more venue-owners were aware of our needs and took them into account but of course it's never going to happen. It's not like they'll miss us or anything. Those of us who have these difficulties just have to find ways to keep ourselves safe and manage risk.
  5. I doubt it. My information is over 25 years out of date, but way back when I did some work for a friend who was writing software to do automatic checks on copyright infringements. My job was to do manual searches to generate data to compare the automated processes to so we could see how much they missed. It's easy to get the software to find some, it's tricky to get it to find all. The automation and processing power behind it are ridiculously better now, but so is the size of the internet and the amount of data it has to trawl. That their searches found some but not all is absolutely no guarantee of anything.
  6. Could it be "Savage"? Any other words with Harley Davison connections there?
  7. It might have been through the Dashboard. That seems logical, I used it as an entry point most of the time. But I might have come across them through searching or a friend might have told me. Those were the two main ways I learned about SL things. I honestly don't remember which it was though.
  8. /me digs in inventory for my bestestmost parachute dress specifically chosen for its graceful and appealing poof during free fall. All ready
  9. The categories (on the left side of the MP page) are pretty good at filtering things, provided you've chosen your item categories well and shoppers use them. Some creators use a different brand tag at the start of the item names so an alphabetical Sort By: groups similiar items together.
  10. The forum always gets hit by trolls this time of year. Some of these sorts of threads might be legitimate, but very likely at least some are coming from one or two trolls with multiple throw-away accounts. It's such an easy and obvious target, and given the vehemence with which they're met, a very rewarding one from a trolling point of view. The best approach to both legitimate and trolling posts on this will probably be for one or two people to post clear, accurate information about the process, reassurances that more houses are being built and a link to Patch's update thread. Bore the trolls, offer quality information to those who are sincere, and don't add fuel to the fire.
  11. There's also the option of a temporary block until emotions have cooled down. That leaves room for moving on from hurt feelings and for clearing up misunderstandings.
  12. You'd be an excellent Mole, Marianne. Good eye for how to use space and keep it all working together.
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