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  1. There is no way to export a proprietary mesh body. You can export the data for the system "shape" you wear (ie the shape sliders) but not a mesh body. The various mesh bodies respond to the slider numbers in different ways so you might benefit from making a system shape that's close enough in key areas to your Signature av. Avastar is a Blender plug-in designed specifically for use with SL avatars. It costs some but isn't too dear. Medhue Simoni has good tutorials, free to watch on his site https://www.medhueanimations.com/collections/blender-tutorials, that can give you an idea of what Avastar is like for creating static poses and animations.
  2. Doesn't computer power figure into it too somehow, like the cost to render for your particular set-up? I think I remember reading somewhere that it wasn't a universal number, so comparisons between the numbers will be misleading if they come from different people. (As well as the problems in the formula itself.).
  3. Just to make certain you're aware - If it's just the skybox you're not keen on, you can remove the one that's there and add another (as long as it fits in the footprint and LI, land impact). If you bought the land from someone else and they left the skybox there, you might not own the skybox itself. Click on it, choose Edit and you'll see Owner for the skybox. If it's a skybox in general that you're not keen on, you can build on the ground too. Just a couple of examples where you may be happy to keep the land and change the building.
  4. OK, let's go with this. Let's say that there is plenty of moderate-coverage clothing available. I can attest that I've had difficulties finding it, whereas finding revealing clothing is dead simple. The OP appears to have run into the same thing, others have said similar things too. So maybe it's not lack of availability so much as some sort of communication bottleneck. Most of the promotional efforts (blogs, front of store, notecard pics, marketing group listings, events, etc) I've come across seem to be targeting the sparser coverage crowd. (Fine, received wisdom is that there are more of them and they're bigger spenders. Great for them but doesn't help others like me.) Another thing I've noticed is how unorganised most of the clothing stores I've been in recently are. Like the creators are just filling the next bay with their latest work and not giving much thought to grouping styles or types of clothing together. Maybe this approach works really well for the heavy shoppers and impulse shoppers who go in for one thing and come out with five. So I'm not criticising it as a way of setting up a store. But whatever the reason is, it can make for a frustrating experience for someone like me who isn't particularly interested in the majority of what they sell. Now I know I don't spend enough to be the kind of shopper anyone wants to cater to. But my frustrations are real and they are my usual experience of trying to shop for clothes in SL. As are the frustrations of the OP and others. (And the usual disclaimer, anyone who doesn't want to shop read the posts is free to skip past.) At the December Shop & Hop, I saw a much better balance and more things I'd consider wearing. Previous S&Hs, I've felt lucky if I've come away with one or two store names to look into. This was more like five, so perhaps something has changed in recent months. So my question for those who find it easy to find all of these stores with more moderate coverage items is - how do you find out about these stores? Is it just a matter of slogging through everything and hoping?
  5. Yes, it was framed in a negative way but it's still a far cry from your claim that was an "attempt to get it taken off the market". I read it as a shout of frustration, another venting thread. We see them often enough on a range of subjects here. Would you consider going back and rereading it with that sort of tone in mind? You spoke against it, and with quite strong words. Were you trying to get rid of what you didn't like about it, or was there something else going on? And here I've been all these years, wondering why I had such a small, niche customer base for ancient Roman art. Welll blow me down with a feather . Anyway, if it doesn't really work as a threat, perhaps it wasn't so much a threat as a cry of exasperation.
  6. Get it taken off the market? Please show me where you think anyone has said that. Maybe I'm wrong, but I've read the posts as attempts to point out that there's an underserved market of customers who prefer other things. In other words, respecting and acknowledging difference.
  7. Happens to me too. I just assumed it was a browser cookie thing and it doesn't play well with my security settings. I don't actually know that though.
  8. Also the trend of selling only bland colours as singles and putting interesting patterns in a very expensive fatpack. Not my cup of tea at all. I don't need or want 36 variations of a single dress. I'd just like some interesting ones. I miss the days when clothing designers were fabric-orientated artists rather than primarily mesh builders. Fortunately I got some full perm mesh on a clearance sale, so I can just choose one to texture as I like when I come across a great texture set or fancy something different.
  9. Ruth 2 can be picked up for free inworld. I probably still have an LM buried in my inventory if anyone's interested and inworld search doesn't do the trick.
  10. This is a really interesting point. I did a fair bit of my growing up before computer games were around, my younger cousins had Space Invaders which is nothing compared to what the next generation had, and games keep increasing in intensity. If I hadn't lost my baby, he would have just turned 12, so very much the age of playing games at friends and wanting them at home too, and there are things about this age-violence-intensity interplay I can only guess at or take advice from others on. These experiences must influence aspects of emotion, behaviour and personality (how can they not, everything else does), perhaps wiring in a need for that sort of intensity of experience. Parenting has always been tricky, but with the pace of changes these days it's like a pervasive set of uncontrolled experiments being run on subjects who don't even know they're taking part, much less gave consent.
  11. Ghosting is better used for a sudden (and unexplained) ending of communication. If you both drift apart, you drift apart. But if someone turns around and refuses to have anything to do with you without explanation after a period of friendship, dating or a relationship, then that's ghosting. Like you're friends one day and blocked the next, without any argument or falling out, or one person in a relationship just stops logging in without any explanation. It's the sharpness of the ending, relative to the dynamics of the friendship/relationship.
  12. 17th century men's dress included ruffs, capes, knee length breeches & hose. Please tell me these have come back into fashion at Frank's.
  13. Bitsy Buccaneer


    Sorry but no. I care about your point of view, opinion and experience. I just wish you'd stop trampling others' underfoot. And that's just a wish, my feelings. Now about language, are you saying that language can't be flexible, adaptable, or influenced by context? That words can only have a fixed set of meanings?
  14. May I ask how many events you're posting that the 10L$ charge will be a significant cost to you?
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