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  1. whew. blows giant raspberries all around 😋
  2. A mesh body is an object worn over a system body. It responds to the shape sliders, but not necessarily in the same way as the system body does, so you may need to tweak your shape (save as a new copy of course). Most important thing to do is take your time and demo demo demo. Also, the less skin you have showing, the less it matters if you're wearing a mesh body, provided of course that you can find clothes you like. And if there are clothing brands you like, demo their stuff with your mesh body demo to see how it all plays together. And yes, it is ridiculously confusing. There is a lot of jargon to learn and it's easy for experienced people to forget to back track enough in explaining. @Skell Dagger is the expert on men's mesh bodies. He has a blog, just search for his name.
  3. /me quivers in fear and looks for a place to hide.
  4. Sometimes that's useful, like if you want to examine your lowest LoD up close without it switching or really stress test the shape and texture. When I'm buying FP mesh, I always do a LoD 0 check too as it's easier than derendering walls. Anytime I want to quickly know how good the lowest LoD is, LoD 0 shows me right away.
  5. Individual faces on mesh can be textured/retextured by script. An "applier" for this would just be a device which textures a particular face, like a texture change HUD for the fabric areas on a piece of furniture.
  6. What kind of clothing are you after? Ancient freebie stuff is probably the least likely to still be around in texture form, but there HAVE to be (not quite so ancient) system clothing creators still inworld who still have their textures but aren't doing much with them. Could an applier system for animesh be feasible? Would it be secure enough that some who aren't keen on releasing textures straight out be alright with it? This would require setting up a separate face on the animesh model for each bit though, which would be a significant downside if you need to put them in different styles of clothing. I have some old FP system clothing textures, mostly from MM boards and group gifts. TOS won't let me give them to you, but if I know what you're after, I can have a look to suggest names to contact. Putting them into appliers might work under the TOS too. Just thinking out loud in hopes it sparks some better ideas for you.
  7. Before mesh and animesh allowed for objects wearing system clothing, there was next to no reason to distribute as textures rather than clothing items. Mesh and animesh have created a situation in which these old pieces have a viable use once again. Most of them won't have much of an market as clothing items for avatars, but they do have a use for the kind of animesh animats is making. So all of this about the creators not wanting anyone to have the textures is out of date.
  8. I followed a RL friend into SL. He's a RL architect, so he had a similar habit of building, fixing, tinkering, building more, and never giving a thought to decorating. I have a store today because I did the decorating. This is one of the things I adore about SL, how we can work together to make something far more interesting than most of us can do alone. And I very much agree with you about mesh too. My Blender skills are good enough at this point, but there are so very many steps to get it inworld as reasonably optimised mesh that my health usually gets in the way long before it's done. I wish it were less complicated.
  9. Talk to the creator, if they're still in SL. Setting it up as a clothing layer will have made sense years ago and the creator might not realise that system clothes are now useful for animesh, but need to be a texture. It could breathe new life into older work.
  10. Rather than numbers being small, the numbers are dwarfed by the behaviours of the creepy ones. A small number of chancers spamming every female-appearing avatar who comes in their radar range will result in a large number of women having that sort of negative experience. (Which might be why some of the "Hi"s go silent on the spammer's part, if the spammer got a "hit" elsewhere.) Meanwhile, the good guys are talking with a much smaller number of women. So if the numbers of chancers and good guys are equal, it will probably appear that there are more chancers. In other words, it's not just the numbers of individuals engaging in the different behaviours but the numbers of others engaged by them. A single spam-chancer will always generate a greater quantity of (negative) engagements, and spread them more widely, than someone who takes the time to create interesting conversation.
  11. The grid's been working so much better than it used to, and given the complexity of all the pieces that need to talk to each other to make it all work, the outage left me feeling more impressed than upset. Yeah, I wanted to go inworld and couldn't. But isn't it so very cool that we have this amazing world to go into at all? That was my reaction, recognition that overall the grid is doing alright.
  12. You have no idea what people would do with the FP skin you've "gifted" them. I don't know what the legal implications might be, but morally you'd be responsible if any of them stole the work and did something dishonest with it. Why would you want to go there, especially for a sample skin? There are other ways like Omega or a link to the skin.
  13. I know there's this whole RP family eco-system, but for most of the people I've known who've used "family" language it's been a way of describing especially strong or close friendships. My early friendship circle used to make up complicated meandering (and frequently changing) back stories about how we were all related to each other. It was just our way of goofing around and exercising our imaginations, but also saying you matter to me. From what I've seen, drama seems to be more of a facet of personality than inherent in a SL family dynamic. Those who are inclined to drama create and nuture circumstances in which to play it out, whatever the environment. One person can cause disruption in any social structure if they're manipulative enough with it.
  14. The "alt thing" is just using two premium accounts. One in a house and one to search with.
  15. Chronic illness, every day's a day off sick unfortunately. Bad days I don't have much stamina for anything including SL. The plus side of not being able to get out much is that I don't catch many bugs though. Good wishes for everyone down with the flu or cold.
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