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  1. JoeDex

    Who else is against the afk sex doll places?

    Nice to know you can copy a decade old ad. That too is Priceless. But the real reason is that I have Klytyna muted because I have never read anything she has to say that is positive. For some reason I got a notice that she JUST responded to me. See I emphasized that for you cause given the the decade old reference above I am figuring your eyesight might not bee so good anymore.
  2. @CoffeeDujour I have never played Gorean or really been exposed to it. I know it is big in SL but the concept of slaves bothers me. Even pretend slaves. In Afghanistan you can still find actual slaves. Which is so very sad. So, for me, playing slave or slave master just gives me the willies.
  3. @Orwar Wow, Orwar calm down. See you made quite a leap there that I do not know these people. Ido. How do you think I find out they are RL Men.. See most of us talk to people on SL. We get to know one another. The fact that you do not empirically know there are more men playing women than actual women playing women means that you are simply naive or have not ever read any studies on SL populace. Anyway, enjoy your catfish. I like mine with fried with cornmeal batter and some remoulade on the side.
  4. What is the best Profile you have ever read?
  5. i have met many real women in SL. I have also met many women in SL that are guys in RL. Lately it seems that fake SL women out number real SL women. It's okay so long as you can tell and I normally can at least 90% of the time. It is really not a problem unless you want pixel sex then you have to ask yourself if you will feel differently about the person when you find out they are a fraud.
  6. JoeDex

    Who else is against the afk sex doll places?

    @Klytyna who said I pay for bot software? I did not say I pay. Try reading and comprehending the words that people use and not what ever dirty thoughts you have.
  7. JoeDex

    Who else is against the afk sex doll places?

    I personally love the AFK sex doll places. I get a hoot out of them. Mostly they are empty and most of the participants are bots. So it helps LL numbers by having 1,000 virtual sex dolls (guys and Girls) on the grid. I get a kick out of the positions, the outfits, the outrageous bust and ***** sizes. Let them live, they hurt nobody.. Let the snotty critism begin.
  8. JoeDex


    Does this count?
  9. JoeDex

    Did SL just go down again?

    It's relevant to me. Feel free to ignore me :))
  10. JoeDex

    Did SL just go down again?

    I want Ziggy Alcott back in Second Life not long load time, boring, no one there, waste of money, Sansar
  11. JoeDex

    Something new in SL.

    Wants to bribe Linda kidd with chocolate :))
  12. JoeDex

    What are you listening right know.

    In the new Crossroads listening to Memphis Slim - Wish Me Well
  13. @ALL I just want to thank you all for the helpful and informative comments. As always, this forum has been a big help. Thanks Joe
  14. JoeDex

    How can someone follow and track you in sl without your knowledge

    @Nalates Urriah Thank you for the information.
  15. JoeDex

    How can someone follow and track you in sl without your knowledge

    Do you have to be wearing the object that was given to you or only have it in inventory?