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  1. The pots are still stuck together. Is this normal for pan sex or are these especially horny? It's a threesome, if that matters.
  2. I really like the idea. There's definitely a difference in log-in times between my nine year old main and my two year old building alt too. What I would like is to be able to keep folder structures intact but in some sort of separate, searchable inventory which I can bring up (or log into if that is easier to code) as and when needed. A system where I could chose to not have things like the furniture and seasonal decor folders in my daily inventory but could get to them when I want them without having to muck around with spreadsheets and notecards and stuffed prims. Plus folders let you wear things to see it they suit the space. Much more efficient than rezzing and deleting and emptying trash. The way it is now, with a single inventory, it's like we're carrying our entire attics, cellars, junk drawers and spare rooms around with us all the time. A way of trimming it down would be useful to some of us and could just be ignored by those who don't see a need for it. I'm in favour of the idea.
  3. Isn't llTargetOmega more efficient than KFM anyway? If you want to play with KFM, you're always welcome to help me with any of my stalled projects Emma
  4. It's been ages since I wore a house. I must be getting old
  5. Is this what's going on when the piles of pots in the cupboard get stuck together and don't want to come apart? Should I give them more privacy till they're finished?
  6. Objects and textures on your land holdings would have been in your cache and therefore quicker to rez. That could explain the difference, not a change in your premium status but a change in how you use SL and where you go since you've gone to basic.
  7. How much skin is this middle-aged dad going to be showing? Will he be seeking out sexy-time in SL, hanging out at the beach or mowing the lawn in shorts much? The more that's covered up, the less benefit a mesh body will provide and everyone around him will still have all the additional render costs from the geometry. If he's going to be more of a jeans/trousers and shirt kind of guy, then it would be both easier and more sensible to focus on getting him a skin he's really comfortable in. Mesh hands if he's bothered by the system ones or wants Bento.
  8. The way I figure it is, why let a stranger have that much influence over me? So I just respond in a way which suits what I'm doing or how busy I am. I probably annoyed some people when I was new and figuring out the etiquette of this strange new world too, probably still do if what I think is a polite start has been used by too many others who also think it's a polite start. So I'm willing to give people some slack, at least to begin with. If the typist turns out to be a randy sex seeker, I'll kindly explain that I'm not interested. If the randy sex seeker pretends to what to be friends anyway, well those conversations pretty much always end up in my main store with the randy sex seeker pretending to be interested in ancient art and there is much humour to be found in that situation So send me a ur hawt and you just might find yourself hearing ALLLLL about this really fascinating culture in what's now Afghanistan and Pakistan called Gandhara which left, amongst other things, some brilliant artefacts, often out of red or yellow sandstone, combining Greek and Buddhist imagery and artistic styles. Cause that's how I roll baby. Life's too short to waste it being annoyed at others.
  9. Look in your calling cards folder in your inventory. Unless you've deleted them, you have an address book to start getting back in touch with them. Hopefully with a brief apology and explanation, they'll understand. Anyone who forces someone else to get rid of friends is a manipulative bastard and should be fed to Klytyna. (Alwin isn't grumpy enough by half )
  10. I know I'm going to regret sticking my nose in here, but think it should be pointed out that certain racist stereotypes about black masculine sexuality are the subject of various fetishes and that those presenting themselves in SL as uber-masculine black men aren't necessarily anything remotely like that. So I'd take some of those search results with a barrel load of salt. Except for tentacles. How is it only 227? What's happened to the cephalopod community?
  11. I think there has been a shift towards human avatars and shopping. The wide range of imagination still exists of course, but I find that I'm less likely to just happen into it these days. It used to be frequently and in lots of different places. It seems like a greater percentage of SL is into an idealised, overly perfect, hyper-realism right now. Hopefully things will shift again at some point. I miss all the chance encounters with beings and environments I wouldn't have thought (or even known about) to seek out. I still remember wandering into an underwater mermaid bar below a city I was exploring, being absolutely delighted with it and dragging a friend in to see it. The first time I discovered underwater though was more mundane. I'd fallen off a bridge (I did a lot of falling back then) and was merrily exploring the lake floor, the view up and the whole experience of it. But the very kind land owner was worried about me and wanted to help, so I had to climb out for her sake. Sea of Fables still has some cool underwater stuff. It's Linden-owned so it will always be there. Finding the right groups to join can help, but it's hard because they come and go. Or more like they don't go, but their activity falls off or the owner leaves and the group stays in the listings. Getting good enough to make things to sell has been helpful to me for finding others with similar, non-mainstream interests. My shops are like big adverts for that Of course that depends largely on the people who find it taking a moment to drop me an IM. I don't have any other suggestions on how to find things these days, but keep looking, cause when you do this place can be amazing.
  12. The closest I got to that was four or so years ago when I saw an ad in the Ann Summers window with a model with over-inflated hydraulic boobage and thought 'oh those must be mesh' Aside from leggings, leggings and more leggings, if these trends are happening in the UK too, then I am succeeding in avoiding it quite well. Good luck to everyone who has to deal with it in RL too.
  13. I'd like for there to be more not-so-revealing things again. There's always been hypersexualised women's clothing in SL (judging from some of the antiques I found in freebie boxes 9 years ago), but I've never had this much trouble finding alternatives which suit me. I feel so out of place trying to shop these days. Enough so that I've bought some DAES (Blender files) to make my own with. Getting them out for sale has never been a priority because I didn't think many others cared, but reading the responses here maybe there's more of a market than I realised. If anyone wants to nudge me along in a particular direction, drop me a line.
  14. @Wulfie Reanimator @OptimoMaximo Thanks ever so much for the replies. I think I understand enough to have a go at both approaches. Commented scripts are magic, at least for the way my brain learns. I'm in awe of people who can do it from the wiki
  15. How would I do that? You've gone well over my head once again, Optimo, and search isn't helping me understand it. A sort of wave motion would be cool, but that would be a later step and on a different version. (Happy to talk about it now though ) For this one, I'd like it to just bob up and down without rotation. What function(s) would be best to make that loop? My scripting level is such that I can parse and adjust a fair number of functions in a working script, but I often get muddled trying to puzzle through the abstract descriptions in the wiki. I know it doesn't help that this is such a special case and I appreciate any advice.
  16. Not always 8. Just got one that's 18. A link in one thread took me to the first post in another. It's counting all subsequent posts as 'new replies'.
  17. I've been reading old forum threads to learn more about some scripting approaches and techniques. The search results often take me to the middle of a thread (which is fine because it highlights a particular post to pay close attention to). But in several of the threads it throws up the New Replies message. It's always 8. If I accept its offer to show the replies it will duplicate several messages of the thread and add them to the bottom. The New Replies message will continue to show up repeatedly. Closing the message with the X button might succeed in stopping it, or it just might be that I've left the threads by then. Can this be fixed?
  18. I would like to make an attachment bob up and down. Is there an equivalent to llTargetOmega in a central prim for this? I've got it working for rotation but would like to do one with bobbing instead.
  19. Strange isn't it, that I would have a lingering sense of loyalty to your work after all these years? But please don't misunderstand that I'm looking for flexi skirts. For all that it's harder to find, system is still useful, especially for layering. I really hope there's less segregation by body choice when Bakes on Mesh arrives. Anyway, good luck with your endeavours. I'm off to go bash my head against the Blender again. Hunt prize needs finishing.
  20. My apologies for intruding in your thread then. I'll remove my name from your subscriber as soon as I'm inworld. I have no idea how it ended up there if you're not the Blush who used to make lovely flapper-inspired dresses and one of my favourite cloches so it must have been a mistake. Best wishes.
  21. Maybe I have the name wrong. Did you take a hiatus a few years ago and then return? The Blush I'm thinking of did that and my purchase history would have been before the hiatus. And two alts'. We had a bit of a splurge at the closing sale. The thing is, you've lost me (and everyone with a female system av) as a customer - whether potential or past - because of a decision which doesn't necessarily require a huge amount of work and doesn't gain you anything. It's not like having to add an extra body to the workflow for mesh clothes. My work is niche and I don't mind that, so I definitely understand not even trying to cater to everyone. But do it for the right reasons, not because of false assumptions about risk.
  22. I used to be a customer. I don't have a mesh body. You can do the maths. It's not really an issue for me either. I just shop elsewhere.
  23. well that's me sorted for the next five years
  24. I think there are basically all types represented in SL and numbers and percentages are impossible to determine. Perhaps a better approach for a queer studies journal would be anecdotal, looking at the experiences of several trans-people in SL and the pros and cons of exploring gender fluidity here. Things I've been told by trans women & CDs (MTF) (note that there is a gender bias in my data set) - - great that it's so easy to switch the physical representation - harder to adequately represent a man dressing as a woman, especially with the advent of mesh and gender-specific rigging (trans easier than cross dressing where a man wants to retain masculine characteristics) - anonymity and safety for those unable or not yet ready to dress as a woman in RL - presenting as a woman opens up one to harassment etc from SL men - people bring their RL prejudices - prejudice against gender-switching exacerbated by the crap some guys get up to in female avs
  25. It will work for system clothes. Also classic skins and tattoos. Fit and rigging issues with mesh clothing made for a different body will only change in one regard - you won't be dependent on the alpha cut set-up for a particular body. Alpha layers worn on the system body will affect the mesh body so clothing creators and customers will have that flexiblity again. Basically, anything worn directly on the system body will be transfered to a bakes on mesh mesh body.
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