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  1. WOW thanks, I see you can also import your BVH Also have not tried it yet, but I assume you can set up opposing/synced animations for more than one Avatar
  2. No naming or shaming is intended here, this is the second time in a row this has happened with NO contact from the owner of this board!
  3. Almost all mine except for the custom wrestling mats I work on for my bots comes from Smooching Serpents and VAW.
  4. Hi Ya'll ... as I mentioned in announcements [and not supposed to mention here ???? well just once I guess ??? ] my big Ass Adult SIM is finally open. Just have to Tweak the Residential/light-Adult commercial areas for Good Boys and Bad Girl AVs and Furries I do love Furries even have a Customized Merlotte's Bar for them Lots of varied and interactive fetish items, with the main throust being sci fi vampie related and with Wrestling/catfights and lesbian action being the drift. come on by please, most of the good stuff is gratis, with the really hot stuff costing something An
  5. Hi Y'all; If you are into soft Fetishes, in particular with a Vampire wrestling catfight Slant, please come on by and check us out. This is probably more PG14 than xxx Adult. My Husband and I really like the Vampire SciFi mix, and this has afforded us a nice interactive Venue to live out our the GalaxiBabe Story lines we have been working on over the years. We have lots of Animated bots and some fairly unique niche stuff. Not mind blowing but hopefully in the sexy and cool vien The main landing points to our SIM is first off [PG-14 landing] First to get around ... Ou
  6. Hi can anyone tell me where to find the debug tab in "Firestorm" viewer? I need to find where and what my top script users are and remove them or shut them down thank you
  7. Since the last restart the sequence script does not appear to be functioning in any of the animated prims, such as dance pads I made over the weekend using AVsitter2. Saturday and Sunday they worked fine. But now they stop on the first animation and will not advance to the 2nd and 3rd like they di before I reset the scripts etc and still when two AV's sit on the script they stop at the first animation and do not move onto the second dance etc then loop
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