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  1. Thanks Scylla, I truly appreciate your words and everyone else's that kept the balance in this sudden heated debate - at least it was for me. I do think it was a very useful experience due to all the answers of everyone - there is no way one can possibly know all that there is to know about this topic - this thread was a source of lots and lots of info, angles and opinions and I hope it helped some others that have been wondering about this - to answer some questions. I live in South Africa - violent crime, rapes and other horrific stuff happening here on a daily basis like many of
  2. Ok thanks now it is more clear - it appears that you feel better if you carry on insulting people - calling them names without knowing them really and what they are about - very much like all those SJWs that for some reason need to do this to feel complete as a person. I don't agree with that, and would never do it to you or anyone else because it ruins the discussion. If this makes you happy carry on - but you do realise you act just like the person you describe above without actually listening to me and allow for a discussion to take place. However if this is what you feel is your truth
  3. So basically what I conclude that it is no problem to call people fascist here. I just wanted to clear that. And otherwise it seems here - no matter what I say - you will find some problem with it so not much else left to say.
  4. I started SL on the non profit commons and have been teaching. I have been to many bdsm sims - I have many on my list that are into bdsm - in fact I just friended a sub 2 minutes ago. I don't care if someone is into bdsm or not. I find dulcet different from other bdsm kinks that is all. I have many alts - why does that matter.
  5. Alwin - I have never posted on this forum - I did explain that before. By new I mean - this was my first post on this forum site.
  6. OK you are actually right about that - but why do it then.
  7. I can feel about stuff in any way I want lol - just like you can too. I never called anyone here a fascist.
  8. Ok so then in your views this is how you would deal with anyone and since Syo is a Forum Elf - she agrees that people are to be called names to solve problems.
  9. Oh ok so in this forum - it is how you do things. Well ok. It is your choice. Not right but up to you.
  10. Voila so you say - calling people fascist if they don't agree with you - is the right thing to do.
  11. Well in the meantime I have had some discussions on this topic - including those managing the sim, and various other groups of people. Since I am not into anything relating to bdsm - I had no clue this existed and is called snuff or dulcet. My problem at this point is not anymore with this kink - but with those that think it is ok to call someone a fascist on this forum and all sorts of other terms that have nothing to do with me - and with those that are clapping along and adding fun smileys to these posts, and those that say - I am here for the drama - and with the moderators that look
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