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  1. At home. Why clog up everyone else's graphics with a constant stream of new textures?
  2. There's this Prince in Nigeria who might be able to help you Franky.
  3. Don't feel dumb. LL doesn't it make it clear what it is so it's up to us to tell each other.
  4. I think Maitreya is Omega-compatible, so any applier with an Omega or Maitreya option should work on your body. For some bodies, you'll need to purchase an additional gadget from Omega to make Omega appliers work. I've not done that so I'll leave the details to others. A couple of bodies have Omega built in; I think Maitreya Lara might be one. The Baked on Mesh project being worked on now will make system stuff work on mesh bodies. Wear your system skin, make-up, clothes - all the things which don't show up now - and those textures will show up on the appropriate mesh body part. Once Baked on Mesh is live and your body is updated, you'll be able to wear those system shirts. Appliers will only be needed then for body parts which haven't been updated.
  5. OK, that's important clarity to where you are. Thanks for adding this (Tagging in @Syn Anatine too) When I was getting my head around Blender, it was both helpful to search out tutorials for a particular types of project and also unhelpful. Helpful in that I had little idea what I needed to know and they'd usually say a few things which gave me a smidgin of a clue but also unhelpful in that there was usually a ton of stuff which ended up being poor practice for SL. So mostly I just kept trying until I learned enough to start searching for tutorials on individual aspects of using Blender (the smidgins of clues) rather than "make a cushion". That worked better for me. I never found tutorials I clicked with which were specific for Blender & SL. For that, it's been entirely the forum archives and asking questions. There was a while when I thought I was going to have to name my first child Drongle So my work flow for learning had a lot of forum reading, question asking, head banging, break taking, and looking through BornCG's youtube page to see which tutorial was going to help me figure out how to actually do what had been suggested in the forum & archives, and more question asking if I couldn't. edit - one way to approach this might be to start a thread in the mesh creation section and post the tutorial you're using. Then others could suggest what needs to be done differently or adapted for SL. Making all sorts of stuff which was never going to work in SL had its uses though because it was practice using Blender. Then I'd throw it out and start over with a different approach. It made for slow going but it put extra skills and experience in my fingers, some of which has actually proven useful later. It was a year of hell. It was worth it. To sum up my take on this: Youtube and/or written/illustrated tutorials for Blender techniques, forums for the pecularities of SL, lots of trial, lots of error and more and more success.
  6. Thanks Qie. I like this as a change Will try to remember to check the chair's current LI when I'm inworld later.
  7. Man, I'm not able to connect the dots well enough to figure out if this is what Qie's talking about but at some point adding a script to an object of linked bits (be they prim or mesh), over-rode any .5 + .5 LI reductions and made each bit count as 1 LI. AFAIK a single script was sufficient for this to happen. example of the chair I learned this with (which Prok later bought): chair = 1 LI, two cushions = .5 LI each, prim to make it show me as creator = .5 LI unscripted = 2.5 LI, averaged up to 3 LI scripted = 4 LI If this is still how it works, it could look like it broke the trick of changing linked items to convex hull to reduce LI. So, question for Prokofy: are the items you aren't able to reduce now scripted or unscripted? Have you tried recently with unscripted objects or freshly rezzed cube prims?
  8. Oh, and beta grid and local textures, so you don't have to pay to upload all your experiments. Just to make sure you know about both of those.
  9. Sounds like you're right on course. The Mesh creation section has some stellar people who are both very knowledgeable and very helpful. The archives are full of their wisdom as well. Use both - ask questions, look up topics in search and read the threads. Making mesh for SL isn't quite like making mesh for anywhere else and they'll help you get your head around the differences. Seriously, the teaching skill and patience of people like Aquila Kytori, arton Rotaru and Drongle McMahon is amazing. When you see them answering, read closely. Do you have a source for tutorials that you click with besides the paid ones? It took me a month of wandering around youtube before I found the teacher whose approach worked best for me (BornCG), but it was well worth the effort. Or maybe the paid ones are comprehensive enough? I heartily concur with the idea of making static objects to start with. There's just less to have to worry about and that is a very good thing. Architecture has a few complications of its own - many threads on that, especially regarding doors you can't walk through and floors which give an error when you try to rez on them. It's where a lot of people start though and it's not as complicated as rigged ball gowns Smaller projects also mean more warm fuzzies and dopamine when it's finished. VERY useful in offsetting the frustrations. Plus you get to live with the things you've made sooner, which means you get to realise the mistakes you've made sooner, which means you can start learning how to improve on them sooner. There's an awful lot of compromise in making mesh for SL, so don't expect it to be perfect and keep working towards getting a bit closer. Good luck and welcome to the mad house
  10. /me tucks my purple hair under my proper Victorian bonnet and regards you over the tops of my rose-coloured prince nez
  11. Syn, I'm on your side. It's a faff even when it does work.
  12. You keep saying this Phil. Did you miss my post on page 2? I wrote about how important being able to rez was to me both in getting hooked on SL and in starting my shop. Losing that ability, or restricting it by a paywall would have broken SL for me altogether. It would have been little more than a chat and play Barbie thing and I never would have discovered the real magic of SL. The post has been well received so it's clear I'm not alone in this. Creators, many of whom got their start by casually mucking about with prims and textures, keep this place alive. That's a big thing to break. As for opening boxes by wearing them, you can only bring items across one by one and have to add them to a manually-created folder. It's a nuisance and why I'll pop back home to rez and open things if I want more than one item from it. And that's from the point of view of a dedicated box wearer.
  13. Besides needing to be able to rez a box to unpack something you've just got.... how many creators got their starts by mucking about with some prims and textures? Mine was adding a prim here and there to things other people had made. It was magic and I'm very glad there wasn't a paywall in my way because it was only after I'd accomplished my wee task that I realised how very special this mad world is. My shop started out in much the same incremental way. I'd been making odds and sods to add to the sim my friend built and eventually had enough it made sense to set it out as a shop. That ability to explore and slowly extend my own skills and imagination has been as important in keeping me here as the ability to explore other people's. Surely this is true for many others as well. Why put a paywall up on that? Creating is the bedrock of SL - we don't know what talent we'll lose.
  14. The last time I noticed, the process was: If it's the first time logging in to beta grid, then you'll need to open a ticket and ask for it to be synced. When I started a building alt a couple of years ago, it took about a day - except their day and mine don't match up (SLT + 8) so it was effectively two days for me. There was also some back and forthing because the wording initial support wanted to hear was different from what us end-users use but we did get there in the end. The back and forth was initial support asking for clarification before moving it on. If you've already been on beta grid with that account, the auto-sync will happen in the SL morning (6 am-ish to the best of my knowledge) on the morning AFTER you've logged in. In other words, log in. Wait till they've done their auto-syncing. Log in again. I think it was maybe six months ago that I last needed agni stuff on aditi and it was working then. Unfortunately their process for this can change and they're not terrific about informing us or utterly dreadful about up-dating the wiki. If things are still as they were a couple of years ago, it sounds like you're in the back and forthing stage, animats. Except 8 days is too long. I posted a lot in the forums so that it was documented somewhere. I'll see if I can find something to check for wording. (Edit: "Ask for your inventory to be synced" is what I wrote when it was fresh for me. Good luck.) (Change your password has been out-of-date for ages. Though we can't rule out LL reverting back to it.)
  15. Dear Lindens, Please include Noyance on the initial list and let Anna have first dibs. Sincerely, The Forum
  16. Apologies then. I'm not sure how it meant you definitely lost a sale there if you talked to those involved and sorted the matter out, but if you say so then it's got to be. About the name changes, it's nice that you want them but it doesn't change the practical aspect of the matter. Unless I misunderstood you on that as well, you asked for a possible use of mod rights on rigged mesh clothing. My reply was one possible use of mod rights which I use regularly. It's also one which has pointed me back to shops for additional purchases or to seek out a creator's new mesh brand. That sort of thing would be invisible to a creator though, which is why I thought it reasonable to mention it here.
  17. @Chase01 Changing the name is a mod right I often use, including rigged mesh clothing. If it's not mod, I have to figure something else out like putting it in a folder. But then search takes me to the folder instead of the item. Not impossible, but not exactly straightforward either. But he was there, at least in the story he told. I asked about that. Maybe everyone else has stellar memories and keeps track of all these things easily. I certainly don't. Am I weird in looking at what's in front of me in a store?
  18. Same thing I wrote to entity above applies to clothing, hair, shoes, anything. If I really love something, or it's perfect with X, I'll append a note to the end of the name. It helps me find things again. I agree with Chellynne about people not remembering and just going by what's in front of them. But I have a question for you, if you were there and overheard it, why didn't you say anything? You could have put the wee rumour right to bed.
  19. A friend does. He has many alts. You'll know if you're him. If you're not, then you're not alone
  20. You leap to very strange conclusions, entity. I never change a name but I do add things to help me find them again. So if you made something I dearly loved and didn't want to lose track of, I'd like to be able to add a word like "Favourite", the room where I used it, or whatever helps me find it again. Your organisation won't be mine. No matter how cleverly you've named your items, it's just going to fit differently into the way I keep track of things. And if I have something you've made that I love dearly, you probably do want me to be able to find it again, and quickly. Because then I'm more likely to use it again and more likely to go back to your store to buy something else. Or could it be you don't actually want that? Is your naming system is more precious to you than appreciation from others?
  21. Can we take a moment to appreciate the irony here.... Which group of people in SL can we most certainly say it's not a game for? Creators who rely on SL for all or part of their RL income. And given how blasted complicated it is, they're not lazy.
  22. Several people have expressed a desire to get rid of older things on MP. I'd like to put in a word for them. There is value in some of the old stuff which might not be trendy enough or sufficiently profitable for creators to make new, like shoes for system feet. Freebies and cheap 'junk' which I could take apart to examine have helped me immeasurably in learning how to utilise scripts. A L$10 prim whatever may be ridiculously out-dated, but if it suits my needs far better than a pretty (and more expensive) mesh one with limited mod capacity I'd rather it not be wiped out for the sake of modernisation. The old DIY, help each other culture of SL has already been overwhelmed by the current do it for me one. Tucked away in MP is one place where it can continue. There are other examples but I know there's little interest here in what I have to say so I'll keep it short. By all means, make these sorts of things hard to find. Add some sort of reference date if that's possible. Bury them in the MP or even, as Chin Rey suggested early on this thread, as part of a separate legacy MP. But I'd really like them to still be available somewhere.
  23. Why not just be kind and accept that this is where she is? What do you gain by venting your own emotions with a block and dismissal of hers? Surely there are other ways to finish a conversation, some as simple as not replying. Now you've lost the ability to buy anything from her again, even though you like the majority of her work. That seems like a net loss to me, or was it satisfying to you to block her? One thing I've learned in life is that we rarely know what else is really going on for another person. If someone is reacting emotionally at a time when you wouldn't, chances are there's more to it than what you're seeing. Can't we give each other that small kindness?
  24. I haven't really been following this but I think I read somewhere that it's been put off for at least the time being.
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