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  1. That might explain the long delays before my building alt's AO kicks in. What existing content could LL possibly break if they just replaced the default duckwaddle with something vaguely normal?
  2. All I really know on this is my own experience, but I'm one to miss initial hellos because I'm caught up with something else. I'll always reply when I do see it, though for some it seems 10 minutes is too long to wait. So for all those with any sort of apprehension over greeting new people, if someone doesn't respond there is every chance that they just didn't see it. The RL friend who I followed into SL is dreadful at spotting IMs, especially when he's building. My efforts to get his attention became a running joke as I tried to push his avatar off the roof or filled his screen with ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** GEORGE CLOONEY (he's ever so fond of the male member as well as the actor). I knew he missed IMs so I turned it into humour he'd laugh at when he did notice. And since you can't know how good a stranger is or isn't at spotting IMs, or even what they're doing while they appear to be standing there doing nothing, it's always best to assume that no response means the receiver just hasn't seen it. Understanding this helps enormously in overcoming things like shyness and social anxiety. The person's response or lack of is more about where they're at just then. It's rarely a reflection on you.
  3. picks up the poor shirt and folds it nicely I may have rezzed around the time shirt tails on extra layers started then. I vaguely remember too short system tops and thinking the problem was my noobness.
  4. That's where you went instead of the non-fluid properties of mesh? Here's a wee experiment to help understand why mesh separates rarely play well together: Rez a mesh shirt on the ground. Observe how it stands up by itself. Now try to do that with a RL shirt. The characteristics which mean a RL shirt falls to the ground in a pile of folds is why that shirt fits under a jacket and tucks into trousers. Mesh doesn't have that flexibility, the computational costs would be far too high. Because trousers are close fitting, there's an exceptionally narrow range of what will fit in close to the waistband and look normal. Unless creators are going to agree a standard SL waistband, bespoke pairings are the only way to guarantee two mesh pieces play well together. There are more options with untucked shirts & jackets - both in the way they're created and through the clever tricks discussed above. A bare mid-drift eliminates the problem. It might not be an elegant solution but it is an easy one and that accounts for at least some of its popularity. Appliers are really just system clothes for mesh bodies. If you were able to put together the kind of outfits you wanted with system tops before, then appliers should be a good solution for your mesh body.
  5. And furthermore, everything should be run to suit her demands. Cause she can't cope with having a 3 month old iPhone and her av is older than Tari's. It's impeccable logic you know.
  6. I suspect that's it in a nutshell. For what it's worth, some event participants have demos at their stores or send them out via their groups. I'm not an eventer so I don't know how prevalent that is though, just that some have come through in group notices. There have been times when I've gone into an event knowing I'm interested in one specific item - so if it's possible for a lackadasical shopper like me to pre-shop an event, it's certainly possible for someone who is dedicated to the pursuit. It is a different experience doing it that way, so if Chin is right it might not be the right sort of dopamine high for some.
  7. Given how close the existing buildings are to the area, it reminds me more of a back alley. Perhaps it could be smooth like a paved road so the vehicles aren't hampered but textured as gravel or packed dirt so it looks like a path, at least in the part where residents have built close to the road.
  8. (in best RP voice) The battle may not yet be over, but rest assured this day has been won.
  9. 1) Open the edit window for the object and look at the textures thumbnail in it. Does it show one texture or does it say something like "Multiple Textures"? If it shows only one texture (probably with different areas visible), then the object was made as a single face and you can't retexture part of it. If it says "Multiples" then you might be able to texture the part you want. 2) Tick the box next to Select Face in the edit window. Now try to select the nose. Hopefully there are yellow and blue lines which show you the different parts. Is the part you want to retexture outlined as a separate part? Click on the nose to select it as the active face and add your texture. It might help to practice with a simple rezzed prim. Each side will be a separate face and can be textured individually. Mesh objects are more complicated and how it retextures depends on choices the creator made before uploading it into SL.
  10. The derails were a way of successfully shutting down an attack on the OP and have taken on a life of their own. It was a very indirect route from page 1 to now.
  11. I think part of it is simply that people have different definitions of "game". Some seem to go by a variation of "It looks like video games and I use it for entertainment" so it fits their criteria for "game". IMO it would be grand if they took a bit more ownership of their position (along the lines of "I use SL as a game") rather than projecting their choice as if it were universal, but hey ho. Perhaps a better tactic in these debates would be for more of us who don't use SL as a game recognise that some do and spoke to different attitudes towards SL rather than projecting our own choices as universal as well. It's a platform which some people use as a game and some people use for a wide variety of other things, like earning or supplementing a RL income, a chat platform with visuals, and a place to share and explore interests and creative pursuits. Sorry if that's too much like a derail of the derail. Maybe because it's a quieter thread I was able to clarify my own thoughts. Anyway, here's something purple from the depths of the Pacific.
  12. If you're who I think you are, I do remember you from forums a long time ago. No reason why you should remember me though. Part of what I remember (if I'm remembering right) was someone who was trying to make sense of things, so I'm happy to see you're feeling more comfortable in your own skin. We all deserve that. Wishing you all the best Alistair.
  13. Does this mean it will still be a game when RL online shopping happens in 3D? Will I be able to buy a RL house for game money?
  14. It seems like a lot of the people looking for friends in the Make Friends section specify that they're under 30 and looking for friends their own age. So it seems there are at least a few of you out there.
  15. My inworld store does well in search for "Roman art". I have inexpensive items for peeps looking to furnish a RP dwelling and pricier things for art collectors and stuff in between that mostly gets ignored these days. People who spend more time shopping tell me that my work is amongst the very best in the niche. I am utterly OCD about authenticity and quality for my main store. That is the entirety of my marketing strategy.
  16. Might be worth noting that neither a mesh body or head are required. Many of us are still going strong with our system avs.
  17. What odds will someone give me that the new poster is trolling? How about that the new poster is trolling AND thinks he's being clever when all he's really done is provide a moment's entertainment.
  18. Would it make sense to turn some of the abandoned mainland sims into lakes, seeing as how waterfront property is still valued? It wouldn't necessarily help with server concerns but it would make mainland feel less barren.
  19. I was thinking more along the lines of self-control but perhaps a few really do require a technical approach.
  20. This one is really nice on my av. It's probably the best I have, or close to it, for complexity too. The shine in the picture seems a bit much, not sure if it's a materials-thing or just that mine tends to wear darker shades. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/EMO-tions-AVERY-DEMO/9780570 I checked complexity for +elua+, a couple were comparable to the Dura I have and a couple were a good bit lower. None were as ARC expensive as yours though, the highest was on the order of 20k. +elua+ was my favourite until I found the Avery, now it depends on my mood. Her MP store is empty so check inworld. Drop me a note if you need an LM or want to meet up to see mine without the demo sign I heard that Wasabi Pills was good for complexity, so I check them out occasionally. Haven't found a style I love yet, but it might be worth a look in case you do.
  21. Woah there. Speak for yourself all you want but not for the rest of us. I care - as a creator and as a customer - and it's not like I'm alone in this.
  22. To whatever extent that's true, perhaps it can be used to help understand some of the reasons why some people sometimes buy no-mod items, or something that's not entirely suitable in another way.
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