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  1. Both Builders Brewery and Helping Haven have boards with their upcoming class schedules near their landing points. Definitely worth checking out if you're into modding; they're good communities and very helpful. The DIY AO class I took was last spring or summer I think. I know I've seen it being offered since, but it's been a few months since I was at either place. Besides help and explanations, we also got a basic AO hud, scripts to run it and a collection of old freebie animations. The animations can easily be swapped out for other ones. It should be possible to repurpose a category of animation you don't use into a dance section on the basic AO hud. The graphic on the hud would say the wrong thing, but you could change that with a new texture or leave it be. Learning basic building skills opens up so much of SL's potential. It can be maddening, but it's also lots of fun.
  2. I took a short 'build your own" type class at either Helping Haven or Builders Brewery and put together one for my building alt. It was really helpful for understanding how an AO hud works in the first place, which then made customising easier. Sometimes I think gadget makers intentionally try to confuse us so we're more likely to think their expertise is the only solution. But they wouldn't do that, would they?
  3. What if this universal avatar was developed as an extension of the shared protocols necessary for the internet to work at all rather than as a visual web tracker from a corporate overlord?
  4. Here you go (from the Merriam-Webster dictionary website) It really does mean an avatar which can be used across multiple sites, not that everyone's avatar looks like everyone else's.
  5. Quoted for the first bit in bold because I think it's very apt and important. I would love love love some improvement in that to help balance all the shifts away from personally created content. The second bolded bit touches on a point which keeps coming up. Yes, the ideal time was years ago. That LL can't go back and change it doesn't mean they have to stay stuck forever.
  6. If you're going to be working with one person, then by all means take that person's preferences and workflow into account. You'll likely have a better working relationship, get better results and pick up some things which will help you in your own texture work too. Creating mesh for SL is all about balancing multiple compromises and reasonable solutions/balances for certain approaches may prove problematic for other ways of doing things. I see that often in trying to use patterned fabrics/textiles on FP mesh. So I could tell you what I'd like from mesh creators but that might not be what your texturers want themselves. Listen to them.
  7. In Object Mode, you can toggle between Flat and Smooth for the entire object. But in Edit Mode, you can select the faces you want flat (or smooth) and make them so. For an item with a lot of small curves and large flat areas, it might be easiest to make it all Smooth in Object Mode and then switch to Edit Mode to change the ones you want Flat. I'm not sure I've followed your description, but it might be a case where you need to add new faces - select the edges for each new face and hit F. (I think it's F, my fingers are smarter than my memory with this sort of thing )
  8. Perhaps a way to increase mainland usage would be to re-landscape some of the large swathes of abandoned land so it's more in keeping with what's popular. It wouldn't have to be another Blake Sea, but how about some pretty lakes and rivers?
  9. No one who's likely to read this can delete your post. You can use the "Report post" function in the upper right corner of the post, explain that it's in the wrong section and ask the mods to move or delete it.
  10. To the discussion of normalisation of things previously not tolerated we might want to add the new "normal" of raging at strangers on the internet.
  11. There's so much in this world which needs our anger and frustration directed at it in constructive ways, it seems to me to be a bit pointless to get upset by small things like how a forum post is formatted. Can't we be kinder to each other here at least?
  12. In the upper right hand corner of the post, there's a very faint greyed-out bit that says Report Post (it shows up when you mouse over it). You can use it to report your own post, explain that you put it in the wrong section and ask for it to be removed. You could also ask for it to be moved, though that would keep the intervening 'discussion' as well. Good luck with your endeavour.
  13. Some of the free ones are permanent and don't need to eat. They also don't breed. But other free ones do need to eat and if you don't feed them are scripted to become 'ill' and die. The tucked under a blanket thing sounds like it might be the latter.
  14. Doesn't it fall under child pornography legislation? This whole "because of what SL is/isn't" thing isn't always the escape clause people want it to be.
  15. I don't read it that way, Phil. Anna said "So don't go there. Better still, go away." "Better still, go away" seems a very strange way to say "If you're on the sim, leave." But probably best not to get caught up in that. Masturbating pairs the very powerful reward of orgasm with the associated stimulus and that can become part of a person's psyche. I'm not comfortable with the idea that everything under the sun has to be accepted with the attitude of "it doesn't matter, it's just kink". Maybe things are too polarised (especially in the U.S.) for further discussion to happen in a mainstream context at this time. But then the SL forums aren't exactly mainstream in all things, are they?
  16. Solar on a second pot of coffee when he/she is taking issue with as much as possible? Such fun!
  17. It mattered to the OP. That's enough for it to be a valid point to raise in her thread.
  18. Well, one thing that came to mind was how the 500 members probably don't represent 500 individuals. I wouldn't want to guess how many different people are involved, but I would be surprised if there weren't a few who had multiple accounts. Do you think that's not worth mentioning?
  19. Guys, this really can be a rough place for those who have a different opinion on something. Couldn't this have been discussed instead of being smashed down so completely?
  20. A wee store called Seldom Blue has system lingerie out as a free gift, including a pink strapless bra and panties. Depending on the cut of the mesh clothing and avatar's skin tone, they can work well enough for a quick modesty layer. Nudity is grand, but there is something rather disconcerting about showing up half naked whilst doing errands for my shops.
  21. I know I've come across discussion of it in the forums a few times. Maybe I misunderstood but I'm pretty sure the geometry data does have to be downloaded and rendered, along with any textures. Think of the times (like Morgan referenced above) when the body shows up before the clothing. That's only possible because the 'underneath' data is being transmitted and rendered. I wasn't being judgmental, so please don't impose your sense of 'bad' into my words. I asked a question because I thought there must be something I didn't understand. It seems that the answer to my initial question is No, a mesh body completely covered by mesh clothing does not make much of a difference to the outward appearance. If the hands can be worn separately (and the feet too, assuming the boots you want to wear require mesh feet you can't see underneath for rigging reasons), then it's more efficient datawise to just wear the hands and feet. Since it won't change the outward appearance, and knowing my avatar is wearing a mesh body underneath won't bring me any personal satisfaction, I don't have much of a reason to experiment with this one. I asked the question because I thought perhaps I was missing something and just wanted to increase my knowledge on the subject so I can make informed decisions. As far as I can tell, the main reason to wear a mesh body under full coverage clothing seems to be that just the fact of wearing the mesh body makes the person behind the avatar happy in some way. That I don't really 'get' this doesn't mean I think it's 'bad', but I do like understanding where people are coming from when they make their recommendations and give their advice.
  22. This is what confused me and what my question was about. I still don't understand why one would intentionally bring in all of the extra render data just to cover it up.
  23. Does having a mesh body under mesh clothing make much of a difference to the outward appearance when the body is completely covered? (Completely covered by clothing)
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