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  1. So a single line is your entire evidence for your assertions. Interesting. (This was a reply to Klytyna, which it followed immediately after before the threads were merged.)
  2. What's your evidence for this Klytyna? Please base it in the OPs words rather than generalisations or your interpretations. Thank you.
  3. To the OP, if you're an atheist trolling other atheists, that's got to be at least as easy as trolling fundamentalists these days. It's misplaced to take much pride in doing so. If you're not an atheist and you really are sincere, starting out these sorts of discussions with words like "God" is, as you acknowledged before, combining hot oil with cold water. I tried twice in the other thread to bring it back to the values you were talking about but it was too late. The majority seemed to just want to carry on with laying out their own theological positions and using others' opinions as a jumping off point. I don't know how they'd react to a theologically-neutral thread on living ethically and with regards to others. Might it stand a chance?
  4. This is what I see as the heart of the topic. Can we get a discussion going on this? Here is what I posted earlier: I really like the idea of living in a world where everyone understands that they matter and where the guiding principle is too help each other. I really like the recognition that there are many ways to do this. Can we talk about this too? How do you add value to the lives of others? Do you truly value yourself?
  5. I read it as humorous in tone, Rhonda. It does bring up a good point though - some avs will abuse an increase in attachment points and that needs to be taken into account if LL changes things.
  6. I really like the idea of living in a world where everyone understands that they matter and where the guiding principle is too help each other. I really like the recognition that there are many ways to do this. Can we talk about this too? How do you add value to the lives of others? Do you truly value yourself?
  7. /me grins. glad to help. for a while sync happened when you changed your password. that was good cause it was under individual control. then for a while we had to open a ticket and ask for it to be synced. now it's the double log in + time routine. since it's SL, it will probably change again.
  8. What kind of complexity numbers are you guys getting when you hit your attachment limit?
  9. That gives me a better idea. Aditi is great for trying things out. You have to log in there once to tell it to sync your beta inventory with your main grid, and then wait for it to happen to get any new main grid stuff to show up. I think it's a set time each day. That's probably confusing, so just think in terms of two log-ins, some time apart. If you want to get textures over there more quickly, you can save them to your computer from Agni and then upload from your computer to beta grid. If you want something on main grid to play with texture scale/repeats, try this: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Kcreations-V-neck-T-shirt-Developers-Kit/4906857 Have you learned about local textures yet? It's a way to try out textures in the main grid for free, but it's temporary and no one else can see them.
  10. Don't mind Alwin. He can be a dear. Or a grump. Usually a grump. Probably didn't notice that it was the same person posting both. The laptop you posted should be fine but see if you can't find one with similar specs for less money. As for draw distance - I change mine frequently, starting low and then moving up until I can see however much is needed for the environment. Indoors that's usually very low, will go up outdoors. A better computer and a better internet connection will help greatly, but IMO it's still worth paying some attention to what you're asking it to do.
  11. I think Amacci has some like that. No idea on quality for those, the ones I remember were early mesh.
  12. What hours are you usually inworld? Send me a friend request if you want and I can try to help you get to grips with texture scale. There are some things I can suggest here too, but it would help to know what level you're at with it. But whatever you're doing, try it again with the knit at about 1/2 to 1/3rd what it is now (so scale 2 to 3 repeats). My best advice is to experiment inworld. A lot. Not just with it rezzed on the ground, wear it while you're doing chores or whatever and compare it to things others have done. It's like teaching your eyes a new language. If you need inworld fabric textures to play with, try Timeless Textures and Texture Me True. Quality work, group gifts and really nice creators. Timeless has a set of knits out in the group gifts right now.
  13. P.S. For tips and must-knows, read the Mesh section of the Creation forums. IMO making simple things is invaluable in the process, even if what you really want to do is more complicated, cause it lets you live with the results inworld and learn which compromises yield the better outcomes overall.
  14. This isn't something I have much hands on experience with, but since no one else has answered I'll do my best. Appliers are the functional equivalent of system clothing (the 'painted on' clothing textures) and system skins for mesh bodies. They are textures which go on ('applied' via a scripted device) the mesh body. There are some very helpful people in the creation forums, but not so much for clothing. Medhue Simoni has rigging tutorials posted on youtube and also answers a lot of questions in the Animation forum here. He might be able to help with specific problems. As far as I know, the real test for rigging is how it moves inworld. Have you tried it out there? Though sometimes it can be a matter of the AO or animation just doing weird things with the shoulders no matter what. I understand texturing better than rigging, so I'm also wondering if you can scale the knit down. That might be a quick way to make it look more polished. Good luck.
  15. We have enough rules and normal and grown-upness in RL. Wear whatever makes you happy.
  16. Was Claireschen offering you advice or supplementing the information you provided? I thought it was the latter, but then I do use low draw distances regularly (cause IMO why make it work harder than it needs to) so I appreciated learning about that trick. I don't use FS much but will for close-up local texture work. Anyway, thanks Claireschen.
  17. /me quietly notes the similarities between what Klytyna doesn't like in RP and how she treats people in the Forums.
  18. Subscriber with a small gift for subscribing maybe? Generally fewer expectations for those because they don't take a precious group slot, so you can change it for a new one as and when you want. A hunt maybe? There are a couple of blogs with listings of upcoming hunts which are accepting applications. If you have a way to communicate with your customers (like a subscriber), you can invite them in to find the gift. I like participating in hunts because the themes often suggest new ideas and directions. Just pointed out my hunt gift to a new customer last month and he was confused about what a hunt was but delighted with the prize. I've seen shopping group signs in home decor stores so there must be some that are open to more than clothing and appearance. The easiest way to figure out which those are might be to take a peek at similar stores. Doesn't hurt to ask group organisers too, the worst they can do is say no. Good luck.
  19. I really like Inkheart. Haven't been there in a while, but they always used to have a half dozen different ways to get a pair for free so it's easy to try some out. They have different sizes of system eyes plus mesh in each package. Had to leave their group because I needed the group slot for something else; really should get back there soon. Thanks for reminding me.
  20. That's not a safety precaution. It's just an after the fact record of what happened. Safety precaution would be more like requiring the account it was coming from to approve the transaction before payment was made. (edit: mistyping)
  21. Would you be happy to use an alt account that was just for the beta grid? That's the only way to keep a beta inventory from re-filling with main grid stuff.
  22. Does it count as being naked if your dress is horizontal and two feet to the left?
  23. Whatever you do, make sure it's set to No Mod so people can't change it. If you're texturing full perm mesh, make sure you're following the creator's ToS. You can still offer a demo for free, but it needs to be 'broken' in some way (and more than permissions). A few strategically placed DEMOs written across the texture on a no mod copy will work. If you don't want to have to do two uploads, find another method like attaching a large overhead sign. Whatever fits with your way of doing things and makes it obvious that the person is wearing a demo but still lets them see the important details like fit, colour and quality of your texture work. If you haven't, grab some demos from other stores to see how they do theirs. And don't forget to set it all to No Mod. Cannot repeat that enough.
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