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  1. I can think of two possibilities which wouldn't require up-skirting. One is that your dress was slow to render and your body showed up before the dress. The other is that an animation rearranged things temporarily. I guess your next paragraph accepts the first possibility as likely and wants to dodge it by blaming the manager's computer. But really, shouldn't they be seeing something close to what their customers/clientele are likely to see? Altogether this sounds a bit like a demand that everyone has a fast computer and keeps its cache clear to accept your texture/mesh data so you c
  2. Have you thought to look for him in the forums, Love? Rumour is he's pretty busy here.
  3. I thought at least a couple people in the thread had and I had hoped that I might be able to bridge the gap in definitions, or at least make the different use understandable. Perhaps I'm the one to have misunderstood what they were saying. It certainly seems that I've failed in bridging in gaps. My apologies for trying.
  4. I had hoped my post might help move things on by bridging the gap between two positions, or at least providing some basis for understand the more open definition. I'm sorry if you don't see value in it but I do.
  5. Question for everyone who thinks of "racism" as only pertaining to race: Does this mean that bigotry towards Hispanic people isn't racism? "Hispanic" is technically an ethnic designation and Spanish ethnicity is a classed as "Caucasian". Berbers, Moors, Somalis, Asian Indians, and parts of central Asia were also classed as "Caucasian", just to give an idea of how messy it is to try to make such a distinction based on the colour of someone's skin. Maybe it's not this way in the U.S., but in some parts of the world the word "racism" is used colloquially to include bigotry based on ethnicity
  6. I was counting on her setting the luge run on fire in my RPlympics thread
  7. I'd really like a way to quickly chuck all my inventory somewhere else so I can start over with a fresh folder structure and pull things over to integrate them in a bit at a time. Things got well out of hand before my surgery and I don't have anything remotely like the stamina or concentration needed to get it back in order.
  8. Well done. I've been a disappointment to every TG or CD I've tried to help. I'm a real failure at most girl stuff. Good thing there are others around.
  9. If I get a mesh body, it will be because I've succumbed to the peer pressure of every disdainful post about system avs in the forums and group chats - in other words, the opposite of your original thead title.
  10. All of the above is possible. Back when I used to shop for clothes, sometimes I'd get hit on by guys who were there with primary or other girlfriends. One particularly memorable one had apparently decided I'd agreed to his lifestyle (or maybe just got windows confused ) and said "Now it's time to talk about who else I see and schedules". Be still my heart, just what I want in a romance, a queue number and time slot
  11. Long ago I found a short, naked, pudgy woman in a witch hat in my room who was talking about her partner trying to find somewhere safe for them to go without clothes and saying things like "sorry, I didn't know this was for men only". It was sort of like a dream sequence where things sort of fit together, but not really. I was wearing a dress and my bedroom was a flower garden.
  12. The one who dies with the most inventory wins SL. The peeps who post about this or that killing SL are just trying to scare the rest of us off so they can win. (/me pats my rampageous inventory) It won't work.
  13. A long time ago, some people use to put out 'dollarbies' in their stores. Just like a freebie, except it cost one linden. I haven't seen that in a while. I liked that it was honest.
  14. I -think- I understand what pipelining is, more or less. But would someone explain it just so I'm sure? This is about understanding things properly so I can better trouble shoot for myself and maybe help others too. Thanks.
  15. I pretty much always run with minimum draw distance and just increase it when necessary. It's sorted itself out now, but if it happens again, I'll see about graphics memory. The two stores where it happened are always slow to rez, so presumably mesh- and texture-heavy. I was in one when SL had a big crash - definitely remember that cause a friend said "It got me" as he went lagging off through a plate glass window. Could the DDOS problems have corrupted textures?
  16. I switched viewers during the borkage to see if it was something on my end. Maybe that contributed. It's fine now, just curious because I hadn't seen the problem in such a long time. Thanks Whirly, you're a star x
  17. This seems like a reasonable place to bring this up - what causes the multi-coloured white-pink-blue speckled textures? I had problems with them forever ago, then it disappeared until SL got borky recently. I think it's ok again. It was just a couple of textures (in stores which tend to be slow to rez anyway) and not enough of a problem to bother looking into a solution. Graphics card is a GTX 950 M.
  18. I'm working on two animations which are smooth transitions from one pose to another. (Ski jumper going from a crouch to the flying pose, then from the flying pose to the classic landing position.) Is there any free or inexpensive software which can animate smoothly from one pose to another?
  19. Yes, that's what I meant. Sorry for the confusion. I'm not sure where I picked it up from or what it's supposed to be. Apologies. Still, other than that the post did give an example where adding a script changed the accounting so it was heavier than it would have been otherwise. The more < 1 LI bits joined together, the worse a problem it was. 2 LI to 3 LI is annoying, but say 4 LI to 8 would make something unsellable, at least at that time (before the prim allowance was increased for land).
  20. IRCC, adding a script changed the maths of linked mesh. Say you had a 1 LI chair and added say two .5 pillows. Should be a total of 2 LI, except with scripts it was 3 LI with each piece counted separately. I ran into frustrations with that a while back. I don't know if it's changed since then.
  21. Just had a thought - the long thin ones in the middle that I gave a green arrow to as candidates for repositioning on their own - I think they might be a constraint on the scale. Try moving and pinning them elsewhere (top left corner maybe) and then unwrapping that 2nd map again.
  22. You're very welcome I suspect that the pre-made pretty things to hang on the wall market might be one of the hardest to crack, what with it needing to fit in with things the customers already have and all that. As full perm though, you can sell to furniture makers who are looking for something to complete a room they've put together; DIY home-crafter types; and people wanting to make pre-made pretty things to hang on the wall to sell to others.
  23. I think that's normal behaviour. The pinned islands stay where you pinned them and then everything else does it's own thing, which results in overlap. Looking at the 2nd map (where they're first overlaid), I can see two approaches to try. Both involve looking at it in terms of groups rather than dozens of individual pieces - which might just help with the life's too short aspect. The 2nd map (where they're first overlaid) has a good bit of space around the edges where you can bulk move things to. There are two groups which could easily be selected and moved, one up (red) and one
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