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  1. Is there a reason why alpha-ing the butt won't work with your choice of clothing? If it's because you're wanting to wear something very revealing in that area, are you wearing clothing designed for your particular body or for another one? And if all of that, have you tried other clothing brands? Not every mesh creator is equally skilled at rigging and weighting. I can't think of any other reason why alpha-ing out the butt wouldn't work, but perhaps there is one.
  2. Very little has changed in the inventory section. The same root folders, plus whatever a resident adds. There's a new-ish Received Items folder which things from Marketplace go into so they're easy to find. The Catznip viewer will show the photo/texture in any folder when you hover over it. I find it a it a big help. If other viewers aren't doing this, perhaps switching to Catznip will help you too. If you've purchased some sort of inventory organiser/"closet" system, it will be from a third party (not LL). Some of those are dependent on external servers run by the creator to work. I
  3. Ayashi for the hair and Neve for the clothes maybe?
  4. Unless you're going to be stripping, you don't need a mesh body underneath full coverage clothes. It won't be seen and just adds extra data to be downloaded. So if a mesh body is getting in the way of the style you want, why bother with it? Separate hands and feet from Slink will do the trick just fine.
  5. Probably even more dead groups than there are empty regions, since land has to be paid for but groups can just stay dormant forever.
  6. Are you after the silhouette or the clothes? Current trends are the opposite of that silhouette, so if you want it you'll have to concentrate on the shape sliders as much as clothing. Are you new and in need of help with understanding shape and sliders? The more of a body that's covered, the less a mesh body matters to the appearance. It will either be made transparent ("alpha-ed out") or hidden by the clothes. If the clothes are mesh, then they'll give the silhouette. If the clothes are "rigged", they'll respond to the sliders. It's confusing at first but gets easier with practice.
  7. (Prims would be a quick and easy way to test inworld how the camera works with opaque walls. Also, do you know about the beta grid so you don't have to pay for test uploads?)
  8. Not an RPer myself but somewhere along the way I've picked up the idea that parents buy this sort of thing for their RP kids. Even if that's not the common practice or the way it's done in the family you eventually choose, you'll want to be using whatever system they are. Also, these sorts of systems can disappear or not be updated if the creator can't maintain it. Just some things to consider since it's all in the future and hypothetical.
  9. Knowing ahead of time would put her in a difficult position and divide her loyalties. In my opinion it would be better for the highest ranking person involved to ban him and then send her a kindly worded note along the lines of "We're sorry we had to ban X because of his behaviours. Please know you are valued here and are welcome." Let someone else do the banning to keep it simple for you, then be a friend to her. Good luck to all of you.
  10. Any differences between my avs are largely superficial; Bitsy's the steam punk, flapper, banana, time traveler, lady dilettante pirate and purchaser of full perm things, Paisley's a hippy and bohemian, and lately a puppy. But that's just to make clothing acquisition easier. If they could share wardrobes, then who got to wear what would largely be based on which one was logged in or whose current outfit interested me the least on the day. Officially Paisley is the building alt, but the lack of clear boundaries there says everything There is an old, under-used av too. Over the years, she'
  11. It's not exceptional though. It's just from the era when texture work was of a higher quality in general. And the short flexi panels give it a petal-like delicacy that's not possible with the stiffness of mesh. Its design is such that the shortcomings of the system body aren't exaggerated as they are with some styles, like that weird chest cave thing. Every option has its shortcomings. Mesh is a lot of work to make, especially rigged and weighted mesh for clothing, and that takes time away from texturing. Its movement is limited to its rigging. And so on. With the mesh bodies, we're limit
  12. SL is where my friends slive ❤️ it's also a place where the regular rules don't apply and the fantastical can be real. it's a place where the only limit to my creativity is energy levels, where i can riff off of things other people have made or make my own. it's a place where i can make a shop around a peculiar interest and find people who are also interested in it, or curious enough to be interested in lots of things. it's a place where i can meet and become friends with lots of different people from lots of different places with lots of different ideas and ways of doing t
  13. You can also get to the About Land menu Molly mentions by clicking on the ground around the house.
  14. You've really missed the point Luna. It wasn't that I liked it. It was how many others, including complete strangers otherwise going about their business in shops, went out of their way to compliment it. "As for not throwing money at," where did that come from? I spend money in SL. I mostly wear mesh clothes. I have a shop and, aside from the premiums for tier, have been self-funding in SL for close to a decade now. Why are you making these presumptions and what seem to be accompanying judgements? They've gotten in the way of understanding the very simple point I had hoped to make, that a
  15. Recently spent a couple of days in an old system dress with flexi skirt and sculpts. Put it on when I quickly needed something themed, then didn't get around to changing it because I was busy with other things. The compliment ratio was rather high for it, basically everyone I already knew who saw it and a couple of strangers in shops. Just a data point.
  16. Below is the leap you made, Ivy. Rangi corrected your assumption and said that they would. It's implied but very strongly so that they don't see a difference. You're free to have a different opinion of course and see a difference between the two, but Rangi did answer your question. The only "leap" is in recognising what's clearly implied by the "Yes I would". That is significantly smaller than the leap you made in assuming Rangi shares your view on there being a difference.
  17. /me hopes you have a banana in your inventory for the Bitsy to borrow
  18. Last names root an account in SL's history by indicating when the account was hatched. "Resident" is a very substantial period of that history, so it's right that there are accompanying senses of identity and meaning. Plural because there's never just one for this sort of thing. I hope "Resident" comes to feel less generic than it has.
  19. /me thinks, I should have a proper grown up name. what should it be? oooo Banana is a last name. Bitsy Banana. oh yes.
  20. Please, step back a moment and reread this bit again. It's an enormous assumption and demeaning jibe about other people's motivations. I hardly ever AFK myself and have some criticisms of the habit but what you wrote here is uncalled for and mean-spirited.
  21. What's this "temporary" aspect of it supposed to be? If the region is full they won't be able to get back in straight away. Ejection is ejection. Are you trying to make your idea sound friendlier and more palatable? Hurrah, it's not a permanent ban.
  22. It's not insane if you enjoy the process and the outcome. Speaking from experience here
  23. Small moment just for you, love and hugs for your birthday Belinda x
  24. enormous hugs as big as your heart is maddy x x
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