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  1. Remembering to turn particles on is the very important key. Then it works fine and dandy and helps dry out the Byzantine camel after he's had his lunch.
  2. Thank you so much Rolig. It's made my morning that you liked it. Time zones and such, even staying up late means I miss most who come by. You're welcome whenever you wish x Thanks especially for the pictures I love that you made friends with Venus and the sea horses.
  3. Wee dance party with the sea horses and the Etruscans. The one in red is my brother Augie in a previous incarnation. The man dancing with him is our friend, Morgan. Disco Bacchus of the Magic Ball exchanged his glittery high heels for swim fins and is somewhat cross because the sequins didn't stick to them. Except then he forgets so do come along to entertain him please
  4. I think at this point my emotions have moved into a sort of "hope they never arrive" because as long as the big release hasn't happened, there's still hope I might get one of my own. Odd state of mind, but that's where I'm at.
  5. The clothes hook bench has 7 objects (5 lamps plus camera so 1 object to import I think) and the picture frame shows 12. Even discounting the lamps and camera, it looks like the picture frame will import a link set of 7 objects. Is this true?
  6. Sorry I missed you Racy. Your evening would be my middle of the night unfortunately. Hope to see you soon though.
  7. Thanks Nika. Just replying here to get the slurl on the page, see the sig below. Hardly anyone's stopped by though, so if you (OP or anyone else) want to chat with a friend or lark around on the toys you'll likely have the place to yourself. The region is dead quiet too.
  8. making the most out of my month in a Belli houseboat everyone's welcome, by the way. slurl is in my sig and first pick in my inworld profile.
  9. Apologies. I've been put in my place yet again. Sorry for being so stupid.
  10. You're welcome to see what I've done. I only have the houseboat for a month, so it had to be put together quickly (and all of my ideas were for a trailer, a traditional house or adapting it into an art installation in one of the old Meadowbrook houses) and the underwater part was trickiest. I did want to make the most of it while I have it and probably went a bit, erm, overboard It's a giant open plan space, and I do mean giant. Because it's so temporary, I went with what I had or could get quickly and for free (AleyMart on the MP). None of the neighbours have done much with their underwater areas, so it's just endless posts stretching on forever. Screening those out made my space feel less daunting, but someone clever could figure out how to incorporate it. Neighbours working together could create something really special. Even a few plants down there would help. As none of the neighbours were using theirs though, I figured they wouldn't exactly be bothered by some exuberance in mine so I set it out to please myself, the Octopus, and hopefully intrigue those who stop by and tempt them to stay awhile. Under the houseboat itself, the sand slopes upwards. I haven't really figured out how to use that space yet. It's rather pleasant though, like a secret room. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dockside/73/36/16 Have others done much with their underwater areas? I've only seen a few pictures.
  11. Low-prim gardening in an endless sea of pilings
  12. MUST HAVE TREE FOR BETA GRID!!!! will be much fun to be a tree on beta grid. that wide open rolling plain needs trees. oh noes you will be most peeved and distracted when building alt has to waste time messing about with the mesh body again instead of just getting on with uploading. you know what will happen, you'll procrastinate on doing things which involve her having a human body on beta grid and fart around being a tree. YES TREE!!!!! edit: She has the tree. Sync beta grid sync.
  13. This whole "wear mesh to prove your investment" thing really doesn't sit well with me. That I got distracted from finding suitable shoes again or got fed up with trying to make alpha cuts work and just went system actually means I prioritise my friends over fiddling with my avatar's appearance. My stamina and time inworld tends to be limited because of health problems - why waste any of it on superficial things? It's rather the opposite than the assumptions above. Other people's time will be limited in other ways too, if they choose to spend it on people rather than faffing around with mesh, so what? It just means they enjoy the interactions and not the clothing an av bit. The same would go for a romantic partner. But if he or she makes up weird interpretations of my actions and is that heavily invested in appearance, are they really paying any attention to the person behind the system body? To be honest, that feels like more of a lack of "investment" to me. As for longevity, it's 10 years here and I fully expect to be showing the nice young nurse in the care home around my shop some day. Goodness knows how complicated it will be to dress an avatar by then though. I still won't be fussed about shoes. Hopefully there will still be plenty of others following their own paths too. So basically, if you want to prioritise appearances or be prejudiced against system bodies or people who do things differently, just own it.
  14. I did this a year ago through a group a friend and I set up. It was the first time either of us had bought or owned land and it was a bit intimidating, but in the end it wasn't difficult. I just did it methodically and re-read forum threads before moving on to the next step of the process. Depending on what you want, buying abandoned land directly from the Lindens can be an easier way to find a suitable combination of size (including the group bonus) and location as they'll cut the parcel to your specifications.
  15. Please do. Bring friends. I made this to share
  16. On behalf of Lady Hepta, the six-armed Octopus, her squid court and assorted and sundry minions, you are all most cordially and enthusiastically invited to join us in the Octopus' Garden, resident for the month of August at the Bell Dwell Guest House in the Dockside region of Bellisseria. It happened on very short notice, so it's still a bit of a work in progress but there are two dance floors courtesy of Disco Bacchus and his magic balls, places to hang out and chill, birthday cake, things to explore and sights to behold. Enormous thanks to Bryce and everyone at the The Bellisserian newspaper for giving us this wonderful opportunity through their raffle. It is very much appreciated. Please come and help us make the most of it http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dockside/81/5/22
  17. I have a home again, of sorts, for a month, that's open to everyone to come visit. It's in Bellisseria. I won a month on a houseboat in a raffle and I am making the most out of it http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dockside/81/5/22 Bring friends, hang out, enjoy
  18. I like the way Carmsie Melodie phrased it (or whoever she got it from for the sign): "The only real things in Second Life are our feelings, so please take care of each other." There is just so much truth in it. The pixels are just pixels, but the rest - the care and effort and emotion, that's what's real and what makes this mad place so very special.
  19. OK, I misunderstood your 2) above then.
  20. Has the Omega system been set up for Ruth 2? I think Ruth 2 uses the standard system UVs so it should be possible. That would be the way to get a purchased skin onto Ruth 2, but only for Omega-compatible skins and only if the Omega system creator has set one up for Ruth 2.
  21. I don't know about that. I think it's more that the complainers are the vocal ones and the rest of us get on with it more quietly or just ask questions. As for your examples, those of us with a strong kinesthetic approach to learning would surprise you with what we can do and how we go about it. There's always a subtle tactile element to my public speaking and overt ones in my preparation and most definitely in my learning how to do it. Audio learning as the sole way of acquiring manual skills is a red herring. But some will learn better with a verbal description to accompany their physical efforts and some will learn better from reading first or seeing it done. You always have to do it yourself in the end though. But all I'm really asking is to just be a bit more careful with how you word things. Given how difficult many people are inclined to make things for themselves, why throw even more obstacles in their way like demeaning a format you find problematic? It might be part of the solution for someone else.
  22. Some people do alright with reselling gachas. It's a risk though and probably takes a good understanding of the gacha resale market to succeed in. But yes, sales here are primarily by creators rather than retailers. Most of us get into it because we just like making things or we can't find what we want, so we learn to do it ourselves. Collaborative building used to be the mainstay of SL, people contributing their different skills and ideas to bring a project together. Nowadays, more of the work is done in external programs like Blender or GIMP but there's still an ecosystem of full perm components you can draw on to help. That can be very satisfying, a lot of fun to play with and much more manageable to learn. Since you want to promote others and be part of a team, have you thought about becoming a customer service representative or other type of assistant with a brand you love? It might be a better fit with your current skill set and you'd probably learn a lot about running a shop in SL.
  23. Part of the trick of working with LODs is figuring out what you can get rid of without having a significant visual impact. Your basic structure (8 rectangles + 8 rectangles = 16 rectangles = 32 tris/triangles) is friendly to holding itself from a distance. That's an excellent starting point. Are you interested in expanding your Blender skills to learn how to remove bits? Ditching the rounded trim pieces will save lots of tris, so that would be a good place to start on making your own custom LODS. The vertical and much of the horizontal trim could be simulated through an additional texture which has both trim and siding. From the pictures, I don't see why you couldn't learn how to make the octagon roof in Blender (though not the weather vane). It would be tricky to make the shape in prims but you could do it in about five steps in Blender, from the top of your tower. Also, crumple to nothing is a cheat but sometimes it's a useful cheat if the object doesn't need to be in a long range view (i.e. from a distance, it would just look like a normal Continental roof line). Just some thoughts. It might seem daunting, but I think you're probably closer to being able to do this than you realise. You understand spatial relations very well and that will give you a big advantage.
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