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  1. I'd like to know more about the problems in groups. From what I understand, the large groups are most affected so removing accounts from some of those should have the most impact. I can take mine out of a couple of big ones I don't really interact with any more. How about smaller groups? When do the problems occur? All the time or just when chat opens up? Would turning off group notices help? Just wondering if there's more information available. I want to do what I can to help reduce the problems, even if it's small.
  2. The inactive accounts won't lose groups, they'll stay at 42. They'll only go down to 35 if the owner logs back in and wants to join a new group badly enough to ditch 7 + 1 groups. Unless I'm missing something here, this will penalise active basics without doing anything about the bigger problem of those already inactive. Would an awareness campaign asking group owners to prune their groups help? There's a way to turn off the thumbnail pics in group chat, a friend helped me with that and it did improve things. Would LL consider dropping them altogether?
  3. Hopefully they'll have sorted that all out in the accounts software, otherwise everyone who pays ahead will get zinged and they'll have to refund it to all of us and that will be a right pain. This is LL though, so I suppose we can't count on it
  4. I think it means if you can pay now, you'll essentially get an extra year and a half (remainder of your current sub plus a year) at the lower price. Very good for those who are near the beginning of their current sub, a bit frustrating for those like me who are due for renewal anyway. At least it's another year for me to figure out if the increased fee is financially viable. I'm very grateful annual doesn't bring on VAT. VAT + the increase would be more than I can justify.
  5. I very much agree with this. The adverse affects on basics for the reduced group slots and IM capping will be much greater than the benefits for premium accounts. In some ways I'd love more group slots, but I already complain about the numbers of advertising notices I log in to, so I really wouldn't. 60 is enough for a rounded collection. That 35 will be much harder though, especially when some go in and out of periods of activity. And 15 offline IMs? It's really about the social contacts, but that's hard to quantify so I'll use groups. 15 notices means slightly more than half your groups sending out a single notice a day. (Currently premium after years of basic)
  6. I do this too 💜 Bitsy used to be either red or brown, but then another went red so Bitsy is always brunette now. Her take on steampunk is full Victorian with a purple updo though. Paisley started out as the building alt (cause beta grid inventory stuff) but took on a slife of her own. Her appearance changes drastically depending on what group gifts (and the occasional sale) have come her way. Flaming red, sophisticated platinum blond bob, dark green "venom" punk, rainbow cute. Brown is wrong on her though. The only time either are blond is the obviously artificial one and then only on Paisley. Re the OP: boy alt, started 'cause my SL was hunting with a group of male friends. When the men's hunts started, I eventually made a male alt to tag along with them cause it was more interesting than staying at home sorting inventory and watching their chat. Now he collects interesting male gifts, changes his clothes about once a year (the Kauna close-out will keep him sorted into the next century ), and helps with building things like size/position testing. My close friends know them all and they're all just me, albeit with meandering, improptu back stories whose sole purpose is to make my friends laugh
  7. Having to pay for a demo means an extra step in the "Do I want to try this" process. If the demo is free, I'm more likely to just try it and get to the "Oh, yes, this makes the dopamine centers in my brain light up" . This might be days later, but if the demo is in my inventory, I'll get to it eventually. If there's a charge, I'm more likely to look around a bit more before deciding, which means I'm less likely to pick up the demo. If nothing else, there's simply more time for something else to divert my attention, like needing to pee or a friend logging in or an interesting conversation floating by in a group chat. And because I'm on the fence about getting the demo, I'm less likely to return for it later.
  8. /me rezzes a healthy lunch for the foot model. her legs are as spindly as a baby deer's.
  9. It was someone who trolls the forum with multiple accounts periodically. I'm not remembering the name of that one just now. It's in my memory somewhere She was claiming she was going to lose her pregnancy because she couldn't find a role play doctor to pretend to deliver it so we took charge and helped out. It was just the neighbourly thing to do. If I remember correctly, Pamela was in charge of rezzing useful things, Alwin boiled the water I think and Sassy was responsible for fire-related chaos. It was grand fun and a good community-building activity The thread will be in the archives somewhere.
  10. The forum helped someone deliver her baby a couple of summers ago. We'll be happy to pitch in again
  11. You are not a resident until you've worn your furniture folder. This is the rule.
  12. I can't this month I can't for a wee while yet because of other (short-term) commitments but I think I'd like to give it a try. Would you send me a friend request inworld please?
  13. Why do you think I do that? I sell to two groups and pretty much two groups only - art collectors and role players. Art collectors appreciate lower LI, but it's not a deal-breaker. RPers furnishing their rented home on the RP sim tend to be VERY LI conscious. If I can get something in for 1 LI, it will do better. Any numbers I'm working towards aren't pulled out of the air. They're what I need to get a piece down to 1 LI. Which is why having to ADD in triangles to carry textures is frustrating, at least for some of us and dependent on what we're making. It's literally modeling what can't be seen. You didn't like it when animats or I expressed this, said it was trivial. Yet here you are, expressing other cases for the very same idea. Depending on the scale of the piece, those extra have-to-be-hidden tris matter. I have yet to make anything that big in mesh. Scale matters and affects LoDs differently. Perhaps that's why I have a different experience of working with LoDs than you do. Already do that. I was dead chuffed the day I figured out that trick I'm not inexperienced or stupid, you know. When I write that I find it tricky to make good LoDs which don't break down visually, I'm writing based on a hell of a lot of research, reading and experimenting. It does sound like I'm working with some different concerns and parameters than you. Could you please possibly listen to them or am I just wasting my time in talking with you? I know you're always going to be patronising, but could you give the rest of us SOME credit please?
  14. Don't know whether it's trivial for you because you're so superior at all of this or if it has to do with what you make, but it's a real problem for me. And when I'm trying to get below 20 tris, every single one counts. It's really frustrating to have to waste any tri on something not even seen. I don't see animats as moving goalposts but rather pointing out a significant problem for at least some of us.
  15. Because it's easy to overlook, have you checked that the object colour is set to white inworld? If there's more than one face, the uploaded object comes in tinted light grey. Catches me out often enough I thought it worth mentioning.
  16. That's very different from what you wrote above. Not mutually exclusive, but much was left out of your first post apparently.
  17. So you're not really interested in making friends, just in exploiting their social inclinations to get more money?
  18. This one can be finicky to get the water working, but it's free and full perm so you can share it with visiting friends. It seems to be very sensitive to any changes in the water prim, so best to get that in place first. It got very upset with me when I brought it over from my build area and resized and rotated it. Got there in the end with a fresh water prim though. Works a treat in Linden water if you want to just try out the animations. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Thors-Oak-Swim-Animations-Test-Version-with-HUD/3308143
  19. About as well as I manage my inventory
  20. "Fancy" is even older, or to put it more accurately, our earliest surviving attestation is older . https://www.etymonline.com/word/fancy#etymonline_v_1114 In the UK, "fancy dress" and "fancying" someone are very much still in use today.
  21. It's more antiquated than bastardisation though, as we know it was in use by 1715. I wonder if anyone's looked into why this sense has had greater longevity for swimwear than other dress. This older usage would be appropriate for ceremonial regalia and without any sense of derogation. If this older meaning has survived better in other languages, it could easily lead to misunderstandings like the one earlier. Language can be tricky like that. https://www.etymonline.com/word/costume#etymonline_v_19135
  22. No no no, that's fancy dress. Costumes are for swimming. Sheesh.
  23. Shrugs. People give away plenty of their time in the forum. If some of that went into a more organised format, it would benefit everyone, aside from people liking to write in forums. An organised format would be a job, answering the same questions over again in the forum is entertainment. Can't compete with that.
  24. @Marianne Little @Roxy Couturier http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Serena Atlantica/69/181/24
  25. A friend and I went premium last summer to buy land for our shops. The things which made it make sense: the increase to 1024 for premium, the increase in LI, and how little it costs for annual given the stipend. I like the getting into events boost more than I would have thought. I'm usually happy to wait, but it's been useful for popping in and out quickly on short term things where waiting till it quiets down isn't an option. Having extra groups is really nice, plus 3 months access to transactions and the higher IM cap. Each of those things has made my SL a wee bit easier. Basically though, it all came down to what I was getting land- and impact-wise for the annual fee. Everything else is gravy.
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