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  1. My hope is to make a quirky hang-out place for others to explore, enjoy and get a laugh from. If I can't bring it about before a critical mass of interest moves on, then it will be another uphill struggle to generate the interest. I've already tried it on mainland and couldn't figure out how to bring people in. But when I learned about all of the community, exploration and sharing in Bellisseria, I started thinking it might be possible to make my wee dream happen after all. Of course this means I'm late to the party for getting a house. If I'd known what Bellisseria would become, I would have jumped in at the start. I just want to share something I love with others. Because of time zones and limited stamina, I'm probably not even going to be there much to see them using it. But that's ok. I just hope I get to do it before everyone's off and busy with other things again. You'll be invited too, Crim
  2. I'd just like to have a place there before the sense of community spirit and exploration dies out and everyone moves on to the new shiny.
  3. You're fine. The worst that will happen is if you go longer than a year in doing something with the page that shows you have a US penny, the single cent will be deducted as a fee. You won't lose your SL account nor will your Linden balance be affected.
  4. Depends on how your brain works I guess. With the pie menu, muscle memory takes my mouse to where it needs to go while I'm reading the labels. With a list menu, I have to read each one and then manuever. Pie menus are so much faster, easier and more efficient for me. Thank goodness we have TPVs and options.
  5. Delete your cube. Toggle into Edit Mode. Create your new cube. It will now be part of your original object. ------ Create in Object Mode -> separate objects; Create in Edit Mode -> part of existing object.
  6. How would the communit(ies) you're making this for feel about creative, quirky replacement names? I wouldn't mind shopping half as much if it was fun to read the names
  7. There's a board with class schedules out front, a website with the schedule and a group you can join. The Brewery itself has lots of freebie building supplies to experiment with and a sandbox to do the experimenting in. Have a look at the board to see if there are any beginner's classes at times you can make. It can be confusing, but you will get there. Two of the good things about learning to build through classes is that everything you need for the project will be supplied and if you go astray, the teacher can look at what you've done and get you back on target. Helping Haven is another good resource for classes.
  8. It wouldn't need to be a full mannequin copy, just the parts that need the clothing textures. Doesn't change the flicker issue but might help with LI. Just a thought which occurred to me, added in case it helps or sparks a better idea. Good luck
  9. Exactly this. Serendipity, experimentation, collaboration, changing things around, seeing how it works inworld as you build it, getting inputs and distractions from friends and passersby, learning from watching others and edit-viewing their work, the very mindset of Oh I need something, rez a prim, find a texture, make it happen, all of these things are so much easier with inworld building than they'll ever be with mesh work. It is absolutely magic.
  10. I think you've missed my point, Molly. From my point of view, chasing abandons was always going to be long hours with low odds. I could put some time in when I felt up to it and not when I didn't, knowing that the next time would have more or less similar chances. With the MWF thing, I've experienced a false sense of hope, coupled with a today not tomorrow sense of urgency and then the clear knowledge that yet again I've failed in my attempts. It's been far more stressful for me than spells of chasing abandons. For the 20 people who got a house, they're happy. I can't speak for all of us who are trying and failing, but this new scheme is presenting additional difficulties for me. The relief I've felt of two days off from it speaks to the difficulties, not to anything good.
  11. For some of us, it's just turned out to be more days of unhappy and feeling stressed out. I actually felt relief when I realised we'd have Saturday and Sunday off from it.
  12. I know Bellisseria is very American in theme and America has a very Christian idea of itself, but a "community" church will exclude a fair number of people. A meeting place like Prudence suggested is a fairer idea IMO. If there's a way to have rez rights (maybe through a group leaders join), someone could rez a cross and whatever else you need to have a service. That makes more sense to me than elevating the preferences of some above the rest.
  13. Oh that's wonderful 🧡🧡
  14. If you want to have a picnic in a common area, why not just make it up and describe it to each other as you go along? /me looks in the basket and pulls out a TARDIS. OK, who wants carry out and from which galaxy? (Offered in the spirit of a potentially useful suggestion)
  15. The bit at the top is actually the very beginning of a repeat of the texture - in other words, it's the bottom of the image shown at the top. Scaling down is one way to fix it. It should also work to shift the vertical offset slightly. See how many decimal points scaling and offsets each have on your viewer. If scaling is to two decimal points (.99) and offsets is to three (-.001), you can get finer control through the offset. Two decimal places and you'll lose a noticeable bit off the top of that tree, three decimal places and you'll have to look really closely to see the loss. Another way is to make sure Stretch Textures and Scale Both Sides are ticked off, then edit the top only down until the black line disappears. That's a just a different way of scaling but it makes sure the gain is entirely at the point you want it without having to make further adjustments. If you're making the textures yourself, adding a small amount of alpha to the top and bottom saves all of these sorts of headaches inworld.
  16. San Francisco is just so obvious it needs to be done even if it werent' home to LL, all that great history, character and architecture. It would be brilliant
  17. Yeah, the ghosting part will still happen. It's just the viewer getting disconnected from the avatar. I should have figured out how to word it better, the difference now is how the system handles it. Before the avatar would stay inworld until a region restart (which I think might be what the helpful Linden did to fix you) and you couldn't log back in unless you caught it at the magic time Selene referred to. That could be really frustrating and a bit panic-inducing at first. Now logging back in is easy, once to log you out, another and you're there. Or the system will sort it out fairly quickly. I usually log back in to the same place so that will disappear the old instance of my avatar straight away. Maybe next time it happens, I should log in with the alt to visit her. Just for old time's sake
  18. Art is way of helping us take a moment to consider looking at something differently. Some art is more successful at this. Some viewers are more successful in truly taking that moment. But the idea of stopping to look more closely has much merit.
  19. Whirly is omniscient. This is a well-documented fact
  20. It could be a great way to get people experimenting with non-mainstream communities. I'd love an around the world area. It would play havoc with the tree types but imagine having choices between say historic Japanese, Moroccan, adobe, and more. So what if it wasn't 'real', it would still have it's own immersion for those who accepted it for what it is.
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