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  1. may i insert a wee rant about how frickin boring a lot of today's render baked textures are, especially in clothes. shadows and not much else. it's like half the grid's never seen fabric before. grrrr.
  2. Do what truly makes you happy. Some won't like it, for whatever reason of their own, like the expectations of their RL environment. Don't take it on yourself, let it remain theirs. Likewise, be careful not to project your own apprehension and fears of negative reception onto others. You can't control others' reactions, only your own response to it. So if someone gives you grief, acknowledge your discomfort with it and then find something positive to replace it with. It might take some trial and error to find the right places for yourself, but they're there. Dressing up avs is such a popular use of SL these days, you're more likely to fit in and have an easier time of socialising than someone like myself. Think of it more like that, all that you have in common. Good luck finding your circles
  3. observes a pattern of replies to everyone who posts with escalating emotion and its commonalities with a certain multi-account forum troll...
  4. There needs to be some keywords in the parcel description to describe what you're selling, otherwise Show in Search is useless. If you can, also include Gacha Resale in the title (like Marianne's Gacha Resale Shop). There are dedicated gacha yard sale areas where each person selling has their own area. The ones I've seen don't have proper shops, probably to save on LI, so it might not feel like RPing a shop but it should bring in more potential customers. Good luck.
  5. Anticholinergics mess me up so unbelievably badly. So of course they're the first meds tried for fibro. It's safer for me to live with the pain.
  6. The more you reward a troll with your attention, the more they troll. Just report and move on.
  7. I just happened into this inworld last night in the Bellisseria demo area and I want to live there forever. Like RL live You've made a wonderful space with it.
  8. The texture area for the zipper doesn't have to be on the same scale as the texture area for the rest of the trousers. Have you tried scaling up the zipper face on the UV in Blender? Rotate it if your free area is vertical.
  9. Since collective wisdom is piecing this together.... and this would be on Zindra, said to not allow terraforming.... the next suggestion is if you've looked at the guidelines for Mature rated land. Sometimes people buy land on Zindra when they don't have to because they want to make sure they're within the guidelines. I think most adult activities are allowed on Mature land as long as they're behind closed doors and not advertised. Which isn't to say that you should move, just adding some information should you decide to relocate.
  10. One day in my first couple of years here, I was following along on an educational event a friend had put together about African-American history, including the slave trade. Standing there in a replica of a slave ship, with the shackles and the knowing, the idea of playing at slavery like the Goreans did became, not this curious thing other people did, but completely abhorrent to me. It had a history, it was real, it was done to real people, it horrendously, hideously, unconscionably abused people, real people, generations of real people. And here were other people playing pretend at it to get their jollies. If BDSM is your thing, please use another model for control, one without such an abhorrent, abusive and hateful history behind it.
  11. @Kirsten Linden can we PLEASE have a hug button?
  12. The script which goes inside the helper object changes prim parameters of the helper object (blank texture, pink colour). If you put that script directly into the chair, it would change the chair parameters where it could, ie the texture. The helper object itself shouldn't change the chair texture. Try using a rezzed prim as your seat to experiment with until you get the hang of it.
  13. adding my hugs and sympathy and whatever else you need Cindy x
  14. My apologies for not being explicitly clear in why I said what I did. I edited it a few times trying to find the right words and right way to put it and failed. Again, my apologies. I'm in no way suggesting you ignore it or allow her to invade any aspect of your life. Absolutely protect yourself and do what you need to towards that. I phrased it as a question because I don't know the history between you and I didn't want to make assumptions about it. I think I know who you're talking about though, and her patterns are obvious. I had hoped that by offering some perspective from a distance it might help you to gain emotional distance from it as well. Please be careful about letting her play you emotionally. Please take care of yourself that way as well.
  15. off topic but quick question not necessarily worth a separate thread - Is there a way to export poses out of Black Dragon and into Blender? Sometimes I make hand-held mesh things which need custom poses or animations. If I could pose with the object in Black Dragon and get the data into Blender somehow, it would cut done the amount of trial and erroring needed. This seems a lot to ask, so I'm expecting a no, but it would be so very helpful.
  16. Is she really angry with you or is she just pretending to be as a pretense to get you upset and paying attention to her?
  17. The word "racism" has also been used about what are technically anti-ethnic prejudics, like the infamous anti-Irish prejudices in England. The discriminations and prejudices faced weren't all that different from those faced by racial minorities, even if the aspect that couldn't be hidden was accent rather than skin colour. (If you need it spelled out more clearly, consider the horrible, infamous "no Irish, no blacks" signs for employment and housing.) It's more of a functional definition, because there are similarities in the hate. The U.S. especially seems to be careening between very strict literal definitions and the broadest of generalisations with no awareness that there might be something in between. Rather than getting caught up in literal definitions, perhaps it might be more useful to look at parallels in how a discrimination is used and how it affects others. The ban is prejudiced: it creates categorical distinctions and discriminates between them. It's also based on appearance and sometimes anti-system av prejudice and discrimination functions much like a literal racial prejudice. Too big a can of worms to use that sort of language though without a paragraph of explanation, so probably best not to. There is elitism in it, implying that these avatars are better at sex because of this one thing. It is absolutely, certainly, 100% body shaming because it indicates and reinforces the idea that certain types of bodies aren't worth being sexual with. Like most real life bodies with all of our jiggly bits, which are even less "smooth" and perfect than a system av. Human bodies aren't perfect. Our bodies are still amazing and worth loving and being sexual with, no matter how imperfect we are.
  18. It's like the cat purposefully sitting with its back to you to make sure you know you're being ignored. Apparently a human does it too.
  19. sounds like a few of us have people taking their issues out on us
  20. Since I'm not the one who hurt you, dear stranger on the internet, taking your anger and your pain out on me can only ever be a temporary reprieve, and a way of staying locked in the anger and the pain you hold so dear. Could it be that this is your goal? vent over, because i'm far too ill and exhausted to deal with the backlash of saying this to her
  21. Does going barefoot because you're too uncoordinated to find shoes count as a style?
  22. like moirakathleen and Pamela said so well on the first page, I'm here for the community. Poor health means I spend most of my time alone so just seeing familiar faces and reading what they have to say means a lot to me. It's also good for my mental health to be able to say things too. A bit of feedback helps with that sense of community, like the wee nods in face to face conversation. But it can take different forms and I couldn't care less about the counts. The only time I pay attention to anyone's is when I wonder if a poster is trolling. This whole thing about people posting for likes or to boost post counts, it's never felt like that to me at all. I don't know where it's coming from, though apparently it's mostly in the games and vanity threads. I don't read either regularly so something happening there could easily pass me by. I do try to keep up with the mainland home thread because mainland is such an important part of our curious world and something to be celebrated and encouraged.
  23. I didn't know there was mainland which doesn't allow terraforming. (Aside from the Linden Homes regions of course.) Are you in a prime location somewhere (by water perhaps) that you don't want to move from? Because moving to a different bit of mainland is a way to get around the problem. Also, could it be that you're at the minimum limit already? Land can only be raised or lowered a certain amount from its baseline, so if you're at the minimum you can only go up. In that case, a work around is to raise a hillock for the house and then make your indentation for the basement. Just throwing out some ideas in case any help. Good luck.
  24. Tolya wouldn't be trying to wind people up again with that post, would he?
  25. Some thoughts and questions: Names do matter (says the main with a mischievous name). Height is relative to other avs - you have your avs posed in a way to highlight differences, but those might not be as obvious when they're on dance balls. How tall is Rhonda compared to most of the men at the places you frequent? Are the poses and facial expressions you picked for the photo typical of what they'll be using when standing around talking at a dance venue? Rhonda's is very much don't mess with me and Maybie's is far more vulnerable, playing up to someone else's strength. About the quoted bit, one thing I've noticed is that some (perhaps many) of those who log in looking for slex just assume that if you're logged in, you're also looking for slex. They don't seem to fully grasp that this is far more than an interactive porn site. If you're here, you want it. If you IM them, you want it now. And if you refuse them, you're their default sexist degrading insults. But it's just their assumptions and lack of understanding of how diverse SL is. Most entertaining was the guy who tried to pick me up while I was... shopping for a sword. In full pirate gear, Victorian-era captain frock coat and all. But he was inworld for sex so I must be too. 🤷‍♀️
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