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  1. No idea if anyone else will laugh, but this made me chuckle.
  2. I was wondering if anyone had the gachas from the first rare Electro, or either of the two rare Muertos. If you have any of them and are willing to part with it in exchange for Lindens let me know. Thanks!
  3. Yes, of course! I am sorry for the delayed response. My GPU decided shortly after rejoining SL would be the perfect time to die so I had to order another one but I'm back on the web now (pun intended) @Talligurl I joined both Grid Riders @SusanPoora and Pod Riders @Adamburp Adamczyk. Any other suggestions are welcomed.
  4. Call me Fia. I'm back on Second Life after and ready to have fun. I used to really enjoy clubbing but I don't think that will be a repeat preference. I'm not sure what will catch my fancy this time. I'm a lot more chill these days and am probably just going to enjoy chatting, meeting new people, and sim hopping. In Second Life right now, or maybe forever I'm a spider. I like spiders, which I've been told is a rarity. The real, physical me likes to cook (eat too) and am an animal lover. I have 1 cat and, as of four weeks ago, only 3 arachnids (RIP Blackberry!). I'm 29 and a bit of a weird
  5. I am not new but I am a somewhat experienced Second Life user back for another round after growing bored of my virtual life about five or six years ago. This post really isn't asking for friends as much as it is asking a good direction to start. Second Life has changed so much and it didn't take me long to realize that. Of course I had expected as much, it's be a while and the virtual world has always been a bustle. Are there any good, active groups that have meetups? That used to be a good way to meet new people yet again I don't know where to look now. Help me please? Much appreciated.
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