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  1. Hi everybody, Face animations in my akeruka head hud are little strange and not that nice so I was wondering if somebody knows where I could get some nice face animations like basic ones so that my head doesn't look as static and looks natural. Thank you for any tips and suggestions. Regards
  2. A lot of interesting ideas, i demo them all except Tonic fine. I noticed as well some proportion issues with Maitreya. I demo as well Legacy, very detailed maybe I'm not so keen on the overall shape even thou its good to see smaller chest for a change and the fact that you have fewer choices for clothes. I will try to find an addon for smaller breast shapes even thou if you apply one, then clothes might not fit you anymore.
  3. I demoed Legacy's body and its much more defined, more realistic looking than other bodys.
  4. Thanks FairreLilette, that is a good advice !
  5. Hi , i tried Maitreya Lara, Slink physique, and ebody.. it seems that bodys are not as detailed, precise, and close to nature as some heads are. I know i need to apply skins but even some heads packed without head skins, are better looking as some bodys in general. Maybe there is some out there that is specialy well made ? Maybe my measurements are not good, I just wanted to stress 'the classic' body.
  6. Thanks for all the suggestions,i did not play with shape changes, ill look how to do that. Finally, i took Akeruka head for the precise features this head offers, but I will try to achieve a more pure fairy look with skins and found out how those shapes work. Thanks again !
  7. Deetalez Skin on Catwa Catya head.. That looks really nice.
  8. Hi everybody, which body i should choose if i want a slim figure, classic measurements like 85-60-90. I have ebody classic and I found that has too much butt to fit any of the clothes, i always have a glitch and i reduced the butt to min. . so i want to change it. As well it would be nice that it has an option to reduce the breast size. Thanks for your advice and opinions.
  9. Have no idea how would I made this Dream free head into a cute slightly round shape face.
  10. yeah i think i will do that. Thanks.
  11. Hi everybody, how do you get a cute looking woman head and not a viper mean look that they offer. I guess you play with head base, head shape lips and other components. I want to choose a head base for cute natural look with no redone lip effect ? I tried Lelutka, Catwa,Akeruka head base and they all look 'viper' , or maybe the base that i use is not that important? Any suggestions? Which head base, shapes, ect.. would be best to achieve a natural cute looking young woman?
  12. Yes, I am interested in silhouette as well, this model looking tall skinny woman with Le smoking clothes. I found a Coco tux quite nice but now I need a body base and even the head that goes with it. I styled it with my e-body and head and it did not look good.
  13. Hi everybody I am trying to get a new head, i tried Lelutka and Akeruka base (would try Genus but its temporarily closed) and all the heads I use ( and I know its just a base ) look like a mature rich woman with full lip implant and small chin 'mean rich woman' would explain it best. The head that I would like is a cute young natural looking woman with normal full lips (without an implant) something natural and not looking like a viper. I see other bloggers are using the same head base but get different results because they put some different skin on it ..? Does anybody have advice on ho
  14. Hi everybody, I did try Coco suits and had to completely slim down my already thin E-body to fit inside until the point that looked really ugly, so maybe I need to find appropriate body shape to fit inside.. or use another body.
  15. Hi, does somebody knows some good shops where I could get clothes for this ' le smoking ' look YSL style ? Tailored jacket, shirt with a little bow, and tailored chic pants? As well for the body do you think Maitreya or Ebody will achieve model type of a woman? Thanks so much for sharing your shopping advice with me !
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