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  1. Hopefully that will keep them occupied so they aren't griefing 😁
  2. Yes, there's reviews, but you can't post a review unless you've bought the product via the Marketplace listing (as opposed to in-world.) And even if you did, sometimes you might just want to post a comment without affecting the rating, though that's less of an issue. You can at least post comments on reviews that others have already posted, but that seems weird if you want to say something that isn't related to that specific review. Why can't there just be a regular comments section for the item as well as the reviews section? What if I want to ask a question about the product before I buy? I
  3. Something in the same vein as this: https://www.daz3d.com/star-original-figure Bento hands and mod permissions are a must. Side question: if I were to buy that model from DAZ and upload it to Second Life (anyone know how easy that would be?) do you think I'd need to buy the interactive license even if I don't transfer it to other users? Or would the mere fact that the data is transmitted to other viewers be enough to necessitate the interactive license, even if those users couldn't rip it without jumping through hoops and violating the SL ToS?
  4. I know you said you looked at everything on Marketplace, but this isn't actually labeled using any of the terms you described, so maybe you didn't see it: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Happy-Paw-Dragon-wings-bentoanimesh/17417223
  5. Okay, well if attachments are unaffected, then doing it the way Firestorm does it would work for my needs. I'm just not sure what that is that it's doing.
  6. I use a custom build of Cool VL Viewer to which I've added additional Lua scripting functionality for manipulating prims. I have it set up to perform automatic modifications to my attachments, to do things like color coordination, and automatic positioning/scaling to fit an avatar that swaps parts frequently. When I add an attachment to this system, my code stores some data about the prims, like their original position (in case any of my filters end up moving them around, e.g. for changing the length of flexi hair) and which labels ("targets") I've assigned to each face for purposes of applyin
  7. I already bought it a while ago but my support expired. Is there a way I can renew my support for less than the cost of buying a new copy?
  8. I'm just wondering why this functionality wasn't implemented. It seems like such a simple thing to support, and this is me speaking as a programmer. Just have the viewer transform the vertices of the mesh either before or after applying the skeletal deform, as an extra step when rendering a rigged mesh attachment. Am I missing something and this wouldn't work? Why isn't it a feature? I'm hoping LL decides to add this. To prevent breaking existing attachments, they could have it be enabled by a setting on the object, which is off by default for older objects, but on by default in newly-upl
  9. I think $40 is awfully steep but it was still worth it to me. Weird that they require Premium as well as the $40 though.
  10. Would be funny if they forgot to forbid "Linden" as a choice.
  11. Finally, I don't have to explain to everyone that my account isn't an alt anymore, despite my username saying it is. $40 is awfully steep, but eh, I can live with it, plus now I have a name I really like. Surprised it was still available when I took it!
  12. That's another thing that should have been disclosed. If an item is advertised as having a certain permission enabled—such as modify—the assumption is that I'll be able to do everything allowed by that permission—including deleting a script—without meeting any kind of resistance. Unintended glitches, sure; there's always a risk of that when doing that kind of edit. Same if the updater had instead been inseparately built into the main script. But deliberate "anti-tampering checks" have no place in an object sold as modifiable, unless it was made clear what is deliberately excluded from mod
  13. Sorry to hear you're involved in a pyramid scheme. Edit: Or is it an inverted funnel?
  14. Oh, whoops, didn't know that. I've removed the creator's name. Should I remove the website link as well? How come? All Pastebin hosts is plain text. Even if the code I linked to was malicious, merely clicking the link couldn't execute it, only display it. I never said I expected that. It's also perfectly understandable for already-released updates to eventually cease being available to those who don't already have them. But if I don't get the latest update in time, I should still be able to make do with the outdated version I have. And generally, I expect to be able to, at leas
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