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  1. I can only imagine it's always listening. If it wasn't, the HUD couldn't work, could it? The user could click a button at any time. I guess it could communicate via an external server or something, but that would be overkill for something like a color/texture HUD.
  2. 1. But I already have a lot of hair I bought from that creator back when I didn't care about modify perms quite as much as I do now. Besides, they had a lot of designs I really liked (and still do) and it's not like I can just buy the same product from a different creator. A different seller perhaps, if someone illegally copied it, but I imagine that's not what you're talking about. 2. I don't see why not. This isn't the official forum for that commercial product or its creator. This is the official forum for Second Life, and not everyone here has a problem with using products in ways the creator didn't intend. You're welcome to state your opinion on the matter, but so long as my "reverse engineering" stays within the Terms of Service, I think this forum is a fine place to discuss it. Besides, how do you know the creator would have an issue with it? It's possible the idea of sharing the channel number simply never occurred to them. 3. Okay...that's a shame, but I don't see why that should stop me.
  3. I've actually done that before (there's something you can turn on in Advanced->Consoles->Debug Tags that makes it output to the console IIRC) but this HUD doesn't use a dialog. Good idea though. I looked that up on the wiki earlier today, and yes.
  4. I have a whole bunch of hair I bought from a store called Rezology that I really like. It comes with a HUD to select from a few textures and change the tint color, but unfortunately the hair is no-modify, meaning unless I can emulate it, I have to use the HUD and can't trigger it from my own scripts. And this is a problem for me, because while this wasn't as important to me when I bought from them, now I use a complex set of scripts to automatically edit all of my attachments, for purposes like color coordination. (These scripts are almost entirely implemented in client-side Lua, so there's no need to worry about them causing lag.) I'm already using my own custom-compiled fork of Cool VL Viewer, so I suppose I could add in some code to programmatically simulate clicks on the HUD. But since this is theoretically something I can do without all that extra complexity, the ideal solution would be to do it that way. If the texture buttons on the HUD send a full UUID, I might even be able to use my own textures for it that way. I just don't know what channel it uses. I'm pretty sure all of the products I bought use the same channel, as I was able to change the color of one of them using the HUD that came with another. And yes, normally what I'd do is contact the creator, but the store has since closed down, so that might be difficult. And I seem to remember trying to contact them about something else back when the store was open and never even getting a response then. So does anyone happen to know what channel it uses, or have any suggestions for what it might use?
  5. Thank you for the suggestion! I'm still looking for something more similar, but I did end up buying that cause it was pretty cheap. Unfortunately, it looks like the creator accidentally made the body no modify, even though the permissions on the rest of the parts are correct. I sent the creator a notecard, but their bio says they're unavailable for a couple months. (With no date listed, so a lot of that time might have already passed as far as I can tell.) I hope this doesn't turn out like the last time, where the creator never ended up replying to me. I got the listing taken down that time, but that didn't really help me get the permissions I paid for. I wish LL was willing to take matters into their own hands and grant the advertised permissions when the creator is insolvent. (So as not to derail the conversation in case someone mentions their supposed lack of legal ability to do so, it actually would be legal for LL to do that, incidentally thanks to the same clause which makes the SL ToS incompatible with DAZ's license.) Yes, I have already; many times.
  6. That says it was made before mesh existed; I said I'm looking for a mesh body. Also it doesn't have that same "slim" style as the one I posted. That one reminds me a lot of Winx Club, and I'm looking for a similar aesthetic to that. Thanks anyway though
  7. Bumping since it's been more than half a year with no reply. By the way, I'm still interested in something you find even if it doesn't have Bento hands, but I can't do without mod permissions. Oh, and I contacted DAZ 3D since I had no luck reaching the creator, and they said I actually wouldn't be allowed to upload it to SL with either license, as it's not compatible with SL's Terms of Service. If anyone knows of a good way to reach this creator, please do let me know. Alternatively, is there anywhere you recommend I can commission the creation of something in this style? And how much should I expect to pay for it if so? (I'm fine with the creator selling it to other people as well, in case that'll make it cost less.)
  8. I can't help but wonder, did you think I was a traffic bot before you triggered my bumper?
  9. Hopefully that will keep them occupied so they aren't griefing 😁
  10. Yes, there's reviews, but you can't post a review unless you've bought the product via the Marketplace listing (as opposed to in-world.) And even if you did, sometimes you might just want to post a comment without affecting the rating, though that's less of an issue. You can at least post comments on reviews that others have already posted, but that seems weird if you want to say something that isn't related to that specific review. Why can't there just be a regular comments section for the item as well as the reviews section? What if I want to ask a question about the product before I buy? I could IM the creator, but it would be nice to have it publicly posted on the listing for other customers, as well as letting other people answer. (An Amazon-like Q&A feature that notifies people who've bought the product would be cool.) Is there some reason Linden Lab might have intentionally left this feature out, or have they simply not gotten around to adding it?
  11. Something in the same vein as this: https://www.daz3d.com/star-original-figure Bento hands and mod permissions are a must. Side question: if I were to buy that model from DAZ and upload it to Second Life (anyone know how easy that would be?) do you think I'd need to buy the interactive license even if I don't transfer it to other users? Or would the mere fact that the data is transmitted to other viewers be enough to necessitate the interactive license, even if those users couldn't rip it without jumping through hoops and violating the SL ToS?
  12. I know you said you looked at everything on Marketplace, but this isn't actually labeled using any of the terms you described, so maybe you didn't see it: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Happy-Paw-Dragon-wings-bentoanimesh/17417223
  13. Okay, well if attachments are unaffected, then doing it the way Firestorm does it would work for my needs. I'm just not sure what that is that it's doing.
  14. I use a custom build of Cool VL Viewer to which I've added additional Lua scripting functionality for manipulating prims. I have it set up to perform automatic modifications to my attachments, to do things like color coordination, and automatic positioning/scaling to fit an avatar that swaps parts frequently. When I add an attachment to this system, my code stores some data about the prims, like their original position (in case any of my filters end up moving them around, e.g. for changing the length of flexi hair) and which labels ("targets") I've assigned to each face for purposes of applying colors and the like. This data is associated with each prim via its link number, determined by its position in the list returned by calling LLViewerObject::getChildren() on its root prim. (Don't worry; this is nowhere near enough data to recreate the object from scratch. I could do the same with LSL; it would just be laggy and harder to maintain.) This has remained stable and accurate for some time, but yesterday I started running into a problem where it was no longer giving me the accurate link order, seemingly being randomized each time I reattach something. This was not caused by any change in the viewer, nor in my Lua code, so I can only conclude that there was some kind of change in the server related to the order in which it sends prim updates. (I have verified that the actual link order as reported by LSL has not changed.) This has caused all of the prims to become jumbled up as it thinks they're in the wrong location and tries to "fix" it, often resulting in an ugly mass of prims that looks nothing like it's supposed to. I know that it's possible to determine the accurate link order from viewer-side code, as Firestorm's previous/next prim buttons show the accurate order. (Cool VL Viewer's previous/next buttons, by contrast, show the jumbled order.) I looked at how Firestorm does it, and it just uses the same getChildren() method I'm using, so clearly there's some difference elsewhere in the code that makes that always return the right order. But I don't know where to look. Does anyone have any advice?
  15. I already bought it a while ago but my support expired. Is there a way I can renew my support for less than the cost of buying a new copy?
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