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  1. Do you know about Builders Brewery yet? They have classes and lots of freebies for building. Helping Haven is good too. My favourite stores for textures are Timeless Textures, USC, and Texture Me True. They all have good groups and great owners.
  2. If you're new and have gotten used to appearance-related HUDs and appliers then it's only natural to use those as your model when trying to figure out a texture organiser. Chances are a free texture organiser on MP predates clothing HUDS and skin appliers too, and its instructions may reflect an older set of habits and knowledge. Welcome to Second Life. It's confusing but worth the effort. Glad you're building too, it's magic
  3. Is LL able to recover the money they're refunding all of you somehow? Or is it just coming out of their pockets now?
  4. We've lost something very precious indeed. I'm not sure if those who weren't here for it can really understand how wonderfully varied and creative our world was. It was like this playground full of kids with crayons and cardboard boxes making whatever we wanted for the joy it. There were donkey butts, because there will always be donkey butts, but there was so much more sharing and appreciation of each other. And laughter, because a giant pencil dancing away was part of the fun. "Hey, that's really cool what you're making." "Thanks, do you build?" "I don't know how." "Let's get you starte
  5. Give us yours then. My usage is probably broader than you realise.
  6. .... like I really don't belong here any more. The exuberant ramshackle creativity that was once our world has been driven into hidden corners, I'm not motivated by the overwhelming push towards a fantasy "realism", and my stamina is too poor to finish building projects. Maybe it's time.
  7. I reacted yesterday but didn't post in response because it was old, the discussion had moved on and I'm well aware that most wouldn't care, but since you brought it up again.... The reasons my main isn't "on mesh" aren't non-rational or emotional. They're aesthetic and physical. I haven't found a mesh body or head I like well enough to bother with. It seems to be changing somewhat recently, but the majority of clothing I encounter hasn't been to my taste enough to spur me to want to get a fancy body to wear it with. And I don't see the point of carting around all the extra geometry for so
  8. Underground raves were 80s and 90s, with ties to the psychedelic and disco cultures of the 60s and 70s, and further back to 50s-60s youth culture and 50s modern jazz. I think the U.S. underground scene was centered around a few locales. The U.K. being so much smaller, it was easier to get to one if you wanted to go, or know someone who did, or to just have heard about it. The big mass raves of the 2000's drew both X and millenials. Fatboy Slim is technically baby boom, born on the cusp of X. Aphex Twin is definitely X. (sorry for geeking out. i just get a bit over excited about influence
  9. Most will of course, but anyone who can switch from "they're paying attention to me, I win" to "they're ignoring me/banned me, I win" is fooling themselves first of all. Sparking conversation amongst people who come to social media to socialise isn't a skilled feat of social engineering. It's just putting yourself in a position to claim credit for something people are going to do anyway.
  10. The forum's ability to talk about ANYTHING is impressive. Trolls really shouldn't take credit when they gift us with new opportunities Reverse image search showed this pic in lots of places but the names weren't suggestive of anything and I couldn't muster the interest to investigate further. My guess is it was posted by a bot. Why though?
  11. Trying to deal with bridging the divide?? We're talking about buying a CD player instead of a tape player when it broke and using a word processor instead of a typewriter, and then a pretty basic computer. Parents were just parents, some embraced tech more quickly than others but it wasn't a big deal, just a bit more of a learning curve. Mostly it all just sort of happened and incremently. Probably the hardest bit was learning how to program the blasted VCR
  12. Xers don't do cool. We're the ones bouncing around singing Covid Eileen.
  13. This is me as well. The minimum is just the easiest to slide it down to. I've gotten that message too when my complexity is low but over 20k and I just laugh and know there's a kindred spirit on the region. Avatars do more than anything else to get my computer fan spinning hard. My current neurological problems are such that this affects me badly and I need to shut down sooner. So apologies if I'm annoying anyone by triggering that message but I really do need to take care of myself and this is the best way for now.
  14. When I see poor reviews on MP, I ALWAYS look to see how the creator responded in the comments. Not everyone does this of course, but it can be a way to show good customer service on your part and that counts for a lot with some of us.
  15. The Historical Hunts group might be a good one to ask in inworld. It's always been friendly to both tinies and Victorians, and just friendly all around. Caledon and Mieville groups too. Mieville has a big over lap with HH.
  16. Oh sorry, forgot about that part. Can you figure out ways to do something in a similar vein but different enough? Obviously easier for items with RL counterparts rather than purely imagined themes.
  17. If you did, and put them on sale, others would have more options for their own parcels. If they were on MP, you could use the description area to sell the benefits of this way of texturing things, attention to LODs, etc. A bit of stealth education via consumerism.
  18. Any starting game would be optional. It could be signposted with "Looking for something to do? Try this" type wording. Meanwhile, those who aren't interested in it can carry on however they like.
  19. Two quick mock ups, based on one of Lil's suggestions The hands alone work better than I expected. I think it's my preference. The one with two heads needs shading and better eyes/mouth of course. Looks too much like a snog here, so more side-by-side/less overlap of the heads. But moving them apart will make it harder to fit into the round Like format.
  20. What do you know, it worked this time. Must have been something else that somehow got altered when I stripped the textures.
  21. If you can figure out how to type legibly with the first two fingers on your left hand intertwined with your first two fingers on your right, post a video so we can put it on social media and be the next viral challenge.
  22. OK, sorry. I can't seem to say anything right today. Much love x
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