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  1. No one has to “look for solutions”. Read the signs posted everywhere about masking etc.
  2. Nursing home deaths plummeted when they got the vaccine (they were first).
  3. The same people who helped us reach 400k unnecessary covid deaths are now working to ensure the pandemic is unending. 40% of Republicans say they will not take the vaccine, presumably the same ones who refuse to mask.
  4. It never was a tradeoff, one or the other. It was always about getting the virus under control SO we could save both lives AND the economy. Instead Trump et al pushed opening businesses — FORCING super spreader meat packing plants to open without effective safety measures — at the expense of lives. To further accelerate reaching herd immunity, they ridiculed and still ridicule masking and social distancing, and went around knowingly hosting or supporting every kind of super spreading event. https://www.cnn.com/interactive/2020/09/politics/coronavirus-trump-woodward-timeline/
  5. I am hearing discussion about eventually bringing charges against the worlds most dangerous spreader of lies. He and his spreaders such as those in this forum cost hundreds of thousands of lives, including medical personnel risking their lives.
  6. Natural selection means that variants that transmit more efficiently will become dominant, given time. More effective transmission means more infections and potential deaths. We are in a desperate race to get enough people on the planet vaccinated before variants can become dominant. Also, although current variants appear to be thwarted by current vaccines, it is likely if we don’t take action that future variants will require and endless cycle of updated vaccines.
  7. I see LL is still providing a platform for the spread of dangerous misinformation. You would think the loss of 400k lives due to misinformation would be enough but nope.
  8. You are not well informed. If you care: Do a search of “Trump pandemic response timeline.”
  9. Call the Midwife. It is so schmaltzy. Lots of cloying music and saccharin voiceover. So annoying that it manipulates me to get choked up every single episode. Galling!
  10. I was laughing at my misspelling, but will will send a list of where I stand on various issues so everyone will know how to take opposite ones. For now, I will just say I am against overthrowing Democracy. And White Supremacy.
  11. No doubt there are people who base their positions on other peoples’ forum arguments. But BLM?? People poured into the streets, not just for a day, but day after day. Not just in America, but worldwide. In Paris, in London — they chanted George Floyd’s name. Yet people formed their opinion of the movement based on how much they liked forum members? If so, their opinions are not worth much, and trivialize BLM. An aside: About how radical this march was: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/07/03/us/george-floyd-protests-crowd-size.html This world map is absolutely
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