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  1. Am I crazy?

    I am sorry this happened to you. Posting about it here may impress on readers the lessons you learned the hard way —- chief of which is that in SL nothing and no one may be what they seem.
  2. How can Linden Lab encourage better content?

    I think you are making my point about penalties— some things like that pretty bowl need that lowest LOD, some larger things may not — why would there need to be a 2 LI penalty for a bookcase with zeroed out lowest LOD, if it never switches?
  3. How can Linden Lab encourage better content?

    Remind me again why anyone cares if the lowest LOD is zero, esp for indoor furnishings. Also, and I could be wrong, but I think I have heard others say that the cost of the lowest LOD being anything but zero has for many things been too high. In any case that is my opinion.
  4. Who do you look up to?

  5. Yes we might. (It cost me $2400 usd to buy down my four regions.)
  6. LL, MP, and Credibility

    They do fact check insofar as they are able: they read the review, the comment from the seller, and the item listing if relevant. What else specifically would you suggest they do? And with that, I will let someone else have the last word.
  7. LL, MP, and Credibility

    You are describing the current process. They do not remove reviews just because they were flagged. That is not to say they never make mistakes.
  8. LL, MP, and Credibility

    This is your only suggestion, but unless you define what an extreme case is, it is not a suggestion that could be implemented. People come here all the time to complain about something, without making clear what their objective is. You seem to feel the review system is broken, and you want it fixed, but you don’t have any suggestion what you want done to fix it.
  9. LL, MP, and Credibility

    I would certainly do so, if I had something to contribute. I think the process, which has undergone multiple revisions over years, with input from buyers and sellers, is as good if not better than anything I could come up with. You are the one who sees a problem. You just can’t come up with a specific suggestion to improve the process, other than to allow all reviews, even the fraudulent or extortionist, remain.
  10. LL, MP, and Credibility

    Exactly. When you have a specific suggestion how to improve the review process, post it here as well as in the JIRA, so Lindens can evaluate it.
  11. LL, MP, and Credibility

    You have certainly not shown that the current system is in favor of sellers. You have only shown that the system has limitations, which no one denies. Again, If you think the system needs improvement, quote Dakotas explanation of the system and suggest specific suggestions — the only one you have given is to allow anyone to post unfair, fraudulent negative reviews for any reason. And that seems to be your whole point. Also, as we say here ad nauseum: NEVER EVER EVER BUY ANYTHING WITHOUT INSPECTING A DEMO
  12. LL, MP, and Credibility

    So if you are not implying that LL is conspiring with creators to go against their stated policy and remove legitimate reviews, how do you account for them allegedly making the same “mistake” repeatedly? What exactly is the point of all your posts, other than to claim you have inside knowledge of who a creator sends updates to and blocks? If you are not saying LL is being dishonest, what are you saying?
  13. Payment issue

    You may have to find a way to earn Lindens in SL. There are several threads in the forum listing ways to do that.
  14. LL, MP, and Credibility

    I am not implying anything about this creator as I have no idea what she is selling. I am just pointing out that Dakota has made plain what the criteria for review removal is, and it’s not arbitrary — they may make mistakes, but they don’t as a policy remove a review just because it was flagged, as you seem to imply (“these are not isolated cases”). LL is not in cahoots with creators. I don’t know how it is that you know the creator “blocks everyone” , or puts people on a blacklist, or takes any other blanket actions you claim. How do you know this? How do you know who does and does not get an update, or who has had reviews removed? Do you have a spy in the operation?