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  1. I need help choosing a head for my child avatar.

    Of course. It was obvious to everyone but Kammy and her super loyal supporters.
  2. I need help choosing a head for my child avatar.

    I see a pattern here.
  3. Second Lifede Türk var mı?ürkçe-forum/ You can also use the search function when you are logged in, to find other Turks.
  4. Second Life Para Kazanmak

    The employment forum has useful information about ways to make money.
  5. Refund for false advertisement?

    Thank you Dakota. So, everyone understands clearly before logging in that LL will not be responsible for "quality, safety, legality, truthfulness or accuracy".
  6. Refund for false advertisement?

    Dakota, was hoping you would stop by. How would you advise handling the problem of MP items not turning out to be of the expected quality — should it be LLs responsibility to investigate these things?
  7. Refund for false advertisement?

    OK then, ignore our advice, don’t buy demos, and when that doesn’t work, open support tickets and hope for a refund. But you didn’t ask for us to confirm your opinion, you asked:: Is there any way to contact linden labs about this and get a refund? when we answered that question and explained how to avoid the problem, you said it felt like we were blaming the victim.
  8. Refund for false advertisement?

    No demo, no purchase. It’s not complicated. You were talking about your preferences, I am talking about how things actually are. You get to choose on which to base your actions.
  9. Refund for false advertisement?

    There are four possible ways a transaction can go: 1. Creator makes quality product, buyer buys demo, buys product. All good. 2, creator makes quality product, buyer does not buy demo, buys product. All good. 3. Creator makes bad product, buyer buys a demo and does not buy the product. All good. 4. Creator makes bad product, buyer does not buy a demo but does buy the product. Bad experience. The buyer is in control of the outcome. As long as the buyer buys a demo, there will not be unpleasant surprises. Buying a demo does take a little more time and effort, but if you don’t feel like gambling, it’s the only alternative. You can call it blaming the victim but it’s just the reality of the situation. There’s really no need for hiring dozens of employees to investigate every disappointing transaction, when they are almost entirely avoidable.
  10. Refund for false advertisement?

    And there it is.
  11. The buyer is always right?

    I made a mistake not long ago listing permissions and got a one star review stating that the item was beautiful but accusing me of being a lying, thieving, scamming monster. That I might have made a mistake was not a possibility. Anyway I did not flag it, I just commented that I had made a mistake. Most people do not consider merchants so godlike as to be above making mistakes.
  12. The buyer is always right?

    Also one of the permission boxes a merchant can check, along with c/m/t is See Description. That is specifically for when clarification is required — maybe everything is the same permission except for one item, etc.
  13. Refund for false advertisement?

    Yes the main purpose of inworld stores is to provide demos.
  14. Refund for false advertisement?

    Our standard advice is not to buy anything without trying the demo. If there is no demo, do not buy. Problem solved.