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  1. My business is incorporated. I get paid a salary, which is whatever is left over after all the fees and tier etc. are paid. I will be damned if I have to pay freaking taxes on expenses instead of income. And while Amazon pays nothing!
  2. This is absurd. I have always been taxed on my net profit, not on my before expenses income, like everyone else in America. Why should I pay taxes on the USD I spend on my four sims??? Or the ten percent it costs to sell Lindens or the 15 percent I pay to process credit. Ridiculous. I am going to continue following my CPAs advice: I pay taxes on my income/salary, not on my expenses.
  3. Well I don’t know, but I only report what I send to PayPal, not what I get from Lindex. Why would I when it still costs me to send to PayPal. PayPal gets my actual profit. I don’t even know if I have gotten my 1099 yet because my husband handles taxes.
  4. It depends: If I get a computer with AMD, Nvidia is preferable. If I then buy one with Nvidia, then AMD is better. And so on.
  5. I am halfway through current season of Frankie and Grace and have to say, all the guest appearances add a lot to it. So I was WRONG.🙀 This has never happened before. 🤭
  6. I don’t find you at all grumpy Alwin. You just uphold high standards. The forum would devolve into chaos without your benevolent stewardship.
  7. I read about it early, but before a Mac version. In 2007 I read an article on how avatars have rl effects on owners, mentioned SL. The rest is history!
  8. You used the term sugar coat. I don’t mind sugar coating, I just define it differently.
  9. Right. But no one thinks the office gives a realistic view of working in an office.
  10. If you are wealthy and live in a gorgeous home on the beach. Otherwise not so representative.
  11. It’s cartoonish IMO. I loved the Office, recently watched most of it again.
  12. Yes I think so, as long as you are not trying to sell JANE Fonda’s red coat.
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