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  1. I’m moving my operations across the street for a while. Ironically, it’s safer now.
  2. Yes. It’s one thing to be distressed by a natural disaster, but something else entirely to watch helplessly while our medical teams and essential workers risk their lives because pandemic planning was scrapped.. That is what has plunged many of us into despair/depression, not the virus alone. If it was just the virus, we would normally execute our well developed plan and save many lives. But this is not normal, and distress is an appropriate response. Discussing that response is not “discussing politics”. IMO.
  3. Not any calmer, but commiseration over the situation can be found in the other forum, which has become a pretty supportive place during this catastrophe.
  4. During my front yard social distancing cocktail hour, all kinds of neighbors strolled by that I had never seen before. I am enjoying it, for as long as the weather holds out — Texas summers are brutal.
  5. No this is a very special genius in law.
  6. I just had Bloody Marys with neighbors, seated eight feet apart in my front yard. I recommend it.
  7. Yes but Beth my favorite post is yours about someone’s pie hole. 😁
  8. I mean, a lot of people will be removed by covid. I guess we will see if social distancing is yet another hoax or not.
  9. It is indeed bending most places. Not in the US, still going up with a bullet.
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