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  1. Of course, now I remember — I was looking all through my store for some way to do it, duh.
  2. I could be imagining it, but didn’t LL say not long ago that merchants would soon be able to block people from our MP store? how?
  3. After you rezzed the items, the region crashed before it saved everything, which it does every few minutes. So yes they are probably gone. Contact the sellers and explain that you are not the usual person who just dumps his items in inventory as coalesced objects, then expects the seller to fix it — yours is one of the ways that items can genuinely be lost, through no fault of your own.
  4. I think it’s creativity. Same with either avi or home decor. People want to make something beautiful and unique. They like their creativity to be recognized as well.
  5. This pattern seems familiar: create some unpopular policy, people rise up in protest, back off from policy, leader hailed as benevolent, declared victorious.
  6. Google turns up many suggestions, including the SL missing inventory Wiki page.
  7. You insulted everyone in SL who has chosen to make a career in SL, by assuming we are too stupid to know the risks involved in making a career out of our work in SL. So far SL has given me the opportunity to make a very good living for ten years, in an economy where many if not most people don’t stay in the same job that long. And I would not be surprised if SL is still around ten more years.
  8. Indeed you implied it. Why don’t you tell other people they shouldn’t work where they do because there is no guarantee their workplace will be around in five years? What makes people in SL in need of your advice that others are not?
  9. If SL shuts down, and it shows zero signs of doing so anytime soon, I will continue to be self employed using the skills I have developed. There are many other ways to do that. SL is not some special risky job that only lunatics would make a career of, even if you can’t imagine doing so.
  10. Absurd. No businesses have guarantees. Look at how many solid money makers are now kaput. I was a teacher, quit to run my business in SL full time ten years ago, and during all that time have made far more than I did teaching. SL is like any job. When LL does things that are going to injure our income, and not always just by a few percent, we object.
  11. I vaguely recall there are, or used to be, limits to how many prims you can Rez at once, which can make a coalesced object impossible to Rez, unless the Lindens do something or other.
  12. What steps has he already taken? I assume he has blocked and ignored her, and stays away from places she goes?
  13. Try moving your camera position so it doesn’t fly up behind you like a kite.
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