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  1. My Textures go Crazy on my Mesh

    So my guess was correct, and caused by not stretching textures. Thought the problem looked familiar!
  2. Joins in Wrong Position when upload (Blender)

    Another one.
  3. Anyone can help me solve dae parsing issue? Just email me

    At this point I think the forum gets more requests how to import mesh found on the internet than requests how to make mesh.
  4. Why is real life profile picture small?

    She was being funny. Your definition of snark is wrong.
  5. Does LL want to fix SL

    Well you could be right, we don't have enough data to know.
  6. Does LL want to fix SL

    For my purposes as a creator/seller, it probably does not matter if someone is using an alt or not, since they buy things for alts. I just know a lot of people are making a lot of money selling things, so there have to be quite a few people buying. Bots, of course, should not count.
  7. Does LL want to fix SL

    Well it involves math so over my head. What I said above is I think wrong but surely someone can do the simple math. ETA The recent Atlantic article says 600,000 "regularly" use SL.
  8. Does LL want to fix SL

    To clarify: that is concurrency. The number of people online during an entire day is far more. Would need to multiply by avg time spent inworld, and I forget what that is.
  9. Five word Story Game

    Like his itty bitty hands.
  10. Unable to log in

    She wins the prize for Most Brazen Spamming in a Single Thread. Hopefully mods will remove it all.
  11. Race Play

    When it Comes to being prudent in regard to one’s own safety, I can’t criticize anyone who makes generalizations that might save their lives.
  12. Race Play

    Exactly. That group x is statistically more likely to do or think Y does not mean that this individual does. I happen to live in a very large state that gets slandered a lot based on generalizations, and it is annoying. It is outrageous that whole races, religions, ethnicities have to endure it wherever they go.
  13. Race Play

    We all make generalizations, and I agree that we should recognize and consciously discard them. That includes regions as well as races , religions, and ethnicities. Alabama, for example, is not monolithic, all residents should not be tarred with the same brush. We shall overcome.
  14. Making a Mesh Statue

    It’s first thing if you search: importing model to second life
  15. Making a Mesh Statue

    Was her name Google?