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  1. Is this a griefer or just a plain idoit?

    This thread is proof that everyone ought to have a piano dropped on him as part of his introductory experience in SL.
  2. Being harassed and stalked please help

    That could be interesting, but more likely it would be like they say wrestling a pig is: The pig likes it, and you get all dirty.
  3. Griefing?

  4. Is this a griefer or just a plain idoit?

    The bottom line is that annoying peaceful residents is not in fact considered a serious matter by Linden Lab or most residents. What you describe is something you are expected be able to deal with on your own * since Linden Lab says it will not become involved in resident to resident disputes. That is in the TOS that you agreed to. If you do not accept it then you are free to not login. * By, for example, derendering, blocking, muting, teleporting away, etc.
  5. Is this a griefer or just a plain idoit?

    Some people's sensibilities are just too delicate for Second Life.
  6. These numbers have got to be wrong

    Also the traffic bot ban.
  7. My MP Listing

    Sorry I do not understand, I just know how to delete the blank listings.
  8. My MP Listing

    I did not look at all your pictures, but in order to delete things without names you must name them, using bulk edit. Then you can delete them all at once. Be clear just name them all the same thing like: thing.
  9. These numbers have got to be wrong I am going to attempt to do some math here, which historically has not been successful for me. But: The average time spent inworld per account per month is about 42 hours. That's about a little under an hour and a half per day, every day. There are 16 hour and a halfs in a day. If on average 40,000 people logged in every hour and a half, that would be 640,000 total for a day. OR WOULD IT???
  10. The Skill Games

    1. Not really.. 2. Because it is. 3. Possibly if you are in elementary school, life does not seem complicated. After that, it's pretty much nothing but nonstop complications.
  11. The Skill Games

    In a nutshell. I'd add: And listen to those who do.
  12. How do I delete my Marketplace store?

    I think it is almost exactly the same. If you delete all your inventory then all that's left of your store is a banner. The banner is the only difference between current situation and what you propose.
  13. How do I delete my Marketplace store?

    At least you can deactivate listings so all that's left is the banner. No one would even know what you sold, if you don't want to be associated with it.