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  1. I learned miracles do happen, if you prepare for them. And that I can learn impossibly difficult things if (and only if) I absolutely have to.
  2. Terrified we won’t retake the presidency and senate, and our judiciary and whole democracy is reshaped for generations.
  3. Pamela just stands around while I work. She doesn’t get to date. I might as well make her into a cube.
  4. I am not understanding. I have a regular home and furnishings store of four regions, which I added one at a time as I found they could not only pay for themselves but generate enough income that SL could fully support my family. I understand that rentals don’t generate much income, but surely if the content was set for sale, it would generate much more. People could use the content to make their own little HL. But as I say, I must be missing something. I do agree that LL should step up and preserve the very best examples of SL creation, that just makes economic sense. But LL doesn’t always listen to my wise counsel. 😩
  5. Because LL says they don’t get involved, and they state region owners Can ban whomever they like for any reason.
  6. Did you make the door the root? Because I think that’s what causes the house rotation. The root does not rotate, unless it is a very old script for unlinked doors.
  7. This forum is for feedback re the forum.
  8. I saw it, did not read much of it or sign it. I am advocate of making this forum the one best centralized place to hear and report news, and interact with Lindens.
  9. Now make a list for people who barge into the forum spouting insults and threats, breaking Guidelines and TOS in-various ways.
  10. But you said you want US to take action. What action?
  11. What type of action would you want us to take?
  12. So refreshing when ppl recognize, appreciate, and respect the quality of help freely offered in this forum.
  13. Also, had not had coffee yet.
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