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  1. Pamela Galli

    Marketplace issues

    Oh, nope.
  2. Pamela Galli

    Last names coming back

    They said it was because the name selection step was one in which a lot of people gave up registering. Why it was such a stumbling block I have never figured out.
  3. Pamela Galli

    The UnQueering of Second Life

    Yep. I made her do it. 😱
  4. I think anyone who needs an ego boost should be able to come and ask for clicks. No shame in that. But really, at least they should provide the link. 😡
  5. 😂 This made me LOL. It perfectly captures what being a noob is like!
  6. It’s odd to me that the sense of immersion, the identification with your avatar, is so immediate. I remember being a noob and terrified of every odd looking avi or unexpected event. Now I wonder why I cared so much about finding a dressing room or someone barged into one I was occupying. I guess it’s what the noobs who wander in here hysterical about some little inconvenience or loss of money experience.
  7. Seriously, when a friend I had invited to SL wound up naked in a store, I assured her it happened to everyone sooner or later. But she was so mortified she never came back. We long term SLers are a hardy, thick skinned bunch.
  8. You will never believe it, but I wound up in a store naked with a box on my head! For real! 🤣 What? 😕