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  1. Whirly has long been a SL treasure -- she has helped me solve problems more times than I can count.
  2. I don't understand. Why don't you look on the marketplace if you want prices?
  3. Also if you search inventory by creator, it might show up.
  4. This is the wrong forum to advertise services. That goes in Employment.
  5. You must report your income to IRS. I just report whatever I send to PAyPal. Paypal only reports over a certain total yearly amount, based on either number of transactions and/or total amount (I forget exactly, as a CPA handles it for my business) but you are still liable for reporting it to IRS.
  6. Yes, it does seem odd that your very first object is a mesh head.
  7. Looks like the texture has transparency.
  8. And check your filters. Years ago I had a persistent problem with things not showing up in inventory, and after I tried everything possible to fix it, LL performed some kind of reset on it, which fixed it.
  9. That other thread seems to have an answer to that -- just make it open to a certain number setting your house as their home :-)
  10. I like signatures, and they don't need to be commercial, they can just be a creative expression. Way back on the old SL Exchange forum, we spent a lot of time on our signatures and asked for feedback, etc. When we migrated to the LL Fourms we insisted on keeping them.
  11. And as we know from past experience, the spam could go on for weeks, if not months. Apparently they forgot what it was they did to prevent it last time.
  12. Yes, ignore and the ability to screen out the spam forums and other uninteresting forums removes what was previously a huge irritation. * Thank you! * Those of us who gutted it out all those years deserve a medal.
  13. Restore to Last only works if the object owner owns the land at 0,0,0. Also, not sure how it works now with no copy objects.
  14. My original point was about alts or other sellers the stolen goods were given to full perm, but would apply to anyone in a position to resell. The question of buyers of non full perm copies is different, but I will share my thoughts on that. As it is, end consumers bear no cost or responsibility, it is ALL on the creator -- the buyer gets a premium product at a tenth the expected price, the seller gets money for no effort -- and the creator gets nothing. Gets nothing, times however many times the item was sold or given. And while more often than not there are signs that a seller is not legit, there is no incentive for a consumer to look for them or care one way or another. Why should they? Some do, of course, for ethical reasons. But to reduce the market for stolen goods, there needs to be some other potential disincentive. Potential loss of whatever stolen goods you bought is a big one in RL.