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  1. I was a public school teacher, and had the Forgot I Had a Class dream for several years after I quit teaching. I always had mixed feelings about that, not unlike the feelings I had about teaching.
  2. No one in SL is your mum. Not even LL.
  3. This is good to know.
  4. Recover from whom?
  5. Do we? If you think everything the bible says makes sense, how can you choose not to believe in the christian God? And conversely, if you don't think so, how can you choose to believe in him? I am not talking about any particular religion, just that there is no scientific or logical proof that would compel belief in God. Or disbelief, since absence of proof is not proof of absence. Everyone is free to choose, whether they think so or not -- if in fact we do have what we call free will at all. People think they are compelled when they have simply chosen.
  6. That's another good paradox :-) Really the existence of anything at all is a paradox.
  7. 5. Pam :-)
  8. Kierkegaarde said that the only thing we are free to choose is to believe or not believe. Everything else is dictated by our understanding of science or logic, however imperfect. We don't choose to believe in gravity or 2 +2 = 4. We freely choose to believe in God or not -- it is not compelled. That said, free will is a paradox. The New Testament says God chooses those who will choose Him.
  9. You want someone to search the MP for a skirt you like?
  10. Amen.
  11. Yes if not for Whirly these kinds of inexplicable things (this is not the only one) would have driven me crazy trying to figure out. I did come up with the idea of reuploading all by myself tho! :-)
  12. I had the same problem with stairs on one house. Whirly (of course) told me about clicking, and that worked. However, I did reuupload some mesh prims and that was a permanent fix. There was nothing wrong with the prims that I could see, they were not too thin, they did not turn convex hull. They just acted like they did.
  13. Both violated the TOS.
  14. So sorry Faye :-(