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  1. My store has no roofs. It is designed for flying and camming. In all these years I have been in business, no one has asked where to find something.
  2. Polar Express is one of those children’s books I can’t read all the way through, esp aloud. I get to the part about the little bell and 1) first get too choked up to read , then 2) start laughing at myself getting too choked up to read. Which puzzles any children who might be present. (Also cannot read Roxaboxen or Velveteen Rabbit. And then there is the biggest tearjerker ever written, Love You Forever.)
  3. : 1.This is indeed a very good forum. I don’t like people barging in here, usually wanting some kind of help, and flinging unprovoked gratuitous insults. 2. Michelle Goldberg writes in the NYTimes Opinions about Democracy Grief. I have that. It’s not academic — people, children, are suffering and dying. The Constitution is being nullified. The three branches are being dismantled. I could look away, but someone has to look, and I am in a position to, so I will. Goldberg also talks about Epistemological Nihilism, which contributes greatly to my Democracy Grief, since Democracy depends to some extent on a shared, agreed upon set of facts, rather than parallel universes. Condolences to the U.K. — this election is just devastating.
  4. When this forum was first introduced it was decided through mods and forumites discussions that GD did not mean gD only about SL. Then years later Lindens came in and decreed that politics and religion were off limits. I don’t know if current Lindens are aware of this history.
  5. Oh Finland! I am researching moving there.
  6. Why would I not defend this forum anywhere? I always comment when I hear someone accuse regulars here of being “rude” and “toxic”, with zero provocation, as in this thread, by someone who regularly drops by solely to make accusations, as Velk’s posting history shows he does. I comment inworld, in this forum, in other forums: I have been in many forums, and this is a good one, filled with many outstanding people who do not deserve to be insulted without the slightest provocation, and esp when they are offering helpful info.
  7. Re backlog: I made spreadsheets so I can keep track of how much I need to list. It really doesn’t do much to inspire me, I hate listing so much,
  8. Oh good, another way to ding us. What we would like is for info about a marketplace sale, like what was sold, on the Transaction page. Ditto being able to update price etc od multiple items on a manage listings page, like we did with SLX. ETA Rya was quoting Oz.
  9. Like many in the USA, I am feeling like this must be the last straw. Again.
  10. If you stand a good chance of being polluted with toxic and rude comments, as you drop by here to inform us periodically, why not just do yourself a favor and stay out of the forum? Just makes sense, right?
  11. My learning disability is that I type very badly and slowly. I really dislike typing inworld while someone is waiting on my typo-mangled reply.
  12. This is true of most regulars. This is why I do not like to hear people barge in here and right off the bat start slinging insults about how horrible regulars are. It is simply not true. We have a nice little community!
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