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  1. I was a teacher too. I loved teaching, and for me as an introvert that meant performing in a role, which was great fun, but it was not really me, but the character I was playing, Ms. S., who is quite outgoing and animated.
  2. Whoa, a lot of infp’s in this thread.
  3. I am an infp. I doubt many extroverts would like SL.
  4. Exactly. Put whatever words they want on the list, and we will avoid using them. Is this about LL keeping them secret so they can play some kind of gotcha with merchants? If there is an alternative reason, LL, please share.
  5. Amen. We have been more than patient. This is not the worst thing LL has done to waste merchants' time, but it keeps happening and FOR NO REASON. If LL does not want me to mention that one can converse in my kitchens, TELL ME. If there is a good reason not to, TELL ME THAT.
  6. I know a bunch of words that cause listings to be delisted have been posted before, but is there a dedicated thread? If not, these are two that Whirly found in my listings: converse Eames plus: leg
  7. Seriously? 😤☹️😠😳 How on earth did you figure that out? (And once again Whirly saves my bacon.)
  8. All of my pre-mesh kitchens were delisted. I cant see anything BAD: Prepare and cook beautiful meals while you entertain guests! While the kitchen is great fun by itself, it is designed to be integrated with the Dinner Party II dining sets, where your guests can sit down to the meals you prepare in the kitchen. Serve appetizers at the kitchen bar so you can converse and prepare at the same time. The main kitchen parts are copy-mod, so make all the changes you like and take copies, plus always have the original copy to rez. The kitchen has three areas that rez food through a menu when you touch them: 1) The food preparation islands (two versions), which includes chopping and stirring animations, where you can prepare full meals which include: * fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans * enchiladas, guacamole, salsa * salad * sauce for lasagna * assembling the lasagna, * chocolate chip cookies When you are not cooking, a bowl of fruit or a brass pitcher with gerbera daisies. **************** 2) The oven and range, which includes grilling and stirring animations, where you can cook: * lasagna sauce * lasagna * shrimp scampi with rice * fried chicken and mashed potatoes * enchiladas * bacon and eggs, * cinnamon rolls * cookies and cocoa * baked potatos, * dinner rolls * french bread * cheesecake * tea kettle for the range * and you can grill steaks To rez these, touch the FRONT of the oven. Touch a burner to turn the gas flame on or off, with sound. **************** 3) The bar (attached to the kitchen), where your guests can: * munch on cheese and crackers while they sip wine * snack on a tray of veggies and fruit * have chips and salsa while they drink Margaritas, * have pita and hummos * have a lovely ivory and gold cup of steaming cafe au lait with cinnamon rolls, * use a beautiful rose-pattern teapot that gives a steaming cup of tea along with a basket of muffins to serve * sip cocoa and eat cookies you have made When you are not cooking, a bowl of fruit or a brass pitcher with gerbera daisies. Just touch the bar countertop to rez these. Yes, the water turns on and off when you touch it. It is an invisible prim so look for the hand before you click. ****************** TO USE ANIMATIONS: You can get the knife, spoon, or spatula two ways -- you can wear them from inventory, or you can touch the utensil or knife holder to rez them, then simply click on them and choose WEAR from the pie menu. To choose an animation, right-click the oven or island front and choose SIT, then choose which animation you want to use -- STIR (wooden spoon), CHOP (knife), or COOK (spatula). Extra cooking and preparation utensils are included for you to lend guests. ************** The kitchen comes with these: * both black and steel refrigerator and oven * Two different styles of copyable matching stools w M & F animation and texture change seat. * Dish drainer that rezzes steaming sink water - touch plate to get plate and sponge to wash with, then click SIT on dishwater to begin washing. (See enclosed picture to see how to position it - you may need to re-rez water and adjust drainer position several times.) * Sit on right sink faucet handle to wash hands. * Hanging pot and pan rack that rezzes 4 or 8 pans from a menu. * Cappucino / Espresso Maker (rezzes cups that give cappucino, espresso, cafe au lait) * Toaster (rezzes toast, bagels, waffles) * Under-cabinet lights (adjust glow level of light beam in texture tab) * Hanging mini-lights for above island and/or sink * 2 Wine racks with wine bottles -- one low prim. * Optional copy- mod walls * Hanging lamps * A coffee maker that gives a steaming mug of coffee * Liquid soap dispenser -- Sit to wash hands * 6 potted herbs * A set of four tintable cannisters * A set pf four pewter cannisters * A set of three pasta-filled glass cannisters * Rolling pin * Cutting board * Hanging kitchen utensil rack * Three wicker baskets * Cookbook * Hanging dried herbs * A set of transfer utensils to lend guests so they can help cook The kitchen by itself is around 70 prims, depending on the kitchen, not counting the items that rez or the extras listed. PLEASE NOTE: NOT ALL PICTURES REFLECT THE MOST RECENT UPDATES. ***************** MARKETPLACE DELIVERIES ARE UNRELIABLE; PLEASE READ MY STORE POLICIES FOR FAILED DELIVERY INFO. IT IS ALWAYS SAFER TO BUY INWORLD!
  9. Somebody flipped a switch last night, between the few seconds when the review was posted and I clicked the link to it.
  10. I took out the LI, still says there are forbidden words.
  11. I got an email notice of a review but when I clicked on it, it went to the market homepage. Same when I clicked on link to the product. Discovered 70 unlisted items. I tried batch listing them but got a notice that some could not be listed. 30 are still unlisted and cannot be listed. ETA Because of this thread I was able to list one because it had the word leg in it, But this listing doesn’t have anything that I can see: COPY Antique Ash Banquette / Bench - Pillows change Ash Shaker Console Table COPY Eames Birds on stand 3 Butterfly Watercolor Pictures Horizontal IVORY Ash Shaker End Table / Nightstand COPY Bird and Flower Lamp Porcelain COPY 23 Prims/LI *********** -Sit on benches for singles and couples animations. -Coffee rezzes your choice of centerpiece, coffee set, cheese plate and more! IMPORTANT: Before rezzing, select edit so you will be able to move the entire coalesced object. *************** All items are delivered as one coalesced object that will look like one object -- rez all items at one time by rezzing coalesced object. *************** FURNITURE IS NOT ONE SIZE FITS ALL. TRY INWORLD BEFORE PURCHASING
  12. Pamela is my RL name. Galli is easy to spell. (Sometimes I am asked if I am Italian.🤣)
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