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  1. 250L = about a dollar 25L = about a dime I don't know what your personal sell limit is.
  2. In this thread you have well known universally respected master scriptors. Like all successful people in SL, they can and do pick and choose their projects.
  3. All moot for me and other MAC-only folks.
  4. I don't understand why his profile is blank on the web profile. Mine and others show Picks fine afaik.
  5. I have the vague idea that reviews affect search rank, not sure how.
  6. I use Amazon Prime Now, they will deliver anything you need within two-four hours, no charge, but you can tip the driver.
  7. A consumer POV: If someone is paying for your time, they own the product of that time, full perm. If a you want to retain permissions, don't charge for your time but for the no mod product. Rolig does all my scripting, and it is often a monumentally complicated process taking many hours/days of writing and tweaking and testing, and which when finished I can use as a template for many uses -- but only if I can modify it for those uses. It would be a huge inconvenience for both her and me if I had to ask her to do all those mods (which she will do if I can't figure it out). So if you are going to have a no-mod script business model, you need to make that very clear -- with a contract that spells out responsibilities and expectations. A word about trust: I trust when I send Rolig my products full perm that she is not going to go into the furniture business with my stuff, and she trusts I am not going to go into the script selling business. This is because both of us have a reputation for integrity. I would not do business with anyone who did not.
  8. As opposed to advertising only on your own sim?
  9. Now that summer is here I am redecorating with this white kitchen:
  10. The other day I got the error on the high LOD. I figured out how to fix it, but it had nothing to do with materials.
  11. For SL mesh specific things, mesh forum search works very well for me.
  12. If I needed to blow off steam, this is where I would come to do it. I don't expect anyone to read my mind, tho.
  13. I don't know any statistics, but I do know that a lot of people are earning a living here, many a very good living, some a fortune.