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  1. I made my avatar as fat as possible and went to a bar where people were dancing and stood outside shouting "I WANT SEX" across the sim repeatedly. One of the hostesses IMd me and said "We are not that kind of place" - but I carried on, shouting "I WANT SEX! I WANT SEX, YOU C*@!s" and she kicked me. Very funny! Another time I was in a sandbox and approached a female AV and said "Right, you're my wife" and kept pushing her. She walked away so I rezzed a cabin on top of her and then rezzed cabins in and around the cabin, so she was totally trapped! A white knight was in the sandbox so he TPd
  2. Someone posted here that they wanted to change SL to Sexy Disco Life. Well, I think SL SHOULD change...but to PIZZA PARADISE. All grass/soil/rock in regions should be changed to cheese and pepperoni, or ham and pineapple. The infohubs should be changed to pizza restaurants and Ebbe and the Lindens should hold a sacred pizza supper at one every Sunday at 6pm. Linden dollars should be replaced with pizza slices. A pair of converse knee boots on marketplace = 200 pizza slices.
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