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  1. TLDR I never tried to get a stilt house so I can't really compare the experiences but I do agree that getting an appointment for the vaccine is an ordeal. I finally got one for next week after multiple tries.
  2. For me, yes it would. I tried voice back in my early SL days, and listening to others completely changed how I viewed some folks. It ruined the illusion that I had created for myself of them. Similar to how a movie can ruin the illusion that one creates of the characters in a book. Yes, for me too, hearing someone's voice really changes your perception of them.
  3. I am usually invisible when I shop. It's less lag for me and I'm not shopping to socialize. So I just wear a whole body alpha and nothing else. I also use that don't render unless they are my friends thing so I see nobody and nobody sees me. I mostly ignore random IMs, but I might just say thanks if I think they are sincere. My feeling is if my appearance offends you, feel free to derender me. If your appearance bothers me, I'll do the same. I'm not gonna take a lot of time trying to figure out the motives of the random socializer. I don't dress up to go shopping in real life either.
  4. JIT - just in time inventory methods were a scam dreamed up by grasshoppers who found that they could reap mighty profits by using up all the ants "prudent reserve". It was the darling child lauded by stockholders who didn't think tomorrow would ever come. Surprise!
  5. Mostly I save my lindens for tipping at clubs. I seem to have lost my shoppaholic enthusiasm, which is just as well since I'm not making money in sl right now and I hate to buy Lindens.
  6. hmmm, tea you say? I don't think one can get a cup of tea there.
  7. You are never too old to wear ruffles! Go for it.
  8. today's peeve, sorting through old paper work and feeling overwhelmed. I want to yell at somebody. Think it's time to step away from the computer. ETA, why is January so frigging cold?
  9. Having reached an age I never aspired to, I have had my share of worrying over what is age appropriate. None of the time I spent worrying about what other people might think was worth it. Short answer: wear what you like and don't worry what other people think. Long answer: read what @Skell Dagger said above and aim for that.
  10. I agree with @Orwar, Assam is the best. I drink Irish breakfast which is mostly Assam tea and I like it hot. I still drink it after it has gone cold, but the pleasure is diminished. Before I retired I used to use one of those little hot plates at my desk to keep the tea from going cold. I don't work that hard anymore.
  11. I used to do this automatically, but I rethought it after pissing some people off and I decided that it's better to wait a bit and see if I need to or not. I am not so paranoid that I don't want anyone to know when I'm on-line. I just hate it when people don't give me time to settle in, read my messages, change my clothes and do whatever I logged in to do. I don't like conversations that begin with Hi, followed by a long silence. I especially don't like to see them the second I log in. If someone has something in particular to say to me, then say it, damn it. If not, why not save innocuous
  12. As many have said before me, friends list is a misnomer, it's a contact list. People are sensitive, their feelings get hurt easily and I try to do the least harm to others that I can. I don't turn down requests and I don't dump them on the sly. However, I do protect my privacy. Anyone who bombards me with IMs the second I log in doesn't get to see when I log in anymore. Anyone who gets offended because of that can de-friend me if they choose.
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