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  1. leaving on a jet plane, but I know when I'll be back again. You might not see too much of me while I'm gone because I'm hopeless when using my phone as a computer. But I'm ok, and I'll be back around the 20th or so. Hugs to all of you.
  2. Oh Scylla, I have just the thing for you to cure you of the angst caused by Les Mis
  3. yeah, I never did an Xmas photo either. oh well.... I also want to say thank you to all of you, this thread has really meant so much to me.
  4. so of all the substances that get one haute, which would you say is Haute?
  5. I'm not sure what a mall rat looks like. I am trying to remember the last time I was at a mall and if there was any characteristics that all the people there shared, and I'm drawing a blank.
  6. My dad passed away today, in his sleep, at the hospice. I'm in that shock phase now, numb and unable to think.
  7. I love my Kindle! The thing I love the most is I can enlarge the text size to something legible. Sadly, I have so many books, shelves and shelves of them that I can no longer read because the text is too small. Everything else I can get used to, but my eyes just keep getting worse and worse.
  8. You seem to be saying that anyone who dares to disagree with your estimation of the importance of this sim that is closing must be a kinky sex addict. How did you arrive at this conclusion?
  9. well to be honest, I think Siddean is brilliant but she's not good at explaining things. I have a Slink body; it was the first one I bought. I hated how hard it was to figure out how to use it. I have a Beleeza body too. I bought each one as they came out. Slink because it was first out. Beleeza was next and I bought one of theirs because I loved their skins. Turns out I didn't like their body as much as I liked their skins. It was easier than Slink though. Maitreya came out and I was so relieved, finally i had a body I liked that was easy to use. I stopped buying bodies at that point. Now I know nothing about the inside scoop of the big SL fashion designers, but I do think that Maitreya is popular because it's easy to use. I'm not sure if it's still the case, but Maitreya was not particularly easy for creators to create for, at least in the beginning, because they wouldn't share the details of their rigging or something that made it harder to make the clothes for them. Maybe that has changed. Like I said, I'm not a fashion insider.
  10. Last night was good for me. After I finished most of my "getting ready for Xmas" cooking and cleaning and wrapping presents, I went in world, and felt very loved. Had a very good night with close friends and my sweetie, dancing, talking and listening to good music. Before the night was over I wound up telling them about my dad and their love poured out and washed over me like a healing balm. Much as the love has poured out in this wonderful thread. I am feeling OK today. Spent the morning with my daughter, opening gifts and sharing chocolate. Then watched her hook up her best present to the TV and play a game. She was happy, which made me happy. Still to come will be the heart breaking call with my dad which I feel strong enough to handle. Love to all of you!
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