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  1. I'm kinda glad now that my dad passed away in December, before the plague struck. He was a worrier and he would have been so very worried about us all, and we'd be all worried for him too. But damn, I just want to call him and talk.
  2. Man, I sure do miss our thread that Beth made at the start of the winter holidays to get us through the tough times. Cuz, you know, the times are still pretty tough and so I'm gonna be pro-active and start us up again. The rules are, there are no rules. This is a place to dump your bad feelings and get support from the rest of us who know what it's like to have bad feelings. It's also a place to rejoice when there is something to be glad about cuz we like to share that too.
  3. Was That Cough You Had Last November or December COVID-19? https://www.snopes.com/news/2020/04/03/already-had-covid-19/
  4. @LittleMe Jewell Yeah, I do hate it when the corporation gets bright ideas; it really sucks. Ours is actually behaving fairly decently compared to yours. They've given us all these links to stress relief exercise sessions, strictly voluntary, so I signed up for stretches 4 days a week. The first one I did on Monday and I'm still feeling it in my thighs, gonna have my second one at noon today. And my boss is letting me take long lunches, flexing my hours. these little things do help. Yours sounds like a nightmare. On another topic, I'm so sad about losing John Prine. I loved his sense of humor and his sensitivity I saw him play with Arlo Guthrie back when I was putting my Ex through grad school. and @Seicher Rae take care, and remember you can come back anytime, no questions asked, we'll be here, hugs!
  5. @Beth Macbain welcome back! yes, let it cool, we don't want you to burn your mouth again. IT is wearing me down too, IT being this whole plague siege we are living through. I would more than likely not go out anyway, but somehow not being allowed to is a strain.... and I'm very depressed that I am no moving forward with my retirement, I was really looking forward to it, and now I'm worried that with an economic collapse, selling my house might not make the money I was counting on to retire. I don't want to be stuck here for another fire season, that was really horrible last year, and that combined with the second virus wave is way more than I can handle. So my mind has gone to that dark place where only the worst case scenarios seem possible. And I need to go to the ATM and get some cash so I can order some cannabis.... I guess that won't be too bad. I'll just bring some disinfectant spray with me and I'll wear my kerchief mask. Hope they won't think I am robbing the bank
  6. @Beth Macbain I get it if you have to go. But Damn! I will miss you. And let me echo what Scylla said: This has been a wonderful thread, helped so many of us through very hard times and that's to your credit.
  7. I need this thread, I don't want to see it closed. I accept that I am not in control of much of anything around here except for what I post. I do use the ignore feature. I also have a less extreme ignore feature that just skips over posts that I don't like. We can't force people to post the way we want them to in this thread. That was always an illusion. So if someone violates that illusion, we have a few choices. We can pick up our marbles and leave in a huff. We can complain. We can skip over the post and carry on. Love is coming. Love is coming for us all.
  8. So Kali means death change, destruction and rebirth plague siege continues
  9. But consider this, you might be one of the asymptomatic 50-75%; your odds are 1 in 4 to 1 in 2 chances you will not get very sick. And if you stay socially distant you will be helping everyone..... Sorry. I got mixed up about what this thread was for, GodXXXinh DXXXxit to HXXX!!!! I can't effing do any GD thing right.
  10. Saw a great video of how to make a face mask out of a kerchief - No sewing required! https://giphy.com/gifs/mask-facemask-no-sew-XHXb2GdNeY7TkcQwhd
  11. My first av created my first male alt in order to have a dance partner. He can't log in anymore because his email addy was an account that doesn't exist any more and we've lost his password. he was too effeminate anyway for my tastes. Practice makes perfect and I have several male avs now. The poor things don't get much action because I don[t RP well as a male. Tried it a few times and was mostly horrified by the women I talked with. Later we created another male Av that I kind of like to look at but I don't think I would date him. There is just something missing in the conversation. A lack of spontaneity or something....Which is odd because I have no problem with speaking with inanimate objects and pets
  12. Yeah, I've been avoiding FB too. I don't need to get into fights with strangers. I don't need to get in fights with friends that I disagree with. I am far better off when I don't see the arguments. I don't need to get riled up seeing my friends fighting either.
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