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  1. I'm a packrat. I never throw anything away, I just make new folders. I'm not sure why I have facelights in two places, I guess I forgot where I put one and so I made another. In fact I'm not sure why I am sharing this since it is more an illustration of how not to manage inventory. But anyway: Top level, folders made by SL Sub folders made by me to sort Anims (contains one of my facelight folders, who knows why?) Sub folders in body parts ( I never throw anything away, so yeah I still have a lola folder that I haven’t looked in in years) and look there's the other Face light folder! Clothing – still in transition, most new stuff goes in the Omega and fit mesh folder which gets more and more sub folders as it grows The meh folder is where stuff goes that I might throw out. The ~old folder is all the pre mesh stuff. Then there’s the other place in clothing called New Stuff where new stuff lands which is just a holding place before I move them to their rightful place. As you can see, I’m a bit behind in my housekeeping. Every January I declare a moratorium on buying until I get things under control, but, after a while I backslide and forget about it. My objects folder is the catch all place where anything not clothing lands. There are two backups folders, the one at the top holds original boxes, the one called backed up are my boxes of boxes I made when I was trying to consolidate. shakes my head sadly....
  2. But my own particular favorite candy is toffee.
  3. we had another name for these, Chocolate TlT cookies
  4. I started life as an alt. I chose the last name Wylder because my character was planned to be wilder than my first av. I chose Kali for several reasons, 1) it was short and easy to type 2) I like the idea of being a powerful Hindu goddess of death, destruction and change. 3) it began with a K. My original av's name was rather long. Kattatonia Wickentower. Kattatonia was my name in the alt support depression newsgroup that I sometimes read and posted in. It was a play on my real name plus catatonia which was descriptive of the way being depressed made me feel. Wickentower evoked pagan, wiccan ideas to me. All of my friends shortened my name to Katt(which is why I was determined to have a short name when I made my first alt). I can't remember now how I came up with all the other alt's names after that but I did latch on to giving a bunch of them the initials KW.
  5. no, not paradise exactly but for many, we found a place that met needs that went unfulfilled in RL. For me, It afforded me a wonderful group of friends from around the world. I too regret the passing of the early days when I learned about how to work with prims and make stuff. Granted, the stuff I made was not as beautiful as the stuff that gets made these days, but the joy of creating stuff myself was really nice. And of course there was Not exactly paradise but pretty exciting nevertheless.
  6. These days I generally tp home and snuggle in bed with my love then log out. But like many others have stated I have also remained logged in wherever I was before I walked away from the computer only to find myself still there many hours later (or the next day). In the past I was in a relationship with someone who loved to sleep in SL and would stay logged in all the time. Back then my computer was in my bedroom and I loved waking up touching the computer and seeing us still sleeping together the next morning. That only works if you both use desktops, a laptop would fry. But it was great, specially when we woke up together. Not the same when the computer is in another room though.
  7. I don't think I've ever done that with my alts. I either log one in to play with or I log them all in to play TE(tiny empires), but one after another? Nah... wait, maybe if there is some fantastic freebie that I want for all of them, then I'd do that for all the boys or all the girls, depending on what it was. Or if it was not gender related, then the non binary ones could get it too.
  8. I kinda like the super family we could have super, super de dooper, super extra, super superb, super supreme and supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.
  9. I sometimes put my picture in the back page or "About my real life page" or "whatever you call it" page of my alts profile. But that only identifies my alts. You won't find it that easy to identify other people's alts. I am able to figure some out while I am hosting but that's only because I've been hanging out with the same folks for years and years and I notice stuff.
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