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  1. I'm an introvert. I like my friends, I just don't always feel like talking to them. If I hide my status from anyone, it's usually because they are too extroverted. If anyone besides my lover IM's me within the first 5 minutes of me logging in, and it's not due to some urgent matter, then I will probably take away their ability to see when I log in. When I'm in the mood to chat then I will go somewhere public where I know people and I will chat. I very rarely initiate an IM with anyone unless there is something specific I need to discuss with them. I've had people get pissed off at me before for hiding my status. I just tell them that friendship doesn't mean giving away one's right to privacy. If they don't accept that, they are free to unfriend.
  2. I'd find something else. Don't know what it would be, but I'd go looking for it and I'd find it. I have RL links to many of my SL friends so I would continue to be in touch with them. Not that I wouldn't be real sad, mind you. I'm very fond of my virtual life and I would miss it terribly until I found the something else.
  3. My first av and her partner loved to go exploring and anyplace we found that we could do stuff in, we did stuff in. I'm not particularly proud of myself but Hoo Boyo! it was fun. I called it the Goldilocks syndrome. And yeah, there were a few times when Papa and/or Mama Bear came home and caught us.
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