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  1. you and me both. It's ok to be grumpy, my grumpiness settled in on Tuesday when people at work went overboard being thankful and sending heartfelt emails that drove me right up the wall. Then I alternated between morbidly imagining them all getting food poisoning and looking up dead turkey jokes. I imagine i will vacillate between maudlin sentimentality and imagining my funeral til Boxing Day.
  2. I agree. I had a choice between being alone for TG or alone for Xmas and I decided I could handle TG alone much easier.
  3. Sometimes we do the turkey twice, sometimes we get a nice roast beast for Xmas.
  4. Thank you Tari. For those who are happy and looking forward to warm happy family time, go for it! Enjoy! Give Uncle Scrooge a hug for me. For those like me who will be all alone, tough it out! Things could be worse. At least it will be peaceful and quiet and warm here and I get a long weekend. Consider the plight of the turkey.
  5. Today I learned that if you are ambivalent about sharing your feelings, you can post them in the derail thread.
  6. I think the main problem with a manliest man contest is that a truly manly man would never enter such a contest.
  7. If one more person tells me to have a happy Thanksgiving or asks me what I am thankful for I shall explode! Cuz, you know, I'm not really gonna have a wonderful heart warming Thanksgiving and I'm not terribly thankful about it. I'd just like to forget about it and enjoy the time off from work without being constantly reminded that I'm all alone.
  8. I don't get peeved about post counts or reputations because I'm generally clueless about them. Except that I do love that people are able to give themselves a clever little superlative and some are so creative! To me, those little response stickers are just my personal reaction tags. I don't think about how many I'm giving or getting. I'm not a prolific poster and I'm very inconsistent. Sometimes I post hearts all over the place, just cuz I'm feeling emotional and I want to spread warm fuzzies. Other times I'm gloomy and stuff and I just mutter to myself when I like something but give no feedback. If someone makes me laugh and I'm in the emo mood, then I will post the big grin. The same thing might make me laugh when I'm depressed but it won't inspire me to respond. As far as being impressed by high post counts, nah. I make up my own mind about who's opinions I value based on what they say. And I've reached that wonderful age where I really don't care very much what other's opinions of me are.
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