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  1. It looked like this and it was about 15 years old in 1971 when I learned to drive. It had some amusing failings. The clutch fluid leaked and I was stuck in reverse once when I was cutting school and couldn't leave a parking lot. After frantically pumping the clutch over and over I finally got free. It died in a car accident when the brakes failed, going about 5 miles an hour, and plowed into a Cadillac which was not damaged in the slightest but my poor little car folded up like an accordion and bled radiator fluid.
  2. re reading an old favorite https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Even_Cowgirls_Get_the_Blues_(novel)
  3. I agree, it doesn't bother me to see all that skin on other people. For myself, I find that if I am away from SL for a while the skimpy SL standards bother me more and I want to cover up. The longer I'm back, the less it bothers me. And as for Maddie's attire, I really liked her twirling pasties although they made me dizzy if I looked for too long.
  4. Saving time is an illusion. We can make our clock say it's any time we like but unless we conform to the official time we will be late or early and miss things. Really we are spinning around on a ball that's revolving around the sun and it continues to spin and revolve at the rate it does no matter what time anybody says it is. It''s really about power. The idiots in charge declare that you must adjust the time you rise and the time you sleep and the time you open and close to conform to suit them twice a year like it or not.
  5. Reporting the offense to the host in IM is better than taking it to local. Taking it to local means that you are contributing to the problem rather than seeking a solution. Alerting the host that there is a problem could save other people from being hassled. Trying to shame the offender by taking it to local generally backfires making you just as bad as the offender. It's so easy to mute and derender. Taking it to local makes you a drama queen and I'm not surprised you got a negative reaction.
  6. Does that amazing ability to dance and have acrobatic sex come with option #3?
  7. My first avatar was very carefully meant to be a representation of my true self, only much more physically fit. She was way too fragile. My second incarnation is the one I inhabit currently and she is more laid back. Still a representation of me, but this one is tougher, more resilient, less serious and feels no need to replicate all my inner frailties. I like Kali better. She has more fun.
  8. TLDR I never tried to get a stilt house so I can't really compare the experiences but I do agree that getting an appointment for the vaccine is an ordeal. I finally got one for next week after multiple tries.
  9. For me, yes it would. I tried voice back in my early SL days, and listening to others completely changed how I viewed some folks. It ruined the illusion that I had created for myself of them. Similar to how a movie can ruin the illusion that one creates of the characters in a book. Yes, for me too, hearing someone's voice really changes your perception of them.
  10. I am usually invisible when I shop. It's less lag for me and I'm not shopping to socialize. So I just wear a whole body alpha and nothing else. I also use that don't render unless they are my friends thing so I see nobody and nobody sees me. I mostly ignore random IMs, but I might just say thanks if I think they are sincere. My feeling is if my appearance offends you, feel free to derender me. If your appearance bothers me, I'll do the same. I'm not gonna take a lot of time trying to figure out the motives of the random socializer. I don't dress up to go shopping in real life either.
  11. JIT - just in time inventory methods were a scam dreamed up by grasshoppers who found that they could reap mighty profits by using up all the ants "prudent reserve". It was the darling child lauded by stockholders who didn't think tomorrow would ever come. Surprise!
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