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  1. I make enough hosting once a week to allow me to buy whatever clothes and toys I want in SL and to tip others in SL. I don't make enough to make it worthwhile to pull money out of SL.
  2. It depends on the situation for me. Sometimes I have nothing to say, sometimes you can't shut me up. I'm more of the west coast persuasion as @cicelydawn describes it. I volunteer stuff about myself that nobody asked for. Except when I feel like I've already done that too much and then I feel awful and awkward and want to crawl in a hole and die. I don't ask a lot of questions because I don't want to intrude on anyone's privacy.
  3. Drama, as other people have suggested, is a slang shortening of the term overly dramatic. Many people find interpersonal drama rather unpleasant and they do not wish to take part in it. Others seem to thrive on it. When I see in a person's profile, "No Drama!" I take it to mean the person does not wish to take part in an overly dramatic relationship with others, or that they do not enjoy such histrionics. I also suspect that the person has just gotten out of an overly dramatic relationship and they do not wish to repeat such a thing. Sometimes I take it as a warning, to whit: This person has had drama before and could very possibly have it again, best to steer clear of this person
  4. /me raises her hand. I don't care about mod rights for clothing because I've royally f!@#^ed up some stuff that was mod. I'm better off just finding what I want already made and no possibility of me messing it up. I've also managed to tint some modifiable things other than clothes without coming to grief. But I don't expect to be catered to.
  5. I'm not planning on joining the rush to the new homes. I don't wanna spend 1024 on a linden home when I get just what I need spending 512. I don't need my SL to resemble RL. I prefer one big room that I can do what I want in and not feel cramped by walls. Right now I still have 2 premium accounts that used to pay my mainland tier. Now they not only pay my tier, I have two bonus linden homes, one where the alt army lives and one as my hideaway. I am not all that fond of houses in SL. Besides looking pretty, I don't see the point. I have a dressing room skybox and my ground level is a forest. I have another forest way up high in the sky, just because I can.
  6. You are really good at this! I wish i had such skills.
  7. You should come to the laggy popular blues club ( I think laggy and popular seem to be interconnected when it comes to blues clubs or perhaps any club but I would not know about any other than blues) where I work instead. It has much less of that meat market feel and usually has a lively public chat going on.
  8. It may or may not be a game, but there are certainly some players in it.
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