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  1. Plunging necklines are the norm in SL, it can be very difficult to find clothing without them. I wear things in SL that I would be afraid to wear in RL. But in SL a woman doesn't have to dress with the necessity of warding off physical assaults in mind.
  2. I once gifted a creator of system makeups with the money to buy a mesh head because I wanted to see her make the transition to mesh and continue creating. She had been a very generous creator and I had tons of her system makeup gifts. She was just coming back from a long hiatus and SL had changed while she was gone. So I guess that counts. I didn't think of it as an investment and I wouldn't do this for just anyone. I was fully prepared to get nothing back. I was glad to do it in that particular instance.
  3. guilty, oops and how the heck has this poor wee doggie managed to stay alive for 5 years at the pound?
  4. I personally hate gachas so I don't buy 'em; but I'm also against too many rules about things other people do. If you find them objectionable you don't have to play. Why make rules to limit other people's choices?
  5. I did and of course that's up to you. I didn't mean you should put it in a tag line just for me, but just that this was valuable info for clueless peeps(like me) and newbies.
  6. You have a blog! You should put this info in a tag line. I love fashion blogs and some of my old faves are not active anymore so I'm especially excited to find a new one!
  7. you rock Scylla! I'm so glad there are articulate people like you giving voice to my thoughts
  8. oh and @CheriColette I miss her too I miss Phil too
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