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  1. I am peeved that it is taking me so long to get settled in my new place. Downsizing is hard! I have stopped unpacking because there is nowhere to put anything more, but there are some things that I really would like to find like my toaster and the cords to hook up my desktop.
  2. My first 3 years in sl I didn't pay anything. I enjoyed myself immensely and it didn't cost me a dime. I bought land 3 years in. Not a lot of land, just a 1026 parcel. I had 2 premium memberships to pay the tier for that land and between the stipends and the free land I broke even. I outfitted myself in freebies and I was happy with the way I looked. Then I got hired as a host for my favorite DJ and got paid to do what I was doing anyway. I had enough money to pay my premium costs and buy whatever I felt like. Then the Lindens doubled the land allotment I could have as a premium membe
  3. ^ is BS. Climate change has lead to a longer dry season and a shorter wet season which is why there are more fires now than before. The "properly managed forests" argument is rather stupid when the fires are burning in towns. And as to why is it happening now, hello, do you recall something called the industrial revolution? Not a natural phenomena, we did it to ourselves.
  4. I agree with you, I've found that there are some voices that I get quite enough of when they are occasionally quoted and I feel no need to see more. I cannot be on line for more than an occasional ten minutes here and there these days and I'd much rather see the posters I don't need to ignore.
  5. It's always night time in my SL. I vary it between Riverrock night and Torley's brighter midnight and other night time but can still see windlights. I like to look up and see stars and I am usually in SL when it is RL night time and I'm just a little bit goth (don't dress goth much but I prefer the darker side of life)
  6. Peeve - was trying to do something with my phone while using it as a phone and the screen went dark and nothing I did would bring it back. Went absolutely nuts because this has happened to me so many times and it is so very frustrating. I had previously searched for a solution and failed because I guess I didn't describe the problem correctly and the answers I found did not apply to the situation. It seems like it's always when I am trying to look up something important to tell the person on the phone and it's so embarrassing as well as frustrating. I finally found a new answer that I think
  7. I've met a few of my SL Friends in RL. Yes, there is an initial moment of confused perception but after speaking for a while that faded away and I knew them to be the same people as the avatars I'd known in SL. On the other hand I was terribly disappointed once upon voicing with someone because his voice was so different from the one I'd imagined him having.
  8. So, I've been away in RL for a bit and it's nice to know I can always come back and see threads like this letting me know that nothing much has changed. I agree with those that mentioned that this forum is quite docile compared to the old forums of ten years ago or so. But what with there being people(real honest to goodness human beings with feelings and opinions and thoughts) behind the words, there will always be feelings and opinions and thoughts here that not all share. That's the wonder of human beings, each one has their own perception and when they put it into words for others to see
  9. I think that Myers Briggs can be useful when one is using it as an exploratory tool to gain insight about oneself, but like @Seicher Rae said, it's about as accurate as astrology or tarot and when used by HR departments to rationalize how they treat you it invariably gets abused.
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