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  1. 70 is the premium only limit. If you weren't premium you wouldn't have that many. There's been some speculation that the super premium might allow more but nobody knows how many more. It seems like each time they raised the limit, I find I get maxed out again, so I don't know if it does any good to get more at this point.
  2. Thanks, I can hardly believe it's true. Spent yesterday and today trying to survive turning in my work monitor that I was using for my home PC. It seems that my old monitor (the smaller one) doesn't have the right kind of plug to hookup to my computer which was upgraded without testing that. Took two trips to the PC components store, where I splurged and bought a bigger monitor which turned out to have only the old blue VGA plugs as well. returned that and bought an even bigger monitor which has the HDMI plugs I needed. But I got to tell every one I met in my travels that I am retired which was fun.
  3. Stores aren't rated, regions are. The avatar may be a child, but there is an adult playing the avatar. A mother trying on clothes in RL can bring their children into the dressing room, and there is no sexual abuse issue. Why are you so worried about a child avatar at a skin store. There is no child at risk in the scenario you are describing.
  4. I only hide the kinky ones. I don't care who knows where I shop.
  5. I've met several people from SL in RL. They were friends, not lovers and I don't regret meeting any of them. I am still in touch with most of them. I know a couple of couples who met in SL and took it to RL. I think that is much more rare. I recommend using caution. If you are a good judge of character and you've known someone for some time in SL then I think it's well worth considering. Meet somewhere public for starters.
  6. I was barely 2 months old when my first av met her partner. He was honest about having alts, in fact he was an alt. Their relationship was honest. I even had a long standing affair with his main while they were partnered. Whenever I made a new alt I would inevitably seek him out and flirt with him. The 2 that were partnered were true to each other. The alts did what they pleased. While they didn't wave it in the faces of the partners, they didn't try to hide it either. When that relationship ended after 3 years together, my first av found that she just didn't feel like logging in any more. So I took over. Many relationships later, I've now been with the same person for over a year. We are not partnered. We do not have other relationships, but we've made no vows. We are happy just being together and we stay in the moment. I don't want a commitment. I'm not in love, but I care deeply for the man. He knows I have an alt army. He trusts me. I know this is not his first av, and I trust him. I think people get what they project. I am honest, I get honesty. I don't have unrealistic expectations of fidelity. Stuff happens. I've been with players. I've had a good time with them and didn't expect more from them than they were capable of giving.
  7. I miss playing GoH! But I still love my Vic and Trad too much to give either up and I really can't afford another one.
  8. I forgot about this til just this past weekend when I was at an RFL event, I spent $12,243LL in donations, playing a fun game of one up man ship with a person who couldn't stand odd numbers in the donation accumulation, so every time they donated to round off to the nearest ten dollar, I'd pay an odd amount to mess with them. I will give whatever I have to find a cure for cancer.
  9. nah, I do SL for fun. I have no goals, but I've had a lot of fun.
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