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  1. Sure all regions are in the cloud. But concerning the ones migrated a few weeks ago, there haven't been those house rezzer probs like they have with the new ones. So to me, it makes a whatever difference.
  2. I understood Patch like "any house types at the new released stilt and houseboat regions". So I think abandoning at the regions which have been moved to the cloud formerly, a few weeks ago, should be safe. The problem was about the house rezzers not really listening right at the new regions, and as he said "a few days" I am not convinced that abandoning will be okay there.
  3. If you are talking about the chalets......those timberwood stuff houses..... they did not release them. They just revealed what will be the next theme after stilt homes.
  4. Not released yet. Announced for today but Patch also said "if things work out like planned"........
  5. I own a houseboat which is an absolute keeper, and two alts have a Vic and a Trad. But since my main hobby in SL is taking pics and decorating scenes for those pics, a Linden home does not provide me with enough prims. So my main home is a 4096 lot which I rented from a private estate. I love sailable waters, so when the stilts come out, both of my alts will for sure go for them. The 3 Linden homes are also the place where I might invite people whom I do not know very well. My rented land is often too messy because like I said....... I am steadily building new scenes. One day it's "Oh, I
  6. I would love a pueblo revival adobe-like style, but as tempting the interpretation of the husband sounds........I have my doubts. The door is very untypical to that style. The very first idea I had when looking at the hint pic was "sort of a farm house theme", but I also discarded that idea rather quickly. And @Raspberry Crystal - as a European fellow I do not recognize any style I am familiar with, but since I am not familiar with all existing styles that might not be very helpful It might be somehow mediterranean, but even in the mediterranean areas there are lots of different styles
  7. Hello my fellow Bellis! I had the idea of installing a public boat rezzer in front of my houseboat, so all of you can use it to rezz an inflatable motor boat. Colors of the boat will be random. It keeps up to four avatars. First one entering will be the driver. In case you are new to SL and need instructions, you can click the sign to get a notecard. Here is a taxi to my houseboat: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Siros/38/16/22 Have fun!
  8. Hm. When clicking the link to the "nice free cars", it just leads me to the Market Place starter page.
  9. I use to simply delete each and every copyable item in the order I want to rezz them out in the new home. As the trash bin lists them not alphabetically but in sort of a time order, I open the trash folder after arriving at the new place and rezz them out, cause it feels like they are sorted "room by room". This is the most easy way for me, personally.
  10. It was in 2007 when I stumbled upon SL. I had been playing pc games for a while, but non of them really satisfied me. I was missing the freedom to just walk around and explore the game's world without the pressure of any NPC telling me that the actual quest was sooo sooo urgent and I should hurry to get those 20 furs for the King! On the other hand, I loved games with a good avatar editor, I could spend hours to create the "perfect me". (In RL I have been a fat person since the days of childhood, I haven't had one single slim second in my entire life, so I loved feeling like God and create
  11. I know. Maybe my English isn't good enough to express my thoughts, neither Ronda Huntress nor you got it, so it must be my fault. But it is not really important...... no need to tell you that there is a background story to this, which you cannot know....... Sort of an insider. Forums may be the wrong place for such "insiders". Sorry.
  12. Maybe you misunderstood me. Yes I know the servers affected are in the US. And I was just telling, that Germans felt the consequences too. Because everything is connected in the internet. I suspected, that lots of people in the US thought this was a "purely American thing" and I just wanted to show that there is a "rest of the world" who could not log in too. your answer simply shows that I suspected right.
  13. ....by the way........we all know how everything is connected with everything in the world wide web. So, okay, an American Provider had a cable cut. Don't you think just US people felt the consequences! I had the same difficulties of logging in, managed it by luck, but a friend of mine whom I wanted to meet called me cause she had been trying for over an hour and gave up. And Data transfer was so slow, that building something in SL was nearly impossible. And we are here in good old Germany. So that makes clear that everything happening somewhere has consequences for the entire rest of the
  14. what shall we do with the downgoin' traffic, what shall we do with the downgoin' traffic, what shall we do with the downgoin' traffic, on early Tuesday eeeev'ning? Let's build some detours quickly, let's roam on different highways, let's just store up our data until Wednesday moooornin' Hooray it will be rising, hooray it will be rising, as long as we're now waiting let us join our RL!
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