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  1. well besides the question "to dropdown or not dropdown", lol....... what I don't understand is, how so many can shout "Lollipop was released" while I see it offline for ten more minutes......strange.
  2. Now Lollipop is online again and there is a huge bunch of avatars. So it has been definately the release of Lollipop. I am angry now. Cause......how can I ever get a house boat when the region releases do not show up at my landpage? grrrrrr
  3. Nope I did check my dropdown several times and I am refreshing as fast as possible without being caught by the timeout thingy
  4. Well I AM inworld and Lollipop is offline at my map as well as inworld for me.
  5. hmmm....... maybe the ping difference between US and Europe? Sometimes I really don't understand the internet and data highways.
  6. *sighs. How come I did not see a single boat and at my map Lollipop is still restarting? That doesn't sound logical, or maybe they are releasing two boat regions today?
  7. where do you see them, lol, I did not see a single boat during the last ten minutes. But Lollipop is restarting.
  8. If they keep the order they had with the last releases, it would be Port Laurie. But it is LL, I mean.....we'll never know
  9. Well, you could try it on a maintenance day to find out if Singularity does it like Firestorm.
  10. @Leora Jacobus : I don't know much about Singularity, must have been decades since I used it, lol. But try the normal map instead of the mini Map. I use the normal map with firestorm and it works great. Gnihi ... @Nika Talaj it really sounds like science what you describe above. I mean I get it but when something basically easy sounds complicated we have a saying here: Sounds like science.
  11. a traditional just passed by (about 9:26), think an abandoned one
  12. yap I am hot on Pegleg Channel but .. I hope they will release it on Friday, cause today (Wednesday morning at my place already) and tomorrow I will be very busy in RL in the afternoons. So it really stays a matter of luck.
  13. Thanks a bunch! I do follow this page anyway. But since I am situated in Germany, the releases mostly happen in my late afternoon or early evening hours, when I am at my Sofa, watching the computer from a small distance......lol. That's the reason why I use the auto refresh a lot. While I am at my machine, I do it manually Yesterday I shut down my computer half an hour before (according to what I did read here) Allweiss was released, but that isn't a problem cause I am keen to grab a house boat (edit: just an English grammar question: Is it "I am keen to grab a house boat" or "I am keen on grabbing a house boat"? lol....who would know better than you all?
  14. Now while reading the posts I missed since yesterday...........a question pops up in my head: Some say "use autorefresh", some now said "refresh manually". Is there any reason not to use auto refresh when trying to find out if a new region went live?
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