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  1. Hm. When clicking the link to the "nice free cars", it just leads me to the Market Place starter page.
  2. I use to simply delete each and every copyable item in the order I want to rezz them out in the new home. As the trash bin lists them not alphabetically but in sort of a time order, I open the trash folder after arriving at the new place and rezz them out, cause it feels like they are sorted "room by room". This is the most easy way for me, personally.
  3. It was in 2007 when I stumbled upon SL. I had been playing pc games for a while, but non of them really satisfied me. I was missing the freedom to just walk around and explore the game's world without the pressure of any NPC telling me that the actual quest was sooo sooo urgent and I should hurry to get those 20 furs for the King! On the other hand, I loved games with a good avatar editor, I could spend hours to create the "perfect me". (In RL I have been a fat person since the days of childhood, I haven't had one single slim second in my entire life, so I loved feeling like God and create myself all over again to my liking.) Even now, you are all understanding why I fell for SL, aren't you? Another issue of my life was the desire to own a house. And knowing for sure I could never ever afford that in RL. (Houses in Germany are rather expensive.) I read an online article from a German journalist, who had joined SL, went online each day and blogged about what he experienced. So I suscribed this blog and followed his experiences in SL until he finally gave up the topic and started investigating other stuff. I felt I wanted to make an SL account, but I did not. "Andrea, you know yourself well - if it really is what you suspect it to be, you will fall to addiction on SL. You better avoid that!" was my thought. But I regularly remembered that it exists and my curiousity stayed. Temptation grew. In the beginning of November 2010 I created an account, landed at the tutorial region and spent a few hours there. I am and always was a "reader of manuals" before using something. At that time I happened to be unemployed for half a year, and living alone. So I had plenty of time for SL. I still remember my freebie shop based appearance of my beginnings, like a blonde, fragile fairy girl, dressed in somehow oriental stuff, and always afraid that I might have overseen some point of the TOS, misbehave accidently and get "fired" from Second Life. Hehe. I remember my very first time leaving the tuts............being trolled by some Russian Witches, who haunted me with sort of lightning and spiderweb poofers, so I could not see anything, while they made spooky sounds and were laughing about the scared noob in chat nearby. After standing this situation for about 15 minutes, and not having discovered how to tp, I simply logged off and felt bad for the rest of my RL day. But at my second day in SL I saw two persons at a freebie center, speaking German. And approached them "Oh, do I hear German words here?" They laughed and turned out to be a very kind couple with a heart for newbies, lend (lent?) me a hand and even gifted me with my very first "self chosen skin". We lost contact in 2012 or 2013, but I will never forget them. Quickly I descovered, that, besides my desires to own a house and be slim and attractive, there was way more I had desired in RL and could do it here! As a child I had always wanted to become an actress. But I grew up in the 1960ies, where actors were regarded as "those unworldly, bohemian artists", and my family told me to forget about that and learn a "solid profession" instead. So I found to roleplay. I had always desired to be a photographer. Landscapes and nudes. In RL I could not afford a good camera (remember! - this was before virtual photography approached), and landscapes wouldn't have been a big problem......they were outside waiting for me. But models for nudes? I started to create several different types of models in my account and created a male account for male models, which also tought me, that men are treated different than women. An interesting point to start some social gender studies And so on. I could create a wall of text here - ten years of SL carry so much wonderful moments, drama, friendships, funny days and ........properties. I am still loving to take pics, load them up on my flickr and try to tell stories with them. Creating landscapes, decorating houses. Since I am retired now, and living alone again, I have plenty of time for this second life, which is so much more vibrant than my first one.
  4. I know. Maybe my English isn't good enough to express my thoughts, neither Ronda Huntress nor you got it, so it must be my fault. But it is not really important...... no need to tell you that there is a background story to this, which you cannot know....... Sort of an insider. Forums may be the wrong place for such "insiders". Sorry.
  5. Maybe you misunderstood me. Yes I know the servers affected are in the US. And I was just telling, that Germans felt the consequences too. Because everything is connected in the internet. I suspected, that lots of people in the US thought this was a "purely American thing" and I just wanted to show that there is a "rest of the world" who could not log in too. your answer simply shows that I suspected right.
  6. ....by the way........we all know how everything is connected with everything in the world wide web. So, okay, an American Provider had a cable cut. Don't you think just US people felt the consequences! I had the same difficulties of logging in, managed it by luck, but a friend of mine whom I wanted to meet called me cause she had been trying for over an hour and gave up. And Data transfer was so slow, that building something in SL was nearly impossible. And we are here in good old Germany. So that makes clear that everything happening somewhere has consequences for the entire rest of the world, now, in times of www. Sometimes it scares me to see how closely everything is connected. Even if the advantages of a "shrunk together world" are humangeous.
  7. what shall we do with the downgoin' traffic, what shall we do with the downgoin' traffic, what shall we do with the downgoin' traffic, on early Tuesday eeeev'ning? Let's build some detours quickly, let's roam on different highways, let's just store up our data until Wednesday moooornin' Hooray it will be rising, hooray it will be rising, as long as we're now waiting let us join our RL!
  8. My cable is over the ocean, my cable is over the sea......... my region is over the grid rim........ oh bring back my traffic to meeeee!
  9. Thank you all so much for posting in this thread of mine. When I started it, I didn't expect so much wonderful thoughts and reactions! I am sorry that I cannot afford the time needed to answer each and every posting here, but I want to name you all and shout out a big THANK YOU @Raspberry Crystal, @Garnet Psaltery, @Faydra Foden, @Eirynne Sieyes, @EmmeElise, @GinaFreumann, @Rolig Loon, @Mollymews, @Maitimo, @Morena Tully, @DellaLaBella, and everyone I might have overseen while collecting the names. I am of course reading each post, and deeply impressed. Everyone who wants a hug......feel cosily hugged!
  10. No cause for alarm, Gina. I don't feel hijacked ^^. And no, I never lost trace. They are all still there but "sleeping" since many many years. Good luck for getting back your lost one!
  11. Hello @Avyakta, what Chic Aeon said. For people who just start with SL and start using it as a big sandbox, first and foremost the basics are prims, and not 3D models. And believe her, cause she is a very talented builder with a well known shop in SL. You mentioned to be an architect. So that makes us understand your big interest in 3D. But you might agree that......first and foremost everyone should be able to handle the basics of whatever...........before starting to depelop higher skills. Maybe the best way is to keep in mind that exporting SketchUp props to SL is possible, but for the moment just concentrate on getting the basics. Have fun! Edit: Just had the idea to give you the landmark to a very impressive build in SL, totally made of primitives. No meshes at all. I am talking about a ship, so big that three regions are needed to display it: The famous SS Galaxy. Make a trip there and visit it, just to get a hint about what is possible with the prim basics in SL! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Galaxy MID/111/57/53
  12. hello Garnet, this is a very different way of describing it. "Having different people inside" first and foremost may create an association with a "multiple personality". Scientists haven't yet found to a conclusion if "multiple personalities" exist as a personality disorder , or if everyone of us has them up to a certain degree, but handle the matter different than the persons who tend to split up by letting a few of them jump into "a life of their own". I am aware I may be totally besides the point you mentioned above, but this is my first association of your words. All in all, your statement is very close to mine, just in other words........you may call it different people whereas I call it "inner facets" May well be we talk about the same here, just using different terms.
  13. I totally agree. Filling the gaps is what we do with empathy as well as creativity. May I change your last sentence to "SL gives us the chance to imagine being an "extended self" and in the process finding out undiscovered facets of ourselves"? Is that still what you wanted to express? Or only "close to"?
  14. OMG! Thanks @Kelli VoomI now know: I am not a strange very special snowflake, lol No, seriously. I agree with really everything you wrote. And the concept of a "Dr. Who RP" explains the need of recreations best, but believe me - I am familiar with them too. Without using a Tardis For example: The RP Jamie does with my friend contains some. I am breathing life not only into Jamie, but also three other characters (most times using the same account though), who are needed for that RP. I mean, we are only two players. With only two characters, it would be an extremely boring thing. So I play four and so does my RP Partner. And just like an actor, I love slipping inside them and experiencing their lives, literally living them. I am convinced, that a good actor (even in the real world) is a person who has the ability to slip into another individual and simply can overtake the (artificial) character by a big ammount of empathy. And so do writers. An actor playing an assassin in a movie is neither an assassin nor a person who would kill others in RL, but he must have an "inner assassin" available to empathically understand why this character became what he is. Means understanding the assassins feelings and motives, and being able do display this to an audience. Same for a writer, the only difference here is that he is not displaying it with "actions" but "words". Okay, an assassin might be an "a little over the top example", lol, but who has never had the thought of "grrr I'd love to kill her/him" after being hurt? If we have the ability to recall the emotions of this mind-reaction, we will be good actors. And in this sense, we might say "okay, we all have a little inner assassin, the only difference is: We don't let them out". With other words: When I play an assassin in roleplay, I am breathing life into my "inner assassin" and seeing it like that, we might as well say "okay, this assassin is a facet of me". Even though we would never ever live that facet in RL because our inner morality is stronger and we do not suffer from a loss of control here. (pleaaase, everybody, do not throw stones at me for chosing an assassin as an example, lol.... I could as well have taken a captain, doctor or whatever) Or to make it real with one of my opening examples: My Veasel is a young and slim woman..........in RL I was fat as a child and have been fat all my life. I never had the possibility of wearing the hip fashion stuff or something sexy. Instead of that I had to hide my body-fullness under "fabric tents". Body shaming and so on. Being young is an experience I surely had. So it just needs remembering. Being slim and attractive isn't, here it needs my imagination of "what would have been if?" Those are definately inner facets of me. Thanks for your input, Kelli, which brought me to "think the topic on". In SL we may either live our unlived desires which we are hindered to bring to life in RL, or as well live what we are empathically able to live - but have no attend to really bring to life because it is not a facet of ourselves but a fascinating aspect of empathic understanding about something being strange or alien to our own mindset. (arghh.... that is what we Germans call a "worm-sentence". lol, sorry) The conclusion would be: There can be different sorts of alts. 1. The alts representing unlived facets, desires and whishes which we would love to live in RL 2. The alts created like charakters in a book which we fill with life like an actor fills his role. By being empathic about foreign mindsets. Kelli, see? I don't manage what you did.........I keep killing people with walls of text, rofl
  15. oh and PS.: When I understand you right, you took especially this home to have lots of workspace. Right? Taking a new Lindenhome would help with that too. Because......even if the new houses do not give so much space, you could hang a so called "Building Platform" up in the sky. (allowed above the altitude of 2000m to keep the below space free for flying vehicles). And this platform could be as xy big as your plot. Which is much more space you now have in the house you own. Moreover, there are platforms on Marketplace which give you sort of a "building grid" help...... let me show you one to better explain what I am talking about: This is only 10x10m but they are available way bigger.....just wanted to give an example, sometimes a pic says more than 100 words
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