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  1. Newly renovated and now available in our Darling Estates sim: [DE11] - Farview House: A stylish shabby open single story cabin home on a private 4032 sqm parcel. The house has stairs and a Mezzanine inside, garage style glass windows, and a stylized unique adult bathroom. The parcel is fully landscaped with wild gardens, feature seating areas, decks, outbuilding with adult hot tub, faux beach and cove, and more. Sim corner and very private and exclusive. [DE12] - Sunview Cottage: A two story cottage style home
  2. You have no recourse. None. LL will not do anything, not even send a note to the person suggesting that they return the objects or give you a refund of the money you paid. I have been in similar situations several times, but on a much larger scale. You hire managers or staff and they come in and put down objects that they own, and then later they decide to quit and take their objects with them. Or, you hire outside landscapers/designers to do specific work using objects they own, they accept the contract and agree to the payment, give you their object rights, and can leave their objects
  3. DARLING ESTATES RENTALS Visit our unique and beautiful landscaped Sims to find the perfect place for you at Darling Estates Rentals! Since 2012 creating unique living experiences! Ours are upscale homes, with custom landscaping designs, rare select business parcels, and both furnished and unfurnished houses. All of our properties are full parcels, not shared. The public areas of our Sims are beautifully landscaped and planned with tenant access waterways, public feature areas, and other amenities. We also limit the number of rental parcels in each Sim. We do not
  4. No, it is not allowed, but it goes on all the time. It is griefing, by using rezzed objects, or a hud to attack, cage, harass or otherwise. You should file AR reports every time this happens and hope LL does something about the person(s) doing it. But, most of the people who engage is this kind of activity, once they get suspended, or banned, make a new account, come back, and do it again. It is a never ending battle. If you are being attacked, TP out, or Ground Sit. If you are being caged or bounced around by hidden scripted objects, you can do the same. Turn on highlight transparent and
  5. No. Su cuenta de Paypal debe ser verificada antes de que pueda comprar $L usando Paypal, incluso si ya tiene el dinero en el saldo de su cuenta de Paypal. Debe verificar su cuenta de Paypal en el sitio de Paypal antes de poder usarla para comprar $L.
  6. In regards to the website, not the links from within a Second Life viewer, if you look closely you will see that when you login to the marketplace you are actually logging in to a different subdomain, not the marketplace subdomain (marketplace.secondlife.com). Clicking login, it redirects you to the id.secondlife.com subdomain where you login, and it returns you to the marketplace subdomain. If you click "remember me" it is saving that to id.secondlife.com. This process is handled differently on the main Second Life page, so when you login and check remember me it will automate that logi
  7. Like others here have commented, it does sound like you are talking about the display name, not the username. Usernames never could be changed prior to the recent addition of that feature for premium accounts. The only caveat to that is that when an older account with a first and last name username added a display name, their account name would from then on display as "first.lastname" in chat and by scripts and never returned to first-space-last when they removed the display name. For example, my account username is "Markham Weatherwax". If I add a display name like just my first name, i
  8. Same here, when accessing the forums from the SL account page, selecting community>forums. It loaded when I selected the forums link on that not found page.
  9. Check our this thread: And also, if you have have tons of stuff in your lost and found folder and/or received items, clear them out. I've heard of this issue due to having landmarks pointing to invalid locations - especially in your favorites. Read the above thread and the last message there from 2017. It might help. Good luck!
  10. It can and does happen. It can lose all for your settings due to a corruption, or something got borked after a viewer crash, or your hard drive had an issue, or really it could many reasons. Something happened when your hard drive was optimizing itself, or during a security scan, or a disk cleanup. Whatever was the cause, the system files didn't get saved or got corrupted. You actually could have had a crash that wasn't exactly a crash (enough to bring up the crash dialog), but enough that your settings got corrupted. Your Firestorm settings are saved on your computer, not on the Firesto
  11. It is a strange one. It is really difficult to answer without precisely knowing the details of the house and having seen it ourselves. The best thing to do is ask the creator for assistance. I have actually seen this issue before, at least similar issues. The trouble was that the doors worked if you clicked them on the reverse side (inside the house) and it never worked when trying to open them from the outside. I saw one where you had to click the doorknob exactly in the right spot to get the door to open. Perhaps the doors are not set properly for the "click to", or there are oth
  12. The real issue is that pose stand is just too generic a search term and so many pose stands are in different categories and subcategories, and many items have pose and stand in the descriptions and keywords, it is darned impossible to sort and display. If the user selects price high to low, it will display one from the gadgets category, another from the animation category, and business/retail/pose stands, etc., randomly, on the main results page. Yours is named TMT so it would be far down list alphabetically. If they select best selling, you'd think yours would be near or at the top, but again
  13. I assume that you have "sort system folders to top" still checked so that suggests that this "new folder" is a system folder that might have been created by a Linden Lab tech by mistake, or a glitch/corruption during creation or maintenance. It is not something you created so you cannot delete it, move it, or rename it. You can try dragging it into a different folder, or making a new notecard in it, then try to move it, and see if the system allows it, or picks up the error and fixes it, but I think you do have to file a support ticket to get the issue permanently resolved.
  14. Hopefully Whirly Fizzle will be able to help you figure this out, but I do have a suggestion to try. Make a new SL account and try logging that in and out multiple times. Keep the basic avatar, don't add any huds or AOs or anything. Just TP around a little, logout, log back in, and see if you have the same login issues. Try it with the SL viewer. Also, don't login to your normal home position, login to a quiet region like Hatton or somewhere else. If the same thing happens with the new account, then you know it is most likely a hardware or software issue with your computer, or your ISP,
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