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  1. I just had the same problem. They needed more information. I could not add more info on the website because of the "Your KYC application is being reviewed" thing. The request for more information email asks for this and that, but they don't tell you HOW and WHERE to provide that information. The "Provide additional information" button gives you the above, the support ticket portal isn't set up properly to designate specifically for that request either. By the simple language in the email it suggests to me to reply directly to that email with the additional information. Not everyone is willing to attach important documents to an email, so that can add more time to verification if you choose to use a support ticket instead. I believe I know why they could not verify my information. Make sure that your name is typed the exact same way it is on your social security card, drivers license, etc.. It has to be an exact match. For people with names like "Von this" and "Van that", the U.S. government used to strip out that space between the last name and did that for many years and never corrected it. People who have had that done to them tend to type/write their names properly but to do an exact records match that won't work. You have to use the exact match that is on your Social Security Card. People who do not have a name like that will not have experienced this issue. I have before in the past and forgot about it. *chuckle* If your card says: RICHARD WAYNE VANDYKE, you cannot apply with Richard Wayne Van *****. It won't match. It cannot be Van [Space] ***** if it is VANDYKE on your social security card, or other government documents. Van Der Veer won't fly if you are of a certain age in the USA at all! 😜 Before you fill in the Tilia form, even if you don't think you need to add documents the first time around, get out your SSI card and look at it and make sure of the spelling, spaces, and all that. It is probably a good idea to type it all in capital letters too. *** Ah, just noticed that the forums don't like that name either if there is a space there. I guess VANDYKE without the VAN is a bad thingee. Hahah
  2. Visit our unique and beautiful landscaped Sims to find the perfect place for you at Darling Estates Rentals! Since 2012 creating unique living experiences! There are 6 Sims to choose from in the D.E.R. catalog: Darling Beach, Darling Coast, Darling Estates, Darling Keys, Darling Paradise, & Darling Resort. Our 7th sim, Darling Seas, is open ocean and is not rented. It is for sailing and relaxation for our tenants and guests. Ours are upscale homes, with custom landscaping designs, rare select business parcels, and both furnished and unfurnished houses. All of our properties are full parcels, not shared. The public areas of our Sims are beautifully landscaped and planned with tenant access waterways, public feature areas, and other amenities. We also limit the number of rental parcels in each Sim. We do not rent out every square meter of space (and in the sky too!) like so many other rental companies do. Our Sims are guaranteed exclusive and private for our residential tenants. Come visit our rental office and look around the choices and options of our many highly landscaped and exclusive rental properties and find your perfect place for a home or business. If you've already visited us before, check back to see our new additions and updated parcels! [Visit Our Facebook Page] [HQ and Rental Office]
  3. Hmm. I've experienced issues before with regions/sims that will not come up; I stand there and stare at empty water space and cannot enter. It has been almost always a corrupted region file (.slc). Often times it is caused by a blacklisted or problem object that is in the region/sim that won't load, OR oddly enough it can be an object that is in an adjoining sim that you can see and enter. When that Region/Sim issue happens to me, I log out, go to my cache folder, and manually delete the .slc files and that seems fix the region problem. I do this even if I set the viewer to clear the cache, since the cache doesn't clear until you load the viewer up again; It does not clear it after you exit the viewer. Many people make the (in my opinion) mistake of setting to clear their cache, exiting, and load and log in immediately. The cache is clearing itself at the login screen before you login. Let it wait there for 10-15 minutes to finish up the process and then you login. I let the viewer clear the files, then operating system delete the files, then I login. Manually deleting the region files usually corrects the issue without having to clear the full cache, but if you do that and the problem comes back the same day or next day, you will have to clear the full cache because whatever object is corrupting the region file, it is sitting in your object cache. Dunno if this will work for you. It has for me, obvious;y.
  4. I had a very similar problem. I checked everything I could, replaced my Ethernet cable, made sure my cooling fan was running, and tested my power supply. It turned out to be my router/modem. It had degraded performance on all ports. These days most ISP routers don't last a long time. I got a new one from my ISP and the problem resolved itself. You also need to make sure you have the proper exclusions in your Firewall and anti-virus, of course. *fingers crossed for you*
  5. I have not experienced that problem in a long time, but if I remember correctly the last time I had it happen, it was because the image dimensions were too large for the MP image manager to process, compress and/or make thumbnail views.
  6. If I am going to be AFK for extended times, I log out. It clears out the local chat log and IM chats (I save all), reduces the usage of my GPU, and wear and tear on my computer & monitor. It also prevents possible SL issues when the grid goes wonky, or the inventory system. Stops capping of messages. All that good stuff. I also turn off my TV when I am not watching it. Power down the PC when I am not using it. There is a finite lifespan to the screens, hard drives, etc.. *shrugs* I am thrifty that way. Cheap if you think. Either way, my PCs tend the last longer than my friend's do. 😜
  7. Many years ago I saw a scripted device that would get the name of every object on a parcel (or range), and the position, rotation, etc.. I cannot find now and am wondering if anyone knows of something that does that. I recall that the one I saw those many years ago reported in local chat that data, but plans were underway to write the data to a notecard. Dunno if such a thing exists anymore. Thanks in advance of any info on that long lost product, or similar.
  8. You can't do it without their account being notified. But chances are that if they've been gone from SL for years they probably have long since turned off notifications from SL, blocked them, or have changed their e-mail address. As Wulfie said, "Just do it!" Even if they get the notice and come back to SL, it is more than likely they won't hang around long. *shrugs* 3 years offline is far long enough to warrant dissolving the partnership.
  9. No, you cannot. You have to open each group info and un-check the visibility of each one. You'll have to do this for every time you add a new group that you do not want displayed in your profile.
  10. No. You cannot block those who do not have payment info on file, or limit it to only allowing premium users to IM you. You have to block each user individually. You can set it in Firestorm to only receive IMs from friends and groups, but that can come back to haunt you. For example if you needed support from a creator or have a customer who needed to contact you, or even if a landowner or store owner is trying to ask you something when they see you on their property. Not replying to them is the best way to get kicked/banned. *chuckle* Just block those folks who continue to bother you repeatedly. It is the easiest solution.
  11. Club Xanadu was born on 28th September 2013 in Second Life. It has been a wonderful 6 years journey. The management team, DJs and DJanes and vips who come together like family to party every weekend. We are very thankful to all your support, grateful for being us without entitlement and blessed for having you as family. Thank you for everything and making celebration of our 6th anniversary happens ! Come celebrate the 6th Anniversary at Club Xanadu this weekend in Darling Coast.
  12. There is an order to it, yes. For chat spammers and griefers I use the moderation control to disable the specific user's ability to text chat (deselect "allow text chat") and that stops them immediately from posting more messages. Then I can do the ban/eject from the group. Unless it is done in that order the chat spammer/griefer can continue to post in the group chat as long as they keep the current/active group chat window open. That usually works for me, except when another moderator jumps the gun and ejects them before doing the 1st step. Neeva banned the person via the group info members control - which ejected them from the group. Since the person never opened a connection in chat, there is no moderation control beyond ejecting/banning in the group info. I've never actually had a group before that allowed the everyone role to post group notices, so it is completely beyond my experience as to how this idiot could do this. A delay I can understand, but even if the person kept themselves logged in for all those days, other than keeping the group info window open all that time, 4 days later and still able to post group notices... it is beyond my understanding. *chuckle*
  13. We've got an issue in a group that allows GROUP NOTICES to be posted by members. One member was abusing this so we ejected and banned that person, but they've been able to continue to post group notices over the last 3 days, even after being ejected and banned from the group. Does anyone have any idea how this is possible and if there is a way to stop this person? We've turned off the ability to post group notices for every role but the owner role, yet this person is still able to post them. Thank you!
  14. The founder of a group is the person who created the group and paid the $L. He/she will always be listed in the group info as the founder even if they leave the group or remove themselves from the owner role. That person is automatically placed in the owner role. Anyone who has been added to the owner role cannot be ejected from that role even by another owner. The founder and any other owner can leave the group and that will remove them from the owner role. If they rejoin the group they will not be an owner again unless invited or added to that role by another owner. Groups are collective efforts, no matter who founded the group. LL will not delete an active group because the founder calls in and requests it be disbanded - especially if that founder was banned from SL. A founder who has an active account AND also remains in the group owner role could potentially file a support ticket to request that another owner be removed as an owner of a group, but that would only be allowed if the founder could prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that the person they wanted to remove was added by mistake, and added very recently. I've only seen that happen a few times in all the years I have been in SL. Now, if the banned founder account becomes un-banned then that person, if they never left the group/owner role, can meddle in the group once again because they are an owner. They can't take the group back from other owners, but they could potentially cause all sorts of trouble if they felt like it. The other owners would then have to file abuse reports on any harmful activities and file tickets, prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the newly un-banned account was destroying the group, etc.. Even then it would be a long shot to have that owner removed as an owner, even if that owner wasn't the founder of the group. If it is really a concern, make a new group and start over.
  15. I have been here since near day one (this being my second account in SL). I have been here through many changes and some I've liked, some I have not, and others I have accepted wholeheartedly, or ignored completely. If I woke up to the day where Second Life was gone, I'd close that chapter and not seek another virtual world to live my alternate reality in. I'd read, write, watch TV, go outside, and do other RL things. I'd miss it, but I would not try to recapture it somewhere else. For me, nothing else could be better than the amazing life I've had in Second Life. Like in real life, things change, we get older, times move on, and I've accepted that in RL, so I could accept that for SL too.
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