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  1. Come check out our store rental parcels at Easy Going Skyland Mall! Our Stores are on dedicated rental parcels that provides our shop owners with control over the parcel name, description, and media streams. The store parcels are creatively designed to assure high visibility from every part of the mall. It is a unique and accessible skyland mall with many perks for our store owners. Our central areas provide many traffic games that bring in visitors and potential customers. Currently we provide Alienum, Magic Fishing, Fish Hunt, and Vault Hunt. All are kept funded, and all are carefully placed so all store parcels can be seen from the game areas. And, we are careful to keep our mall lag-free. Easy Going Skyland Mall is the perfect place for a small to medium sized store or shop. Larger options are available. Come check us out and see if your business can be part of our unique mall space. Visit us today at [Easy Going Skyland Mall]
  2. 💥We've been busy renovating at Darling Estates Rentals! 💥 Our Darling Paradise Sim has been completely redesigned and updated! Here are some of the rentals made available today: 🌟 [DP01] - Farview Estate - in Darling Paradise 🌟 A single story wide cottage home on 5120 sqm parcel. Lightly landscaped, with yard features, and perfect views. Private, exclusive, with perfect views. 🌟 [DP02] - Middleview House - in Darling Paradise 🌟 A quaint 2 story cottage home on a 5120 sqm private parcel. Lightly landscaped, with feature areas, and more. Excellent views, privacy, exclusivity, and a unique living experience. 🌟 [DP03] - Farpoint Retreat - in Darling Paradise 🌟 A two story large cabin home nestled on a massive 5632 sqm private parcel. Lightly landscaped, with feature areas, and wonderful views. Private, exclusive, and very unique. 🌟 [DP09] - Sorcerer's Cove - in Darling Paradise 🌟 A two story house on a spacious 4608 sqm parcel. Fully landscaped, with a private cove in front, a small beach area in back, a deck/dock, and custom outside seating areas. This is a unique and upscale rental home parcel. 🌟 [DP10] - Hildago Place - in Darling Paradise 🌟 A two story cottage home on a huge 6144 sqm parcel. Lightly landscaped, with yard features, excellent views, and more. Privacy, comfort, and a unique living experience. Check out our rental offices for current availability and to see our other rental properties. [HQ and Rental Office] [Facebook Page]
  3. One the most reliable is the CasperLet system from Caspertech. I've used other rentals systems in the past, but none have compared in reliability, stability, or comprehensiveness of the Caspertech product lines, so I have no hesitation recommending them. This is of course my personal opinion, but one based on a lot of years renting shops, parcel, land, and selling via vendors. Check out the Caspertech SL Marketplace store.
  4. Ground Sit or sit on some object and he won't be able to move your AV. Then ask him to stop in local chat. If he does not, use the help button and file an abuse report on him. If he continues to try to push, shove, bump, you then you need to Teleport to another location. Ground sit is the quickest way to protect yourself. Most who harass by bumps and pushes, and even with attack objects, lose interest once they discover your AV is not moving an inch. Ask them to stop and then report them. There is a feature option in the Firestorm Viewer where users can turn off rendering anyone who is not listed as a friend. SFO (Show Friends Only). If that person has that feature enabled they might not realize that you are there at all. Asking them to stop in local chat might FYI them to that fact that there are others around. Lastly, try never to stand for long periods in public walkways, doorways, in the middle of shops, going AFK or editing your appearance. You can get pushed by others by accident, or on purpose, to move you out the public thoroughfare. Unless there is an LL employee nearby who you can ask for immediate help or assistance, you have to follow the above steps to protect yourself. Sit, ask, file abuse, and TP out as a last resort. The forums here are NOT a way to report abuse, ask for help against another player, or similar. They are also not for getting account assistance, transaction problems, or things of that nature. File abuse reports for this kind of activity. That's really your only recourse in Second Life. Read the above post by Alwin Alcott concerning posting names and profile details of other players you are in contention with.
  5. Woot! Yes, they are showing again the map and searchable on in world map. Thank you for the updates and photos, Fitigern and Dyna. 🙂 *packs a bag and smiles*
  6. Yes, I've seen that before too, but these are not showing up on the global map, can't find the sim name either if you search for it, and the designation guide points to empty spaces on the grid map. If they moved a sim, sure, any existing LMs would no longer work, and the destination guide would need to be updated, but we should be able to find the sim name searching the global map even if it has been moved. I will check back again and keep searching for the sim name(s). Some FYI from LL on this would be nice.
  7. Yes, I do. Real friends I've made in SL, some I also now know outside of SL. The vast majority of my close friends in SL, however, are SL specific. We do not engage outside of SL and they do not share their RL names or info, so that is a tricky thing. When they disappear and stop logging in you really are at a loss and have no way to contact them or their family to find out if they are ok, died, or whatever. I've never thought of Second Life as a game. It is to me is and always will be a virtual society, virtual existence, and because of the nature of it not everyone you can be close in SL is willing to share their RL existences. They are here as [this name]. this personality, and that's who they are. Here. It is both a blessing and curse. Sometimes heartbreaking.
  8. At the top of the MP page, this is a language option. Change that back to English and it will overwrite the cookie in your cache. Also you can click this link and it sets the language to US English. I run into the same problem from time to time when a creator has their link pointing to their German store language. It will stick with you until you change it back on the MP main page. If you see a link with a another language querystring in the URL, just copy the link, paste, edit out the language directive, and go with that url to get to that store English version and avoid the trouble.
  9. I see that some of the Linden Wilderness Sims are gone now, although they still remain in the Destination Guide. Leech, Tapir, Piranha, Gecko, Capybara, all not there anymore. Was there a notification or blog entry concerning the removal of these sims? If there was, I sure missed it! I've been going to the Wilderness sims a few times a year since they were created. I enjoyed the boats, the paths, some of features that worked, and the fishing. The quests ofc have been dead a long time. Yeah, I didn't live there, never saw many people there, but there are tons of Linden places of less quality or function that still remain (not gonna mention the Moonbase). 😜 I gotta say I am going to miss them. They were my favorite vacation destination. Or get away from everyone destination. *chuckle*
  10. I do also have to add this: NO maintenance should be run, scheduled or unscheduled, outside of support hours - except for emergency situations. Phone and chat support maintenance should never occur within normal support hours. Support of all types should be available for a minimum of 16 hours a day, 7 days a week. When I see the phone and chat and Concierge services under maintenance or unavailable during normal support hours, what that suggests very strongly is that someone didn't come in to work that day, or left early for a dental appointment. What it doesn't suggest is that there is adequate support staff employed; We already know that it is seriously understaffed because no real support is provided over weekends. As such, no maintenance or upgrade or changes should ever be implemented over a weekend. The ticket system doesn't count for adequate support for sim/region/land owners and premium members when it takes a full 24 hour day or longer to get even the most basic response from qualified support personnel. Waiting a day or days for a reply, getting a canned response, and then the support agent immediately closing the ticket is very common, very unprofessional, and shows a serious lack of competence and/or training OR policy.
  11. Yes, we had the same issue with one of our sims (Darling Estates). Everyone was getting the "failure to grant capabilities" error. We could see the sim from the adjoining sims, but could not enter. I filed a ticket but it has not yet been replied to; However the sim (or perhaps even the server it was on) was restarted a few hours ago and now the sim is accessible again. It had been down since the multiple abnormally long rolling restarts. I thought it would fix itself in an hour or so when the lab saw the problem, or the issue was something else to do with user logins or TPs, so I waited to file a ticket. I won't make that mistake again. I was flooded with IMs from scripted objects that could not communicate out in that sim so I got capped repeatedly today. Our Smartbot was stuck there, not logged in, but not logged out. We were apparently very lucky it was only today. I read some of the others above who have had their sims down for many many hours or days now. It is ridiculous! Premium support should NOT end at 3PM. That is the time when things begin to usually go wonky in SL. With all the new money we are being charged for every single thing under the sun, we should be getting back the 24/7 support we used to have in SL for premium members and sim owners.
  12. With the sad passing of long time SL user and creator Darrius Gothly some months ago, the Rental Beam and DPG4SL services that he created were discontinued, suddenly and unexpectedly, this month. We have changed our rental vendors and kiosks over to another service. The Bitly links in past threads to our available rental lists will no longer work. Please come to our in-world HQ and Rental Office to see our current available rentals. FYI and thank you. We wish you all a most excellent and wonderful Holiday!
  13. I just had the same problem. They needed more information. I could not add more info on the website because of the "Your KYC application is being reviewed" thing. The request for more information email asks for this and that, but they don't tell you HOW and WHERE to provide that information. The "Provide additional information" button gives you the above, the support ticket portal isn't set up properly to designate specifically for that request either. By the simple language in the email it suggests to me to reply directly to that email with the additional information. Not everyone is willing to attach important documents to an email, so that can add more time to verification if you choose to use a support ticket instead. I believe I know why they could not verify my information. Make sure that your name is typed the exact same way it is on your social security card, drivers license, etc.. It has to be an exact match. For people with names like "Von this" and "Van that", the U.S. government used to strip out that space between the last name and did that for many years and never corrected it. People who have had that done to them tend to type/write their names properly but to do an exact records match that won't work. You have to use the exact match that is on your Social Security Card. People who do not have a name like that will not have experienced this issue. I have before in the past and forgot about it. *chuckle* If your card says: RICHARD WAYNE VANDYKE, you cannot apply with Richard Wayne Van *****. It won't match. It cannot be Van [Space] ***** if it is VANDYKE on your social security card, or other government documents. Van Der Veer won't fly if you are of a certain age in the USA at all! 😜 Before you fill in the Tilia form, even if you don't think you need to add documents the first time around, get out your SSI card and look at it and make sure of the spelling, spaces, and all that. It is probably a good idea to type it all in capital letters too. *** Ah, just noticed that the forums don't like that name either if there is a space there. I guess VANDYKE without the VAN is a bad thingee. Hahah
  14. Visit our unique and beautiful landscaped Sims to find the perfect place for you at Darling Estates Rentals! Since 2012 creating unique living experiences! There are 6 Sims to choose from in the D.E.R. catalog: Darling Beach, Darling Coast, Darling Estates, Darling Keys, Darling Paradise, & Darling Resort. Our 7th sim, Darling Seas, is open ocean and is not rented. It is for sailing and relaxation for our tenants and guests. Ours are upscale homes, with custom landscaping designs, rare select business parcels, and both furnished and unfurnished houses. All of our properties are full parcels, not shared. The public areas of our Sims are beautifully landscaped and planned with tenant access waterways, public feature areas, and other amenities. We also limit the number of rental parcels in each Sim. We do not rent out every square meter of space (and in the sky too!) like so many other rental companies do. Our Sims are guaranteed exclusive and private for our residential tenants. Come visit our rental office and look around the choices and options of our many highly landscaped and exclusive rental properties and find your perfect place for a home or business. If you've already visited us before, check back to see our new additions and updated parcels! [Visit Our Facebook Page] [HQ and Rental Office]
  15. Hmm. I've experienced issues before with regions/sims that will not come up; I stand there and stare at empty water space and cannot enter. It has been almost always a corrupted region file (.slc). Often times it is caused by a blacklisted or problem object that is in the region/sim that won't load, OR oddly enough it can be an object that is in an adjoining sim that you can see and enter. When that Region/Sim issue happens to me, I log out, go to my cache folder, and manually delete the .slc files and that seems fix the region problem. I do this even if I set the viewer to clear the cache, since the cache doesn't clear until you load the viewer up again; It does not clear it after you exit the viewer. Many people make the (in my opinion) mistake of setting to clear their cache, exiting, and load and log in immediately. The cache is clearing itself at the login screen before you login. Let it wait there for 10-15 minutes to finish up the process and then you login. I let the viewer clear the files, then operating system delete the files, then I login. Manually deleting the region files usually corrects the issue without having to clear the full cache, but if you do that and the problem comes back the same day or next day, you will have to clear the full cache because whatever object is corrupting the region file, it is sitting in your object cache. Dunno if this will work for you. It has for me, obvious;y.
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