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  1. Ruth 2 can be picked up for free inworld. I probably still have an LM buried in my inventory if anyone's interested and inworld search doesn't do the trick.
  2. This is a really interesting point. I did a fair bit of my growing up before computer games were around, my younger cousins had Space Invaders which is nothing compared to what the next generation had, and games keep increasing in intensity. If I hadn't lost my baby, he would have just turned 12, so very much the age of playing games at friends and wanting them at home too, and there are things about this age-violence-intensity interplay I can only guess at or take advice from others on. These experiences must influence aspects of emotion, behaviour and personality (how can they not, everything else does), perhaps wiring in a need for that sort of intensity of experience. Parenting has always been tricky, but with the pace of changes these days it's like a pervasive set of uncontrolled experiments being run on subjects who don't even know they're taking part, much less gave consent.
  3. Ghosting is better used for a sudden (and unexplained) ending of communication. If you both drift apart, you drift apart. But if someone turns around and refuses to have anything to do with you without explanation after a period of friendship, dating or a relationship, then that's ghosting. Like you're friends one day and blocked the next, without any argument or falling out, or one person in a relationship just stops logging in without any explanation. It's the sharpness of the ending, relative to the dynamics of the friendship/relationship.
  4. 17th century men's dress included ruffs, capes, knee length breeches & hose. Please tell me these have come back into fashion at Frank's.
  5. Bitsy Buccaneer


    Sorry but no. I care about your point of view, opinion and experience. I just wish you'd stop trampling others' underfoot. And that's just a wish, my feelings. Now about language, are you saying that language can't be flexible, adaptable, or influenced by context? That words can only have a fixed set of meanings?
  6. May I ask how many events you're posting that the 10L$ charge will be a significant cost to you?
  7. Bitsy Buccaneer


    Yes, I saw that you said "to model". And yes, I understand that you don't care about others' points of view or experience. Your data point for my question has been noted. It already was prior to your reply.
  8. Bitsy Buccaneer


    Except that "model" already has a meaning amongst the large fashion-centric population in SL. Meshing and mesher are more readily understood. I'm curious how many of us who make or use mesh in SL have ever referred to it as a model. I haven't. Granted, I'm not a fancy pro 3-d modeller, just a hobbyist creator who extended her skillset for SL.
  9. There is much freedom in living this way, whatever the physical circumstances are.
  10. Fear is probably the best descriptor I think. When we were young she was adventurous, daring, didn't accept externally imposed limits or expectations, not when she could do her own thing her own way, whatever that was at the time. She was so much fun and my hero. Everyone thought I was her role model since I'm older but it was really the other way around. Along the way she lost that. I know some of the reasons and can guess at other factors, like our mother's influence and need to have her own choices affirmed. This shining wild child became an often hesitant and timid woman, defined by her husband and sons. For your question about myself, I never really chose to fit in. It's more like I started rejecting the values and beliefs I'd grown up with, and found my way into recognising the value within everyone, helped by progressive communities, a decade living in a sort of post-hippy cooperative household, lots of religious and spiritual exploration, practice and study and by my own struggles to value myself. Part of that was recognising and changing what I didn't like in myself and learning to value what I did. One of the things I learned along the way was that trying to meet needs by other people's solutions rarely works. My sister's quest for a magazine perfect house won't heal her fear because her timidity is rooted in something else. Repainting the living room keeps her busy though and lets her avoid what's going on inside. Sometimes it's useful to find these sorts of temporary solutions, if they give you some peace to recoup your energy, but ultimately they paper over the causes instead of addressing them. Since you brought it up, this is the teaching I have to share on developing self-esteem. One part is learning to see and value what is good in others. It may help you learn to see what is good in yourself and it will reduce the chance of your own needs and pain harming others. The other half is to always look for the real reasons for your discomfort within yourself, then muster the courage to find ways of addressing those needs which genuinely heal your pain.
  11. Is this what you've decided I'm doing here and why you left a sad face on my last post? It certainly wasn't my intention to shame or be pious. I would genuinely like to know. If there's a misunderstanding, I'd like to clear it up. If I wrote poorly, I'd like to know so I can try to improve. Edit to add: If Marianne was offended by my post, I apologise unreservedly. I respect her a great deal.
  12. No, it certainly isn't wrong to have needs or to find good ways to meet them. I do have empathy for that impulse and the situations which lead to it. We all have needs and we all seek out ways to meet them. For many though the perceived need for airbrushed perfection is artificial, created by industries to sell more and more things we don't actually need. Or where the need isn't artificial, it's shaped in particular directions by those same industries. That is what I'm uncomfortable with, the use of needs, whether artificial or real, to sell more and more stuff especially in conformance with a narrow vision. If we're using personal examples, mine was a very bland, middle of the road, unassuming childhood. My sister and I had different reactions - she embraced that sold vision of sanitised perfection and encourages our mother to do the same. I found the blandness stifling and went off in search of different things. My crappy health prevents me from living that out as I'd like to. SL used to be a good alternative for encountering a broad diversity of creative visions. There's still some of it, but so much less and finding it can be hard work. Part of the delight before was the surprise of just happening into every shade of creativity without looking for it. It was just there, all around, with the accompanying sense of serendipity. So perhaps for you this idealised mainstream is just what you need and you're able to grow in its prevalence. Maybe it's also limiting you, only you can assess that. It does limit many others and society as a whole. My sister was the creative, exuberant one growing up. She isn't any more and that's a loss.
  13. Yes. Did you continue to my second paragraph where I proffered that Belli is just easier? That it's appeal isn't just the familiarity of American suburbia to many but that it is easier than the near infinite choice SL offers.
  14. Position-related rounding errors are too great at 4000 meters so build platforms do need to be lower. I'm not a fan of stacked rental housing at all and I didn't address it in my short post. I just added some overlooked considerations for regulations others have suggested. That's all.
  15. I have a different take on this. I think it may be more of an outlet for the "need" fostered by advertising, magazines, tv to have a picture perfect home and "look". So rooms that could be in a magazine, fashion model mesh bodies and clothes. It's what's being sold as the dream or ideal. Have you seen the psychological studies about the way too much choice overwhelms us and makes it all harder? I think there's validity in that and SL has the potential for near infinite choice. Maybe Belli is popular simply because it's easier.
  16. RP meaning sexual activity became a red flag for me because of the percentage of men who used it as a way of pretending they weren't actually cheating on their wives. Which gets into the honesty thing too...
  17. I'm seeing this too. In the past, everyone I knew seemed to know at least the very basics of prim editing. But more and more I find I'm needing to explain where to find the edit function or how to drop a texture on something. I'm also running into people who just don't want to know. They'd rather go buy it, even when it takes ages to find something and it's not really what they're after. When mesh came along, I already I had it in my head that I could make things so the big obstacle was learning the new tools. Nowadays it seems that there's also this obstacle of thinking it's only something other people can do. Which is pants. Utter pants. I would happily trade all the current fancy air-brushed consumerist prettiness for the DIY and collaborative ramshackle vibrancy, diversity and creative exuberance we used to see regularly across the grid. We have lost something very very precious.
  18. Build platforms in the sky are very helpful for creators who need an area to do whatever needs to be done inworld before they set something out for sale. Prevent those on mainland and store owners will have to either cram their work areas into the ground level build or leave mainland. (And "nothing above 250 m" however it's done will guarantee more low level sky platforms - better to have them above 2000 m, which means ownership and ability to set security if needed up there too.) Separating living space and store space makes sense for those with busy stores, but mine's always been small and low traffic so it's best for me to have them nearby. It's just easier and also increases the chances of a conversation with a browser or customer starting, which is my favourite part of owning a shop. Having a shop and residence on the same sim used to be a done thing. I don't know if it still is. But being on mainland increases the chances of someone with a sense of curiosity and adventure happening by and dropping in for a wee nosy. Those are often the best conversations. Just some thoughts from a "hobbyist" creator in a niche market. Please bear us in mind - collectively we're important to the vibrancy and diversity of SL.
  19. The lighting can be controlled pretty close to infinitely. There isn't a handy interface for the Windlight feature in the official SL viewer but there is in most (if not all) of the third party viewers. Have you tried one of them? There are still some changing rooms around, places provided as a kindness by land owners for those without land to rez some boxes and change their clothes. Perhaps one might suit, or you could rez a prim and drop a texture or colour on it to make your own backdrop. You can also make your own backdrop to use in a sandbox. If there are griefers present, try another or sit on the prim and edit its Z location to somewhere high in the sky. It used to be that some store owners left the photo studio set-up they used for their own vendor photographs open to everyone, or to the group. I don't know if this happens much anymore. The one I remember closed due to the creator's RL health problems. Have you tried an inworld search for something like "free photo studio"?
  20. Surely a home design app or game for tablet or phone would have far greater reach, a smaller learning curve and be more viable. Why would they limit themselves to the complicated niche that is SL?
  21. A news anchor did a wee piece (Jon Snow, Channel 4 in the UK) about this new thing that was taking off, where you could wander around replicas of London and make things, or buy them from people who were good at making them if you wanted. His curiousity and wonder appealed to me, but my wee dying laptop wasn't up to it. When it was finally replaced with an up to date desktop, one of the first things I did was make an account. It wasn't a great experience, taking such a long time to get my avatar sorted, then wandering around empty place after empty place and not understanding that the L$10 things set out here and there were fractions of a pence. Finally gave up to go to bed in a less than stellar mood and forgot about it. A while later my best friend got caught up in it and I followed him in. It went much better this time, because he was introduced to it by a friend who showed him the basics and he did the same for me. So I can say, based on my personal experience and without reservation, that there is a hell of a lot to be said for word of mouth being the primary means of introducing new people to SL. The ads I've seen were sidebars on casual browser games years ago when I was bed bound. They really didn't give much of a feel for what SL was about, just hinted at romance, fashion model beauty or something even more vague (not a euphemism for sex, I genuinely don't know what they thought they were suggesting). There were probably youtube cookies from SL building tutorials in my browser, so maybe the ad server picked up on that or something. Anyway, even if they had intrigued me enough to start I wouldn't have known what to do. Much better I think to have a friend who can point you to things you'll be interested in, show you the basics and just share the excitement and curiousity with. That said, I've never been able to get a friend into it myself. It's such a tricky thing to describe.
  22. I don't mind snow, even when it's "out of place". But I do have photosensitivity & problems with flashing lights. Those aren't against covenant, so it's on me to try to keep myself safe. It's just not the kind of thing most people think about.
  23. The game used to be making puns and clever combinations. So if new accounts had to have last names again (which I gather won't be the case), you might run into names like Buttbrigade Voom and Cheesecurd Sorbet instead. It was great fun to run into them out and about and appreciate their creativity. Some say that misunderstanding the delight people took in making new alts with clever pun names was the reason why the Lindens did away with last names in the first place. The Lindens saw that a lot of accounts were abandoned at the naming stage and didn't realise how much of it was people trying to get a particular last name for an alt. Last names for new accounts won't kill creativity in naming, but if the new last names are only available for a fee fewer will do it just for a laugh.
  24. Try it with a prism shape instead of a box. A basic box is 12 tris, prism is 8 (7 if you don't need to see the bottom and can ditch that). I think your 20 tri box could come in at 13 or 14. It won't be perfect from all sides, but will often be good enough from front and sides. How it holds up from the back depends on the texturing. Whether you see the back's lowest LoD at all depends on positioning in the build, and that's something you can use to your advantage.
  25. Some will have gone to the new Linden Homes. Houses near the shore and houseboats are both very popular there and many houseboats have a sailing boat moored outside. Those areas were made to be accessible to the mainland waterways.
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