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  1. Are you inclined to over think things? It feels like it from the amount you wrote. It might go better if you simply accept people as they are and not worry about it. Like anything else, because we're all still people, there will be some you click with and some you don't. In real life we just carry on adjusting to each situation, so why not do it here too? Not everyone will be your cup of tea, but sometimes someone different will surprise you.
  2. Denmark's government has been the most pro-active in Europe. They went to lockdown early too and have a low number of deaths to show for it. Their lead is a good one to follow. If only our governments would.
  3. I was trying to figure out how to say this, except it was using many more words and not going so well. Thanks Arduenn Off for some lockdown exercise now (edit: Rather than focus on what you can do with money, perhaps a better hook given the monumental economic uncertainty would be a focus on what you can do in SL for free or very low cost. Then those who are inclined can find their own way into Linden homes or mesh bodies or whatever makes them happy.)
  4. My apologies then. It wasn't clear to me that others were and you weren't. I'm going to bow out as I only thought to help a wee bit and have only made things worse. Take care everyone, and stay safe.
  5. It's not a word with otherwise positive connotations over here either. Somehow we've managed to not get our collective knickers in a twist over a word. But it's not worth arguing over. This is an American forum, so we do things your way. (you, being general and referring to the majority, not anyone specific)
  6. Can you not let go of your attachment to a negative definition of a particular word? Look at what I wrote about our "lockdown" here. That's the sense in which it is being used with regards to the pandemic. It isn't a bad thing. It isn't a punishment. I'm sorry people have punished you unfairly in the past, but that's not what's going on here. (Selene has informed me that she doesn't feel this way, so the you's refer to whomever does. Leaving the post in so you all know why she's pissed with me.)
  7. So basically my effort to provide an idea of what life is like living in a "lockdown" was a waste of time because you're stuck on a dictionary definition? It's not a punishment here. It really isn't. It is the best chance we have of reducing the death count. Is that not worth it? (Selene has informed me that she doesn't feel this way, so the you's refer to whomever does. Leaving the post in so you all know why she's pissed with me.)
  8. Is the term "lockdown" really that terrifying? We've been seeing it in English-language reports on the situation across Europe so when it was finally announced for the UK, it was very much welcomed. We can get food (one trip per day), we can get medicine, we can get one bit of outdoor exercise. We're not supposed to make social calls or gather. It's more emotionally difficult than it is physically difficult. Grocery stores have been hiring and reworking their websites to cope with demand for deliveries. Time is doing weird things so these improvements feel slow in coming, but they haven't
  9. This feels rather like a known troll. Oh well, it's something to talk about. How's the weather where you are?
  10. Bellisseria, the very popular and ever-expanding new Linden homes continent, has a lot of navigable water with interesting things to find and explore, and people and mermaids out adventuring. Our wonderful @Rolig Loon frequently posts travelogues in one of the threads in the Linden Homes section of the forums. Have a look
  11. Sometimes we just need a break from caring, especially when there's been an overwhelming amount to care about ❤️ I went to my two social outlets to see the closed until further notice signs. It helped me feel more grounded in this new reality that I'm only sort of experiencing. Both are short walks so it was a way of giving purpose to some exercise.
  12. Thanks to Wulfie and all for this thread. Please keep talking, as this is making MD seem far less daunting than the more usual forum discussion about it
  13. As hard as it is, and I know that reality better than most, isolation is everyone's friend right now. The more we slow the spread, the less the health services are overwhelmed and more people, at risk or otherwise healthy, will survive. We absolutely have to think in terms of the good of everyone. There is strength and mental health in understanding this and acting accordingly. The purpose of our lives right now is to get each other through.
  14. ^ cause it can't be said often enough. We're all in this together. Act for the good of those who are most at risk, not just yourself.
  15. Do some tests of your own. Make test versions with different triangle counts and compare them on the beta grid. It should help you start to get a feel for where you can safely reduce triangles and where you need to have some extra. Make them count. Also use wireframe view (Shift-CTRL-R) to look at the density of triangles. You want to be able to see through your object in wire frame. Look at other people's too. Ask yourself how much geometry a detail needs or if it can be achieved through the texture. The ideal number of tris is as few as you can manage without too big a hit to
  16. You shouldn't have this concern, but the situation is what it is. Bigger solutions like hacking reduction/prevention will take time to implement. In the meantime, your habits are allowing people to steal real life money from the Lindens. Can you at least recognise that?
  17. Can you take a moment to listen to yourself there? You're claiming to know better than I do what I meant. Do you see the problem with that?
  18. In the bit you quoted from me: Money trail. Passing stolen money from account to account. They have to, legal requirements to prevent/reduce money laundering. The gacha scam is a way of breaking that trail. You're all being used to facilitate it. I'm talking about one aspect of this, not the whole picture. I'm not accusing or haranguing either. I brought up an overlooked aspect of the situation and have attempted to clarify readers' misunderstandings of it. And my word, you lot are quick to misunderstand it.
  19. Fairre, I think you've gotten so caught up in your lectures about the distinctions between species that you're sort of missing the point. You've made pretty specific statements about tinies being asexual and contradicted someone pointing out that this wasn't a universal. Now you're framing it as attempts because of needing special animations. Truth is, it doesn't matter if they're not rigged to get jiggy - animations are only one way of going about it It's grand you don't have experience with that. But trust those who do when we say that visual depictions are an option not a requirement.
  20. If expensive gachas weren't on offer on MP, then this vector would no longer be available for the thieves. Passing stolen money from account to account leaves a trail LL can follow. With money laundering being a RL concern, they have to have robust, legally required procedures to watch out for it. Whether you intend to or not, by listing expensive gachas all of you are providing a way for the thieves to get around these stop guards. I asked questions. I think who is losing out through this is an important aspect to consider for both practical and ethical reasons. It's your choice
  21. I just see the scorn laugh as them getting their own flavour of entertainment out of it . Some laugh at jokes, some laugh scornfully. It's theirs, not mine. For all they might want to make me feel bad, life's too short to give distant people on the internet that sort of power over my emotions. 🎶 too ra loo roll too ra loo roll yay
  22. So you'll stop saying that it's impossible for Tinies to engage in sexual activity then? Really hard to tell from your reverie.
  23. Maybe the creator would make a custom version for you? It shouldn't be difficult technically. Worth asking IMO.
  24. Is this being taken into consideration at all by those who are continuing to list items for the hackers to steal?
  25. Tinies have been (used to be at least) one of the most creative and imaginative communities in SL. And anything is possible with imagination. If Tinies fell in love and wanted to, they could.
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