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  1. Anyone can foul up. If you're going to not do business with somebody because of that level of risk I presume you have no bank account, no home, no vehicle and are not registered to vote. And why you have any online identity at all is a mystery....
  2. Still active but what I'm active at has slowly changed over the years. Currently I spend several hours a week streaming live musical performances and am on the management team of a SL club
  3. Exactly, @Grumpity Linden - I've had the dubious privilege of being the lead analyst on two such projects during my career and that sounds pretty much like an implementation of the requirements I wrote in either case. Least privilege, separation of duties and a layered defense in depth. Along with the stuff I'm sure you implemented but didn't write about - because such details aint ever for public consumption - like rigorous access logging, an intelligent IDS setup and designing the infrastructure in such a way that even if somebody was able to bash through all of that layered defense they couldn't do it without setting off alarms to tell you it had happened.
  4. There's a difference between "holding pending verification" - which they must do if your identity is insufficiently verified by Tilia to be "trusted" for regulatory purposes - and "denying" the transfer - which blocks it completely and which they can only do with legal or contractual justification. LL may have had sufficient verification for the regulatory environment in which they used to operate, and may have transferred some or all of that to Tilia when that aspect of the business was spun off due to regulatory changes. If that transferred information met the new regulatory requirements that Tilia, an exchange as defined and regulated by FinCen, has to operate under they will not ask for any extra and neither will there be a delay to verify. If not, they must ask for the additional data and must not release your transfer until that additional data is verified. Them be the laws, and the regulatory penalties for failing to comply with 'em are ugly. I submitted my extra info as soon as that was possible by making a small cashout (outside my usual sequence) and sending them the extra doco they asked for. That initial one took longer than usual due to the verification delay but since then my cashouts have proceeded as fast as - or in most cases faster than - they did before the cutover to Tilia processing.
  5. With respect, I'm afraid you are wrong. These are not apples and oranges.. avatar+hair+"bouncy or dangly bits"+clothing are ALL a bunch of meshes, with geometry and textures to download and allocate memory for, and everyone who renders that person on their screen has to download and store all that data, including all the components of it that are "hidden" You are quite correct to call out hair as one of the most wasteful applications of "multiple hidden options" but that is only a difference in degree, not nature. I am truly not trying to be judgemental here but isn't "everybody else does it inefficiently so I can get away with it too" just about the worst reason for making a particular design decision? Aren't you proud of your work and want to make it the best you can make? Do you really want to be one of the people whose customers get a really nasty surprise when/if project ARCTAN hits the grid and complexity gets rationalized?
  6. Honestly, I stick to two very simple principles in SL. I make no effort to hide who I am, even the aspects of my personality that are not reflected in a particular avatar are there to be found if you want - though why you'd be interested in some of it is beyond my ken - and any alts are just crash test dummies with no life outside my workshop. I accept everybody else as they present themselves in SL - not just the avatar but the person. If an avatar is "hollow" without a "real" personality driving it then sorry, but you and I aren't going to be having much meaningful interaction anyway, because I will have no interest in you. But if the personality presented is "real" then it doesn't matter if how they present themselves is radically different from in RL, because to express that real personality it HAS to be there as at least part of that persons self. So I don't care if I know the lass I'm talking to in SL is the alt of a SL guy or vice versa - I'll address them with appropriate pronouns and interact with them as the facet of their self that they are presenting at the time. For me, what you see is what you get and I choose to respect everybody else by responding to them as if that were true of them too. It results in a refreshingly drama-free existence.
  7. Is it bad of me that I look at this and immediately think of it as a cryptic crossword clue to solve rather than trying to swap a couple of the words?
  8. I don't know about "agreeing" - I think both you and Luna have it right, just from slightly different viewpoints, which makes what you're looking AT appear a bit different.
  9. Doesn't matter a damn. On my audio setup here I have a stomp-box that adds harmonies to my vocal line. So what if I set it to +octave and then just pipe the "wet" fx into sl voice? Given that I'm an experienced radio actor and I know how to soften my diction for a more feminine intonation I GUARANTEE you'd think I was a woman with a contralto voice if I wanted you to. I'm not, though. Neither the gender nor the vocal range.
  10. If you're being "true to yourself" in SL that doesn't mean you're being "your RL self" here. If every avatar and persona you portray in SL is a genuine aspect of your RL self then it's real. And that can be a good or bad thing....
  11. They do. And in the process they tend to righteously earn their time spent clutching their pearls on the fainting couch. And the fact that some of us know scripture better than they do and might even have the right to be called "reverend" even if we don't claim it *really* twists their tails.
  12. In fairness I DON'T have a highland accent - My family moved to a small english shipbuilding town when I was tiny so I sound more like a sassenach than I should - apart from when I'm singing. For some reason a bit of a burr comes through then.
  13. I have a very good chinese (han ethnicity, "chinese" covers, as they say, a multitude) friend who has introduced me to a few restaurants in my city where the local population of a particular asian culture like to eat. I'm usually the only roundeye in the place and would never have found them if I hadn't been introduced by somebody on the inside....
  14. I sing live in SL. I should put something in my profile.... "You want to 'voice verify' me as a crusty ol' scotsman? Come to one of my sets. Tip the venue even if you don't like my music, because it's venues and their staff that make live music happen in SL...."
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