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  1. I'm torn between applauding and running for a shovel to dig a nice safe hole under the biggest rock I can find
  2. (I was originally going to post this in the arts and music forum but I'm putting it here instead in the hope it reaches more of you that way) As my friends across the pond were preparing to celebrate a rather strange Thanksgiving I was doing what I normally do as part of preparation for any week, putting the finishing touches to, and rehearsing, the set list(s) I would be playing in the coming week. It struck me that I had something enormous to be truly thankful for in these troubled times. I haven't picked up a busking pitch or played a RL live gig or session since late February. All the
  3. I absolutely agree, and I hope you weren't thinking I was denigrating that style of music, because I happen to love it myself. If there was a tinge of disgruntlement in my reply I suspect it was that there was a title that made me - as a Folk artist who's been privileged to be around some of the true giants of the genre over the last few decades - sit up and think "here's a question for me......" and then to have to admit to myself that my enthusiasm had been premature :)
  4. @Wulfie Reanimator had it exactly right - I forgot that "zero position" in a texture is its center. it genuinely doesnt add any complexity to the math though- a constant adjustment to the offset is not - as the script presented demonstrated - hard to incorporate.
  5. After getting burned by good looking products that ended up looking like crap in the situation I wanted to use them (as part of creating a particular "look" or as part of the furnishings/decorations of a particular area) simply because I couldn't make a trivial mod to them for me it is now 100% no-mod == no-buy. I'll take the time to make my own rather than buy a nomod product, even if I can't make it look quite as good as the one on the MP. it will still fit with the look/ambience/whatever I want to create using it cleaner than the unmodded "better" one.
  6. The math is trivial. The important thing is that your offsets are a finite decimal - no recurring numbers - and whatever size you pick must always have tile boundaries of your X*Y tiles fall exactly between two pixels. Since the pixel dimensions of your tilemap must be powers of 2, X and Y must both be multiples of 2. Size your tilemap dimensions to the smallest power of 2 that will display your tiles without distortion at the on-screen size you intend. with a tilemap X*Y tiles the offset vector for tile (x,y) - with x and y both beginning with 0 - is <x/X, y/Y,0> and your repeats v
  7. Makes perfect sense to me - and a "tilemap" is otherwise known as a "texture atlas" which is why I said Apply your tilemap to a square face of a prim, then apply it the same way to a square button UV-mapped the way I described, it will work EXACTLY the same way, with the SAME scaling factors and offsets.
  8. Depends if the mesh was designed to be an easily textured HUD or not. To use the trivial example of 8 square buttons that make up a single planar mesh you make one button first. Look at it straight on in blender, down the appropriate axis and UV unwrap it as "project from view (bounds)" Your square button will fill the entire UV map, give it a square image as a texture inworld and it will be no different from texturing one face of a cube. To make the 7 other buttons, go back into edit mode and duplicate the first 7 times, arranging the dups how you'd want the buttons laid out on screen. - Now
  9. Mesh is a godsend for efficient HUD design that has been horribly underutilised.If you're smart you can make HUDs where the blank space between buttons doesn't contain "invisible HUD" that you can't click through to interact with the world. A planar mesh button (or group of buttons, even just relying on face detection rather than detecting where on the face you click you can still have 8 functional buttons in a single mesh) rotated on its side to hide it isn't just "invisible", it's gone, takes up no screen space - do remember to make sure you have something to "show" it again that stays visib
  10. Not gonna argue with a word of that - but something persistent that could be tied to and differ between each instance of an object would be great too, which would have to be an inventory asset
  11. Grid scope KVPs or experiences - they have to know that what we really want is ANY kind of persistent writeable storage, right? Just letting us write lines to notecards in an objects inventory from a script would be MASSIVE. Something that wouldn't be lost when the script resets, is copied with the object and doesn't require us to host some external data server and rely on it being available or our scripts go spectacularly pear-shaped. Even if it needed special handling that would break the asset code for notecards and they made a "notecard-like" asset called a "datastore" or something that co
  12. are you wanting Indie or Folk? - for example I just had a quick trawl through alexrainbird postings and was hard put to find a single traditional song - for traditional I could maybe make a suggestion or two but if alexrainbird is your standard seems you are looking for Indie/soft rather than folk.
  13. The most seamless "walking together holding hands or (whatever)" sets are actually VEHICLES with two "seats" - REALLY old-school but still the most reliable. When you are on them they are invisible but they act like an old-school AO detecting your state and playing the right anims as the two of you move. The downside is that to use them you have be able to rez the set on the ground first before "stepping on"
  14. The thing is, @riverjoy - That was then, this is now. The days of startups getting into property in a big way like Anshe or into kinky furniture like Stroker or pretty much into anything in SL and making any kind of significant RL money are basically gone. Even Anshe and her various subsidiaries are not making the same kind of money they were back then. They remain viable - at least, the fact that she hasn't shut them down suggests so - but NOBODY is making that kind of crazy money in SL any more. These folks got where they were by doing something nobody else could in SL. They m
  15. Favorite SL singer? WAY too many to list. For a lady with soul and some serious pipes you can't go wrong with Catdanc. Singing to backing tracks she still puts something raw into every song and makes it entirely her own rather than "just a cover". Wes West is a really talented country/traditional performer - great voice, guitar skills off the charts and a wicked sense of humor. He's been known to bring his band along to shows from time to time too. If you can get to one of these DO IT. Most SL performers are solo but with a full live band on the stream it takes it to another level.
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