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  1. For banking I use an app on my phone that authenticates via a combo of the IMEI of my device and a biometric. The only functional attack on this is MITM, which I know the code is set up to detect as much as possible - Not 100% perfect but better than most. I still have the option to CALL them and say "lock it all down" - If I do that then any transactions using ANY online auth method are frozen. That level of security and making it convenient/easy to use is expensive. Not for me, the customer, but for the company implementing it. If LL go that far I'd expect to see it on the Tilia-side on
  2. @Drayke Newall - I hear what you're saying, and let me say up front, with my RL experience in the field to back it up - there is no perfect cybersecurity. Ever. Not even completely air-gapping your systems is perfect. HOWEVER Yes, 2FA has flaws. I know exactly how the hacks you are talking about are done and, like you, I'm not going into details on a public forum with rules against posting howtos on such things. The different methods of providing the "second token" all have different flaws, and different vulnerabilities. A thing they have in common, however, is that they univers
  3. A major thing I learned over decades working on cybersecurity as a systems and network admin... If you want your users to buy in to your security policy, you make compliance with it the easiest way to go. If you make it a pain in the rear, people will do everything they can to work around it, because that's what people do, and your security initiative will crash and burn. For something like this, LL need to pick 2FA methods that are as secure as they can manage without introducing a significant level of inconvenience. Achieve that, and its an optimal solution that folks will buy into. Fail an
  4. The only thing I'll say about your BD music videos, is that they need to come with a jumbo sized can of Earworm-B-Gone! After you put up the "Fear Not This Night" one I caught myself improvising around it when warming up for a set in SL and I dont even play that darned game. The one you posted with "Mad World" is even worse.
  5. it's been my everyday viewer since it was "resurrected" (forked seems too mild a term) from its predecessor. I get along with Niran's UI choices mostly, and the ones I don't are no greater a hassle than the few that bug the stuffing out of me on any other viewer.. (Don't tell him that, he'd just start ignoring me when I pester him on Discord) but then, I'm a geek and the granularity of the graphics controls is a huge plus point to me - in addition having a reasonably high-end graphics card means I can turn most of them up higher than the LL viewer can do and still get perfectly fine frame
  6. I was wearing one, every time. It is possible to be hit hard enough you lose the mouthguard though, and when some arsehole of an opposing fullback then steps on your face in the ruck, his cleats break teeth.
  7. I had fun when I lived in the US showing all my football-following buddies rugby games. They got the "basics" of the game as soon as I told them "Rule one: No blocking. You can only impede or tackle the guy with the ball in his hands. Rule two: Kicking or rushing only, no forward passes, only laterals. Rule three: Unless the ref whistles, do not stop." That was enough for them to start "getting it" when they watched, I could explain to them the difference between a ruck and a maul and the interesting differences between league and union later once they were into it enough to ask One thin
  8. I'm torn between applauding and running for a shovel to dig a nice safe hole under the biggest rock I can find
  9. (I was originally going to post this in the arts and music forum but I'm putting it here instead in the hope it reaches more of you that way) As my friends across the pond were preparing to celebrate a rather strange Thanksgiving I was doing what I normally do as part of preparation for any week, putting the finishing touches to, and rehearsing, the set list(s) I would be playing in the coming week. It struck me that I had something enormous to be truly thankful for in these troubled times. I haven't picked up a busking pitch or played a RL live gig or session since late February. All the
  10. I absolutely agree, and I hope you weren't thinking I was denigrating that style of music, because I happen to love it myself. If there was a tinge of disgruntlement in my reply I suspect it was that there was a title that made me - as a Folk artist who's been privileged to be around some of the true giants of the genre over the last few decades - sit up and think "here's a question for me......" and then to have to admit to myself that my enthusiasm had been premature :)
  11. @Wulfie Reanimator had it exactly right - I forgot that "zero position" in a texture is its center. it genuinely doesnt add any complexity to the math though- a constant adjustment to the offset is not - as the script presented demonstrated - hard to incorporate.
  12. After getting burned by good looking products that ended up looking like crap in the situation I wanted to use them (as part of creating a particular "look" or as part of the furnishings/decorations of a particular area) simply because I couldn't make a trivial mod to them for me it is now 100% no-mod == no-buy. I'll take the time to make my own rather than buy a nomod product, even if I can't make it look quite as good as the one on the MP. it will still fit with the look/ambience/whatever I want to create using it cleaner than the unmodded "better" one.
  13. The math is trivial. The important thing is that your offsets are a finite decimal - no recurring numbers - and whatever size you pick must always have tile boundaries of your X*Y tiles fall exactly between two pixels. Since the pixel dimensions of your tilemap must be powers of 2, X and Y must both be multiples of 2. Size your tilemap dimensions to the smallest power of 2 that will display your tiles without distortion at the on-screen size you intend. with a tilemap X*Y tiles the offset vector for tile (x,y) - with x and y both beginning with 0 - is <x/X, y/Y,0> and your repeats v
  14. Makes perfect sense to me - and a "tilemap" is otherwise known as a "texture atlas" which is why I said Apply your tilemap to a square face of a prim, then apply it the same way to a square button UV-mapped the way I described, it will work EXACTLY the same way, with the SAME scaling factors and offsets.
  15. Depends if the mesh was designed to be an easily textured HUD or not. To use the trivial example of 8 square buttons that make up a single planar mesh you make one button first. Look at it straight on in blender, down the appropriate axis and UV unwrap it as "project from view (bounds)" Your square button will fill the entire UV map, give it a square image as a texture inworld and it will be no different from texturing one face of a cube. To make the 7 other buttons, go back into edit mode and duplicate the first 7 times, arranging the dups how you'd want the buttons laid out on screen. - Now
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