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  1. I'm not an IP lawyer and in this scenario or one even remotely like it you'd be best served by consulting one. But, having been involved in IP issues professionally in my "day job" my guess is that unless you were marketing an avatar that looked like the Disney princess or a dress that looked suspiciously like a costume she'd been drawn wearing you could argue that since it is in an unrelated market and is a common feminine name that you are not infringing the mark - but that would be something you would have to resolve with the Empire of the Mouse before LL let you put the product back. Trademark beefs aren't like DMCA takedowns where the moment you counterfile they have to put it back unless an actual lawsuit is filed. If there's a trademark dispute it has to be resolved before the supposedly infringing product can come back and that resolution is entirely between you and the mark owner, LL are just spectators. Edited to add: Copyright and trademarks are very different beasts, and trademarks are the big freakin' deal for corporate IP departments. To put it in terms appropriate for the context, you've ridden into an MCs turf wearing something that they think looks too much like their patch. Now, you might not agree with that opinion but....
  2. A good rule of thumb is that as soon as you use anyone elses trademark ANYWHERE in your ad or use a trademarked logo, you WILL lose a trademark lawsuit and, sooner or later you WILL get a cease-and-desist from the trademark owner, as soon as they become aware of your products existence. You can make "basketball shoes" in SL, but if you put a star logo on 'em or call 'em "high top basketball shoes" you can expect a takedown from the Converse brand. So you don't say "Harley style", even though H-D is the most widely known brand manufacturing that style. You instead talk about "cruisers with the v-twin engine format made iconic by so many classic American marques" - you've drawn the comparison without imitation and further insulated yourself from trademark dispute by both using generic terms and highlighting that the "style" is not a "single brand" thing. Then you put YOUR logo on it, not theirs, making sure that you don't use common elements - like the eagles wings in the H-D logo, for example - or even stray into using a similar font for any lettering on the logo
  3. I can see just off the top of my head, at least four motorcycle trademarks in your keywords, at least one of which is owned by Harley-Davidson. Lose 'em. Lose any reference to "Harley Style" too, because you're implying that your product is in imitation of the trademarked one. This isnt copyright that would involve the DMCA, this is trademark infringement and they HAVE to pursue it, because if you fail to protect a trademark you can lose it.
  4. rez a box prim inworld. Scale it to fit the bounding box of the piece you want to make in blender. Note its dimensions in the edit window. If the mesh you make in blender has the same dimensions in the right-hand data bar with scale showing at 1.0 in all axes (which it will after you apply scale), you can upload it as-is and it will fit that same bounding box.
  5. Here's a somewhat involved workflow in your 3d prog of choice that will give you a consistent view out of all windows. Begin with a mesh sphere, normals pointing inwards. map its UVs using the same geographical projection used for background HDRIs in rendering. Use such an image for your texture, suitably downscaled for SL, of course. Now, for each aspect for which you have facing windows, take that sphere *at zero rotation*, copy it and delete the vertices that would make up the "inside half" when looking out that particular set of windows. Upload the hemispheres for each aspect and stick them on the outside of your windows. Make sure they are all the same size in SL. Apply your texture to 'em.The view out of each window will be different but will combine to a consistent 360 view. because the UV for the undeleted vertices will take care of rendering the right part of the texture on each one. Edited to Add: Something was bugging me about the above description and I realized what it was - it's been a while since I made one of these and so I made a test piece on the beta grid to confirm... Projecting a full hemisphere outside each window is too much. For an individual window it looks fine but if you can see two windows at different angles you see duplication. You want the individual "pieces of the sphere" outside each window to be about a 120 degree horizontal angle of the original sphere, but distorted - AFTER you equirect project and trim - in blender, or whatever prog you use, to be a hemisphere - and therefore cover the full field of view outside the window - when uploaded. Leave the vertical as a full hemisphere, minus the poles of course because you really cant uv-map a pole in an equirectangular spherical projection, the math goes to infinity. Some folks map the ring of tris around the pole separately and collapse them to degenerate point on the UV map but I just delete the poles from the original sphere. Unless you cam right up to the window while looking vertically up or down, you'll never see the hole.
  6. And this is another area where a skilled content creator at the Lab could make a huge difference. They could make "something" - and it doesn't really matter what - in two versions. One optimized and the other demonstrating a few of the more common gaffes in this regard present in current content. It could be demonstrated that one doesn't look bad compared to the other, that one loads faster, causes less strain on the viewer etc. Heck, they could even be rezzed side by side somewhere so that folks could go and look for themselves, with their viewer running their settings. But because they are NOT the product of any established SL creator but made as a demonstration by a LL employee, they are also not naming any names and thereby, quite understandably, getting creators backs up.
  7. Now this is how discussions on optimization should be... Respecting each others expertise, acknowledging that we have different "specialities" so we naturally end up with our own particular hobby-horses and areas where others may have greater insight. If this is ever going to be properly addressed it will take all of us, all our respective insights coming together.... We all love to roundly castigate the Lab, of course, but if we continue having a productive and respectful discussion like this I would bet that at least one or two Lindens will be reading it with interest and paying attention to any possibilities we uncover.
  8. We haven't always agreed exactly in this discussion, Coffee, but on this you nailed it. I can read the javascript (and OMG what a misbegotten bastard of a language, but that's another discussion) but I don't. Like every other SL resident I just use the page. if it's inefficient to the point that I notice it, I might in a moment of idle curiosity dig in to find out why but usually I'll just shrug and say "damn, another site that was coded by folks who think 7 layers is a cake" For the folks who "think it's cake", it's on the baker what they are eating.
  9. If you're planning on distributing a model for folks to retexture themselves starting with just a UV map, you have to at least make a nod towards making that easier. Hence the minimizing of distortions at the expense of efficient area usage. If you're making all the textures yourself and have the raw model in your 3d prog of choice you can do better. Maybe even - I don't know, what's the word? Oh yeah.. optimize it If you're going to make that trade-off to make it practical for other folks to - for example - make skins for your body then that's fine but be honest about it being a trade-off for that rather than bolstering the folks falsely claiming that unoptimized "looks better" "Badly optimized" always looks like crap, "unoptimized" always runs like crap. Properly optimized does neither.
  10. No, that reason would be that the ripped content was optimized for that particular game engine, not for SL. As such it is far from optimal when rendered as a SL asset. The general principles Penny is talking about are just that - general - and common to "optimization" no matter what you are optimizing for, but the finer details of exactly how to put those principles into practice are specific to a particular engine and render pipeline. A game engine that uses both normal and displacement mapping, for example, would need different optimization than SL which has the former but not the latter - and a model optimized assuming a displacement map was present would look like trash in SL.
  11. Texture animations and placement are things many of us don't think about enough. I was recently building a control panel for a device with dynamic buttons - the labels would change, they would light up in different colors etc - and like a complete idiot I started by making a texture set for each button state, with the resulting lag and texture load delays on each state change! One extreme facepalm later, the textures for each state of each button were stitched together into an atlas and only the offsets changed...
  12. This is hard to refute without crossing the line into detailing "how to rip stuff" which is an obvious nono on any forum, but... It's actually MORE hassle to get your hands on an object so you can drop a script in it to yoink its textures than it is to drop a hook into your graphics driver stack and then forget about it until you see something you want to yoink and then promptly rip every texture on your screen with a single keystroke... If you're the kind of guy who would do that you've probably got it configured to rip the triangles too and steal the whole object, not just its textures. Look, I'm all for LL not facilitating content theft, and they don't. But they've got a LOT of better things to do with their available developer time than coding a completely ineffective figleaf to cover something that cannot be prevented at all. For heaven's sake, most of the tools best suited to "ripping stuff" are, in their own right, perfectly legitimate developer tools. Plenty of folks have died from being stabbed with a screwdriver.... Just because something can be used for nefarious purposes doesn't eliminate any legitimate use cases it has, but we've already got a huge history of features with legitimate use cases being disallowed by LL because of the possibility that they could be misused. Let's not add to that list unless we truly have to, ok?
  13. Every aspect of my online existence is documented in the "oh sh.... " file, account names and the master password to my archive of login details etc, along with insurance policies, account numbers etc. The location of that hard copy file is in the documents my lawyer is instructed to hand to the executor of my will. When the day comes that I depart this existence, my executor will be instructed to wind up any and all virtual assets and roll them into my (probably pitifully small) estate. Where there is a social media aspect to the account - and SL is included in that - they will be instructed to review the policies surrounding an account held by a deceased individual on each platform and be guided by my family members wishes on how to proceed, with the assumption that if I didn't trust this person to perform this task to the best of their ability with absolute integrity, I would not have named them my executor in the first place. Appropriately witnessed documents granting my executor full authority over my surviving online accounts are also in the file.
  14. I think I perhaps have an outlying, but by no means unique, perspective here. Before SL had mesh, I was messing with blender and other 3d progs like an artist experimenting with a new medium. SL came along and I was looking at all the cool stuff I could do by being devious about twisting and torturing prims. Then along came sculpties. "Effin' brilliant!" I thought. I knew the use of pixel RGB colors in a texture as XYZ coords was one heck of a kludge but I didnt care. I could make shapes that were impossible before. I could make complex items in ONE PRIM and I gleefully did. I used the 3d apps that I was most familiar with to do it and along the way, for a short while, I managed to sell enough of them that my second life showed a handsome profit. I still wasn't any kind of 3d expert, though. My texturing skills were rudimentary at best and if I hadn't been good RL friends with a number of awesome digital artists all my stuff would have looked like junk. Then mesh drops. Now the possibilities are endless, and moreover, the possibilities I can actually ACCESS are endless too. Except since then I've made only a few dozen things in SL and they were all for a specific purpose, like modeling my RL guitars to use when performing inworld or making stuff that folks tell me "I wish I could find..... " I have "projects" but they are all out there on the edge, stuff that looks like you shouldnt be able to do it but maybe if I can just make this one little thing work.... so they are perpetually unfinished. Mesh and all the features that followed it have not stifled creativity. But they have given creators such a smorgasbord of features that maybe a few are, even now, just looking at the possibilities and like Mole in "Wind in the Willows" just going "oh my... oh my... "
  15. I go work out. Hard. The mental discipline of martial arts does wonders for getting anger under control. Coupled with blowing off the physical tension that's enough for most situations for me.
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