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  1. It was annoying when someone spread an outfit out over three stores in a hunt, and hunts are all about traveling around and having to search things out. The hunt organisation put in a rule saying only one store per person too so it wasn't just us feeling that way. It made us cross with the creator, even though we liked her stuff and the only price was the effort. If it was for sale though, and involved getting demos from different events and searching out all of the pieces, more than getting annoyed, I'd probably just lose whatever interest I may have had.
  2. Long ago a very dear friend gave me a Romani name. As part of a long involved joke, I needed a name and Anglicised part of the Romani one. It fit. The original Bitsy was supposed to be a foil for him to bounce off of but he didn't take to it. Instead, another friend picked it up and oh my goodness he ran with it . Then this second friend got caught up in this thing called Second Life so when I followed him in here, there was really only one choice. Buccaneer cause it made me laugh. From that came many delightful years of nominative determinism in which I utterly refused to be a pirate the way others expected me to. Tricorn yes! Sword yes! Skulls no! Japanese steampunk airship and flapper dresses, but of course! During all that we evolved a constantly meandering back story which involved time travel as an "explanation" for my shop of ancient art and mixed sartorial endeavours. In the Japanese steampunk air ship of course, with a velvet covered cannon planted with hanging geraniums. Sometimes people look down on me because it's a silly name and it does sometimes seem to colour the way some people see me. On occasion individuals have treated me badly for it, using it as a focus for their negativity. Perhaps it would be useful to have something more neutral sometimes and to be less of a target. But it was always meant to be a humourous name and it comes from the love of dear friends.
  3. The technique Aquila describes used to be common for things like sculpted jewelery components. A sculpt which was smaller (visibly) than the .01 was called a nano, and the process was known as nanoing. Just in case you ever have a reason to look it up
  4. --. --- --- -.. / -- --- .-. -. .. -. --. / -- --- .-. ... . .-.. .. -. --. ... -.-.-- / ---... -.--.- --- --- .--. ... / .. / -.-. ..- - / .- -. -.. / .--. .- ... - . -.. / ..-. .-. --- -- / - .... . / .-- .-. --- -. --. / -... --- -..- / .- -. -.. / .- .-.. -- --- ... - / --. .- ...- . / - .... . / --. .- -- . / .- .-- .- -.-- / ---.. -....- ---
  5. -.-- .- -.-- / .-- . / .... .- ...- . / .- / -. . .-- / - --- -.-- -.-.-- / ---... -.--.- / .-- .- ...- . ... / .... . .-.. .-.. --- / - --- / .-.. .. -. -.. .- .-.. --..-- / -- .- -.. -.. -.-- / .- -. -.. / -- .. ... - .-- .- .-.. -.- . .-.
  6. Lots to learn, preferably before you start putting money in. In SL there is a "system body" (also known as "classic"). You'll have that no matter what. It's popular in SL to make the system body transparent and wear an object on top known as a "mesh body". There are several brands, each with their own strengths and shortcomings. For many, a mesh body has become the default approach. Your first avatar seems to be covered up though, so unless you're going to spend much time undressed, a mesh body is just extra expense and extra data for your computer to render. Others will urge you to get a mesh body; I'm putting a word in for the merits of not bothering with one. The market has become very fragmented because of all of these different bodies. If you want very specific clothing, it might be helpful to search out stores who make the kinds of things you're after and see which bodies they support. ALWAYS DEMO everything and examine it carefully. Your second avatar looks to be a furry. Utilizator's Kemono body is very popular amongst furries and anime, with a lot of community support for mods. Without a full picture of your avatar though, it's hard to guess if a Kemono body would be useful to you for that. I suspect that your preferences in clothing will decide that one for you. Don't rely just on Marketplace to find stores. Use inworld search for suitable stores, groups and RP environments, then ask for recommendations. You could also try asking here in the forums, but it will help to be more specific in your thread title. With a general title, you're more like to get views from people who have more generalist knowledge and what you need is specific. Of the top of my head, some stores to try inworld are Tamiron Forge, The White Armory, Silvan Moon and Cog & Fleur. I don't know if any of them are quite right, but it's a start. And remember, ALWAYS DEMO Welcome to SecondLife. The learning curve is steep, but it's a pretty amazing place.
  7. But why waste the energy if it's not actually being used for anything?
  8. em— or en-? these things matter
  9. When I was new I always tucked Bitsy in bed at the end of the day and loved to see her standing on top of her bed the next day, a bit like an eager toddler ready to get on with exploring the magic of the world. I've always been in the habit of logging out when I leave though - why waste the electricity on both my end and with the Lab's servers? I have several friends who stay logged in most of the time. One of them used to insist he needed to so his IMs didn't cap. But of course the system had a way of logging him out before he saw the IMs. Really frustrating. When someone is always logged in, there's no way to know if they're available. Make a new friend, send a few hello IMs, get nothing back, figure out they're AFK so don't take it personally, but how long do you keep it up? For most people, I see little actual reason to stay perpetually logged in and several down sides. Now that demos are pretty standard there isn't even much reason for store model-bots besides habit and (often) expensive to render decoration.
  10. This is where I am too, not necessarily G. Maybe somewhere between PG and Moderate? Like cute sundresses but ones that cover my bum. At the same time, I love the way you can go about your daily slife in a ball gown or fancy dress if it takes your fancy and no one particularly cares. Mostly it's the clothes offerings at events, where they have a limited number of items and are trying to sell volume, and the assumption (I don't know if it's correct or not) is that sex sells best. So I'm just skimming through, going not my taste, not for me, oh that again. The whole gotta be hot, gotta be airbrushed, gotta be these particular kinds of sexy is limiting in so many ways. I wish there was more diversity in representation of sexuality as well as sexual orientation. Maybe we'll get there eventually, but in the meantime sometimes it's nice to be able to change the channel and have a break from the over-saturation of a particular aesthetic.
  11. The way I see it, we come here to talk. Sometimes the corner we end up meeting on is a troll. So are we playing the troll or being played?
  12. I have a group with group-owned land and a Linden camper owned by my building alt which is set to the same group. If either would be of use to you for testing, I'd be happy to invite you to the group and send LMs. I'd really like to have parcel music for the camper site but can't find a reasonable stream. When I have some spare energy, maybe I'll try again with your script so at least I could change it when it got annoying
  13. The answers aren't nonsense. I've learned some things and appreciate it.
  14. I have a tipsy fish who's happy to give people rides.
  15. Something like grass really needs to be modifiable so the dimensions can be altered to suit the space. I wouldn't look at no mod landscaping items long enough to consider whether or not I might want to retexture it so your texture packs would be wasted on me. Meanwhile, if the item offers versitility so I can adjust it to suit my needs, I'll start checking out its LOD fall-off. This isn't a hypothetical situation for me as I've been searching for a wildflower borders and meadows for my Linden Homes camper site this last week. There's an overwhelming amount to choose from so eliminating things like no-mod from an MP search is necessary to try to narrow it down. Then inworld stores to look at the LODs. I ended up putting out some heather that came as a free gift from one of the stores. Decent LODs but there was too much white in the textures for the overall setting. I can't change the Linden landscaping of course, so I thought the heather was strictly temporary and was using it to experiment with dimensions and placement. A friend was over last night, complained mightily about it and told me to give it a bit of a grey tint. They blend in much better now. I'm still looking for something else, but it's an example of why it's so important to let people tint. You don't know what other textures people will want to use it around. You don't know what windlights they use or how their computer and graphics card affects what they see. There is no way to make enough texture packs to meet all uses so why restrict potential customers in hopes of squeezing more money out of a few?
  16. The norm seems to be the setting where you can't see avatars unless you're on the parcel, and then security orbs to restrict who can get onto the parcel. You're more likely to not see anyone at all, just some green dots, than to happen onto immoderate actions. You're welcome to hang out at my camper for as long as you want to get a feel for it. I think the covenant helps with a lot of what you might be seeking to avoid.
  17. Move over Matty. I'm only 10 and a half, a veritable babe in arms here
  18. Have you heard Cariad Lloyd's podcast Griefcast? She lost her father at 15, so early in her life she become someone people would talk to about their own losses and now she talks regularly with other comedians about their experience(s) with death and grief. She does the podcast so people know they're not alone. I can't recommend it highly enough. Wishing you comfort and healing x
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