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  1. The forum always gets hit by trolls this time of year. Some of these sorts of threads might be legitimate, but very likely at least some are coming from one or two trolls with multiple throw-away accounts. It's such an easy and obvious target, and given the vehemence with which they're met, a very rewarding one from a trolling point of view. The best approach to both legitimate and trolling posts on this will probably be for one or two people to post clear, accurate information about the process, reassurances that more houses are being built and a link to Patch's update thread. Bore the trolls, offer quality information to those who are sincere, and don't add fuel to the fire.
  2. There's also the option of a temporary block until emotions have cooled down. That leaves room for moving on from hurt feelings and for clearing up misunderstandings.
  3. You'd be an excellent Mole, Marianne. Good eye for how to use space and keep it all working together.
  4. I will try this too. This has been good practice and learning for me. Is the difference just that the triangles on an octagon become too small at this size? I was thinking about trying it squared off to see what the physics cost is and how it feels to walk into the invisible corners inworld.
  5. I'd discovered that , and made one with inside walls, though not nicely sloped like yours. And then I spent way too long walking in and out of pools on the beta grid, getting a feel for the differences. My two sided one is about 1 in physics and the single sided hex is showing as .5 (both with two planes so the feet don't sink into the floor). I'm going to lower the water and work on the LODs, then I'll choose the physics based on the overall costs. Prior to this, I've read dozens of threads about physics but never had a project to use it on. All that stuff rattling around in my head just complicated this wee project, but thanks to the help here I have a much better handle on it now, and in very short order too. We have such a valuable and tremendous resource here in the people who contribute their skills and knowledge. It is abundantly appreciated.
  6. @ChinRey and @Aquila Kytori, bigger (over .5 m high) and prim now and it works. Viewer shows physics as .7, I'll try it six-sided instead. Feet are still in the floor but I can fiddle with that. All your help is much appreciated. There are just so many things to remember.
  7. OK, I'll go change it inworld. I'd never have thought of that. Thanks Rey.
  8. It's 2.3 x 2.3. I was sort of haphazardly guessing from the stretch out an arm for a yard way of guesstimating fabric length. Oops
  9. Still walking on water. My physics model looks (to my eyes at least) like Aquila's. It's an 8 vert cylinder in the same dimensions with a single plane underneath. Dimensions are 2.3 x 2.3 x .444, physics is 1.0 Shouldn't this physics model allow for standing in the pool? If nothing else, I'd like to learn how to do that as an option.
  10. Depends on what we put in the water. Oooo. The physics rim in SL will be sturdier than in RL. I hadn't considered that 👼 Size will be on the order of 1m x 1m, though who knows what others might do with it if I put it up for sale. It's the small kind you keep in a shed and haul out to plonk a toddler or a dog in when it's hot. I'll go make one based on your suggestions and see what the cost is. Thank you so much x (Correction 2.3 m x 2.3 m x .444 m)
  11. Hi everyone. This is the first thing I've made from mesh which an avatar could go in and I'm not sure what the best way to handle the physics is. My best solution so far is to use a generic cube for the physics and set it to phantom. It's a wee paddling pool so not worth spending a lot for fancy physics on. (I haven't finished LODs yet so I don't know what the download LI will be but it should be low.) Any suggestions for what else to do? I know I could add a transparent prim to the base so the av's feet don't disappear. Also while we're here, it's filled to nearly overflowing because that's where the rim verts were. I've been stingy with geometry, would it be worth adding another set so the water face can be lower down? It would be more realistic for sitting in, but not necessarily as a fish pond. I made it for the fish but I'm sure people will fancy joining them
  12. Aren't there motor cycle clubs and other groups which battle each other sometimes? I'm extrapolating from things I've read in the forums so I may well have gotten it wrong. Anyway, you could offer your build as a location for them to fight each other. Then they could have a party after Just a thought in case it's of any use or sparks better ideas.
  13. Reading through this, it really seems that the loudest, most sarcastic and/or angriest voices on each side are winding each other up and drowning out the quieter ones. It just makes everything worse. If you don't want to see people complaining then why are you reading this thread in the first place?
  14. This is the first I saw it. This was the thread showing with the most recent post, so it's what I started with. In my opinion, this information is important enough to be worth posting in all of the threads. Thanks @Alwin Alcott, it's useful to me. I was just getting ready to settle in for some more refreshing.
  15. My apologies, I should have said "support the platform directly". I'm tired, over-doing and really need to be done here. Scylla's right, I've not been trying to convince you personally. So much has been lost in what I wrote initially.
  16. No, I got that. It's a pretty basic concept. Your spending wouldn't change. You only consider the perks you don't use, dismiss the one you would use (stipend, because you would actually spend those lindens), and the value of supporting the platform hasn't factored into your equation.
  17. If you were on premium, you'd be spending your rebate inworld. Even if it doesn't affect your overall spending, you still can increased value for it. If that increased value is so insignificant you can dismiss it, then perhaps $3.50 for premium isn't much of a hurdle either.
  18. So? You've found a third way of working the equations. It still doesn't mean it's a US$100 tax, you're just chosing to spend your US$59 tax rebate inworld. It's still a US$59 tax rebate.
  19. It's not about stockpiling stipend though. That's one way to do it. Spending a bit less on buying lindens is another. However you do it, it's more accurate to include the stipend in your numbers.
  20. Kanry, I know you like to argue and the speed at which your reply came through suggests you reacted to rather than read my post. You appear to have read things into it which aren't there, like this bit about me thinking you should pay extra for perks. My post was to clarify that it's a US$42 "tax", not a US$100 one, and that it goes toward supporting the platform, not paying for the perks. I'm also not saying anyone should do anything. But I do think it's useful when decisions are made on a fair and accurate representation of the facts and feel it's important to get these into the thread. What anyone does with them is their own decision.
  21. My health determines how much time and effort I can spend trying to get one. I already messed myself up by over-doing and had to back off. How much energy do I put into in today has been a frequent question since. I'd prefer a list because then I can just get on with looking after myself rather it becoming something else for me to fail at, which is how it's been going for me.
  22. L$300 x 52 weeks = L$15,600. At current rates, that's US$57-59 per year "refunded" from tier. So the "tax" is US$40-42 per year (using the annual premium price), which works out to US$3.33-3.50 per month. I'm all for basic accounts and the countless ways people can contribute to SL, whether they create things or buy things, pay for premium, buy lindens or just be an interesting part of the community and reason for others to keep logging back in. I just think it's important to look at the reality of the costs. Don't compare the stipend with what you spend, that's apples and oranges. Better to consider it in terms of a tax rebate and if you feel $3.50 per month is a reasonable "tax" on something you value. That something will be the platform itself. The extra groups and priority access aren't what premium pays for after all, they're just perks to encourage take up.
  23. There could be, if someone wanted to. It's just some attachments, animations and clothes. Most of it would have to be original, but that's the point. If you want to do it, you can.
  24. How about an ad campaign along the lines of "Who do you want to be today?" accompanied by dozen of diverse avatars (in no particular order, say: animals scampering around, anthropomorphic furries, faeries, daemons, vampires, happy families, fashion models, different gender expressions, cultures, races, ages and RPs, clubbers, creators, drivers, sailors, pilots, friends hanging out, romances, just a bit of everything. Cause that's one of SL's greatest strengths. With some ingenuity, we can find a way to express who we are and what we'd like to be.
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