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  1. Mine are better since I stopped working. Somewhere along the way I got in the habit of conveying support, good wishes, and hope to a friend about really important things like surgery and equal marriage legislation in the state where he lives by telling him "crossing all crossable body parts". Of course it's impossible to type like that, so I sort of guess he knows not to take me too literally. He's a very literal sort of chap though. For lesser things, it's just fingers, but not literally because how else would we type to each other? (Anyone who wants to contradict me on this is required to ty
  2. that's really rough Cindy, will you have enough to manage on? do you have people who can pick some things up for you? when i had surgery, friends were willing to help but each of them went silent after the 2nd time so i'm going to wait before asking for any favours.
  3. It was frozen stuff and peanut butter for me. It's seriously messed up my food for the week 😧
  4. "Changing room" can also be a good search string to find somewhere you can rez your box (put it on the ground) to open it. There are still a few around I think. They tend to be quieter than sandboxes. Welcome to Second Life. It's beyond confusing at first, but worth sticking with. You can do or be or make anything you, or someone else, can imagine.
  5. Have you found your way to Noctis yet? Her inworld store is a Victorian delight, with over stuffed rooms that continue across the period street. She's had group gifts in the past, don't know about now, and often takes part in the Historical Hunts (Steam in March, Silk Road in June and Renaissance in September). Had a look for you and she isn't on the blog for the current one though You might find something else you can use, not all gifts are pictured. https://historicalhunts.blogspot.com/
  6. My post above was that imo it would be interesting and worthwhile to talk about it. I've made a start on considering it from different angles, such as I can manage, but am far from drawing any prescriptive conclusions. My rule of thumb for life overall is that informed discussion and consideration is generally a good thing, although the state of the internet and some media is certainly complicating matters. That may very well be where my opinion on this ends up, with nothing more definitive than a suggestion for an informed and considered decision. If the answer had been no, then one aven
  7. Thank you. My question wasn't rhetorical. I genuinely didn't know the answer and wanted more information. I think a conversation about the "implications" of that answer would be interesting and worth having, if only to consider some possible unintended outcomes and give the OP or anyone else a more complete and informed position to make their decisions from. But not today if I'm going to get shot down for even trying to get some facts right.
  8. The ones I'm noticing this with don't seem to be using the normal map to simulate any fabric qualities other than shine, and I think some may have been baking the shine into the diffuse. So I appreciate learning more about normals but I still have strong preferences for including the weave in the diffuse rather than relying on ALM for something so basic to most fabrics. That's just me though, so it hardly matters.
  9. I asked a question. I haven't made an argument. I would just like to know if this might increase the skills of griefers and other bad actors in SL. It is knowledge. Surely I'm allowed to further my own.
  10. Thank you thank you thank you thank you Lil x x x x x x x x x x x Your instructions were perfect, very clear and easy to follow. That promise to be careful box would have given me long pause otherwise. I set it for once and so far so good. If it's enough then I'll be protected but still able to understand the gifs, so a most welcome solution. Thank you so much for your help ❤️
  11. Given what Kweopi said about classes for inworld uses being the most popular, if this project succeeded might it increase the skill set of griefers and others who might try to exploit some aspect of SL or a viewer like Red Zone and copybotters did?
  12. Thanks Dakota, I'll look into that. (10 minutes later 🙃) I can't figure it out via Ghostery. Probably best to try again when I'm fresh. In the meantime, any suggestions from the collective wisdom of the forums will be welcome.
  13. Flashy ones can set off seizures. Fortunately Lexxi got the No one taken off before I saw it, if that was rapid it probably would have been bad for me. (Already thanked Lexxi in that thread, but thank you again.) And fortunately there aren't too many of those used here. Though that tiny-pixel graphic about concurrency data is like someone designed a trigger test for me. Any repetitive movement makes it difficult to impossible for me to focus on text enough to read, so I have to position it off of the screen or try to shield it with my hands. Picture gifs tend to give me more time to get t
  14. Is there a way to block animated gifs on the forum? I have neurological problems and photosensitivity which is aggravated by them. If I could just block the gifs, it would make the forums easier and safer to read for me.
  15. Thanks for the explanation Da5id. Is doing it this way more efficient than a tiled cotton weave in the diffuse?
  16. If the recipient has reached their limit on how many offline IMs and inventory objects (ie notecards) can be kept, it might not have gotten through to them at all. December is a ridiculously busy time for notecards and IMs too. I'm not sure what the current limits are. It used to be just 25, which can fill up quickly. So my rule of thumb is to never assume someone actually received what you sent. Always try again.
  17. i remember those days. doing Impossible in Real Life things was a big part of the appeal of our madcap world
  18. Thank you Lexxi. - someone who was helped by your attention and action
  19. Can it convey knit or woven fabrics? I've not seen either done effectively with a flat diffuse.
  20. oooo you've done well with the iridescence . that's very cool
  21. I'm seeing more and more where they're not even trying to get a hint of weave or knit in there. Not everything is best served by looking like latex. Tongue in cheekiness aside , I think there might be a bit of over-reliance on materials to save the day, more tech and less artistry. Maybe it's just what I've been happening into recently, but it feels like the bell curve has shifted position in the last year or so especially. It's been a long time since I've run into so many should-be-cottons that are just flat colours. Highlights and shadows aren't enough to mask that. I do want to se
  22. may i insert a wee rant about how frickin boring a lot of today's render baked textures are, especially in clothes. shadows and not much else. it's like half the grid's never seen fabric before. grrrr.
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