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  1. 👀🤔❤️💜💙💚💛😢😱🙏🙃😎💥
  2. The store owner isn't Jewish. She's a non-denominational Christian who's decided to do things a certain way based on her reading of (probably Christian versions of) Jewish texts. From what she wrote earlier, what she's doing is very personal. It's really quite important for everyone discussing this to keep this in mind.
  3. The injunction for others to have a day of rest is basically early workers' rights legislation - and all the more progressive and forward thinking for how old it is. EVERYONE gets the day off, with recognition that this might be handled differently (like Sunday as the common day of rest, or secular legislation around work schedules). Saving lives always takes precedence over Shabbat observance. This is a very long-standing Jewish principle. Because fire spreads, that will be right up there in importance. Because people need shelter and a safe place to live, that will be right up there in importance. Something like cleaning up afterwards, that can wait til sundown. Addressing structural damage will depend on the consequences of waiting. There are also principles around who should be the ones to do the work. Since people who aren't Jewish aren't obligated to keep Shabbat in the first place, if the task can be done just as well by someone who isn't Jewish, then let that person do it. But if there's no one else, or a Jewish person is best suited, then the Jew is obligated to break Shabbat and do whatever is necessary to save the life. This is why you get things like the IDF coming into an area struck by disaster as quickly as possible to set up water purification facilities. The IDF has the infrastructure to do it and Israel is a world leader in water purification. If that needs to be done on Shabbat, so be it. A lot of these things make far more sense when you look into how it's actually practiced. Taking an idea or line out of context might give ample opportunity for the jollies of ridicule and outrage, but it's rarely good practice for understanding.
  4. If I understand the Marie Kondo approach, you'd have to rez every single item in your inventory in a certain category in one place and then decide what to keep and what to get rid of. Before the auto-return hits or you run out of LI. I think you'd also have to move everything to trash and then take it back into inventory from the rez. Which would play havoc with any sort of filter by date. And if you get rid of something and decide you really need it, you can buy it again. Now THAT is very SL
  5. After decades with tinnitus, I finally connected the dots on how big an influence muscle tension in my neck, shoulders and upper back is. Just offering this here for you to experiment with, cause you like to do that sort of thing and it's a plausible mechanism for why your mental state affects it.
  6. I've run into plenty of crap like this. It's certainly not limited to BDSM, though I can see it being even worse in that, or even sex sims. Just visiting a scenic (non-RP) place or checking out a new textures store or whatever, and someone starts a random conversation which quickly becomes a list of his requirements and then an utter negation of my feelings about them. Some people are just completely focused on their needs and getting them met.
  7. We've lost at least as much as we've gained.
  8. /me follows entity's example and only replies to the OP
  9. I think that marks where the new replies on the thread start. It's clearer in the Dark theme, where it's a broad purple band with the words "Unread Replies" in the middle of it. At least they appear to function the same based on a brief look.
  10. Sometimes it's because a spam-bot posts its junk. Then someone else replies (to the thread rather than the spam because the spam tends to be tangentially related at best), the mods roll into work and delete the spam. The reply keeps the thread active and it looks like the replier necro'ed the post. On occasion I've seen this happen with several threads at an odd hour of the morning, so I suspect it might be a principle cause of those spates of necros which sometimes happen. Otherwise, it might just be someone using the search and not paying attention to the date. That the spam thing can be a cause is something I think all of us should be aware of.
  11. This got me thinking about LOD optimisation/lack of and how it impacts the virtual world as an analogy for communication "optimisation"/lack of and how that impacts our world(s) as well, both real and virtual. Might this be a useful metaphor for the tech-orientated?
  12. Oooooo. You're trolling with this right? And that last bit is the clue you've dropped for extra troll points. Cause the UK is rather known for its fondness for queuing and as for riots, we can't even manage to get significantly off our duffs to prevent impending economic suicide. The best you could hope for on a week-long wait is a handful of irate letters and comments below the line.
  13. Getting my head around the Blender interface was 99.9999999999999% of my initial difficulties and took about a year to click for me. Right now, most of my knowledge is in my fingers. If I try to think many tasks through I just confuse myself, but if I just rely on muscle memory it goes much more smoothly. I hope I understand both 3d modeling and the old Blender interface well enough now to make the transition to 2.8, but if it was in my first two years of working with Blender? What a extra load of difficulty that would have been! Your "least of your problems" line has a nasty, patronising edge to it. Some of us just learn differently and do better with different types of approaches. It doesn't make us less capable or anything else. We're all in different places in our comfort with the software too. Understanding something of the range of learning styles is a tremendous asset to anyone who wants to teach effectively. While most of us here aren't really in a position to get hands on experience with teaching to different learning styles, you can still read up on it and have a think about how it is that you learn. The more insight you have into this, the more likely you'll be to reach others in ways which work for them as well. No one method of teaching good technique is going to work for everyone. Perhaps a way forward might be for a group to join together to jointly create a set of "Blender for SL" videos, texts and reference material focused on what's needed to create efficient mesh for SL.
  14. If I remember correctly, Helping Haven runs a class on DJing. That could be a place to start. Even if you're not DJing yourself, it would probably be good to understand what your DJs will need. Also, it might be worth asking the teacher for suggestions on who to ask for advice on running a venue. If you have specific questions about running a venue, you might be able to get a range of answers here, including some with experience. Broader thread topics tend to be less successful in that however.
  15. Epic Toys was fantastic. She returned as Beautiful Disaster after an absence but it's been a while since I looked for it. She's been missing from a couple of hunts she was a regular in too, so I wouldn't be surprised if she'd left again or was on a creating hiatus. I can probably dig up an LM and the exact name if no one else knows. The computer that gets along with SL just went in for a repair so my tme inworld will be very limited. Tag me in here in a few days if you can't find her.
  16. Your plan is exploitative. Will you be telling your marks you'll be using their upset to bring traffic to your monetised blog? Why not go into crime fiction instead?
  17. Maybe it's cause I use a classic body, but I have a reasonably good idea which body-brand clothing will never work for me and which ones might depending on the style. Do mesh body users tend to have that same sort of knowledge? Cause my thought was just label it with the body-brand you designed it for and trust those with others it might be compatible with can decide for themselves. But maybe mesh body users don't think that way?
  18. I found a biscuit wrapper, two juice boxes and a carrot stick inside this morning. Does this help?
  19. Adoness for punky hair in colours. My building alt is no longer a flower child. They grow up so fast.
  20. /me gives the kids a large cardboard box, the old net curtains and a box of chalk and sends them out to play (If the fantasy grown-ups' imaginations are too limited to make space for you, make it yourselves in the backyards of family RP sims or wherever you find yourselves. You're kids after all )
  21. Spam notices when I can't find another way to make them stop. But there was one special soul I did block briefly. Years ago, I was helping a noob get himself orientated and he got the idea in his head that I was helping him as a prelude to sex. I said no, it was clear from the groups in his profile that our interests were quite different but I was happy to help him get his av set up. (He didn't have money inworld yet and I knew of some good places with free stuff for men after tagging along with friends.) He demanded to know how I knew what his interests were so I pointed out the list of groups of his profile. Aside from a couple of freebie places, they were all sex groups and some the names gave a pretty good indication of what they were about I explained briefly that profiles were a way of presenting yourself to the rest of SL and what you chose to put in it should reflect how you wanted to be perceived. I told him how to hide groups and mentioned that as it stood, his profile gave the impression he was in SL primarily for sex. He was three days old and already found 20 or so. Oh, and his name was a give away too. My main suggestion though was that he find other groups to join to show interest in things other than sex. He refused to do that but was adamant he wasn't just in SL for sex and outraged anyone might possibly think so. I mean truly outraged. He did hide the more extreme groups, leaving some generic pick-up groups. When I mentioned that if I came across a profile like his, I'd guess there were several hidden groups. How dare I suggest that!?!?! Well, it is exactly what you did. Cue a tirade of abuse which I finally blocked. I could see the .... is typing message in the chat window continue and stop and start and stop and start and go on and on and on, which changed my response from stressed to bemused. A couple of days later I unblocked him but never heard from him again. That's my one story of blocking a person
  22. We already have the tech for this. Merchants can set their goods to no copy/yes transfer if they choose. It used to be pretty common a decade ago. Many of us find that the advantages of copy/no trans outweigh the advantages of no copy/trans, however, and merchants have followed suit. Anyone with land can set up no copy/trans items for sale and list it in search too. There used to be more of this as well, years ago. Now it's largely limited to gachas. If you want to be able to sell things on after your interest has passed, only buy items with no copy/yes trans permissions. This will limit your choices to gachas (which also have an active resale market) and merchants who sell with those perms or can be persuaded to. In other words, the 'fix' is social not technical. And you'll be fighting an uphill battle against the advantages of and preferences for copy/no trans.
  23. I'm sure it will have gotten even harder to find old scripts and things to take apart to learn from. Those 10 linden pieces of prim junk were prim junk alright but the scripts inside were helpful to me. No way to know what's gone that might have helped with future projects My heart's too heavy this week to look for those who've passed on in hopes something remains.
  24. Of course it does. That's my point. We're here to talk and we'll talk about whatever. Troll throws up a thread, we'll talk about that if it interests us. If it doesn't particularly, various side topics and derails will develop. The "game" thing's been done to death so it's taken up very little of the three pages but the thread continues because it's the virtual street corner we all happened to bump into each other on. Then we'll find ourselves on another one and another one and another one. Not because we're being trolled but simply because we enjoy talking with each other in this forum. Maybe the troll derives some satisfaction from being the virtual street corner under our feet. Don't know, people are curious.
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