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  1. If a griefer was looking to get a rise out of someone, then these reactions mean the griefer has won. Best thing to do is to shrug it off and just not care. Why give a random stranger on the internet that much influence over your emotions? If it persists and interferes with building work, then follow some of the good advice in this thread.
  2. If it's a ground cover or a blanket spread out on the ground, then a 2 tri plane may well be the optimal lowest lod. The penultimate wouldn't need much more, 15 tris would be a pentagonal "box" with to but no bottom.
  3. Depends on what it is. I've made a couple of things recently which had similarly low numbers because they didn't need more. Lil will be experienced enough to check for LOD collapse inworld.
  4. Sounds like a RL course in the software you're using might be a place to start.
  5. Unless I'm reading something wrong, the specific numbers here suggest that it's pretty good. In your first window, it shows 35 prims with a total of 29.7 download. That gives an average of less than 1 LI per prim. Some higher of course, but it does suggest LI efficiency. You can tell visually if that 2 lowest LOD is a cheat or reasonable. Your second window, for link 2 specifically, shows 260, 260, 16, 2 triangles. The download weight should be under the server weight of .5, so either server or perhaps the physics will set the LI. Because the triangle numbers are so low, I'd feel pretty confident in estimating an individual LI of .5.
  6. @Nando Yip, you've done a fantastic job with your place. And rock beanbags! I'm envious I didn't think of that Took a landmark too so I can return for more yoga in this lushly serene setting. Hope to find you inworld sometime, but you know, time zones.
  7. This is good to know. I never would have figured it out on my own. Thank you for sharing it. (I just bought the Posy pack after watching the video; there's a simplicity and elegance to your system which I quite like and it's a very good price. I want to put some anims in floor pillows and I think your way of handling single-to-two sitters will work nicely for that.) Every time I read through the replies again, I pick up something new, like @Qie Niangao's use of not necessarily related prims for sit targets. That sounds like a great idea, at least for things on my own parcel, but I **know** I will forget and break stuff. Or just tweak the rotation on that chair a little.... These sorts of discussions are often very helpful to me. Maybe this thread could become a place to continue to gather collective knowledge on the subject? We need something and the forums are about all we have these days. Thanks to everyone here.
  8. Baked in shadows are made by adding various shades of grey to specific areas of a texture. Blender will make an ambient occlusion layer for you that you can layer over your base texture in GIMP, Photoshop, etc. This has been the "proper" way to do it for years, though it's falling into disrepute in some circles because it doesn't always play well with Advanced Lighting. "Ambient occlusion" is the term to use if you want to look into how to do that. The old school prim trick of tinting a face slightly grey or beige is the same idea, just without as much control over where. Sometimes it's a good trade-off. Smaller textures, fewer textures, higher texture density, lots of reasons to like repeating textures and use them wherever reasonable. The amount of tint/degree of faux shadow can also be adjusted or eliminated very easily to suit different graphics settings, windlights, inworld placement and computers. Tinting grey is easy through the rainbow colour box, but beiges are better via the hex code - look them up online and input the six digit # number in the box on the left side of the colour window. If it's just part of the mesh which will be in shadow (like the underside of the canopy), then you'll need to make it a separate face (material in Blender). This adds some geometry data to the mesh but can save a lot on texture data. It will be more successful with some textures than others of course, and with some builds/areas of builds. It's easy enough to experiment with though and a good trick to have in your bag (go prim building skills ). Best to try with something approximating the context it will be used in - prim for a roof, under the canopy, with some of the fabrics you'll use for that - beta grid is great but that vast expanse can affect how things read. It gets awkward because something like RL white paper can become quite grey in shadow but our brains still grasp that it's white. SL and fabrics can confuse that. Look at how a similar fabric behaves in similar RL lighting conditions to get an idea of what to aim for.
  9. Thanks for the explanations and missing information Rolig and Qie. I'm glad I asked because, while it's not the kind of answer I had hoped for, at least the confusion makes some sort of sense now. I think I'll play with AvSitter this way, just to get a better idea of how it all works. One of the projects I wanted it for is a sit/cuddle blanket, the kind that gets thrown on the grass with a pile of pillows. The download cost for the blanket is so ridiculously small that it makes sense to join it with the pillows in Blender before uploading. With the blanket being a 2mx2m plane, perhaps the risk of clicking the same place is sufficiently reduced? It's all learning, so I'll give it a try to understand this error. Can you recommend a sit sytem with less script overhead? I'd like to be efficient script-wise.
  10. Six avs on a prim makes heaps of sense. It's 50 avs on a prim but only six ANIMATIONS remembered on script reset. (From the casper site:) And since scripts reset on rez, it can't even be taken into inventory and put out again without having to redo the sits. That's a silly low number of animations, say three singles and three couples. I had to re-read it several times myself because the numbers seem so backwards. It also doesn't have sync, each person in a couple has to change the animation individually Thanks for the clarification on the rest. Hopefully it will help me understand it all better. My scripting ability probably isn't anywhere near up to writing my own though.
  11. First a techie question to see if I'm understanding this right - if you add a sit target to a prim, you can only sit one avatar on it. But if you don't, then you can script it so multiple avatars can sit on it? If the latter part is true, then I'd very much like to own a sit system which does that. Relying on separate cushions for the extra sit prims is a pain if you want to resize or move bits and it's so easy to break it by accidentally unlinking. Adding invisible prims is a waste of LI.... The Casper Simple Sit says it can seat up to 50 avs but it only keeps 6 anims per av over script resets. So that's a no. Turn the numbers around and I'd invest the L$1499 in trying it out. AvSitter needs one prim per sitter. It's what I've been using. It's a great system in many ways, except for this. nPose maybe? I hate nPose. Juggling all of those notecards uses up my limited supply of brain cells far too quickly. It might be necessary to come to terms with it though. (Would nPose be laggy? It's so cumbersome to set up, my intuition presumes it must be laggy as well. Not that that's a good measure ) Any recommendations or suggestions? Trying to find what's available on MP has been tricky, with different search strings needed so it's possible I've missed some. My wish list is - works with single prim/mesh object, supports couples sync, low lag, allows sitter to adjust positions for themselves, preferably straightforward to set up and use. I can't really afford to commission a custom system, but maybe I've identified a gap in the market? Just throwing this out there in hopes someone can offer clarity, suggestions or recommendations.
  12. There's my main and my building alt who's taken on a slife of her own which waxes and wanes. Their tier is for the land my shop is on. The boy alt got tier for a Bellisseria house. He's still not sure what to do with all of those extra groups slots but's he's very proud of his ability to repaint the entire house in 3 seconds.
  13. Everyone whose work is polished and fancy started with limited skills and an idea they wanted to make happen. You are a builder.
  14. I had much the same experience and reaction years ago. Logging in to find pose balls out felt strangely creepy. It happened in the Roman villa, a small room I did up for myself after the villa was dismantled, and 3000 metres up in the sky. The whole time there was an open to everyone room with a decent sex bed and chair, but there was never any sign that was ever used. One day when I was feeling peevish anyway, I put a prim over the sofa in my small room with hover text reading "This is a private residence. Your name has been recorded." Yours was better
  15. I'm currently techincally RPing with a group. Primarily there because a good friend is a one of the characters getting the story going and she's really excited about it. But I'm essentially responding as myself, if I were healthy enough to actually be an archaeologist or find myself in these strange situations. I'm lousy at RP and my "character" is confused and out of place most of the time so that's worked so far. That was intentional, defining the "character" in a way where I could be myself and my lack of ability and experience would fit the characterisation. My friend likes my character (she likes me after all) but I don't know how the rest feel about me in effect blurting out a single line amongst all of their paragraphs and internal thought descriptions. It's a small group so just showing up probably counts for a lot. The "RP" I stay well clear of is when it's used as a euphemism for sexual activity and a way to pretend the sexual activity isn't cheating. So technically I RP for an hour or so on a Sunday, but that "technically" is doing a fair bit of heavy lifting there
  16. A last dance with the Etruscans before we bid adieu to the houseboat and its wonderful underwater expanse. It's been brilliant
  17. i've just finished clearing out the houseboat, so my underwater garden is no more and my aquatic friends are once again land locked. let me know if you can't find Something Fishy (or get lost inside it ) and i'll send you an LM. good luck with yours. i'll try to drop by soon.
  18. AleyMart has some decent plants for free on her MP. Since they're free, you can use them to start out and then replace if you find better ones. There are a few that worked well for me, some that were good enough for short term use and a couple more that I decided against. She also has particle and prim fish rezzers. I ended up not using any of them. But then my fish ended up in the ceiling too My fish are all from alial Allen's aquarium store, Something Fishy. She has cool corals and anemones too. If you go there, pay attention to which part of the store you're in as she sells both full perm and retail. Some of the fish are scripted so you can set it up to move however you want. One of the menu-driven fish is either free or cheap so you can try it out. I find that a few brightly coloured ones (and alial's are great for that) carry an equivalent visual weight to a lot of not so colourful ones, which is a way to do more with less LI. If you happen to see this early enough today, swing by the slurl in my sig. My month of access to a houseboat ends today so I'll be clearing it out soon
  19. I love your travelogues and pictures. Please do more . It's such a delight to come across them in the threads. Do you have a blog or somewhere you post them all together?
  20. Ursula LeGuin agreed: It's a great essay. https://shadow27.tumblr.com/post/153527462770/ursula-le-guin-on-star-trek-tng
  21. It was just a wee joke and observation. Mostly it was a joke. For those who want to take the observation seriously, is there interest in brainstorming ways to engineer the social aspects as well as the technical?
  22. For me, it feels intrusive to IM a green dot when the person has their privacy options on. It might be fine, but there's no way to know if it's an ok time or how they might react. How many viewers have radar you can IM from these days? Otherwise it's poking around on someone's parcel to get a name and a profile. Not sure how I feel about doing that when someone's put privacy settings on. I'm pretty sure the LH parcels can't be subdivided.
  23. I've no looked myself but every time it's come up in conversation, the men present say they go without. I'll take their word for it, and use their opinions on how its best worn
  24. If we could harness the energy from the resulting drama, we could power the world and solve climate breakdown in a week
  25. I think it's different in the new Linden Homes neighbourhoods than mainland. It's so much like a suburban neighbourhood that no signs of life at all can give it a weird feeling, a sort of uncanny valley aspect. The ability to cam through walls changes the equation of course, but I can understand what Coby's saying. Just some signs of life, someone to say hello to. With it being all or nothing, and the popularity of a locked down parcel, it's not just understandably not knowing what the neighbours are up to. It's more like not having a clue what any of them even look like.
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