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  1. I was looking at a video that says that sound can't be made better. Creative SoundBlaster gave up and the only thing they could offer is led lights in the soundcard. How about auto adjustment of sound depending on the physical environment? like sending a beep during the setup, with a microphone on the speakers so they know how separated they are from each other and the echo they receive? how about, when having a triple screen setup, when you have monitors with integrated speakers, each screen would play a different sound set, like watching a movie in one monitor would send the sound to the correct monitor, playing SL in another monitor would send the sound there, and if you are playing a videogame maximized to the three screens, you would hear the sound pass by thru the speakers integrated in the monitor?
  2. It's surprising that technology has developed so much, so precise, and yet, sound has been forgotten without improvements. is not enough to give us more sound resolution, there are so many areas that the sound experience could be improved, and yet, what we have so far is better sound resolution and division of sound in speakers. It's like if there wouldn't be any graphics improvements in games besides higher resolutions and bigger screens.
  3. If the technology isn't available right now, wish I could get a hold of an old soundcard that still have it and install it in my PC. Maybe it would add those sound physics to Second Life. Maybe it's a matter of computer audio company to provide it, maybe with some extra code to Second Life to have sound react to the technology of the sound cards.
  4. maybe something like Steam Audio can be integrated
  5. I was looking at a mod that adds sound physics for Minecraft, made me think that maybe Sound Physics and Sound Filters could be added to Second Life. We have Windlight, mesh, shadows, ambient occlusion, our visual side can be breathtaking, but the sound improvements has been forgotten, I think it would improve the SL Immersive experience a lot more, allowing creators to deliver more realistic experiences. Here are some videos demonstrating the sound improvements: https://youtu.be/qOQNSZBzD9Q https://youtu.be/Gi-6M6uslzM do you think that SL sound engine needs an improvement? what do you think?
  6. what is wrong with the dream of Phillip? he sees a world where serious business men will have meetings in VR, people will operate construction machines with a VR headset, doctors will do surgery with a VR headset on, serious people think that VR is for videogames, for kids and "young adults that are wasting time", some were reluctant to adopt technology because of the old way they are doing things and works, serious people don't want to be transported mentally to a 3D bizarre world, they want to keep working in the real world, they only adopt technology that is sure to improve what they do, like smart phones. Microsoft knows that kind of people, bring them Office, now is trying to bring them augmented reality in a way that can be useful for them, but what really can augmented reality brings to the table for them if they use a blackboard to show their colleagues what is going on, how does floating images help them? Microsoft is aiming for people that work with 3D, maybe designers, teachers that may show an object and floating text would explain its parts, augmented reality would be useful for them. Entertainment is the most likely consumer of virtual reality, video game artists present us with detailed worlds that try to take us to a fantasy, just like writers use words to make us forget that we are reading text on a piece of paper and use our imaginations to get in that world, artists try to get us involved in those magical worlds with bigger screens, high resolution, fast frames per second, but we still know we are sitting in a room looking at a screen, VR is what the artist wanted and what the consumer wanted, that's why Oculus Rift got so much crowd funded, gaming is where Phillip should aim to, help gaming artists bring the consumers to their magic world. Phillip shouldn't be surprised that gamers and artists took over, he saw organically what kind of customer he should cater to.
  7. I cried with the Return of Last Names, it was one of the things that hurt me the most to lose, we even collaborated with the lab to have them back, only to be denied, the return of Last Names is like having an old friend back, something that I thought it would never return, thank you so much Ebbe for bring it back, it is so meaningful, Last Names was one of the cornerstones of Second Life, it is going to be so worth it. thank you Linden Lab for bringing them back, thank you.
  8. SL has not become worse than it was in the past, it has improved in many ways, you will find it more visually appealing, faster, with things that were not possible to exist before, thanks to the collaboration of Lindens and the community, activities have improved thanks to the new arrival of technology, concurrency i think has been about the same, you may not find many people in places they used to get together because of cultural changes, but you may find them in new places, searching under events. if there is an activity you enjoy doing in the past, you probably will be able to do it again, some objects have resist the passing of time in this ever evolving world, you will probably find groups of all kinds of interests, they can lead you to the hottest places of their interest. I think you are going to have a great time in current SL, you have previous knowledge of how it works. one thing that you may have to learn is the new flexible interface, once you get the hang of it, there is nothing that can stop you.
  9. as far as it goes, it will make a more responsive experience for those who want to enjoy SL with all the features that it has to offer. for those who can't enjoy all the features, it would still make a more responsive experience when the owners of those places decide to replace the current method of animation with the new method, since the current animated objects will not consume more internet bandwidth than its current counterparts, and the viewer will spend less resources drawing the frames of the object.
  10. big disappointments where losing last names, and how the process came to be. Rodvik made a meeting with the residents to find a solution, we eagerly cooperated to find a solution, and came out with something very viable, and at the end of all that group thinking session, we got a No. then we got to see that it was still possible, when a Linden got a new custom last name. maybe Linden Lab didn't saw significance in having last names or maybe it was spending too much resources in thinking in last names. my other big disappointment was when Rodvik killed the General Discussions forums as they were, it was thriving with energy, everything happened, but I guess it was kind of chaotic and it was giving bad PR to Linden Lab. other disappointment is to find many forms of discrimination, against furries, child avis, BDSM people, some people need to live and let live. if they disagree with the furry lifestyle for example, is up to them to not wear a furry avi, if they don't like child avis, they have the choice to never be a child avi. maybe it has to do with the tribal part of our humanity, some people feel more powerful when they know they belong to a certain group of people, they feel safer from the different ones, and probably raise their confidence, knowing that many people share their point of view. rejecting others that are too different makes the feel that they are in the right choice, improving their confidence.
  11. a wedding ring is generally accepted in many cultures as a person not available for romance except from its partner. there are so many meaning in wearing an RLV collar that a person have to ask if it wants to approach that person differently depending on the meaning. is s/he available to approach? does it mean that s/he has a partner? it is a fashion accessory? does it mean that is a person you don't want to be related with due to ideological reasons? the purpose of the design of the RLV collar is from BDSM lifestyle, where the wearer is owned and is a submissive to a Master/Mistress, that should be our initial perception, it may have a different meaning to the owner of the collar, there is where the need to ask come from. if people all around would start wearing wedding rings as a fashion choice, you would have to start asking people that wears them that you see as a potential partner, are you single?
  12. I used to hang out with the cool kids of the 90s, we walk to different places every day looking for a party or making our own adventures, our source of music used to be MTV, some cassettes with music we recorded from radio stations, and visiting the local music store that sometimes had a new album of some great band, radio and MTV was the source to keep updated with the latest cool music, we used to push the limit on alternative fashion, or anything that was very different from the norm, we tried to push boundaries with the little access to resources that we had, those were the times..
  13. I hope the graphics keep improving with time, there was some time ago some ideas to make mesh clothing wave with movement and wind, Linden Lab decided not to use it at the moment. I hope we don't get stuck for long years without graphics improvements, when Rod Humble came as CEO he gave SL a boost, he bring mesh, real time shadows, lighting effects, it refreshed Second Life. I hope HairWorks or something similar comes in the future, when the average user can handle it, if some can not, or prefer not, there should be an option to turn it off, not force it to anyone.
  14. It doesn't really matter what others would like to see on your avatar, what matters is what you would like to see, after all, others are going to see it for a short time while you will see it all the time. they can make their avatars however they want, you can make your avatar however you like, everybody is the boss of how they want to live their Second Life. now, if you are really interested in being part of a group that frown upon system avatars, like a modelling agency, you may want to have 1 mesh avatar that you can use in special occasions. who knows? you may end up liking it better and may become your main shape. do whatever feels right for you, system avatar, mesh avatar, you decide.
  15. it was a dishonest and low move by the escort to pretend to truly love someone in a romantic way to get financial support. if she wanted financial support in exchange of sex and didn't have any romantic feelings towards @ashlynkilane, she should have said so from the beginning and if @ashlynkilane would have agreed, when they part ways there shouldn't be any problem, they both would knew exactly what they want, what to expect, with all the expectations of the relationship clear there would be no reason for disappointments. offering an agreement that you don't plan to comply with, enticing the other person to agree hiding information from them, obtaining a huge amount of money from them and leave, only for the other person to find out afterwards that the first person didn't comply with the agreement, is fraud. I don't know if Linden Lab would have a form of coming down on that type of fraud, but if there isn't... @ashlynkilane don't make that bad experience the center of your life. it sucks, it sucks really big, but don't let the shockwaves of that bad experience damage you more, if you are going to be remembering and remembering, it will cause you more harm psychologically and emotionally than losing so much money. don't give her too much importance in your life, get rid of all her memories, clean yourself from her, and if she comes back some day asking for money and pretending that she loves you, then it will be your time for revenge. she may come, because she may need to buy some things and you loved her. if she doesn't, erase her from your life and prove her how much unnecessary she was in your life and how you are capable of being happy without her, maybe start a new relationship, but this time with your lesson learned, if you give this new relationship money, consider it a gift, money that will not come back, a gift is something that comes out from the appreciation of your heart, not something that you are giving in exchange of something, if you expect something in return then its buying, in some way, expecting gratefulness from your gifts it's like buying her love, love should be to provide for that person because we want their well being, in a romantic relationship where we are more sensible we sometimes can't help to expect some kind of gratefulness for what we done for others, in that way, I understand your pain, in your next relationship don't give gifts to expect something, give it as a sign of your love and because you want her to feel better. don't go back again and again on this unworthy person, she doesn't deserve so much importance from you, bury her in the past, and be happy and grateful for the lesson you learned and that you don't have that leech in your life.
  16. you can make just a simple prim as ground for them, and some other prims as walls, if you want you can make them transparent, so they wont walk to the sides and fall.
  17. I came here in 2008, 10th of may, at that time I thought I have done everything one can do on the internet, one thing I hadn't tried was playing an online multiplayer game, was looking between the options and saw that SL was free, so I gave it a try. at first I was confused, didn't know how to act seeing people around me, how to communicate, I thought that maybe I would look for someone that look like a hippie, maybe like @Hippie Bowman, they are usually kind people, they would probably help me to get started. one of my first experiences was going to a club where they had a contest for the best furry, I was there with my basic avi, just dancing the best I could with my arrow movements, a dancer, Autumn was her first name, asked me if I was not going to join the contest, I said "what for? I'm not going to win", they motivate me and I join the contest anyway, at the end, surprisingly I won, 750 lindens, that act of kindness from that group of people motivate me to stay, they took me shopping for a bit and gave me landmarks to places with free things, since then I have only been away for a few months here and there for rl reasons, I plan to stay in SL for many years ahead.
  18. I always had a special admiration too for @Scylla Rhiadra, intelligent and compassionate, and for @valerie Inshan, so classy gentle lady.
  19. alright, I'll confess.. my forum crush since I came here is @Suspiria Finucane, I admire her greatly, her wit, her capacity to be a great friend, the capacity of standing for what is right even against peer pressure, her sense of humor. I stood by her side in her debates, to this day, she always have a love place in my heart. I love @Suspiria Finucane
  20. what a kind thing to do to save the kitten on the highway.
  21. I am autistic, Asperger Syndrome, at least that's how I was categorized in to, I think that many of the posters here have not had any problem communicating with me, in fact, they wouldn't know I was Autistic if the information didn't come to them, in my view, the way my brain is connected, I see myself pretty normal, maybe a little eccentric sometime but not difficult to deal with. usually they have a very normal intelligence and perception of the world, they just had some unusual stuff, mostly in the way they communicate with others, for example in my case I loathed looking at people in the eyes, felt like it was an invasion of privacy, still to this day I avoid looking at people in the eyes and try to do something that looks more "normal", like working on something. in terms on how to relate to them, you can act normally and expect some unusual things here and there in their personality.
  22. more powerful wind will be great, and more intense fog sometimes.
  23. Besides the server improvements, and everything that works in the background, which Shinies would you like to see that hasn't arrived yet? mine would be motion blur, it would give a more natural sense of movement. the capability of choosing at which speed would you like to walk, and how many steps would you walk with one click of a keyboard button. mirror reflections, beyond the capability of adding max shine to an object, more like the effect that water have to mirror the environment. with those features, besides performance improvements, I think that Second Life would be very complete.
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