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  1. In my mind I felt like my correction the first time should have fixed everything, but it wasn’t a proper apology. I’ll apologize more clearly from the start the next time
  2. I felt like I wasn’t being heard, only combatted.
  3. I’m sorry to anyone that my original post hurt. I realized quickly after I wrote it that it might be taken badly, and tried to rectify it with the next one. I didn’t feel that I deserved to be told what Morgan said to me in response to my original two posts, which is why I came back to say more on it when I saw it. I know that this thread is old, and that makes some people think I came to troll, but that isn’t what I was trying to do. I just wanted some closure. Again, sorry for the trouble.
  4. Okay so me continuing to respond determines my intentions, and not my actual words. Got it. I told her to talk to me in PM, she doesn’t want to PM, what do you want me to do? Lol. 1. Yeah, I did! Never said I didn’t. The point where I ask you to PM me is really clear. 2. I removed it, sorry. Someone was trying to make me out to be a liar though. 3. Yeah I know I brought it back. I wanted to talk about it! 4. If I don’t want to talk....why am I talking? if you aren’t saying “I don’t want to PM” by saying “no” when I ask to PM then why aren’t you saying anything to my PM? Hahaha.
  5. Last I saw before returning, people were accepting my reflection and take-back what I said, and responding to me in a mature way hahaha. It’s only now I see that she decided to be rude to me, when most everyone else was accepting of my takedown of my own angry comment. Attaching proof below, understand my intentions now? [image removed by request but confirmed to be real below]
  6. I sent her a PM asking if we could talk about it. She said no, and then proceeded to respond in here. So here I am!
  7. I just saw it, that’s why I’m responding now.
  8. She is upset that I called her nasty response to me nasty, but doesn’t seem to find what she said to me offensive at all. what she said to me about something I already apologized for, no less. I told her to take this to PMs with me, because this isn’t about the OP anymore, but she said no.
  9. Okay, twice in the same comment. You don’t think that what I said about it was justified?
  10. I called your comment nasty 1 time. I said the same thing about my own..
  11. Again, where is the personal attack from me? I said once recently that she said something nasty, it’s right up there.
  12. I turned around quickly after saying what I said and admitted it was said out of anger and took it back. You are worried about my selective reading but you must have missed the part where I admitted to being wrong? I said “everyone” so why are you treating it like it was aimed at you? Clearly “everyone” can’t be a bad person, I was just angry. I’m not getting why a generalization that I apologized for is making you angry enough to make personal attacks, but if you’re willing to have a conversation about it we can do it in PMs and not here.
  13. You’re judging my character based on me saying “I hate the forums” ? also you said “no” to my claim that she felt violated but: “He tells me well I can see thru your door and you look nice. I could not eject him cuz its Not my land so I blocked him.“ that doesn’t sound like someone who feels violated to you? I don’t understand how you can disagree with my angry comment about the way people tend to respond rudely in the forums and then take it upon yourself to make a nasty claim about my character when you don’t know anything about me. You don’t see any irony there? I said something nasty when I was angry because I felt like someone was not being treated with empathy, but you’re leaving a nasty response directed at me for what reason?
  14. Okay, okay. I should have said "some people" instead of everyone. It just annoyed me, some of the things people said. I think it's rude to tell someone that "thats just the way things are" when they come for help. You know?
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