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About Me

Found 106 results

  1. NyxObsidian


    I am looking for new and/or experienced bands looking to play in a private club. Steady ongoing work for the right bands. Pays $2,000L, plus tips, for a 2 hour show. Props can't be overly prim heavy. For more information, contact NyxObsidian.
  2. Krissy's Bar & Grill is looking for reliable staff!! Dj's hosts dancers Come enjoy a laid back and relaxing atmosphere. DJ's and hosts get 100% tips. All are welcome!! Including newbies training will be provided. Newbie DJ's must have their own stream before applying. Krissy's Bar & Grill now open!! Come relax and enjoy the quaintness of a small town bar!!! Come dance, eat, drink and make new friends or reacquaint with old ones!! Stop in and have a look around or contact Krissy Smaguulov (mmaw) in-world. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pasteur/199/100/1032 **************************************************
  3. SecondLife's FINEST MUSIC CLUB IS BACK! That is right CLUB SoHo is reopening its doors and we are bringing the party! Come join SL's Finest VIPS, DJS and have a blast! So this Saturday come shake your ass with us! starting at 12pmslt Save that taxi! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ocean%20Tides/48/80/22
  5. Come join us at Club Darkstar: Mustafar:: Concert Lava Pit Monday: April 8th, 2019 at 6pm SLT For the Most Epic In This Moment Tribute Concert Performed by Black Velvet Entertainment Please Pass the Invitation Detailss to your friends, co-workers, etc... UBER TO LAVA PIT: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cosmic%20DarkStarFire/194/90/656 BVE BLACK VELVET ENTERTAINMENT BAND BIO Featuring singer: Rhonda Thibedeau. Rhondas' experience in the music industry is extensive both rl and sl. For over ten years she has performed as a lead singer/artist in sl. Rhondas' attention to realism and detail is outstanding. When asked what have been some of her favorite performances "Halsey and/or Cher." Rhonda has performed as Maria Brink of In This Moment; the audience was captivated and spellbound. by her performance. HARLOW, the owner of BVE, leads the crew with a focus on bringing new and diverse performances to the grid.. HARLOW has worked in management as well as performance in Second life tribute bands. Harlow, enjoys playing lead guitar and rocks those keys hard. HARLOW shares a passion for many genera of music.,such as Goth/Metal, Industrial , Classic Rock and Blues.. In rl Harlow is self taught on acoustic guitar, however rocks a mean electric flying V in second life.. Harlows' claim to fame is she danced with the ***** Cat Dolls for a Relay for LIfe Event in SL. Harlow loves surfing with her dog Meatball on her board, while listening to She Wants Revenge.. HARLOW Got buzzed and fell into SL after a night out with Maria Brink in Hollywood. no lie!!!!! Johnny Chardin: Drummer for BVE has over eight years experience in tribute bands. Johnny can light your fire with his beats, he throws down some awesome drum solos. Johnny is a down home boy with all that southern charm!!! NancyLeeWillis: : BVE Rymthum Guitarist - Nancy is the only guitarist that has a rl pink gun. Nancy tried to join the NRA in sl but no pink guns allowed she was banned. Nancy has over three years experience with live performers in SL. Nancy plays a mean electric guitar and a wicked performer. . Nancy loves Oldies, Rock and Country as well as Classical and Jazz. Nancy has a Blues couch, she hangs her shingle over for those in need. Nancy has many talents in sl. Trixee Trotter: BVE Bass Guitarist - Trixee sings, plays guitar, keys and drums in tribute bands and has performed with live singers as well for over five years in SL. Trixees' passions are Country and Blues music. Trixee loves to fight with Alexa, "I asked Alexxa what her passion is, I'm still waiting for her answer." Trixee is a great at blowing out her keyboard and painting her toes while on stage. Did she really say that? SHE CANT TELL WHERE THE SONGS BEGIN AND END BUT HEY NO ONE IS PERFECT LALALAL METAL MUSIC HUSH!!!!!
  6. WOW We have a great lineup of entertainment Wednesday 20 March @ Cape Florida Club Teleport: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cape Florida/187/83/24 12 noon Tribe Chaffe LIVE Singer Tribe Chaffe she can be MAYHEM but always a lot of fun . She can sing classic love songs, country you name it. She flirts with Rock and Roll and seduces you with velvet ballads. But most of he likes to sing what you would like to hear. 1.00pm Aurora Metaluna LIVE Singer Aurora is a Dutch female vocalist and has played in many bands. She has a unique voice, and loves to sing well known songs in a new arrangement to make them her own. 2.00pm Hedy Patrucci LIVE Singer Hedy is one of the most exciting singers in Second Life. Music has always been Hedy's passion. She has large repertoire of songs, and you will be amazed at her vocal talent and range. She also brings much humor laughter and stories to her stage. 5.00pm to 7.00pm DJ Marek: Cover Songs Today's theme: COVER SONGS - These are songs you may not realize came out earlier by other people. For example, Joan Jett, I Love Rock 'n Roll, was originally done by The Arrows ═.♪.═══.♪.══ ALL WELCOME ═.♪.═══.♪.══
  7. Seen any magic lately? Melinda Nyn will be performing her Las Vegas style magic show on Wednesday 1.30pm slt. This is not to be misssed - people love it for its amazement, incredible excitement and comedy value too! All in text - this is a 45 minutes show at Austin Island. Don't miss it [05:13] Annie Avonside: Austin Island (128,128,2) Melinda Nyn and her assistant present a 45 minute Magic Illusion show for Second Life sims! if you own a theatre or club - or just an outdoor area 30x30 min size - book this show for your friends and guests! It's all in text so everyone can enjoy it. See heads roll and more! The show contains amazement, comedy, poetry and even ventriloquism live and in front of your eyes! Contact Melinda Nyn for more details - references can be supplied! Poster (sample shown) will be adapted for your venue, event, date etc.
  8. We have lots of events scheduled this week at the club. A lot of the better SL DJs will be coming in to treat listeners to a wide variety of wonderful music. I will encompass quite a few genres, everything from country to latin music for your enjoyment. Another reason to stop in is the sexy and beautiful PV dancers. They will all be trying to do their best to make your stay a memorable one.
  9. Come one, come all to Frisky Fridays with our amazing DJ Talion! That's right! you got that itch you are watching to scratch? Then Fridays at Dystopian Grindhouse is the night to come and get that itch taken care of! Dancers to entertain, DJ playing your favorite tunes! What else could you ask for? Come on down and check it out this Friday and every Friday! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dystopia/199/145/23
  10. Krissy's Bar & Grill is now hiring for the following positions. DJs, hosts, and dancers. DJ must have experience and have own stream. Hosts and dancers training will be provided. Please come in-world and visit the Bar http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pasteur/209/95/1032 Or contact Krissy Smagulov (mimaw)
  11. The Funhouse Event Center is looking for reliable staff to fill the following positions. Department managers, DJs, hosts, dancers, bouncers/bartenders, waiters/waitresses. DJs must have experience and have own stream. Department managers must have at least 6 mo. experience in managing a club. Dancers, hosts, bouncers/bartenders, and wait staff for cafe' training will be provided. Please contact Mr. Nobody aka The Evil clown (dirtywyteboy), Krissy Smagulov (mimaw), or Lαԃყ Pʂყƈԋσ (mathilde852) in-world if interested.
  12. The Funhouse Event Center presents Dragon & Raccoon!! Pαrтy Tιмe αт The Funhouse Event Center. No Dreѕѕ Code, jυѕт ғυɴ ғrιeɴdѕ αɴd ɢreαт тυɴeѕ! ╔═════════✩ Funhouse✩═════▫ ╫◈ ահօ : ĐĴ's mr. Nobody aka, The Evil clown ╫◈ ահɑէ :Fabulous tunes!! ╫◈ ահҽղ : 12-2 pm SLT ╫◈ hostess : Krissy ╚══════════════════════════ ✩ ♫ ♪ ✩ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Business District Kilo/193/230/24
  13. Krissy's Bar & Grill is a laid back, small town bar. Where folks come to hangout and enjoy listening to rock & pop music. Today's and yesterday's. come join a team of folks who enjoy the small town feel of krissy's Bar & Grill!! Hiring for the following positions: DJs hosts Dancers Bouncers Come visit inworld http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pasteur/204/101/1031 Or contact Krissy Smagulov (mimaw) and pick up an application DJs must have their own stream and at least 6 mo. experience.
  14. The Funhouse Event Center is now looking to fill the following positions: DJs, hosts, Dancers, cafe' staff, department managers. DJs must be experienced and have own stream. Want to work in a fun filled circus like enviroment? Please contact The Evil Clown (dirtywyteboy) or Krissy Smagulov (mimaw) inworld.
  15. We have Ricky Live Music is coming to sing on Aphrodite Island. He sings in 80's music and more modern music over the past 10 years in Spanish and English. Ricky takes request from songs he has on his notecard. Talented and it's always a nice size party. We welcome you to join us and stay for the next event with DJ Feather and Moondance as we get rave music and a particle show! Our guest will get a wonderful first-time event on the sim! Join the raffle too - Jan 24, 2019 today at 2:30-4pm and the particle show is 4-6pm! Hope to see you there! - MissAislen
  16. The Funhouse event center is looking for energetic reliable staff members!!! Finally the wait is done! Its been over 7 Months That we have been thinking of what to do next We wanted to do something that hasn't been done yet on sl! Well we figured it out! Come by and lets talk: Contact the following: Evil Clown (dirtywteboy) Krissy Smagulov (mimaw) Were now hiring various positions Showgirls & Showguys Cafe'/Bar Attendant Production Staff Hosts/FunHouse Freaks (Public interaction Specialists) Dancers Master of ceremonies Djays Temp/Res plus many more. Females/Males & other encouraged to apply! We are looking fill full time and part time positions daily Join our free vip group for updates and show schedules FunHouse Vip Group
  17. Hello! So, I saw Strawberry Singh's latest New Year's blog post, from Avatar Social Networkers' Website, and was intrigued about TED . I have seriously spent ALL day watching these videos, and have just been VERY excited! Even found an old video on there about SL from Philip Rosedale, from 2008! I've been trying to share some of my favorite videos with others (like friends and groups)... but they're just not too receptive. ...Is this because TED is old news? In the age of "sacrificing TV to pay for the internet" (which is what I'm finding happening a lot these days... or ROKU, Firestick, Netflix, or whatever-have-you)... I'm actually very glad I stumbled upon something like this, and am surprised a lot of others aren't nearly as excited. Where are all the like-minds that would like to talk about their favorite videos, or videos that should be made, etc., etc.? SL think tank! I think that would be great! Especially for a world of creative ppl! What say you? 😁
  18. Live DJs Wed 10am and Thurs-Sun 4pm-10pm . Join our group for Event notifications Located on a Adult sim with Pools and Adult areas to explore. Always Hiring DJs ,Hosts and Dancers. Will be expanding hours soon. https://www.facebook.com/KinkyHaze1/ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Maui Central/23/237/3002
  19. [ GLOW ] Indie Bar & Lounge's: Chill and Dance party! Feat. DJ: Steamray Host: Jesse DJ: Steamray Host: Jesse Genre: Alternative Chilled out remixes of Hits, RnB, Dance and more! Our lovely funny pair DJ Steamray and Host Jesse invite you down to the club at Glow this evening, for a relaxing dance themed party! How are you going to relax with us tonight? You gonna get on the dance floor and take in the atmosphere from the DJs blasted Chilled Vibes? Hang out at the nice and warm pool with your friends, maybe even play some beer pong before you get onto the dance floor? Show us how you're gonna have fun with us tonight! ♥ https://glowclubsl.blogspot.com/p/events.html http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/StormWind/177/33/25
  20. Kappa Kappa Tau will be hosting a charity Christmas masquerade ball on the 16th of December at 2pmslt. We are looking for a live singer to cover at least an hour. Must be able to sing at least a couple Christmas songs. You will be paid a deposit and all tips are yours. Please inquire before the 25th of November to either Iza (Izabellility) or myself (1harleyj)
  21. *CHAMPION HORSES* *The Arabian Cup* 2018 Come watch all the fun and excitement!! • 5 Laps of Endurance • Open to all certified champion jockeys with qualifying arabians, traiting 95 and above • Minimum of 12 points required for qualifying horse 10 QUALIFYING RACES: TO BE HELD: ◘ October 21, 2018 (Sunday) @ 10am SLT ◘ October 22, 2018 (Monday) @ 5:30pm SLT ◘ October 23, 2018 (Tuesday) @ 5:30pm SLT ◘ October 24, 2018 (Wednesday) @ 5:30pm SLT ◘ October 28, 2018 (Sunday) @ 10am SLT ◘ October 29, 2018 (Monday) @ 5:30pm SLT ◘ October 30, 2018 (Tuesday) @ 5:30pm SLT ◘ November 4, 2018 (Sunday) @ 10am SLT ◘ November 5, 2018 (Monday) @ 5:30pm SLT ◘ November 6, 2018 (Tuesday) @ 5:30pm SLT OFFICIAL RACE DAY: Sunday, November 11, 2018 @ 12noon SLT 10 qualifying horses with a minimum of 12 points will participate in the big race. In the event there are more than 10, then top 10 fastest time qualifiers will be used. Jockeys will be able to choose gate positions in order of highest points earned - first choice, and so on down. Follow the SLurl to find out more information http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Champion Headquarters/73/124/30
  22. Come check out the amazing cottages for rent at Shagwong Cove Resort. Then stay and explore 4 sims of activities, listen to entertainment, singers, dj's and experience upcoming special events at two clubs. Hang at the beach, or explore the forest, horseback ride in the cliffs, relax in the lagoon, visit the deep sea cove, go down the water slide, and of course romance and adult spots to visit. Come on over and learn about the rental special! See you here! Diamonte Thomas
  23. AMBERLE JANNIAH LIVE @ ~NO STRINGS~ AT 12 AM :*★*:. .:*☆*:. .:*★*:. .:*☆*:. .:*★*:. ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ☑ Who: AMBERLE JANNIAH┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ❤ ┊ ┊ ┊ ☆ ☑ When: OCT 4 THURS 12-2 AM SLT ┊ ┊ ❤ ☑ Where: ~NO STRINGS~ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Business District Foxtrot/194/12/23 ☑ SONGS THAT WILL TUG & MELT YOUR ❤ ❤ ❤ ┊ ☆ Time to PARTYYY!! .:*★*:. .:*☆*:. .:*★*:. .:*☆*:. .:*★*:. Amberle was born and raised into a music oriented family. At an early age, she became actively involved in choir and musical theater through out her school years, where she also began playing guitar. Amberle's passion continued through her college and early working years. You will instantly fall in love with this acoustic pop musicians vocal talents while she sings some of your favorite pop songs from, Lisa Loeb, Michelle Branch, Alannis Morisette, Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, Natalie Imbruglia, Sixpence None the Richer, The Cranberries, Yeng Constantino, KZ Tandingan and many more. SO DON'T MISS YOUR CHANCE TO HEAR HER PERFORM LIVE HERE http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Business District Foxtrot/194/12/23
  24. Join us at Spookyhollow! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Georgetown Colorado/193/140/22
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