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  1. I left for a few reasons. I was busy with other things, and for a long time my computer's graphics card had a conflict with SL for some reason and couldn't run it very long without crashing. I have a new computer now and quite a bit of spare time on my hands. I also left for some personal reasons, but pretty much everybody I knew is inactive now so that's no longer an issue.
  2. Maybe I phrased that badly. What I meant is that I'm interested in whether or not you guys feel it would be worth it to come into SL now, from your own perspective.
  3. Good question.. It might not be a financial investment, but it's still potentially a significant investment of time. Not sure what worth it means to me, I'm more interested in what it means to others here and what they think about the state of SL currently and whether they would recommend getting into it.
  4. Should I get back into SL? I was a very active user from around 2007-2012 and am considering starting up again.
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