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About Me

Found 13 results

  1. Looking for a special creator for a special project. Searching for a 3D Mesh Creator with familiarity in Animesh, Bento, and skilled with hair, for a special project. Only serious interest need apply. Please send your in-world resume, and Flickr link, or samples of past work to Stephanie Northman in-world. We look forward to meeting you soon!
  2. Hello, Yesterday I finally purchased my first Animesh horse, a Warmblood from Water Horse after a week or more worth of researching all the animesh options available at this time. I know there are two other stores out there that sell animesh horses but with not so many customization options. I wish to purchase a Teegle as well but I am unsure of the differences/similarities between the two. And without further introductions, this' my Stallion boy.
  3. Just curious about other people's thoughts on the prim count of a breedable. What is your initial reaction or thoughts on a breedable that could be 30 or more prims, max 35. Most people's response will more than likely pertain to needing larger land with more prims. I know that plays the biggest role in anything related to breedables. What if they offered something in return for being a higher prim count. Mesh quality, longer breeding times, to where they dont retire so soon, double egg drops, special items to collect to sell, and other features that could possibly compensate for the higher prim count. Please serious answers only.
  4. InZoxi is a tried and tested name in SL, its owner being a 13-year member and content provider throughout Second Life. Zoxin is both a creator and a user in SL, an important observation as there's a particular etiquette when it comes to creating custom content for users, most of which won't be understood by those with a background outside of SL. Services offered**: Mesh Texturing Rigging Scripting Animation* Animesh* *Animation for commissioned meshes. **Products being resold require 15% profit split on sales. If you're looking for custom content from small to project, please contact Zoxin (Resident) in-world for a quote, as well as portfolio and other links within the profile. Note not all commissions will be accepted due to time frames and viability. Please do not contact me regarding being hired, I am not advertising nor do I have any positions available for employees. Thanks.
  5. inZoxi is a tried and tested name in SL, with its head being a 13-year member and creator within Second Life. Zoxin is both a creator and a user in SL, an important observation as there's a particular etiquette when it comes to creating custom content for users, most of which won't be understood by those coming in simply with a background in 3D. Services offered**: Mesh Texturing Rigging Scripting Animation* Animesh* *Animation for commissioned meshes. **Products being resold require 15% profit split on sales. If you're looking for a custom creation, from small to project, please contact Zoxin inworld for a portfolio and/or quote; note not all commissions will be accepted. Thanks, Zoxin.
  6. Okay, so, here's the gist:: I am making an animesh attachment for my avatar to wear. I am using the Zhao-II as the animesh's core code--- AND wearing a Zhao-II coded AO, I'll refer to them as Zhao-Avatar, and Zhao-Animesh to avoid confusion later. I also will fully admit I know next to NOTHING about LL scripting. THE PROBLEM:: When I enable the ground sit button on the Zhao-Avatar, the animesh does not recognize the changed state, and doesn't play the correct animation. When I click the ground, and select "Sit Here" the animesh DOES play the correct animation, because it recognizes the avatar has changed animation states. THE QUESTION:: What do I change in the Zhao-Animesh to recognize the HUD button on the Zhao-Avatar's AO?
  7. Hi there, I can not seem to find out if Pathfinding is enabled in the Mainland? Some blogs say it is and has been for some time, others say many sims have it turned off. We own a Mainland parcel, we have our place set up on Mainland ground...not using a prim. We both have Animesh Waterhorses that we would like to wander the property....however all we can seem to do is get them to "treadmill" (walk in one spot). We followed the instructions below and got a no permission error. We did a view/test and can see the ground green..apparently that means walkable..?? If Pathfinding is set up, what are we doing wrong? Is it us, the horse, or the land?? I would like to note that we just moved...previously we had our land on a prim in the sky...I did set the prim to walkable and we followed all the instructions and the Horse behaved the exact same way...just walked in one spot. on e spot).
  8. Minor note: The Wiki article on animation priority, clearly written by users trying to figure out how it works. says "If there are multiple animations with the highest priority, then the animation which was started most recently will be effective." This isn't really true. If the viewer was watching when the second animation started, the new animation does override the first one. But it doesn't stay overridden. Log out and log back in, and the order may change. Or arrive on scene where the animation is already playing. Animations are a persistent property, but their order of start may not be. So, don't run two animations with the same priority on the same joints at the same time. Won't work right. Example: Before and after a logout and login This is an animesh character running a priority 4 walk and a priority 4 tray carry. The tray carry pose only affects the right arm. The tray carry animation was turned on after the walk animation. Looks fine. But log out and log back in, and the tray carry animation is no longer showing. Two users looking at the same avatar or animesh may see different things, depending on who was around when the animation was triggered. This tends to come up with animesh, which often have long-running animations.
  9. Sorry not sorry :( For the ears, why are only bento canine ears like, super duper tiny? Looking for some giant maned wolf-type ears that would still be giant if I had hair on my head. I made my current ears (image found here) but can't figure out how to rig them - if someone is willing to help me do that, that would be dope. Otherwise, if you can make similar ears and rig them, I would love you long time. FOR THE TAIL...I'm not even sure how this would work, but I'm looking for something like a Saluki tail. I'm stuck using flexiprims right now because it's kind of like, the only thing that really works for how it should move. Here's some examples of the effect I'm looking for: Example 1 Example 2 Example 3 Example 4 Aaannnndd for reference, here's what I'm currently using: GIF here, Image 1, Image 2 Thanks! :)
  10. Well, here we go again ... 12.1 adds Animesh, fixes and performance voodoo. Next up .. maybe possibly, perhaps, potentially, probably an OSX version ... wish us luck. Release Notes : http://catznip.com/index.php/Catznip_R12_1_Release_Notes Download : https://get.catznip.com/downloads
  11. Rider Linden updated us on when the Lab is in releasing EEP, Enhanced Environment Project. The official line is the Project will go to RC very soon™ . Rider is speaking in the first few minutes of the video. TM 01:50 BoM is headed to RC too. TM 01:00 The video is NOT fuzzy once it starts playing Switch it to 1080. Watch Full Screen to read chat. Animesh Customization TM 05:30 Getting triangle counts TM 07:30 Turn on-off Animesh TM 11:15 Reset Animesh Skeleton TM 12:00 - Problem resetting when Animesh is attached to avatar. Some Debug Setting needed to reset attached animesh. Animesh attached and texturing with BoM TM 18:00 Texture filtering TM 22:50 - Discussion on 2048px textures, bilinear resampling for better quality... ...and some more...
  12. i'm trying to synch my dolphin's jumps with splashing, but the different jumps take different times. i got the splash script to check for the animations running on the dolphin, but llGetAnimationList returns KEYS. i tried checking for the keys of the animations in my inventory, but they are apparently different than the keys of the animations in my object that is animating my dolphin, because i am getting no matches -- and i looked at the list that was returned. so, it seems i need the animation names. i found llGetObjectAnimationNames, which isn't implemented yet... but it only returns animations playing on an OBJECT that the script is in. i would like to pass the key of the owner to this function, and get a list of animation names running on my avatar. haha... i'm gonna guess there's some reason why i can't do that : ( oh well, thanks for looking! OH! um... where DO i post script function requests and suchlike? i keep trying to go onto the wiki discussion pages (or correct some grammar errors in the lsl wiki, or add my notes on the llSetAnimationOverride, but all the pages... i'm not allowed to edit. okay, but who do i talk to about it???)
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