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  1. After I have updated the firestorm viewer, I realize that I have much more trouble logging in and when I'm in-world, my fps is much lower than before...is anyone else experiencing this? Or does the secondlife viewer also have the same problem now? 😶 Hopefully I'm not the only one that has this issue.
  2. You know what's more weird.......... I just created a new avatar and I cannot log in my new one, either (just as a test if I cannot use my main acc only)
  3. 1. My inventory is not flat, I've got a lot of sub-folders to organize my inventory, this has been happening for 4 days, every day when it's my 9 pm I have difficulty logging in and right now it just happens again, I couldn't rez things, I couldn't use my HUD and couldn't talk to people, then I crashed and can't log in again ~~ the first time this happened, I managed to log in after an hour after hundreds of trying. 2. I don't think what I'm wearing is abnormal, and I never accept stranger's stuff, either. But not yet I haven't tried that method. I'm still trying to log in right now, I do
  4. It's weird because right now this same thing is happening to me again....at the same time since three days ago can anyone please offer me solutions, this is really really frustrating that I just cannot log in my account for no reasons....
  5. @Whirly Fizzle Thanks for your reply I just tried few times and I can log in now, however, I still have difficulty logging in normally as before Earlier I had been stuck like this for hours https://gyazo.com/aa4e666fbc1af97a14e707612e96083d Just it keeped showing me "Logging in..." but it didn't proceed at all, I have no idea why this happened because I could log in my alt normally.
  6. I succeeded logging in one time, but I tried to relog and test if this really worked, I couldn't log in again.........this is so frustrating
  7. Sorry to bother everybody on this community, but I've been having trouble logging in for a whole night, and last night my time, I couldn't teleport. 1. I don't think I get banned by LL because I don't have any report and such e-mails 2. I can still log in my alt, I just can't log in my main avi no matter how many times I try, I've been trying hard to log in for hours .... 3. SL is not under maintenance right now What would this be if it's not report nor maintenance (I just checked the status grid) .... anyone can help? :'(, I just feel frustrated I've been spending
  8. Thank you Maybie, I'm feeling better, I do overreact a little sometimes, but I'm doing all I can to stop her fooling with other people.
  9. Thanks for all your replies, I feel better, I was a little out of my head yesterday, I now know there's no way to banish her from second life I appreciate all your suggestion and I've changed my profile info already. Today I have done my best to stop eight guys/girls from trusting her and her crook team, and it turned out this girl has been seeking every possibility to take lindens from other people, because all these eight people either talked to that girl or she/her other members talked to them. I know some people may laugh at me for persuading others, but
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