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  1. I have a simple solution
  2. Auto-generated texture atlases could be used for avatars, objects with more than one texture UUID, and complex linked objects — to drastically lower the draw calls. Sometimes, this can mean the difference between 5 fps and 60 fps for any given scene. If an avatar/object/linked object is manually modified in any way by the resident, notify the server; rate-limiting for the automatic updating of any given avatar/object/linked object's (multiple) texture atlas cache could be defaulted to once every 15 seconds. If possible, the server should rewrite only the delta output to any updated
  3. It seems these distant matte backgrounds could work for rendering the contents of distant sims. But the clientside calculations of polygons that generate these matte backgrounds need to be hindered/throttled at certain distances. Currently, even the clientside calculations of polygons that generate avatar impostors aren't being shoved in a rocket and launched into the sun. Any mesh beyond a certain polygon threshold. Mesh houses with sensitive edges could be unflagged.
  4. My friend just ran another test: 1. He set max # of non-impostor avatars to 1 and set maximum complexity to 20,000 2. Went to a different club to see his RTX 2080 Ti calculating 18,000,000+ polygons with 36 people -- the result was 11 fps 3. Blocked and derendered the other 35 people in the club 4. 18,000,000+ polygons were still being calculated at 11 fps although no avatars were being rendered on-screen (everyone was invisible) 5. Disabled camera constraints and zoomed all the way out into the sky, looking up 6. His fps instantly shot back up to 150+ 7. Pressed Escape to zoo
  5. Wondering if it's possible for devs to implement an adaptive LOD feature that automatically and seamlessly reduces the polycount of avatars and static objects at different zoom levels or different graphics settings. Something that enables the user to override the current four static levels of manual LOD for mesh. This should also be enabled by default. The complexity update did nothing to fix user framerates so that VR would be viable with SL, because currently every mesh creator exploits the unfixed complexity loophole that allows for low complexity but super highpoly avatars (everyone i
  6. Hiring an expert scripter (must have > 5 years LSL experience) to help with debugging mesh heads and HUDs. PM/notecard me your rates & past work.
  7. Hiring an expert scripter (must have > 5 years LSL experience) to help with debugging mesh heads and HUDs. PM/notecard me your rates & past work.
  8. We at NewSea & rezology have some hairstyle photos that need to be updated. Send a notecard to Selc with examples of your photography and desired compensation per photo. Each photo needs to be shot at a high resolution (CMD+SHIFT+S Mac / CTRL+SHIFT+S Windows) then scaled down to 700 x 525 pixels.
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