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Found 23 results

  1. ***Event for Women Only*** Hello Ladies and Girls ! our first Video show for 2023 animated by the amazing Vjee Queen and her Host Phoa.💋 Don't miss this event and have fun with us on the new dance floor of the Rose-Club! Your limousine below Bring me with my friends at the Show !
  2. ***EVENT FOR WOMEN ONLY*** Taxi for the party
  3. *Event for Women only* 🕸️with the amazing VJ Queen on streaming-videos and her lovely host Lyuda 💋 My Limousine...
  4. Contest in Dark atmosphère with Videos-music Amazing Vjee Queen and her host Lyuda Contest: Best sexy in Leather !!! *Many gifts-cards from our sponsor Velvet Dreams💋 Don't Miss this event and come have fun with us Event for *women only* my🚖 Little River
  5. Red outfits attire for this great party at Rose-Club for *Women Only* Vj Queen and her host Lyuda will perform videos-clips in real time on 6 giant screens. 💋Come have party with us and enjoy the great songs with the word red in the title and your requests !💋 🚗 Don't miss it.... and grab your limousine below...🚓 >>My Limousine...
  6. For Women Only, don't Miss it Ladies! Click here for your Taxi !
  7. I have been helping a friend from Spain to improve his avatar. Although I am fluent in Spanish, some things are difficult to explain. Are there updated video tutorials in Spanish for beginners on the following topics? •Bento •Appliers •BOM •BOM vs. Appliers •System Alphas and how they interact with BOM •The Outfits System In Addition, if there are good written tutorials in Spanish with clear Screen Shots, they would also be welcomed.^^ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- He estado ayudando a un amigo de España a mejorar su avatar. Aunque hablo español con fluidez, algunas cosas son difíciles de explicar. ¿Hay videos tutoriales actualizados en español para principiantes sobre los siguientes temas? •Bento •Aplicadores •BOM •BOM vs. Aplicadores •Alphas Sistema y cómo interactúan con BOM •El Sistema de Vestimenta (Outfits) Demás, si hay buenos tutoriales escritos en español con capturas de pantalla claras, también serán bienvenidos. ^^
  8. Hi all! I created my first video on SL, please give me your opinions. Tips & tricks are also welcome. Oh and if you’re interested in a video like this, send me a notecard in world: zayagabriels - for free of course since I’m still learning
  9. Watch DCWF SHOWS and EVENTS LIVE in-world or in Second Life for a much better Second Life #Wrestling experience. Join the DCWF fan group in-world to receive notices and landmarks to DCWF events and shows. DCWF LUCK OF THE DRAW 2020 🍀 Second Life Wrestling DCWF LUCK OF THE DRAW 2020 MATCHES ¯¯¯ • LYRIA vs HONEY BLUNTZ • QUEEN GINAROSE vs JAXI VELINEAUX • ERY vs JOANNE STEEL • BROOKE OWENS-FAUN vs CALICO • KIMBERLY SMITH vs HORSES MORRISEY • ACE GOODHEART NIGHTFIRE vs NEONSHADOW SILVERBLADE vs NICK ODIUM • BAZZA WINDLOW & FERNANDO vs MYTHIL WOYSECK & MICHAEL TOMAS DCWF STAFF ¯¯¯ • KRISTEN (DCWF Referee) • TAYLOR (DCWF Referee) • EM (DCWF Referee) • DREWSKI HOXLEY (DCWF Host / Announcer) What is DCWF LUCK OF THE DRAW? ¯¯¯ DCWF LUCK OF THE DRAW is a SPECIAL #SecondLifeWrestling EVENT presented by DCWF in the virtual world of Second Life and, this year, it happened on July 5, 2020, Sunday at 12 PM SLT (Second Life Time).
  10. I have created a system capable of streaming video in real time in SL, I mean that all people see exactly the same thing regardless of when they activated media, exactly as it happens for audio streaming. A recent version SL viewer is required (tested with the official viewer, Firestorm and Black Dragon). The installation of any software or plug-in on the PC is not required and there is no need to use any script in SL, simply set the parameters of the media in the parcel and the video will be displayed on all surfaces that use the set texture. I have been using this system successfully in my club and in others where I have been doing my DJ sets since few weeks, with peaks of up to 70 simultaneous views. In my club the videos are displayed in a skybox specifically created to give an immersive experience, there is nothing similar in all SL. The skybox is completely script-free and practically does not generate lag. Viewing the videos also does not create any additional lag and a very powerful PC is not required, the only requirement is to have 1.5 megabits of additional bandwidth available on the internet connection, in addition to a PC that allows you to play SL in "acceptable" conditions . The system can be used to play DJ (VJ) Sets, Concerts, Movies, Documentaries, Slideshows, Courses, but also to add multimedia content to events, presentations and more. The only limit is fantasy. This is a video that can give you a idea on what I'm talking about https://www.facebook.com/alex.loria.sl/videos/885005898621320/
  11. So, I enjoy taking SL pics. I have a couple of Flickr accounts to show off my work, and it's fun and all. But more than anything, I enjoy making sl music videos. I don't seem to find this much, only able to think of a handful of video creators. I wonder why this is such a dying art form on the grid. Anyone out there also creates videos? I'd really love to just connect with someone. Check out my channel below. I'm filming a movie next and just would love to bump heads with fellow video creators! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMDKsx5mTTETa-0eAvK30eQ/videos
  12. Goals United Productions is a brand new film production company in SL that plans to take SL film to another level. We will be creating quality films for our clients and the tv world at large. We plan to spread our creativity to as many homes around the world as possible. Using SL as a platform to produce entertaining, inspirational, and educational films and commercials. We are currently... In search of Assistants Participants will start off as volunteers to wave out the non serious applicants. Participants will be working directly with the CEO and Upper Management The job will consist of managing files, communication with recruitment applicants, staff, clients, and suppliers Light website and social media management. This is a team environment so you will have training and assistance with projects. You may work on some task alone however you will never feel alone in your duties as an assistant for Goals United. We are all in this together. After your initial volunteer period of 3 weeks to 1 month, you have the potential to earn up to 5k a month or more. Depending on just how much experience you bring to the table and how much responsibility you take on. And this is just the beginning! We reward great work and loyalty! Contact me inworld at OsirisJamel
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YpCyP1sM_cA
  14. CSTV is hiring for models, seeking men and women who are not shy to appear in photos and videos. Message me, JizzellEnmei in-world for information.
  15. Send me an IM @ Rawbesticle94 inworld I come with many skills and a fast learner. I have worked in many clubs so far and hosted, I am a very hyper person especially when I have ate something sweet mins ago ,and also in wedding agencies. I am very familiar with Role-Playing and emoting , been doing so since 2009 from another virtual world site called IMVU , was also a stripper( I will strip and escort to anyone text only.. sorry i do not think my voice is sexually attractive you will find out when you need to verify me to make sure I am a male behind the avi ) and escort and a club co owner, organizing schedules and themes for certain parties ( birthday , bachelor/ette party ) I am familiar with Photoshop , Adobe Premiere pro and Affter Effects, Creating webpage layouts, Organizing ( organization and order is a HUGE must with me ). I have recently learned landscaping so I am hoping to try that out soon with someone or for someone. Any questions for my prices of picture edits its 500L - 2000L , you get to decide between those numbers on how much you love the edit Flickr For editing and shoot a video or just editing a video it is 0 to 60 secs is 2000L , every min extra added to the video is 500L more and every 30 secs added to the video is 250L more. Youtube Channel
  16. I am a freelancer videographer and editor. IM me @ Rawbesticle94 inworld if you want a picture edited. here is my Flickr I also do videos , any genre of videos here is my Youtube channel
  17. Need a video grapher for an event? Request for a video here.
  18. I didn't want to derail the SL songs thread but I really wanted to share a video that's kept me smiling all week. Enjoy
  19. Anyone seeking a video grapher or photoeditor im your guy I do multiple themes, creativity is flexible. inworld user : Rawbesticle94 , IM me or send a Notecard if you're interested. I do not charge much , my prices are low as 500L heres my Flickr heres my Youtube Channel
  20. First time posting on this thread and becoming a premium member... Hopefully someone can show me around the features. I just started making videos in second life about 2 weeks ago so Im currently looking for potential cast members who would like to participate in my sl videos. So if your into urban style hiphop/rnb and fashion trends (or other genres and still interested in participating)... MESSAGE ME!!! Check out my YouTube channel (https://goo.gl/8jR1U5) to get a taste of my work...
  21. Hello everyone! I have a rather strange issue here, I can load youtube or any other page on my tv and play videos on it, but some videos (more specifically my OWN videos on youtube) never load. I just get the loading symbol stuck while the audio plays with no problem. So the video does load and everything, but the images are not there, just the loading symbol stuck in the middle of the screen. And the weird thing is that it only happens to the videos I have uploaded Any ideas? Thank you
  22. Hello! Any tips for refining the quality of the viewer in second life in order to create high quality videos? Thank you, Esther
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