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  1. My snakes were originally made for the Unity3D game engine. It was made to be efficient, and all of it's texturing is done on 1 UV map. I have no reason to change that. Everything that needs to happen can happen on 1 set of texture layers, almost as easily as 3, with less complexity. The only real good reason to change it, would be to get more texture resolution. To me, the real question about how the baking system will work, is how they handle SL faces. We'd likely need to be able to change those faces individually. No actual work, besides talking, has been done on this yet. This is why I'm bringing it up. Constructive criticism is good. I don't see why it would be a negative. If creators don't like the results, then they just don't use it. Let the market determine whether it is worthy or not. I bet the overall market will love it, and creators will be forced to use it, or lose in the market.
  2. Linden Lab has announced the group, and talked about the group, formally known as the Bento Group, for over a year. What kind of creator are you that you don't know about it? Don't you keep up with every aspect of SL? If you didn't notice, I was being a little sarcastic there. I brought the topic up because I wanted more eyes on it. The Content Creation group is open to anyone, and no 1 need sign any NDAs. Some of the meetings are even video recorded for your YouTube pleasure. I have no idea where this particular topic of baking meshes came from, but I do think it is a pretty revolutionary idea. I want more creators to think and talk about it. If you didn't notice what I was doing in my comments to you, I was leading you. Leading you down the similar thought process that anyone that knows anything about 3D and game creation would go thru, given they understand anything about how things work in SL. In leading you, you pretty much proved all my points. Do I really care how many different texture maps there are for the default avatars? Not really, but it proved to be high enough, and the whole system could be versatile enough to accommodate any kind of avatar, created and working however you wanted. Do you really think I don't understand SL materials, or bumps and speculars? Have you seen my Bento avatars? My point was, that it doesn't matter if the baking system ONLY uses Diffuse. You can still set the bumps and speculars yourself, as the creator, or make a hud for that, or whateverTF.
  3. What I want, as a creator, is the layers, so that customers can easily customize it, and other creators can make products for it. Who says the shirt layer for my cobra is not going to be a shirt? I really don't think it needs pants tho, so it works out perfect for me. lol With these layers, I could give the customer the ability for choose for any number of patterns and designs for that cobra. It would be almost infinite. In order to do something similar, I would literally have to multiply the total polygons by 5 or more. If you can choose which of the 3 sets to use, then human body creators could still break the bodies into slices for hiding things, that is still using the same amount of total polygons., and then choose which set those meshes belong under. This would also solve many of the fears of decreased texture resolution with baking, because each mesh could use the max resolution available. I think you were making my arguments for me, when talking about the snake or elephant example. If you can do that with them, why is it not better for human avatars also? You are now creating your own avatar that can do everything the default avatar could ever do, and much more. As a creator, that kind of customization is crazy cool, without creating all these appliers and coding huds or any of that crap.
  4. See, the problem is, there is no evidence that you are correct. On the contrary, at the Content Creation meetings on Thursdays, some of the Lindens agree that the UV mapping is irrelevant. That said, I can imagine that the system would need you to specify which set of system clothing sets you want to use on your mesh. I say that because the sets are broken up into 3, meaning the head, upper body, and lower body. So, say for my snake, if I were to choose the upper body as the set for my whole snake, as my whole snake UV is on 1 map, then the only layers that will apply to my snake would be those that cover the upper body. You seem to be assuming quite a bit here. Where is your evidence that the UV maps are somehow hard coded in, and what exactly would be the point of that code?
  5. Why would meshes lose their materials? What reason can you give to even remotely assume that any mesh would lose their materials just because a diffuse texture is applied to it?
  6. IMHO, it is impossible to predict all the crazy ways that people will use a system like the layer baking system the default avatar has. That said, how exactly could it be a negative, at all? If creators do not want to use it, then just don't. I wouldn't advise not using it, because you'd just be creating more work for yourself, and less options for your customers. I also think it's strange to assume any of this has anything to do with bringing back old SL clothing from 2006, although, we all still do love songs from the 80s and we obviously don't have to throw everything out, just cause it is old. Of course, I'm not a coder, and have no idea exactly how the baking system works, I seriously doubt the system cares at all what the UV maps are. If they, meaning the mesh and the texture, match then bam, it works, almost like magic, but not, or it doesn't match and you get something that doesn't work right. If this does get implemented, I think creators will find some very creative ways to use the system. Why even stick to the default UV layout anymore? Yeah, there are benefits, but you could also create your own, better layout, and anyone could make skins for that one also, just like the default. My cobra could have an unlimited amount of tattoo designs to add to it's skins, or even a tuxedo, just by applying a clothing layer. The biggest part of this that appeals to me, is that it simplifies avatars for everyone. It's 1 system that makes any avatar fully customizable. Bento did quite a bit to get us part way there, but adding the baking system would bring it all full circle. People thought SL avatars were customizable before, but now they be way more customizable. This all gives every avatar maker a compete system to make the craziest avatars possible, and the users unlimited customizability. As far as avatars in games go, SL would lead them all, by far!
  7. hmmm worked
  8. I'm not totally sure what the problem is, but it sounds like a common bug that I've seen related to using the llsetanimationoverride script function. If you take off that AO, and relog, then you should be fine.
  9. You can put them in an object, but they won't do anything.
  10. I'll also throw out some stuff that will likely blow some people's minds. At the last few Content Creation Meetings, which happens almost every Thursday at 1pm, LL has been talking about developing a way for all mesh avatars to use the same Baking system the default avatars use. So, instead of these mesh avatars using so many vertices and layers that they become laggy and almost unrezzable, you'd use the same clothing layers that the default legacy avatars use, on any mesh avatar. Every mesh avatar could use all the different clothing and tattoo layers. Show me any game in the world that can come close to having customizable avatars like that. Imagine my elephant with clothing layers baked onto it.
  11. I helped develop Bento, and I was 1 of the key people that helped to get bone translation into Bento. Today, whether by redefining the positions of the bones in the initial skeleton, or you do it with animation, you can move bones however you wish. No new fitted mesh, or collision bones were added. That said, with any of the new bones, you can rig whatever you want to them and move them however you want. For instance, you could make a jacket, throw in some of the bento bones, say the wing bones, and use animation to adjust the jacket.
  12. Ok, I'm stumped on the whole video thing. Give me some bones to animate!
  13. Gifs work! Now how about videos, from YouTube?
  14. Here is the link to some good Bento bone info. Look near the bottom for which bones are affected by sliders. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Project_Bento_Skeleton_Guide Not all the sliders are translated sliders tho, Many only use scaling, which means those bones can be translated without an issues. They aren't labeled which use what tho. I can't really say off the top of my head. It is also worth noting, that with Avastar2, currently RC5, you can simply attach the sliders and move the sliders in Avastar, and actually see which bones are moving.