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  1. What say you?
  2. Animated Objects in Sansar

    As far as I know, there is no call function to alter how or when the animation is played. I'm sure there will be tho. Would be cool to trigger something like this when someone bumbs it, or hit by an object. I'll post the tutorial I just did the other day and you'll see how to play the animation.
  3. Animated Objects in Sansar

    There's no real physic here. This is really a physics simulation that I did in Blender. In Sansar, keyframed objects do not have a collision model yet.
  4. Animated Objects in Sansar

    Not sure, the release just came out on Friday night. I spent a total of 20 minutes doing the simulation/animation this morning, and another 2 hours figuring out how to export it so Sansar would read it properly.
  5. Animated Objects in Sansar

    Yes, I'm not sure they need to be parented tho, but mine is in this example.
  6. Animated Objects in Sansar

    In the full animation, the statue forms back together and then the animation starts again.
  7. Animated Objects in Sansar

    Nope! In the latest Sansar release, animated/Keyframed objects were included. I simply took my Buddha statue and fractured it using Cell Fracturing in Blender. Then I set up a little physics scene in Blender and let the cells fall how they may, and then baked that simulation into keyframes. There's a bit more to it, but not much.
  8. Work on Animated Mesh announced.

    Why not have the avatar "seated"? You don't actually have to override their AO with the seated animation. You then also eliminate the need for any physics and the negative results of some aspects of it. I imagine a skeleton that is scaled up super large, to not have issues with how far the elevator bone travels. How the sitting will work tho, is unknown. Like, could we really be specific and sit on a bone? Or attachment of a bone?
  9. Linden Lab to put millions of US$ into SL

    Here is also texture baking on meshes coming. This will make the default assets more relevant again, and allow creators to layer up their avatars and accessories without adding too much geometry to the avatars. This will also allow the default layering assets to be creatively used on mesh avatars, and in many cases eliminate the need for omega appliers.
  10. Work on Animated Mesh announced.

    Imagine taking an avatar, and just rezzing it on the ground, using all the same animations. That is animesh in a nutshell.
  11. Work on Animated Mesh announced.

    That is the part that I'm not all that sure about. I'm pretty sure that a rigged mesh is not going to have the right physics to make something like an elevator. Maybe, an attachment could do it. Not sure we'll even get attachment on animesh tho. Won't really know until LL releases it. The animesh will have some kind of physics, but how malleable that physics will be I have no idea.
  12. Mesh Mistake by LL

    Theresa is exactly right here. And even if LL made a mesh default body at that time, it would have massively failed because of the lack of facial expressions and finger movements. Today, yeah, there is a better argument for LL to make a new LL body with mesh and bento, but I think with many of these new tools, and the leg up the creators have, LL's would also fail. Now, when this new texture baking is released, I think everyone is going to have to upgrade, because the competition will become extremely fierce. Don't be surprised if I'm involved in a new female avatar project.
  13. Work on Animated Mesh announced.

    Hmmm, probably could make all those things with animated mesh, but you'd have to work out the pitfalls. I'm not sure about the physics of it all tho. Will have to see when we get our hands on it.