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  1. Look at the image I screenshotted for the video image! Cathy's face exploded! Then look at Whirly's comment. Precious!
  2. What information? How to make efficient meshes? I think not. Matter of fact, I know not. Nowhere has LL talked about nor eluded to any kind of content efficiency, that is until now. There has also not been, until now, people out there calling out bad mesh efficiencies, or bad practices.
  3. For whatever reason, you can't hear me in the video, but you can hear everyone else. The Content Creation User Group meeting is a weekly, public meeting intended for discussion of issues around content creation, including avatars, animations, mesh, etc. Vir Linden is the moderator. Please bring questions, requests, and especially cool new things to show off! Normal schedule is to meet every Thursday at 1:00PM SLT, except the first Thursday of the month. Exceptions will be noted here. Upcoming meetings. Location is the Hippotropolis Campfire Circle D Thursday, March 30, 1:00PM SLT NO meeting Thursday, April 6 Thursday, April 13, 1:00PM SLT Thursday, April 20, 1:00PM SLT Thursday, April 27, 1:00PM SLT Agenda AssetHttp viewer is out as a project viewer Animation and movement bugs under investigation Open Q&A User Questions & Topics Full body scale slider
  4. The video I posted shows how to animate in Blender. Those parts aren't specific to Avastar.
  5. I'll disagree with this part of your statement. While I agree that user generated can result in negatively more high poly models, I do not agree that it is somewhat inherent in the nature of user created content. IMHO, it comes down to a lack of information. When the user based is informed, they will make smarter decisions, changing the way the creators make content. We see this happening now, in SL, for a number of reasons. Really, I'm almost as surprise as anyone else about this, but just the other day, I happened across a popular blogger comparing all the mesh bodies and their rending scores. Now, there are a number of bloggers, and others, like me, talking about mesh efficiency. Vista optimized their hands just because they heard feedback and saw how to make them better.
  6. Of course I am! That said, I think anyone can add whatever they want in their name tag. I tried it, kind of jokingly, but it worked, so whatever.
  7. Well, If I remember correctly, the pinning doesn't actually hold the parts in place in the animation. You have to create keyframes in the animation at those key points where all the movement is occurring in the body. You probably would need to keyframe every frame of the animation to keep the arms and legs in place. Blender is free! Avastar, is not, but if you buy it soon, then it's only like $27. In Blender, with Avastar, these are some of the IK controls.
  8. I have used the pinning feature in Daz, but I'm not sure why it's not working for you. Maybe, it has to do with how it is keyframed. That's my only guess there. In Blender, with Avastar, we get an advanced IK system to do exactly what you are trying to do. I have a video on the topic, but this also means you'll need to learn to animate in Blender.
  9. That is really the real question. Or even, what will there be to buy? Some trees? Plants? Get some free rocks? Right now, Sansar is just looking at 3D environments.