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  1. Sansar Vs Second Life - Discussion

    LL put out this info in the email they sent out announcing Open Beta. This info is really only useful to those who want to make an experience, or possibly SL land barons who want to rent out space. Of course, nobody else can edit the space, but I'm sure someone is building condos in Sansar as we speak. What I'm waiting to hear about is how much LL wants to steal from those of us that chose to sell 3D items on their marketplace.
  2. Sansar Vs Second Life - Discussion

    That is not a very encouraging word. Who has time to wait for "eventually"!?
  3. Sansar Vs Second Life - Discussion

    As I said in the video, I just got the fastest internet possible. For me, the experiences seemed to load within a reasonable amount of time. Also, if you have already been to an experience, and nothing has changed within it, then going back there should be considerably quicker, as the experience is still on your pc. Yeah, as I've been pointing out since LL slipped and told us about Sansar, It ain't ever going to be SL. It won't even be able to compete directly with SL for many years. That said, SL is getting more features recently with more to come, than we've gotten in the past 6 years.
  4. We need more attachment points...38 is not enough anymore, IMO.

    Oh how I love to be quoted out of context. I was speaking about the jelly tool and high avatar complexity. Reread my original quote that I'm responding to. I was making no assumptions besides the actual scenario that I was speaking of.
  5. Sansar Vs Second Life - Discussion

    Oh, I know. There's no reason to publish it yet. lol
  6. We need more attachment points...38 is not enough anymore, IMO.

    As we speak, LL is working on a mesh avatar texture baking system, built from the same 1 used on the default avatar. Now, of course, I do not expect creators to use this baking system like the default avatar, but find their own ways to use the baking system to their, and their customers benefit. So, every mesh on your avatar could potentially have many different layers for the customers to mix and match with. This baking system will almost eliminate the need to layer up avatars like onions.
  7. We need more attachment points...38 is not enough anymore, IMO.

    (Traditional Ancient Old Chinese Word of Wisdom - poorly translated) I'm not sure. I mean, is not the point of dressing your avatar up to be seen by others? Well, if only half your avatar rezzes, or you are a jelly dolly, that defeats the whole point of wearing all that crap.
  8. We need more attachment points...38 is not enough anymore, IMO.

    38, IMHO, is more than enough. For those reaching that limit and desperately wanting more, Whirly's suggestion is great. I'd also advise consumers to voice your frustrations directly to the creators. It also seems reasonable that creators will get smarter about how to bundle their packages. Ask creators that make whole outfits to combine them together, or allow you to with a version you can mod. It's probably also smart to limit your huds. Seems everything comes with a hud today. I love the jelly tool. That said, the jelly tool is not just a tool for me to keep you from destroying my SL, but also a tool to show you how much you are impacting everyone. If your avatar complexity is that high, then anyone that can actually see you, is paying a huge price just to see you, degrading both of your experiences together. I can understand if it is just you and your partner in the scene, but in a group you are just either causing everyone problems, or a generic jelly doll. What exactly is the point of being either of those? Hopefully, creators will get more efficient, and we can all have our way, with little to no impact on each other.
  9. We need more attachment points...38 is not enough anymore, IMO.

    Best solution in this thread.
  10. Mesh deforms after scaling in Blender?

    Avastar has a video on the topic of scaling avatars. I also have a video on the topic, with links to the Avastar video.
  11. Bento Head / Face Animation Priorities

    I pretty much agree with your lists, but I will talk a little about bento bones and animation for those. The standard skeleton has underlying animation that is always playing, but can be changed. Bento bones have no underlying animation that is always playing, hence it needs to be created. Why? Well, in SL, animations can blend into each other. So, if you were to play a smile, you can make it so that the smile gradually takes over the face. In order to do this tho, there needs to be an animation currently playing. Now, because bento bones have no underlying animations playing, when you make your own, you can make them whatever priority you like. So, starting at 0 or 1 is possible. Bento also introduces eye animation and blinking, which require some unique priorities. For example, blinks should be a high priority, but also not so high that you can't close your eyes without the blink interfering. All is really not lost with matching systems with bento facial expressions. There may be a way. I'm going to ask more questions again at the meeting this week.
  12. Sansar Vs Second Life - Discussion

    I talk a bit about all the different viable worlds.