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  1. As an animator, 20 fps isn't reasonable, when animation is what the entertainment is. Most good dances are created at 60 fps. So, you are only seeing a fraction of the actual movement in SL.
  2. Actually, nothing in the video can be replicated in Second Life. You just can't do in SL what is possible in Sansar, graphically, or animation wise. You can't dance in SL at 100 fps, which is kind of important if you want to actually see the animation, and not some stop frame version because you can only get 20 fps. You especially can't dance with a large group in SL at 100 fps, like in Sansar. Also, the club alone, is as big as a whole sim almost. Outside of the club, there are npc camels, 2 other temple areas, 5 or so pyramids, all running at 100 fps. It's still early for club ra, and we have some games we might implement. And, of course, it's also great in VR. Alfy did a decent job on the video.
  3. It is happening, You are just missing out on it, rofl. I'm not trying to make it happen, just stating the truth as I see it, from a VR users stand point, and creator. There are millions of VR users now. For me, because of VR, I have no interest in playing a desktop game anymore. At least, most of them. Cause compared to doing it in VR, the Desktop way is lame as hell, especially shooting a gun. Well, almost anything really you could do in desktop, is far better in VR. You don't hit a key on the keyboard to grab your gun, you fricken just grab it.
  4. Anyone that thinks VR is dead, definitely is not a "gamer". VR is, by far, the ULTIMATE gaming experience. It isn't really possible for it to be better, outside of not wearing the headset and seeing and doing the same things. If you don't own a headset, it is impossible for you to understand VR. The biggest reason VR has not taken off like some might have predicted, is basically because 95% of all VR games totally and completely SUCK, mostly because of Oculus's suggestions for making VR early on. If you have an Oculus, buy Stormland. Stormland is complete amazing, and shows what is truly possible in VR. Boneworks kind of sucks, and so does Half Life. Developers, IMHO, aren't really pushing VR. This is why an open platform for creating VR experiences makes a lot of sense. I actually thought like many, that VR was a fad. That was until my partner sent me her old DK2 and forced me to use it in Sansar. Even in the old DK2, it was amazing, and within a month, I ran out and got an Oculus Rift. Since, I have played most of the bigger VR games out there, and the vast majority of them do not impress me at all. Some tho, that let go of all those terrible rules, those are pretty amazing, to the point you completely forget you aren't really there. Yes, you remove all the rules, and you will have many more people getting sick and whatnot, but at the same time, you can't make a game that suits everyone. There are people that can't play FPS games without getting motion sick. So, just accept that and make a great game. I should probably admit too, that I do get sick, depending on what I'm doing and how I do it. Now, if I start feeling a little sick, I will take a break and drink some ginger ale. After a few minutes, the feeling will subside and I can go back to VR. You should never ignore the signs of motion sickness, as you will end up puking and being out of commission for hours. There are many things you can do in VR to avoid getting sick, like using snap turn and things like that.
  5. Linden Lab was only 1 of the investors for Sansar. Very little SL money was used at all in the making of Sansar. It was investment money. Also, SL has gotten more big features since Sansar was started, than the 8 years before it. I understand why some SL people are literally afraid of Sansar, but it is totally and entirely irrational and not based on any actual facts.
  6. Hey everyone, It does astound me how the people at LL just don't consider their users. Why would you stop all transfers on a business regularly transferring money, just because you need info? Would it not be a TON smarter, to just inform your user, and tell them they have a month to get the info to them, before any action is taken? Seriously, it is like they think nobody needs the money.
  7. Some were entirely let go. Seems a good number were moved back into SL.
  8. It is likely much less today. The rumor is that the staff at Sansar dropped 20 people this week.
  9. The other day, I was in another world, and someone asked how I got my name. After I told my name creation story, everyone else joined in with some even better name creation stories. So, I will start. In RL, I have a very common name. Extremely common. When I gave myself my virtual name, it was the very early days of email. I had to give myself an email, and I really hated the name with numbers format, like John256, because having a common name, It felt like I was now just a number. At the time, there were all these suggestions on how to pick your name, and 1 of them was to just look around the room, and something in it could essentially describe you, in a way. Right next to my desk was a basket full of tubes of paint. As I tried to find something in the room that might be a good name for me, nothing even seemed reasonable in the slightest way. Finally, I just thought, I'll just reach into that basket of tubed paint and see what I get. What I grabbed was cadmium orange medium hue. I thought, hmmm, medium hue, that is interesting and kind of suits me. Eventually, I shorten it to Medhue. Please share your name creation story!
  10. I think many people were listening to Linus when he was poo pooing VR a little. Now, I think he is more excited than ever.
  11. It was announced recently that the Quest will have an option to wire the quest to the pc, to play more graphics intense games. Don't know how good it will be tho.
  12. Raging, I think not. That is in your own mind, not mine. My point is, and has always been, It's a door and it opens. You really do not get to decide which way a door opens. All doors in the real world open inward. It's a fact, especially if you have ever hung a door. And as I said, any issue with a door is easily solvable, if it is an issue. If it is not an issue, like in this case, then why would you spend any time at all. Bagnaria and I are 2 people. You obviously know nothing about Sansar, or any other world. Every single 1 of our places in Sansar has a visitor tracker, so we know exactly how many unique players have been there. When I say 1000, that is being crazy conservative. Even in our other experience, Scurry Waters, which has mini games, we are now hitting near 7000 unique users. We've had over 1000 in 1 day at Scurry Waters. Bagnaria and I have easily made $10k in Sansar so far, without really even trying. How is that possible with your perception of Sansar? This is kind of what annoys me tho. People talking crap when they really know nothing at all. I've been making 3D content for over 15 years now. I have video tutorials across many different platforms. Go search Medhue on the Unity forums. Unity actually invited me, and offered to fly me down to their place, just to test their animation test to be Unity certified. I don't even have any clue at all how many games I've helped make.
  13. Rofl, I don't think I've paid more than $100 for my phones. That is how important a phone is to me. It literally just needs to be a phone. I have tablets for those other things. lol
  14. I do not quite understand. The Oculus Rift was $399, with controllers. That is not really that deep. My graphics card, as many gamers, is almost twice that. What you get tho, is being there. Totally worth way more than $399.
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