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  1. Hey everyone, It does astound me how the people at LL just don't consider their users. Why would you stop all transfers on a business regularly transferring money, just because you need info? Would it not be a TON smarter, to just inform your user, and tell them they have a month to get the info to them, before any action is taken? Seriously, it is like they think nobody needs the money.
  2. Some were entirely let go. Seems a good number were moved back into SL.
  3. It is likely much less today. The rumor is that the staff at Sansar dropped 20 people this week.
  4. The other day, I was in another world, and someone asked how I got my name. After I told my name creation story, everyone else joined in with some even better name creation stories. So, I will start. In RL, I have a very common name. Extremely common. When I gave myself my virtual name, it was the very early days of email. I had to give myself an email, and I really hated the name with numbers format, like John256, because having a common name, It felt like I was now just a number. At the time, there were all these suggestions on how to pick your name, and 1 of them was to just look around the room, and something in it could essentially describe you, in a way. Right next to my desk was a basket full of tubes of paint. As I tried to find something in the room that might be a good name for me, nothing even seemed reasonable in the slightest way. Finally, I just thought, I'll just reach into that basket of tubed paint and see what I get. What I grabbed was cadmium orange medium hue. I thought, hmmm, medium hue, that is interesting and kind of suits me. Eventually, I shorten it to Medhue. Please share your name creation story!
  5. I think many people were listening to Linus when he was poo pooing VR a little. Now, I think he is more excited than ever.
  6. It was announced recently that the Quest will have an option to wire the quest to the pc, to play more graphics intense games. Don't know how good it will be tho.
  7. Raging, I think not. That is in your own mind, not mine. My point is, and has always been, It's a door and it opens. You really do not get to decide which way a door opens. All doors in the real world open inward. It's a fact, especially if you have ever hung a door. And as I said, any issue with a door is easily solvable, if it is an issue. If it is not an issue, like in this case, then why would you spend any time at all. Bagnaria and I are 2 people. You obviously know nothing about Sansar, or any other world. Every single 1 of our places in Sansar has a visitor tracker, so we know exactly how many unique players have been there. When I say 1000, that is being crazy conservative. Even in our other experience, Scurry Waters, which has mini games, we are now hitting near 7000 unique users. We've had over 1000 in 1 day at Scurry Waters. Bagnaria and I have easily made $10k in Sansar so far, without really even trying. How is that possible with your perception of Sansar? This is kind of what annoys me tho. People talking crap when they really know nothing at all. I've been making 3D content for over 15 years now. I have video tutorials across many different platforms. Go search Medhue on the Unity forums. Unity actually invited me, and offered to fly me down to their place, just to test their animation test to be Unity certified. I don't even have any clue at all how many games I've helped make.
  8. Rofl, I don't think I've paid more than $100 for my phones. That is how important a phone is to me. It literally just needs to be a phone. I have tablets for those other things. lol
  9. I do not quite understand. The Oculus Rift was $399, with controllers. That is not really that deep. My graphics card, as many gamers, is almost twice that. What you get tho, is being there. Totally worth way more than $399.
  10. What the heck. The door serves a purpose. It is designed to lock you in the room, until you find the key. It does exactly that. Literally, 1 thousand players or more have run thru the game with zero complaints about the doors. If anyone did have any issue at all, it could be solved quite easily again, by changing the animation inside, and animating the collision differently. When you have all the tools at your disposal, anything can be solved easily, and efficiently. This is more akin to people simply wanting to do everything with code, or in my case animation. I try not to have that mindset, and I have a partner that has 40 years of experience coding, and wrote some of the core system for Apple. I think we know when and when not to use code or do something fancy. You have to know where to spend your time if you expect to actually put a game out. The vast majority of your time making a zombie game, should and was spent on the zombies. Not doors.
  11. First, it is not 4 lines of code. It is four lines of code for every door. And the doors have locks. It is kind of irrelevant how many lines of code something is. What is relevant is what that code is doing, and when it does it. Again I'll point out, why argue about how a door works? A door opens. I have yet to find 1 gamer in the world that is obsessed with how a door works in a game.
  12. Dude, I animated every part of those zombies. I have never in my whole life used a canned animation made by anyone else but me. Do you have issues? You do not have unlimited code resources. I've had this ridiculous door debate many times. In the end, its a friggin door, you walk thru it, to do something actually exciting. If the door is the exciting part of your game, then I feel sorry for your players.
  13. I was a very big skeptic of VR. Then, I met my partner Bagnaria. I was already in Sansar before that, just thinking and playing with the creation process. Bagnaria is a big techie, and had the original Oculus DK, and the DK2. After we met, she sent me her DK2. I figured what the heck, I'll try it. I got it to work in Sansar, and literally the first day chasing Bagnaria around, I threw off the head set and ran to the bathroom to puke. That said, I was sold, and got an Oculus Rift the next month. After over a year now, of being in VR almost everyday, I have to say, there is no greater gaming, or virtual experience. If you like realistic games, or you like virtual worlds, then being in VR is the ultimate expression of it. Literally, 1 minute I'm in my office, and the next minute I'm standing next to another creator on his flying ship, with amazing detail around me, and rain that falls and hits me in the face. There is a Kraken with tentacles reaching onto the ship at us. C3rb3rus also has a game called Ultimate Disk in Sansar, where the gravity is lower, and we literally leap 50 feet into the air to catch a disc and throw it to another team mate or score a goal. Super human abilities are definitely possible in VR. Why would they not be? Yeah, maybe some games, that you have to only use your physical abilities, but that is also the cool part. IMHO, VR has not taken off like everyone has hoped because of all the boneheaded ideology that came out of it's early development. Like we can just let the user be a head and floaty hands, cause people don't care about identity. Yeah, they actually said that crap. Or, moving around makes some people puke, so don't let anyone move freely in your games. Go play most of the Oculus games. You can't move at all in most of them. You are stuck in 1 spot, or you might get to teleport a short distance. Yeah, people will get sick, but that doesn't mean you cement people's feet to the ground. It's ridiculousness like this that really hurt most of the early games made for the Oculus. VR is not a fad. Maybe to us old folks, it is, but to a serious gamer, or most young people that grew up on games, VR is the ULTIMATE gaming experience.
  14. There are many things in a game. If creators are focused that much on doors, I'd probably not want to play their game, lol.
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