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  1. Medhue Simoni

    Sansar Tutorials

  2. Medhue Simoni

    Medhue's Shooting Game in Sansar

    This is my point! We, Bagnaria and I, don't get any special attention, despite the fact that we have 3 of the most innovative experiences in Sansar. We have currently the ONLY experiences with a scoreboard. The Lab ignores us. Instead, they feature creators that they like, regardless of the crap they make. That is the problem that I speak of. The platform is Cronyism at it's worst. Well, they don't completely ignore us.
  3. Medhue Simoni

    Medhue's Shooting Game in Sansar

    @Motoko Oanomochi You are wrong. You are not allowed to advertise products on the SL forums. My game is not a product. You don't buy it. You play it, for free, on the Lab's platform. ANYONE can post anything similar. I'm not in some special "club", and I would reject any attempts to put me in any special "club". You obviously do not know me very well. I don't play the game of privileges. If I get any special attention from the Lab, it is because of what I made, not because anyone at the Lab is my friend. Oh sure, I've been around a very long time, and yes, I know dozens of Lindens, but you can ask them, I have never asked for favoritism. I don't even like doing promotions.
  4. Medhue Simoni

    Medhue's Shooting Game in Sansar

    @Chic Aeon I enjoy developing there, partly because I have a great partner, and partly because of how Sansar is set up. That said, the favoritism is massively counterproductive for everyone. It will always bite you in the a$$. I don't even understand how they did not learn the first time, when the very person they are paying to promote Sansar created and pushed the most bloated experience ever, that almost NOBODY could get into while the Lab was pushing twitchers to stream. Yep, and those loading nightmares were streamed live. Yep, I can totally see how that situation would lead the company to allow that same person to chose which experiences should be on top.(Sarcasm) It's truly dumbfounding. lol
  5. Medhue Simoni

    Medhue's Shooting Game in Sansar

    Nice try, Ravi! ROFL, most people here know me pretty well. I make stuff, and talk 3D, and that is what I love. Many of the other people are only in Sansar for the drama. Creating and learning is the last thing they think about. Why are you there, Ravi? Now, do I create "drama" at the meetings and around development? Damn straight I do, especially when I see a bunch of crap going on. Just so everyone knows, a sansar meeting is a social event, and half the time will be spent listening to BS, cause some people need attention constantly. IMHO, there are really only a handful of good prolific creators in Sansar, and 1 has to wonder why that is? Outside of the avatar, I think the underlying Sansar engine can handle a ton, when intelligently created. The feature set for creators, outside of the avatar, is actually getting pretty big now. It's the culture tho. That is the big turn off. A culture of privileged brats. Spying on each other, lying to each other, back stabbing each other, talking behind each other's backs, dropping links to their experiences in other people's experiences, straight up going to busy experiences just to pull people to their own experiences, I could go on and on. It's people with no responsibilities, and unlimited time on their hands. It's all just a HUGE waste of time. These people have no skills, hence why all the butt kissing. People with skills don't need to kiss butt. All that time wasted could have been spent actually doing something productive. That is the way to get ahead, not butt kissing. The platform doesn't benefit from butt kissers. lol
  6. Medhue Simoni

    Medhue's Shooting Game in Sansar

    Heck, to many of them, even I'm not a native. When I say them, I'm talking about a specific group. They aren't hard to find. They are the butt kisser that will refer to Sansar as their Sansar. I recently just got bitched out by 1, when invited to a private build of Cerb's. The person tagged along, and before I knew it, she was screaming at the top of her drunk lungs, asking what my credentials are, over and over. She's literally screaming, "Who the F are you, coming in here changing my Sansar?". This went on for almost an hour, as Cerberus stood there pleading with her to stop, telling her Med doesn't need to justify who he is to you. Others jumping in to defend me, while she attacks them. I think the only thing I said was, "Why would I care what you think?", when she kept asking for my credentials. This is how privileged and messed up some of those people are, that the LAB constantly placates to. This person tho, knows far more about the bottom of liqueur bottles than she does about anything 3D, yet stands there asking for my credentials. I seriously don't think she even made 1 item in her own experience.
  7. Medhue Simoni

    Medhue's Shooting Game in Sansar

    Over a year ago, I looked at the rig they gave us and I pretty much knew right away that this could not be the final rig. It was missing key components for it to even use sliders to scale the bones. So, I made a video basically telling everyone, this rig is not done, and if you rig anything to it, it is highly likely that you will have to rerig it once, if not several times. Soon after, I was contacted by a Lab employee, who explained everything they wanted to do with the default avatar. I was intrigued, so I let the topic go, to hopefully see what he described to me. NOPE, they totally dropped that idea, from what I hear, and instead, worked on a FAR inferior custom avatar rig option, which is ridiculous to what VRchat already has, and was almost entirely on the advice of people that know NOTHING about anything 3D. This brings me to what I think is the WHOLE issue with the Lab. Instead of listening to engineers and artists, they listen to 3D illiterates, that know NOTHING, and only preach on about BS. If the Lab would stick to listening to engineers and artists, instead of trying to control and manipulate people, we'd get a hell of a lot farther, faster. Over the Christmas break, they slipped in a MAJOR, not minor as they publicly state, to the popularity rankings of experiences. Some how, the Lab thinks it is OK, to allow 1 experience owner, just because they have an event every week, to essentially choose the top experiences every week. How exactly does that seem even remotely fair to them? So, now, if you want to be in the top experiences, hoping someone comes to your place, you need to kiss some major butt, and likely have to work for free making them something, just to be seen for 2 weeks. Then wax up those lips for another round. I might be reducing my time in Sansar drastically, cause it has quickly become a toxic place, with ridiculous people with zero skills kissing butt like crazy for every crumb the lab releases.
  8. Medhue Simoni

    Medhue's Shooting Game in Sansar

    The avatars in Sansar really the sore spot. The Lab has literally done absolutely nothing with the default avatar in well over a year. Almost nothing is customizable on it. You can put MD clothing on them, but you'll look just like everyone else, essentially, with different hair and clothing. It's pretty ridiculous. I made a video almost a year ago, ripping the Sansar rig apart and telling everyone to create rigged items for it at your own risk, because the rig they gave us, can't work as a customizable avatar. The Lab also told a certain person that makes an addon, that they shouldn't rely too much on the rig itself, as it will be changing. So, yeah, fun stuff in Sansar, but it's still the same old Lab, who doesn't think twice about completely wasting our time. That is the part that annoys me the most about the Lab. They literally think people have time to waste rigging on an avatar that is guaranteed to change. I wanted them to come clean on it a year ago. Even now, they are keeping this change a secret. Maybe I should make another video on the topic, lol.
  9. Medhue Simoni

    Medhue's Shooting Game in Sansar

    Currently, there are no animations for the desktop user, so the gun stay at the side, but using the gun, aiming and firing is possible on desktop. The arms do come with the avatar. lol
  10. Medhue Simoni

    Medhue's Shooting Game in Sansar

    Ok, you also can't hear the sounds. Sometimes, I'm just out of bullets. lol
  11. Medhue Simoni

    Medhue's Shooting Game in Sansar

    It's not really script latency but more like loading of all the different actions. These are early tests, and we might find ways to trigger everything before hand, to completely eliminate the loading. It's no different than SL in a way, that the actions sounds and everything has to be loaded. Again, there are ways around this, and there might be ways to do it within the system, but I'm not all that worried about it at the moment. This is not a game you would only play 1 time thru. You are trying to get the best whatever, so the 2nd time thru, everyhit, as long as you hit it before, will happen instantly.
  12. Medhue Simoni

    Virtual reality is dead

    As all senses are simply your brain's interpretation of those senses, if you can trick the brain, you can fool almost all your senses.