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  1. Not in MY Lifetime

    I'm easily 1 of the creators that are highly critical of Sansar. That said, I do not see any details about what is wrong, or what you might need to transfer over to Sansar. Don't get me wrong here. Sansar has a long way to go. I just don't see the point of posting a thread like this without telling them in detail what you need.
  2. Yep, fugly! Although, it is not likely we will ever get a Sansar Avatar 2.0. With the Fashion Release, there is no going back on the avatar, nor skeleton. What I heard tho, is that LL is considering giving us the ability to import SHAPE KEYS/BLEND SHAPES. This will likely work out great with the MD outfits, as the outfits can simply be simulated to fit the new shapes. LL will need to come up with a SHAPE KEY transfer system to apply the new SHAPE KEYS to the rigged mesh outfits. Blender, with the Sparkles add on, already does this with a 1 button click. So, this is definitely doable in Sansar.
  3. Ok, before I got to bed, I realized some very strange things about this release. LL states in the documentation that there is a triangle limit on imported clothing mesh, but this is ENTIRELY misleading. As far as I can tell, products brought in from MD are not constrained to this 8k limit. There is no way that is possible with the simulation physics done on that clothing. So, yes, I'm fricken annoyed that 1 way is given special preferences, and it produces meshes that are FAR too dense for any game environment. That said, the 8k limit is COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS, when the body is actually more dense than that. So, unless you are making a tiny bra, your clothing item will be less dense of a mesh than your body, which is a$$ backwords. They, at least, have to give us a limit that comes within range of actually matching the topology of the body.
  4. Well, I'll just say that the rig LL gave us doesn't import into Blender without issues. I think I have a working rig now, but I haven't gotten anything to fit right yet. Maybe I'll get it tomorrow. This is as close as I got . Gotta get some sleep, lol.
  5. Project Bento Feedback Thread

    I'm guessing you have bone location data in your animation. You want to turn off bone location and only use bone rotation on the bones for the body, in the export options. Or you could go into the animation per bone and turn off all the location data for the bones in the body.
  6. Ebbe was also at the Sansar meeting on Friday. Of course, It was difficult to talk with him because everyone and their mothers wanted to ask him a million questions, but I did get to ask him a few things, and I thanked him for all the work done in SL, like Bento, Animesh, and Bakes on Mesh. I was kind of floored when he thanked me back for helping out on those projects.
  7. Playing animations while walking

    What is likely happening is the walk in your AO is overriding your arm animation. Likely, the walk is a priority 4. So, there are 2 solutions. The first is to make the priority higher. You can't go higher than 4 with BVH files, if I remember correctly. If you can go priority 5 with bvh then that would fix your issue. In Blender, Anim files can be exported with as high as priority 6. The 2nd solution is to have a script repeating triggering your priority 4 arm animation. This is not full proof tho, as other animations could be higher.
  8. Maitreya Lara and Catwa Kimberly issues

    Any animations made before the Bento release will not have movement in the face and hands for those Bento bones. Your poseballs need to be updated with Bento Animations.
  9. Importing XML SL Avatar for Poser?

    Yes, any OBJ, DAE, or FBX should work in Blender.
  10. Animesh Beta testing is HERE!!

    Yes, you can sit on them, as long as they have a sit target. Technically, yes you can sit on an attachment, as there is the pelvis attachment point, and the rest is easily done with animation and code.
  11. Animesh Beta testing is HERE!!

    He is waiting for the weakest elephant to be exposed.
  12. Animesh Beta testing is HERE!!

    Here I have around 30, all in my field of view. My Frame rate is still around 55 fps. I also see no major issues looking at the region stats.
  13. Animesh Beta testing is HERE!!

    I don't suspect that this will be needed. Of course, we do not know what the final restrictions will be, but I'd be willing to bet that the land impact costs will be relatively similar to products already being sold in the pet market. Yes, there will be restrictions but there are many tricks that we as creators can implement to keep things low. 1 point that has not been talked about yet, is that an animesh can be worn/attached to your avatar. Many of us pleaded with LL to allow this. Again tho, there is a limit to this. Currently the limit is 1 animesh can be attached. Soooooo, in theory, if someone wanted to have their cat with them, most of the time, when they did not have rights to rez, they would simply carry the cat. Where they do have rights to rez, the cat could roam freely. I suspect there is more work to be done with this tho. Like, can you teleport wearing an animesh? I'm not sure yet.
  14. Animesh Beta testing is HERE!!

    In the spirit of not having my post deleted, or my avatar banned from the forums, I'll just say that I do not agree or can even relate with any of this. No, the RCI of an animesh is guaranteed to be considerably lower than any avatar there is. Why, because there are, and will be triangle limits. Avatars also have another RCI costs that the animesh will not. Seriously, if every merchant in a mall added 1 animesh to greet people, collectively they would have almost no impact on the experience. 1 stores textures in their little shop would be more data than all the animeshes combined. Rezzed objects have land impact costs which is meant to restrict them. Animesh will also, so I don't get your point. If people want to rez a 1 million polygon building, who cares. Their region doesn't walk around SL with me. Put those million polygons on an avatar tho, and now there will be issues. Like Bento! I would assume that is a good thing. lol Did the conversation switch to the Marketplace? I Don't Care! No relevant! Bento is awesome! Why do you care if people want to buy someone else's shape? Again, NOT relevant! There is a way to slap a 500LI surcharge on animesh. LL just did it, but 200LI. Again, for testing tho. Good thing you aren't in charge. You can rez hundreds of Raptors right now, or close to it. Go try it. Why would animesh need Jellydolls? They have LODs, and a triangle limit. Sounds to me like you just want to be negative.