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  1. New custom avatars by Bagnaria and I, FullSpectrum.
  2. Hey Lucia! I'm having fun. Plus, I'm very much into VR. I am the kind to get motion sick sometimes, but in some games or activities I can go for hours. Heck, my muscles are sore from shooting zombies all week. I also have a great partner. Sansar will be a success. It's just a matter of time. I kind of too used to crazy detail and 100 fps. Despite the low population, I do ok considering, money wise. Avatar 2.0 comes out in a month or so, and many are waiting on that. Should get very interesting if they can get us a flexible rig.
  3. Wolf found 126 or so eggs, with Aurrie pulling in 107 and Katylina found 86 during the 3 hour event. Just for some stats. We had around 80 unique users come through during the event, and consistently around 15 people over the 3 hours.
  4. 1st Wolf - S$ 1000 2nd Aurrie Lynne S$ 750 3rd Katylina S$ 500
  5. https://events.sansar.com/events/FullSpectrum/fullspectrum-easter-egg-hunt/7d89bd4e Come join us for our first FULLSpectrum Easter Egg Hunt and possibly win up to 1000 sansar dollars. The top 3 egg hunters will win prize money. Your egg totals will be shown on the scoreboard. Have fun and hunt or just hang with us on Easter Sunday.
  6. What is interesting about all these discussions is that nobody talks about time. I feel bad for any spending time stealing 3D content, as it just doesn't make sense. If you would buy something for $1, why would you spend hours trying to get it for free. Do these people not understand that their time is worth more than that $1? Maybe they do not, rofl.
  7. https://store.sansar.com/listings/901e2ff3-b60a-41d4-9f31-16d92a910d7d/easter-egg-hunt-game
  8. You know tho, not to be too harsh on LL, but it is probably not likely that when LL does release sliders on the default, that they will be better than mine. Just because they have to go thru rounds of people to get to a final set of slider. Me, I put in whatever I think is best, with maybe a little input from the purchasers. We definitely want them to implement sliders, because I can't scale bones, and most body sliders simply scale bones. That is really the only area where they will be able to do something I can't with the avatar. Combine mine tho, with the sliders Sansar will eventually implement, and I think you pretty much can do any human avatar possible.
  9. I totally agree with you. This is kind of why I made this. I'm hoping that enough people buy the kit to flood the market with mostly these avatars, which will make the default Sansar UV maps the most dominant UV maps to create for. I was worried Sansar would become like SL, with dozens of different bodies and UV maps. In the end, having this Kit I made allows for many more things than LL would ever allow any time soon, and you can have many different versions of your avatar. Also, the kit doesn't just make Avatars, because those same FBX files can also be used as NPCs. Originally, I started making the kit for Bagnaria and I, thinking we could make any human npc possible for our experiences, while at the same time making our own avatars to look better, and possible sell avatars. Then I thought, If I release this to everyone, then anyone can make their own avatars, and there could be a whole new business of making custom avatars, but all using the save UV maps. That was my thinking on it all. LL is also going to release a simplified npc rig for the avatar, and I will integrate it all into the kit. It's not really bad to use the current rig for npcs, cause not all the bones would be animated, so those extra bones aren't really doing anything.
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