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  1. Not a clue what is going on. I did read you talk about scaling tho. Make sure that after you scale a rigged mesh, that you apply that scale before exporting.
  2. In Avastar, the COG bone moves the position of the avatar.
  3. There are 2 modes in Avastar, 1 is for posing, and 1 is a LOCKED Rest pose. Maybe this is what you are dealing with.
  4. Hmmm, I'm not really sure what you are talking about Loki. If you need some help, I could help you on Skype. Let me know and I'll IM you with my skype id.
  5. Well, the reason I'm not for this, is because the current baking system doesn't do this now. It's 1 thing to get the current system to work on meshes, but it's a whole other project to get materials into the baking system. It would add another whole level of complexity to it all. And.... it would likely double or triple the development time, as well as introduce many more bugs to the whole system. Now, after the baking project has accomplished it's stated goal, then LL could create a NEW project to accomplish adding materials to it.
  6. LL is doing the work, just not the work people like yourself want. Personally, I see no need, AT ALL, to include materials in the baking system. Theresa is just pointing out, that you don't have to except this, and you are perfectly welcome to try and make it happen, whether by writing the code yourself, or coming to the meeting and pleading your case. Again tho, personally, I have no need at all to ask LL to include materials, as there is nothing stopping me from adding the dang materials myself.
  7. If you are going to make many animations, then you want Avastar. Blender allow could, but you don't get the .anim export option, which is crucial. Priority 4 is what I ususally use for sit. With .anim files, we can use up to 6 priorities too.
  8. In Avastar, after your adjust the bones for your custom skeleton, you need to save the joint positions. You can do this by clicking the Convert to Bind pose option.
  9. I really don't think creators are going to use it exactly like the default is used. With this system, we have way more flexibility than that. What I predict creators will do is use the baking system to add layers to clothing. The body will stay as mostly just skin, tattoos, freckles, scares, and such, that make sense with the materials on that body, or even on clothing. What this baking system will also bring, is a better way to hide meshes. So, instead of layers up the mesh to be able to alpha it, creators will go back to using a texture to alpha things, like the default does. As far as layers, I don't think layers will be eliminated entirely, but why even make a skin tight layer on a mesh body when you could just fricken model a pare of pants or a shirt, that will look many times better, and you can use the baking system on that also. I'll just end this with a rant about materials. They are not optional for a "quality" product. Almost everything should have both bump maps and specular maps. Now, yes, the baking system doesn't include materials, but the baking system also doesn't stop anyone from using them. Yes, too, that creators will need to think about how to use the baking system in the smartest way to get the best look with their materials.
  10. Nalates also recorded the meeting. I live streamed it, but my stream cut out after 20 some minutes.
  11. These are fundamental changes to how SL actually works. I can understand someone being upset that I'm spamming the GD with random creation stuff, but this is not what this is. This is of interest not only to creators just also the public at large, IMHO.
  12. Those are not Tim Allen approved!
  13. No way! I grew up in Warren, Michigan, about 3 miles from you. Now I'm a little further north like you, but I'm around Utica. To those not from around here, Warren is the suburb directly north of Detroit, with 8 mile (like the movie) separating them. Yep, Eminem grew up right around the block from me, but I'm quite a few years older. Kid Rock was more around my time. Interesting note about 8 mile today. I just had to drive down it the other day. There are around 50 Pot stores lining 8 mile, because none of the suburbs will allow a pot store in their city. It's crazy seeing all those "clinics" lining the road.