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  1. No thank you! I avoid dealing with banks as much as possible.
  2. It is pretty disturbing that everything we've ever made can be traded so flippedly. So in a day, our items and our futures can be sold off. Difficult to have any confidence at all that this will be a good thing.
  3. Why does a company that makes a profit need an investment group?
  4. Like, WTF is the point of this? How does SL benefit?
  5. Hey everyone, It does astound me how the people at LL just don't consider their users. Why would you stop all transfers on a business regularly transferring money, just because you need info? Would it not be a TON smarter, to just inform your user, and tell them they have a month to get the info to them, before any action is taken? Seriously, it is like they think nobody needs the money.
  6. The other day, I was in another world, and someone asked how I got my name. After I told my name creation story, everyone else joined in with some even better name creation stories. So, I will start. In RL, I have a very common name. Extremely common. When I gave myself my virtual name, it was the very early days of email. I had to give myself an email, and I really hated the name with numbers format, like John256, because having a common name, It felt like I was now just a number. At the time, there were all these suggestions on how to pick your name, and 1 of them was to just look arou
  7. I'm guessing you have bone location data in your animation. You want to turn off bone location and only use bone rotation on the bones for the body, in the export options. Or you could go into the animation per bone and turn off all the location data for the bones in the body.
  8. What is likely happening is the walk in your AO is overriding your arm animation. Likely, the walk is a priority 4. So, there are 2 solutions. The first is to make the priority higher. You can't go higher than 4 with BVH files, if I remember correctly. If you can go priority 5 with bvh then that would fix your issue. In Blender, Anim files can be exported with as high as priority 6. The 2nd solution is to have a script repeating triggering your priority 4 arm animation. This is not full proof tho, as other animations could be higher.
  9. Any animations made before the Bento release will not have movement in the face and hands for those Bento bones. Your poseballs need to be updated with Bento Animations.
  10. Yes, any OBJ, DAE, or FBX should work in Blender.
  11. Yes, you can sit on them, as long as they have a sit target. Technically, yes you can sit on an attachment, as there is the pelvis attachment point, and the rest is easily done with animation and code.
  12. He is waiting for the weakest elephant to be exposed.
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