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  1. Hello! I'm fairly new to scripting in SL and am currently working on a flying airship-type vehicle using modifiable pre-existing scripts. Part of the plan was to have turrets that are rooted to the ship itself that move with the camera movement of a user, not necessarily the driver. The issue I am having is this: The turret script works properly to rotate the child (which houses the script) when linked with the root, as long as it is not physical. If the object becomes physical, as is the case with the airship when it is flying, the turret script then rotates the whole object (both root and children). I would only like the child object to rotate based on camera movement, even if the entire object is physical. The turret script allows an object to be rotated through the same rotation as the person who clicked the object's camera. The airship's script turns the airship physical during flight Turret Script: key toucher; string toucherS; float SPEED = 40.0; integer LIFETIME = 7; float DELAY = 0.2; vector vel; vector pos; rotation rot; integer in_use; integer have_permissions = FALSE; integer armed = TRUE; fire() { rot = llGetRot(); vel = llRot2Fwd(rot); pos = llGetPos(); pos = pos + vel; pos.z += 0.0; vel = vel * SPEED; llTriggerSound("shoot", 1.0); llRezObject("bullet", pos, vel, rot, 1); } default { state_entry() { in_use = FALSE; } touch_start(integer total_number) { if(in_use == FALSE) { toucher = llDetectedKey(0); llRequestPermissions(toucher, PERMISSION_TAKE_CONTROLS|PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION); llSetText("Requesting Permissions", <1,1,1>, 1); } if(in_use == TRUE) { if(llDetectedKey(0) == toucher) { llReleaseControls(); llSensorRemove(); llSetRot(<-0.00000, -0.00000, 0.70711, 0.70711>); llSetText("", <1,1,1>, 1); in_use = FALSE; } } } sensor(integer sense) { rotation k = llDetectedRot(0); llRotLookAt(k, .1, .1); } no_sensor() { llReleaseControls(); llSensorRemove(); llSetRot(<-0.00000, -0.00000, 0.70711, 0.70711>); llSetText("", <1,1,1>, 1); in_use = FALSE; } run_time_permissions(integer perm) { if(perm) { llSetText("", <1,1,1>, 1); llTakeControls(CONTROL_ML_LBUTTON, TRUE, FALSE); llSensorRepeat("", toucher, AGENT, 20, TWO_PI, .1); llSetText("Current User: "+llKey2Name(toucher), <1,1,1>, 1); in_use = TRUE; } else { in_use = FALSE; llSetText("", <1,3,1>, 1); } } control(key name, integer levels, integer edges) { if ((levels & CONTROL_ML_LBUTTON) == CONTROL_ML_LBUTTON) { fire(); } } } // END // Airship Script: // SoloFlight // by Solo Mornington // This script is based on the HC-1 flight script by illume Skallagrimson // but VERY HEAVILY MODIFIED. :-) // we only have a position for the sit target, no rotation. it is assumed that // this script is in the root prim of a zero-rotation object. vector gSitTarget = <2.01, 0.002, 9.005>; string gSitText = "Fly away"; // Text to show in the pie menu for sitting string gAnimationName; // this will be the first animation in inventory string gLoopSound = "tugboat"; // the sound to loop during flying. key gPilot = NULL_KEY; // who's flying? (distinct from passengers) // these are values for the vehicle motors // they'd more properly be state-scope variable for state flying. // https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SVC-3297 vector linear; vector angular; float water_offset = 1.6; // Defining the Parameters of the normal driving camera. // This will let us follow behind with a loose camera. list gDriveCam =[ CAMERA_ACTIVE, TRUE, CAMERA_BEHINDNESS_ANGLE, 0.0, CAMERA_BEHINDNESS_LAG, 0.5, CAMERA_DISTANCE, 2.0, CAMERA_PITCH, 05.0, CAMERA_FOCUS_LAG, 0.05, CAMERA_FOCUS_LOCKED, FALSE, CAMERA_FOCUS_THRESHOLD, 0.0, CAMERA_POSITION_LAG, 0.5, CAMERA_POSITION_LOCKED, FALSE, CAMERA_POSITION_THRESHOLD, 0.0, CAMERA_FOCUS_OFFSET, <0,0,0>]; // lists of which prims are legs and wings, so we can do special effects list gWingPrims; list gLegPrims; setVehicle() { llCollisionSound("", 0.0); llSetVehicleType(VEHICLE_TYPE_AIRPLANE); // linear friction llSetVehicleVectorParam(VEHICLE_LINEAR_FRICTION_TIMESCALE, <100.0, 100.0, 100.0>); // uniform angular friction llSetVehicleFloatParam(VEHICLE_ANGULAR_FRICTION_TIMESCALE, 1.0); // linear motor llSetVehicleVectorParam(VEHICLE_LINEAR_MOTOR_DIRECTION, <0.0, 0.0, 0.0>); llSetVehicleFloatParam(VEHICLE_LINEAR_MOTOR_TIMESCALE, .5); llSetVehicleFloatParam(VEHICLE_LINEAR_MOTOR_DECAY_TIMESCALE, 1.0); // angular motor llSetVehicleVectorParam(VEHICLE_ANGULAR_MOTOR_DIRECTION, <0.0, 0.0, 0.0>); llSetVehicleFloatParam(VEHICLE_ANGULAR_MOTOR_TIMESCALE, .4); llSetVehicleFloatParam(VEHICLE_ANGULAR_MOTOR_DECAY_TIMESCALE, 2.0); // hover llSetVehicleFloatParam(VEHICLE_HOVER_HEIGHT, 0.0); llSetVehicleFloatParam(VEHICLE_HOVER_EFFICIENCY, 0.0); llSetVehicleFloatParam(VEHICLE_HOVER_TIMESCALE, 350.0); llSetVehicleFloatParam(VEHICLE_BUOYANCY, 1.0); // linear deflection llSetVehicleFloatParam(VEHICLE_LINEAR_DEFLECTION_EFFICIENCY, 0.5); llSetVehicleFloatParam(VEHICLE_LINEAR_DEFLECTION_TIMESCALE, 1.0); // angular deflection llSetVehicleFloatParam(VEHICLE_ANGULAR_DEFLECTION_EFFICIENCY, 0.25); llSetVehicleFloatParam(VEHICLE_ANGULAR_DEFLECTION_TIMESCALE, 100.0); // vertical attractor llSetVehicleFloatParam(VEHICLE_VERTICAL_ATTRACTION_EFFICIENCY, 0.75); llSetVehicleFloatParam(VEHICLE_VERTICAL_ATTRACTION_TIMESCALE, 1.0); // banking llSetVehicleFloatParam(VEHICLE_BANKING_EFFICIENCY, 0.0); llSetVehicleFloatParam(VEHICLE_BANKING_MIX, 1.0); llSetVehicleFloatParam(VEHICLE_BANKING_TIMESCALE, 360.0); // default rotation of local frame llSetVehicleRotationParam(VEHICLE_REFERENCE_FRAME, <0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0>); // removed vehicle flags llRemoveVehicleFlags(VEHICLE_FLAG_NO_DEFLECTION_UP | VEHICLE_FLAG_HOVER_WATER_ONLY | VEHICLE_FLAG_HOVER_TERRAIN_ONLY | VEHICLE_FLAG_HOVER_UP_ONLY | VEHICLE_FLAG_LIMIT_MOTOR_UP | VEHICLE_FLAG_LIMIT_ROLL_ONLY); // set vehicle flags llSetVehicleFlags(VEHICLE_FLAG_HOVER_GLOBAL_HEIGHT); } loadLegAndWingPrims() { gWingPrims = []; gLegPrims = []; integer i; list params; // use llGetObjectPrimCount() so we don't include seated avatars. integer count = llGetObjectPrimCount(llGetKey()); for (i=1; i<=count; ++i) { params = llGetLinkPrimitiveParams(i, [PRIM_DESC]); string desc = llList2String(params, 0); if (desc == "leg") gLegPrims += [i]; if (desc == "wing") gWingPrims += [i]; } } newAnimationCheck() { // we might have a new animation in inventory // and if we do, stop the old one and play the new one. if (gPilot != NULL_KEY) { llStopAnimation(gAnimationName); gAnimationName = llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_ANIMATION, 0); llStartAnimation(gAnimationName); return; } gAnimationName = llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_ANIMATION, 0); } primAlpha(list prims, float alpha) { // set prims to be transparent integer i; integer count = llGetListLength(prims); for (i=0; i<count; ++i) { llSetLinkAlpha(llList2Integer(prims, i), alpha, ALL_SIDES); } } wingFlapAlpha() { integer i; integer count = llGetListLength(gWingPrims); for (i=0; i<count; ++i) { if (llFrand(1.0) > 0.5) llSetLinkAlpha(llList2Integer(gWingPrims, i), 0.7, ALL_SIDES); else llSetLinkAlpha(llList2Integer(gWingPrims, i), 0.3, ALL_SIDES); } } default { state_entry() { // load up the exception prims loadLegAndWingPrims(); // some basic initializations gPilot = NULL_KEY; newAnimationCheck(); llSitTarget(gSitTarget, ZERO_ROTATION); llSetSitText(gSitText); state atRest; } } state atRest { // state atRest is the state we should be in when the vehicle is at rest // just sitting there, as in we just rezzed it, or the avatar stood up from it. // mainly this state is responsible for starting the flying sequence when // the owner sits on the vehicle. state_entry() { // nobody flying the thing... gPilot = NULL_KEY; // hide the wings and show the legs primAlpha(gWingPrims, 0.0); primAlpha(gLegPrims, 1.0); // turn off vehicle stuff. llSetStatus(STATUS_PHYSICS, FALSE); // TODO: make the vehicle right itself. // let the whole object know we're at rest. } changed(integer what) { // Whenever an av sits on or stands up from an object, it is treated as if it // were being linked or unlinked. // Unfortunately, there are a whole bunch of other things that cause CHANGED_LINK // as well, so we have to allow for them. // Things that can cause CHANGED_LINK: 1) linking in new prims, 2) unlinking prims // 3) avatars sitting, 4) avatars unsitting if (what & CHANGED_LINK) { // are there *any* seated avatars? if (llGetNumberOfPrims() != llGetObjectPrimCount(llGetKey())) { // we have seated avs, so let's find the sit target one key agent = llAvatarOnSitTarget(); if(llSameGroup(agent)) { gPilot = agent; // ask politely for permission do to stuff. // These will be automatically granted. llRequestPermissions(agent,PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION | PERMISSION_TAKE_CONTROLS | PERMISSION_TRACK_CAMERA | PERMISSION_CONTROL_CAMERA); } if(llSameGroup(agent) != TRUE) // sit target agent is not the owner { llUnSit(agent); llWhisper(0,"Only the Kumiho Family can drive this vehicle."); } } else // there are no seated avatars... { if (gPilot != NULL_KEY) { // since there are no seated avs, but we still know about // the pilot, they must have just stood up. // we need to release controls and do other cleanup llSetTimerEvent(0); llReleaseControls(); llClearCameraParams(); llStopLookAt(); llStopAnimation(gAnimationName); gPilot = NULL_KEY; llMessageLinked(LINK_ALL_OTHERS, 0, "stop", NULL_KEY); } } } if (what & CHANGED_INVENTORY) { // someone might have dropped in a new animation newAnimationCheck(); } } run_time_permissions(integer perm) { // to be correct, we really should check the perms and make sure we // got the ones we need. but this will usually work: if (perm) state flying; } on_rez(integer foo) { state default; } } state flying { // state flying assumes we have permission to take controls, run animations, // and control the camera. state_entry() { // hide the legs, show the wings... primAlpha(gLegPrims, 0.0); wingFlapAlpha(); // play the flying sound llLoopSound(gLoopSound, 1.0); llSetTimerEvent(0.05); llTakeControls( CONTROL_FWD | CONTROL_BACK | CONTROL_LEFT | CONTROL_RIGHT | CONTROL_ROT_LEFT | CONTROL_ROT_RIGHT | CONTROL_UP | CONTROL_DOWN | CONTROL_LBUTTON | CONTROL_ML_LBUTTON, TRUE, FALSE); setVehicle(); llSetCameraParams(gDriveCam); llStartAnimation(gAnimationName); vector current_pos = llGetPos(); llSetVehicleFloatParam(VEHICLE_HOVER_HEIGHT, current_pos.z); llSetStatus(STATUS_PHYSICS, TRUE); // let the rest of the object know we're flying llMessageLinked(LINK_ALL_OTHERS, 0, "flying", NULL_KEY); } changed(integer what) { // Whenever an av sits on or stands up from an object, it is treated as if it // were being linked or unlinked. // Unfortunately, there are a whole bunch of other things that cause CHANGED_LINK // as well, so we have to allow for them. // Things that can cause CHANGED_LINK: 1) linking in new prims, 2) unlinking prims // 3) avatars sitting, 4) avatars unsitting if (what & CHANGED_LINK) { // are there *any* seated avatars? if (llGetNumberOfPrims() == llGetObjectPrimCount(llGetKey())) { // there are no seated avatars... if (gPilot != NULL_KEY) { // since there are no seated avs, but we still know about // the pilot, they must have just stood up, so let's rest. state atRest; } } } if (what & CHANGED_INVENTORY) { newAnimationCheck(); } } // The control event is what we get when the user mashed down the keys // we asked about in llTakeControls(). control(key id, integer levels, integer edges) { if(llGetStatus(STATUS_PHYSICS)!=TRUE) llSetStatus(STATUS_PHYSICS, TRUE); if ((edges & levels & CONTROL_UP)) { linear.z += 12.0; } else if ((edges & ~levels & CONTROL_UP)) { linear.z -= 12.0;} if ((edges & levels & CONTROL_DOWN)) { linear.z -= 12.0; } else if ((edges & ~levels & CONTROL_DOWN)) { linear.z += 12.0;} if ((edges & levels & CONTROL_FWD)) { linear.x += 14.0; } else if ((edges & ~levels & CONTROL_FWD)) { linear.x -= 14.0;} if ((edges & levels & CONTROL_BACK)) { linear.x -= 14.0; } else if ((edges & ~levels & CONTROL_BACK)) { linear.x += 14.0;} if ((edges & levels & CONTROL_LEFT)) { linear.y += 8.0; } else if ((edges & ~levels & CONTROL_LEFT)) { linear.y -= 8.0;} if ((edges & levels & CONTROL_RIGHT)) { linear.y -= 8.0; } else if ((edges & ~levels & CONTROL_RIGHT)) { linear.y += 8.0;} if ((edges & levels & CONTROL_ROT_LEFT)) { angular.z += (PI / 180) * 55.0; angular.x -= PI * 4; } else if ((edges & ~levels & CONTROL_ROT_LEFT)) { angular.z -= (PI / 180) * 55.0; angular.x += PI * 4;} if ((edges & levels & CONTROL_ROT_RIGHT)) { angular.z -= (PI / 180) * 55.0; angular.x += PI * 4; } else if ((edges & ~levels & CONTROL_ROT_RIGHT)) { angular.z += (PI / 180) * 55.0; angular.x -= PI * 4; } if ((edges & levels & CONTROL_ML_LBUTTON)) { llMessageLinked(LINK_ALL_OTHERS, 0, "fire", NULL_KEY); } } timer() { wingFlapAlpha(); if (llGetAgentInfo(gPilot) & AGENT_MOUSELOOK) { vector rot = llRot2Euler(llGetCameraRot()); llRotLookAt(llEuler2Rot(<0,0,rot.z>),0.1,1); } else { llStopLookAt(); } vector vel = llGetVel(); float water = llWater(vel * 0.05); float ground = llGround(vel * 0.05); if (water > ground) { // above water vector MahPos = llGetPos(); if (MahPos.z < water+water_offset){ llSetVehicleFloatParam(VEHICLE_HOVER_EFFICIENCY, 0.5); llSetVehicleFloatParam(VEHICLE_HOVER_TIMESCALE, 0.1); llSetVehicleFloatParam(VEHICLE_HOVER_HEIGHT, water + water_offset); } else { llSetVehicleFloatParam(VEHICLE_HOVER_EFFICIENCY, 0.0); llSetVehicleFloatParam(VEHICLE_HOVER_TIMESCALE, 350.0); } } else { // above ground llSetVehicleFloatParam(VEHICLE_HOVER_EFFICIENCY, 0.0); llSetVehicleFloatParam(VEHICLE_HOVER_TIMESCALE, 350.0); } llSetVehicleVectorParam(VEHICLE_LINEAR_MOTOR_DIRECTION, linear); llSetVehicleVectorParam(VEHICLE_ANGULAR_MOTOR_DIRECTION, angular); } state_exit() { // we need to release controls and do other cleanup llStopSound(); llSetTimerEvent(0); llStopLookAt(); llReleaseControls(); llClearCameraParams(); llStopAnimation(gAnimationName); llMessageLinked(LINK_ALL_OTHERS, 0, "stop", NULL_KEY); } on_rez(integer foo) { state default; } } //END//
  2. Hello All, I'm looking for help on a script/land resources issue. I bought a Garda Tristar-R V1.2 Motor Boat and all seems OK until I try to drive it. I can place it on my water, uncover and board it, remove the fenders, turn on the lights and start it. Sounds function properly - but when I try to drive it I get this script warning: "Can't enable physics for object -- insufficient land resources." I am on a hillside property to water; have a waterfall and elevator - all function properly. Is there something I can do or is this an issue with the load the boat requires to run being too great for my land? Thanks very much in advance. WaitsThomasBatriani
  3. Greetings all, I am making a small pergola and trying to create a physics mesh that will offer collisiion only at the posts on each corner. I have created simple cubes to go on each corner to that end, but they keep ending up at the edge of what looks like the bounding box of the full object, with the roof. I have set Location, rotation and scale as well as set origin to Geometry for each piece, including the physics mesh. The pergola is one object. Any insight would surely be appreciated thanks.
  4. I have been trying for days to do physics for this one house and I am at my wits end. I have the model. I've built it and deleted it about 60 times now 😅and I really don't know where to go from here. If someone could help me understand and help me do the physics so I can see where I've been an absolute *****, it would be beyond appreciated.
  5. Hey all!, Ive been wondering for a while, if there are any female mesh bodies that make the butt jiggle and bounce, i only know belleza does it good so far, anyone that knows other mesh avatar that incorporate these physics in their body, any and all recommendations and suggestions are good thankyou! it doesn't matter if the stomach jiggles that is only a plus! Thankyou ! 🍑
  6. The basics: * Rez a box, make it big enough to roll a ball around (10x10m maybe) * Rez a sphere, make it physical (no other changes) Simple enough set-up. What I cannot for the life of me figure out: In some cases, the ball will roll just fine if you walk into it. In other cases... it slows, suddenly stops and spins in place. I see no rhyme or reason to its behavior? What am I missing? Size of the ball doesn't seem to make a difference, size of the prim doesn't seem to make a difference, neither does mesh or prim or physics shape. No scripting involved. The behavior is consistent per instance though. If I rez said ball on a surface where it'll roll fine, it'll ALWAYS roll fine. If I take the EXACT SAME prims to inventory and rez them elsewhere, the ball may or may not fail, spinning in place after rolling a short distance. I even have a stretch of road where it works fine one one segment... and fail and spin as soon as it crosses over to the next segment. Help? Please? De-mystify?
  7. estoy teniendo muchos problemas a la hora de crear y subir una física para un edificio en second life. Todos los post que veo son en ingles y hay "nada" de reglas básicas o o como hacer una física en español para poder entenderlo mejor. Cuando intento subir la física de mi edificio , ni puedo entrar por las puertas, se modifican, es un gran lio y no se por donde empezar. Podría alguien darme algún tutorial, nociones básicas o simplemente ayudarme en esto? muchas gracias.
  8. I made the following 3 stores. For each of these stores, I got a separate roof, floors and walls on each side. I first made the centre store, then made the right side and mirrored it to left. Applied the transformations, baked all textures & made all LODs. Those 2 sides have same number of materials, same number of vertices & tries (as per Blender). But somehow, I get two different Land Impacts on left & right roofs & 1st floors. Everything else matches. Below are the LI when those are set to Prim (Physics Shape Type). Both have hole for stairway. Dimensions are same (both physics & mesh) Left (LI) Right (LI) Remark Roof 3 4 Convex Hull LI (left - right): 3 - 4 Both have same physics, download & server weight. But more display weight is different (L)1826 - (R)1831 - Both side carries 3 textures. Only difference i found was 4 extra vertices on left (this side happens to give low LI than the other) All LODs have same vertices & tries (as on upload window) Both roofs have physics of 2 tries 1st Floor 3 2 Convex Hull LI (left - right): 2 - 2 Both have same download, server & display weight Somehow Mesh is high on left. Thus high physics - Both dimensions are same & I have double checked if it goes beyond boundary. all good. Only difference I found here was 1 extra vertices on right (this side happens to give low LI than the other) All LODs have same vertices & tries (as on upload window) This is after I managed to remove 2 physics tries from each. Before it gave 6 - 3 (left - right) LI (in Prim mode) Both floors have physics of 8 tries Floor Upload Window So I'm quite puzzled about this & curious to know whats the cause and how could it be fixed or at least a way to lower the LI.
  9. Hello guys, I'm trying to make some physics experiments with SL engine for a Uni project, and I could use some help with some things: 1) What's the best way of getting an object initial velocity after applying an impulse to it using llApplyImpulse? I've tried using the 'start_moving()' event but it never triggers, and I don't know why. If this is not possible with llApplyImpulse, for some reason, what's the best way I could simulate something like an oblique launch, in which I apply a momentary force to an object in two axis? I'm currently trying to keep track of these parameters using a timer, but I think the results are not that reliable. 2) Is the difference between two llGetPos() coordinates in meters? How can I move an object more than 10 meters? 3) I have a script that moves an object 10 meters up and then keeps track of its velocity during the fall. When I try to track its acceleration with llGetAccel it always returns <0,0,0>, why is that? I was expecting something like <0,0,-9.8> after reading the wiki. 4) For my simulations it would be nice to have objects mass expressed in kg. By reading the wiki I can't understand properly how the Lg metric works. What's the best way of 'converting' Lg to Kg? Edit: Just realized there's a function that returns mass in kgs 5) In order to kreep track of the object physical parameters, like velocity, position, acceleration and force, I'm using a timer function printing these values with llSay over time, but it's not printing more than two times per second. I imagined it could be something to do with the printing function performace, but I'm not sure. Is there a better way of doing this? Most of my doubts are about the relation between LSL units and real life units. I've read the wiki several times but I'm struggling to get these values properly inside the Sim. My goal here is to make physics tests such as free fall, oblique launch and collisions in the SL Sim and compare the results with the mathematical formulas for each behaviour. To achieve this I need to have proper values in metric system like initial velocity, distance, acceleration, mass. Could you guys give me some help with this? Thank you!!! These are the scripts I'm using for now: FREE FALL: float end = 0.0; float start = 0.0; default { state_entry() { llSetStatus(STATUS_PHYSICS, TRUE); } touch_end(integer num_detected) { llSetTimerEvent(0.1); llSetPos(llGetPos() + <0,0,10>); start = llGetTime(); vector initialAccel = llGetAccel(); llSay(0, "Initial position:"+(string)llGetPos()); } land_collision_start(vector pos) { end = llGetTime(); llSetTimerEvent(0.0); llSay(0,"I Collided With Land!"); llSay(0, "Final position:"+(string)pos); llSay(0, "Time elapsed:"); float elapsed = end - start; llSay(0, (string)elapsed+"s"); } timer() { llSay(0, "Velocity="+(string)llGetVel()); llSay(0, "Acceleration="+(string)llGetAccel()); llSay(0, "Force="+(string)llGetForce()); llSay(0, "Mass="+(string)llGetMass()); llSetText( "Script=teste_queda \n"+ "Velocity="+(string)llGetVel()+"\n"+ "Acceleration="+(string)llGetAccel()+"\n"+ "Force="+(string)llGetForce()+"\n"+ "Mass="+(string)llGetMass()+"\n", <1,1,1>, 1); } } OBLIQUE LAUNCH: float initialTime = 0.0; float finalTime = 0.0; vector initialPos; vector finalPos; default { state_entry() { llSetStatus(STATUS_PHYSICS, TRUE); } touch_end(integer num_detected) { llSay(0, "TEST START"); llSetStatus(STATUS_PHYSICS, TRUE); llSetTimerEvent(0.05); vector impulse = <0,10,10>; initialTime = llGetTime(); initialPos = llGetPos(); llApplyImpulse(impulse, 0); llSay(0,"INITIAL POSITION: "+(string)llGetPos()); } moving_start() { llSay(0,"INITIAL VELOCITY: "+(string)llGetVel()); } land_collision_start(vector pos) { finalTime = llGetTime(); finalPos = llGetPos(); llSetTimerEvent(0.0); vector distanceTraveled = finalPos - initialPos; float timeElapsed = finalTime - initialTime; llSay(0, "Distanced traveled:"+(string)distanceTraveled); llSay(0, "Time elapsed:"+(string)timeElapsed+"s"); } timer() { llSay(0, "Velocity="+(string)llGetVel()); llSay(0, "Position="+(string)llGetPos()); llSetText( "Script=teste_queda \n"+ "Velocity="+(string)llGetVel()+"\n"+ "Acceleration="+(string)llGetAccel()+"\n"+ "Force="+(string)llGetForce()+"\n"+ "Mass="+(string)llGetMass()+"\n", <1,1,1>, 1); } }
  10. MzLiv

    Breast Deforming

    For some reason after recently updating the Firestorm Viewer to the newest. Now whenever I wear breast physics, it deforms one of the breasts to bigger. All my settings are as always been before updating and never had an issue. Does anyone know how I could fix this? I want to be able to wear physics.
  11. Hi! I have a hotel. It's 5 floors and 4 rooms to a floor. The designer that built this made it all separate pieces. Do I need to make a physicals model, for every single piece (ex. every individual stair) or can I combine all the pieces in maya and just do the physics model as one whole piece. Which one do you think would be easier? And would anybody be willing to help (I'm a complete noob at this.)
  12. BenjilaBonj

    Physics Issue

    Hello, i've encountered an issue which I can't seem to get my head around. When importing objects into SL, I've been importing mesh with a physics shape too, which is analysed and imported. When the mesh is set to 'prim' the physics works perfectly. However when objects are linked together and set to prim, sometimes it doesn't work. Which is fine, so I then go and unlink the objects to their individual parts, set them each back to prim to apply the physics shape only to find that they now will not apply the map at all. Leaving objects being completely phantom. I cannot get my head around how to get the physics shape to apply again. Incidentally, I'm also having an issue where if I duplicate a mesh object, for example something i'm using as a floor. The duplicated object doesn't have any physics applied to it either, despite whether it's in PRIM or Convex hull. Is there anything I can do?
  13. Hello first time posting here, I have a unique problem that I can't get my head around and I have no clue if this is just a thing or if a piece of script is doing this(which I doubt but could be wrong.) I have an aircraft that I built from scratch and all the controls in the cockpit are clickable from mouse look. But immediately after rezzing, if I hop in and start moving...... I can't click any of the controls. I stop moving... I CAN click on everything. It's not until I go into edit mode and physically move the aircraft myself that this issue stops. After I do that I can the click on things as the aircraft is moving. Also, crossing a sim border seems to have the same effect as "edit moving" the aircraft. Not clickable before crossing....clickable after crossing. To note, it's not just in mouse look. Even if I cam in on the controls that same phenomena happens. And yes the aircraft is physical. Has anyone come across this or am I the only one seeing the black cat twice?
  14. I was looking at a mod that adds sound physics for Minecraft, made me think that maybe Sound Physics and Sound Filters could be added to Second Life. We have Windlight, mesh, shadows, ambient occlusion, our visual side can be breathtaking, but the sound improvements has been forgotten, I think it would improve the SL Immersive experience a lot more, allowing creators to deliver more realistic experiences. Here are some videos demonstrating the sound improvements: https://youtu.be/qOQNSZBzD9Q https://youtu.be/Gi-6M6uslzM do you think that SL sound engine needs an improvement? what do you think?
  15. I've got a bridge that, because of the nature of the script I'm using, I need the bridge to be a single object. Everything was fine with it until I added railings to it. Now I don't walk on the bridge, I walk above the railings. I'm using 2 small planes as the physics on the railings, but it seems that once it's uploaded it's creating a bounding box around the entire railing structure and not allowing me to actually walk between the railings. I've tried everything I can think of including using the actual mesh model as the physics layer too, but I still end up walking above the railings. In order to walk between the railings on the bridge deck as you're supposed to, how do I create the mesh physics so it's not problematic as described when I upload it?
  16. Hey everyone, I would like some help with my character's physics. I have the Maitreya body, and I've got a physics layer thing for it. Only my breasts seem to be moving though. I've been reading some old forums saying that this is the case for the Maitreya, and as well the case for many other mesh bodies. These were old forums, however. Has there been any new developments? Is there a new kind of physics I could get that would allow me to adjust for my belly and butt as well? If not, are there any mesh bodies bodies that allow for butt and stomach physics that anyone could recommend me? I've heard that Belleza and Tonic used to offer physics for more than the breasts. Is this still the case? Are there any other mesh bodies that offer this? I'm fairly new to this game, and I'd just like someone to help me understand these mesh bodies and their physics, as well as the many different kinds of physics (layers?) you can get for them. Thanks, and have a great day
  17. Now-adays griefers have ruined much of SL, causing many sims to not allow objects to be rezzed. not for visitors, and often not for land group members since that group is often given out fairly freely. One of the big headaches that causes is for vehicles. if I have a car or bicycle, boat or floatie, plane or hang-glider then I am out of luck on many sims. I cannot rez my vehicle and hence cannot use it. Yes, you can have avatar attachments that LOOK like a car or bicycle, but they don't behave properly since they move as your avatar walks-runs-flies etc. Maybe I have just never encountered a "well-known" solution and if so please enlighten me. What I seek is to be able to change a simple vehicle (lets say a car for discussion) and have some way to go to a no-rez sim and attach it to my avatar and have it take over avatar movements so i just move in a scripted car-like fashion. physics would be wonderful, but i would gladly settle for the pre-physics style of scripted incremental (timer-based) movement. Basically what the attachment vehicle needs to be able to do is: 1. stop normal avatar controlled movements (walk, run, fly, etc) 2. move the avatar in scripted direction (script no using keys instead of avatar) - and yes, i know this movement would be inferior to normal object vehicle movement. It would not be a work-around for griefer objects since it would ONLY work on the item attached to an avatar present in the sim (same as today) and there would be no way to spawn off multiple objects or have them move independent of the avatar. IS THERE A SOLUTION? CAN ANYONE POINT ME AT SOME ATTACHMENT-BASED MOVEMENT FRAMEWORK?
  18. Hi, I build a building in blender, and soon after following some forum tips to build the Physics of the same, but I have not been successful in upload, I do not know where I am going wrong
  19. I was following a few avastar tutorials for adding physics to an original mesh model but all of them go from where I was, finishing weight painting, to going to a category called 'fitting' and generating weights for physics. That's where the red physics bones show up and they continue from there. But my avastar is lacking this option. What did I do wrong? Is there an update I'm missing, a setting, some sort of priming for the model to be done first? Alternatively, is there an alternate way to add physics bones in blender that will work with second life's physics? Other people Me I am using a second life skeleton, if that helps any.
  20. Hello! I build a vehicle and I have a question about physics shape. it will be a two-story bed and when I get up from the bed, it throws me up through the roof. How to make it not to throw up but push me inside? Any suggestions? all the other positions push me to the right way. I have an idea to make the roof not three cubic blocks but one continuous block curved in two places along the roof arc. What do you think will help? Does it depend on the thickness of the block? still get very thin.
  21. Hello! I have a question for ACS/KCP users. I make a truck and it is very important that you can walk inside the body. I created a simplified cubic physical shape with hollow inside, when I upload a model, I press the analyze, and everything goes fine. But the body turns into a convex hull when used, and I cannot walk inside. I manually set it to prim, but after reload it goes back to convex hull. I asked a question in a group, but did not get an answer. Generally a very bad service, yes, there is a site with a description, but it feels like they left me alone. Author never responds. Maybe it is a somekind keyword? I am using "solid" and "mesh" keywords - no help. Or I am even ready to switch to the old version (I am on 7.02). I use the viewer without Open Sim, so I don’t think that's the point. Any suggestions?
  22. I wear a rather bouncy physics layer that looks a bit too over the top when I'm wearing certain outfits. To combat this, I've created a much more subtle Physics layer to represent wearing a bra. but whenever I want to switch them I have to search in my inventory and manually switch them. Is there any way to make a hud button to switch them with one click? or even better, A script that can do it automatically when I add or remove the item it is in?
  23. Hello! Please advise how to save resources when uploading a mesh at the expense of the shape of physics? which physics is better to use for objects that do not need physics at all, in particular, a rope and other small elements, and can it be done so that object do not have any physics at all when they are uploaded? thanks very much!
  24. The next version of Firestorm is heading your way soon (honest) and subject to no last minute showstoppers it will be available before the Christmas freeze for those who wish to play with Animesh. As part of that release, there are the usual fixes and changes both from the lab and ourselves. Part of the latter is a revamp of the Mesh Uploader we all love to loathe. I have had a stab at documenting the various changes I have made to the uploader in a blog post : https://beqsother.blogspot.com/2018/12/easing-pain-of-importing-mesh.html The high-level summary is: What's changed? Cost breakdown, how the L$ charge is calculated Physics details, the costs of the different types of physics (convex hull, prim) Higher resolution preview image Scalable preview window Improved shading/lighting in the preview window Correct highlighting of degenerate mesh Improved error handling for physics models (avoid some of those MAV errors) UV Guide overlay Beq
  25. Hello! The problem solved! Hello! Help please I have a problem. I'm trying to upload through the Firestorm the roof with an exit to the top, but I can not do physics. I tried a simplified cubic physics and the same model. But the passage is not formed. Applied rotation and scale. Prim / Convex hull don't work. I press the analyze and without, it does not help. It will be the roof of the moving object, so I think the analyze needs to be done. I will be grateful for any help! Thank you! P.S. When uploading with cubic physics, I do not even see the outlines of these cubes. Two months ago I uploaded another model and every cube could be seen.
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