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About Me

Found 5 results

  1. I did a search on the marketplace for carnival rides since I sell them and all that comesup is pages of the same texture for sale by tons of diff sellers obviously doing it to cheat the search results to only show their products
  2. OH What a MESS....!! I'm so sorry for the hurt I caused. I cheated by making a few Alts. Problem is after he found out and I admitted it my personal life is now threatened, do I go to Linden Labs with this, I am married in RL and have a real lot to lose.. ( yes I understand loss of sympathy here but I was also just looking for some distraction) My SL partner is so mad and has the money and time to trace me and destroy my life for real.. He wrote me a mail stating that he would not rest before he hunt me down and hurt me the way I hurt him. I'm really afraid that having our accounts frozen will only result in more fury from him. Please help me.. I asked his forgiveness so many times... I know I was wrong to treat this as a game.... even though I proclaimed and loved my SL partner as a lover and friend for real. Big Sighs
  3. Since I run a 7yr old club that lets people pretend to be a stripper, I often get this question and haven't got a great answer. I don't do the serious role play in SL, am more of a RL me, enhanced person, so Not including furry, alien creatures or all the other non humans, does most human role play consist of a totally separate created persona and if they have alts, can it be separate from the other alts without regard to feelings in RL. Can a guy have one avatar as the "bad boy" type and another as the loyal partner type? Can a girl create an avatar as the partner, loyal and loving and still have an alt as the stripper in my club and resolve it as role play? Setting aside, non serious actors, I know several people that have alts that come to the club to avoid their partners, one naughty, one not. I am curious as how they resolve the partnered relationship with the "alt gone wild' persona. Do you think they can just go oh, that is not the me in the relationship, its a created persona in role play or is it a connected but "on the sly" license to cheat thing. I see some partnered relationships quite serious, at times evolving into real life ones (if not created that way) and its hard to understand how one of those people can "create" another avatar that roams randomly without thought to the other one without mutual understanding and consent. Seems much easier to understand in non human, since one can log in as Fred the Furry, then log out and back in as the Alien Scourge without much conflict. One has to understand this IS a second life and exaggerations abound, after all, we ALL cant be 21. You can be anything you want, but can one be multiple without concern for the other in human form?
  4. Note: I won't be revealing his SL name, same goes for his *****. Lately my bf (I mean EX) didn't have much time for me and was always "busy" He rarely calls me, and when I call him he'd be like "Not now, I have a deadline to finish." So me being an understanding gf let it pass. He doesn't know that I've started playing SL just a few weeks ago, and what are the odds. I saw a guy that has a SL name somehow similar to my bf's name (what an idiot for incorporating his RL name) So my curiosity got the best of me and boy was I thankful. I approached the guy and he was talking with a very *****ty girl (mind you, they were having a very steamy conversation) I said "hey~" And the guy responds with a "Hi ;)" Immediately the girl with him IM me to back off. At this point my guts is telling me that it's him so I asked my RL bff to check on him in RL. My bff went to his house and was greeted by my ex bf's mother. His mom said that he was upstairs working on something in his computer (pffft) With that said, I called him in RL. 1st ring no answer, 2nd ring no answer, 3rd ring no answer, 4th ring still no answer. I somehow started laughing at myself and thought that I was just over reacting. On the 5th ring he finally answered, his voice was pissed. So I told him to chill and asked where he was. RL convo: Him: Babe, I told you I have a deadline and it's nearing. Me: Oh sorry to disturb, I just really miss you. Lately you've been MIA. Him: I know and I'm sorry, I'm at my colleague's house, needed some help with my project. Me: Colleague's house? Ahhh, it's ok. Good luck on your project. (note: while I was talking with him on the phone. The guy I assumed was him in SL had an "away" status.) SL convo: (note: His "away" status finally disappeared and resumed his steamy conversation with his *****. He also asked me if I wanted to join.) Him: You have nice t*ts (referring to his *****) *****: Want to come over? I'll let you rub them Him: Sounds good, wanna join us Sapphire? *****: Find another d*ck, he's mine. Me: Project. Him: What? Me: Hahahaha, working on a project. Was the project about having sex inside a game? With a *****? Him: I don't know what you're talking about, if you didn't want to join you could've said so, crazy. *****: Haha, must be a virgin in RL. Let's go baby Me: It's me (RL name) You lying bastard. Have a nice time with your *****. By this point I was really furious so I blocked him and the girl then I logged out, a few seconds later he called me. RL convo: Him: (RL name)? I can explain. Just don't hang up. Me: Sure, you owe me an explanation. (My voice was dangerously calm) Him: You were always busy and it gets lonely, plus when I asked you that night you forcefully said no. Me: BUSY? ME? (I finally let the anger come out) WHAT ABOUT YOU? AND JUST BECAUSE I DIDN'T HAVE SEX WITH YOU? Hahahaha yeaaaah sure, you know what? You're a big waste of my time, don't ever call or show your face to me again. I ended the call and turned my cp off. To this day, he's still asking for a second chance. We've been together for 3 years.. I miss him but at the same time I'm angry at him. Should I give him a second chance?
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