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  1. How to make a fraud leave second life forever?

    it was a dishonest and low move by the escort to pretend to truly love someone in a romantic way to get financial support. if she wanted financial support in exchange of sex and didn't have any romantic feelings towards @ashlynkilane, she should have said so from the beginning and if @ashlynkilane would have agreed, when they part ways there shouldn't be any problem, they both would knew exactly what they want, what to expect, with all the expectations of the relationship clear there would be no reason for disappointments. offering an agreement that you don't plan to comply with, enticing the other person to agree hiding information from them, obtaining a huge amount of money from them and leave, only for the other person to find out afterwards that the first person didn't comply with the agreement, is fraud. I don't know if Linden Lab would have a form of coming down on that type of fraud, but if there isn't... @ashlynkilane don't make that bad experience the center of your life. it sucks, it sucks really big, but don't let the shockwaves of that bad experience damage you more, if you are going to be remembering and remembering, it will cause you more harm psychologically and emotionally than losing so much money. don't give her too much importance in your life, get rid of all her memories, clean yourself from her, and if she comes back some day asking for money and pretending that she loves you, then it will be your time for revenge. she may come, because she may need to buy some things and you loved her. if she doesn't, erase her from your life and prove her how much unnecessary she was in your life and how you are capable of being happy without her, maybe start a new relationship, but this time with your lesson learned, if you give this new relationship money, consider it a gift, money that will not come back, a gift is something that comes out from the appreciation of your heart, not something that you are giving in exchange of something, if you expect something in return then its buying, in some way, expecting gratefulness from your gifts it's like buying her love, love should be to provide for that person because we want their well being, in a romantic relationship where we are more sensible we sometimes can't help to expect some kind of gratefulness for what we done for others, in that way, I understand your pain, in your next relationship don't give gifts to expect something, give it as a sign of your love and because you want her to feel better. don't go back again and again on this unworthy person, she doesn't deserve so much importance from you, bury her in the past, and be happy and grateful for the lesson you learned and that you don't have that leech in your life.

    you can make just a simple prim as ground for them, and some other prims as walls, if you want you can make them transparent, so they wont walk to the sides and fall.
  3. How long have you been here?

    I came here in 2008, 10th of may, at that time I thought I have done everything one can do on the internet, one thing I hadn't tried was playing an online multiplayer game, was looking between the options and saw that SL was free, so I gave it a try. at first I was confused, didn't know how to act seeing people around me, how to communicate, I thought that maybe I would look for someone that look like a hippie, maybe like @Hippie Bowman, they are usually kind people, they would probably help me to get started. one of my first experiences was going to a club where they had a contest for the best furry, I was there with my basic avi, just dancing the best I could with my arrow movements, a dancer, Autumn was her first name, asked me if I was not going to join the contest, I said "what for? I'm not going to win", they motivate me and I join the contest anyway, at the end, surprisingly I won, 750 lindens, that act of kindness from that group of people motivate me to stay, they took me shopping for a bit and gave me landmarks to places with free things, since then I have only been away for a few months here and there for rl reasons, I plan to stay in SL for many years ahead.
  4. This topic is about SL: Forum crushes?

    I always had a special admiration too for @Scylla Rhiadra, intelligent and compassionate, and for @valerie Inshan, so classy gentle lady.
  5. This topic is about SL: Forum crushes?

    alright, I'll confess.. my forum crush since I came here is @Suspiria Finucane, I admire her greatly, her wit, her capacity to be a great friend, the capacity of standing for what is right even against peer pressure, her sense of humor. I stood by her side in her debates, to this day, she always have a love place in my heart. I love @Suspiria Finucane
  6. Videos that make you smile

    what a kind thing to do to save the kitten on the highway.
  7. Why sansar?

    Sansar is HOT right now, after all the anticipation users are starting to explore it, taste it, its a novelty. the talk about Sansar will continue after some time when it comes out of beta, finally users are going to get satisfied with the exploring of the promised land, then its going to normalize and find a point of stability, that I hope is above what is expected. being here General Discussion we can't really say that a topic is off limits here.
  8. Post your SANSAR images HERE

    maybe some of the lacking features will come out after the beta stage, I expected it to be very different from SL, writing everything from scratch and evading some irreversible decisions that Linden Lab can't change about SL, like charging a tax for monetary transactions in Sansar instead of charging for renting land in SL. also the places can be more appreciated in Sansar being by themselves than having other surrounding sims that doesn't fit with the experience you want to give. there is a talk that they are selling some spots to movie makers and rl brands that one to have their own exclusive place just like they vision them, they may add a link on their website to it. I hope it doesn't have excessive hype like when SL started as the 3D internet, a more sober promotion will help other companies to have exactly what they want and what to expect.
  9. Experience with Asperger's Syndrome

    I am autistic, Asperger Syndrome, at least that's how I was categorized in to, I think that many of the posters here have not had any problem communicating with me, in fact, they wouldn't know I was Autistic if the information didn't come to them, in my view, the way my brain is connected, I see myself pretty normal, maybe a little eccentric sometime but not difficult to deal with. usually they have a very normal intelligence and perception of the world, they just had some unusual stuff, mostly in the way they communicate with others, for example in my case I loathed looking at people in the eyes, felt like it was an invasion of privacy, still to this day I avoid looking at people in the eyes and try to do something that looks more "normal", like working on something. in terms on how to relate to them, you can act normally and expect some unusual things here and there in their personality.
  10. New Shinies

    more powerful wind will be great, and more intense fog sometimes.
  11. New Shinies

    Besides the server improvements, and everything that works in the background, which Shinies would you like to see that hasn't arrived yet? mine would be motion blur, it would give a more natural sense of movement. the capability of choosing at which speed would you like to walk, and how many steps would you walk with one click of a keyboard button. mirror reflections, beyond the capability of adding max shine to an object, more like the effect that water have to mirror the environment. with those features, besides performance improvements, I think that Second Life would be very complete.
  12. SECOND Life or Second LIFE?

    in terms of giving emphasis to the first word it is about the way you breathe, you use most of your breath in the first word and the second word comes when you are going out of that breath. in terms of significance the focus should be on "life", the word "second" was just a description of the main focus, like saying "red car", the main objective is the car, secondary, one of its attributes. Philip Rosedale came with the idea of Second Life as a life you have in another world, something different from your usual real life, like being virtually reborn.
  13. LL Announced a Project to BAKE Textures on Meshes

    wow! that means that I could buy a mesh t-shirt and buy some textures for it. or add to it some of my system layer textures. classic avatar clothes are getting a revival. many people gave up some of the clothing they brought in the past when they move to mesh, or had a hard time moving to mesh because they invested so much in classic clothing, being able to add them to mesh it would help many people.