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  1. wow! that means that I could buy a mesh t-shirt and buy some textures for it. or add to it some of my system layer textures. classic avatar clothes are getting a revival. many people gave up some of the clothing they brought in the past when they move to mesh, or had a hard time moving to mesh because they invested so much in classic clothing, being able to add them to mesh it would help many people.
  2. coming back from the hangout, glad to see so many of you
  3. I found myself leaning towards complexity, its a passion to enjoy the details, where everything goes, I like complex things. some are more inclined to the elegant space of simplicity.
  4. /me arrives from work and bring some cookies he got on the way home. they are still warm, from a local bakery.
  5. Haven't tried that yet, still learning about the functionality of the forums thanks for the idea
  6. the forums are divided by subforums, and those have their own subforums, would it be much work to adjust the configuration to see all threads of, let's say, People Forum once you enter that category? people that are more interested in the Forums Feedback could click in the subdivision and see only the Forum Feedback threads, people that are interested more in just General Discussions could click that subdivision and just see the threads of General Discussion. people that are interested in all that is happening in the forums could just click in the Forums category and see all threads happening all over. it would benefit the community in that it would bring more unity, some people just know people in the Merchants category, others on the Server category, others in General Discussion, they stay in their own rooms without knowledge of what happens in another room, for people that like to move around in subcategories it would be more practical if they could see all categories of the threads in just one place. @Phil Deakins thread about a Resident Answers subforum in the General Discussion subforum can be handled like that, if people just want to see a subforum they could click on that and just see residents answering questions.
  7. Appleblossom is one of my favorites too, you can see everything clear and its comfortable to the eye. also Nacon's settings, in my view, they are more comfortable to see the world. @Penny Patton made a day cycle that in her view, that I respect, it makes the world more immersive.
  8. /me try to ignore but get attracted like a magnet to it, so he brings some coffee and donuts to everyone here.
  9. I think it has to do with human instinct, we have a tribal tendency, we tend to form groups of people with similar interests to have more comfortable interactions with them. people that are very different from each other may not be very welcomed in certain groups, and the elitism forms. i think is unavoidable that groups are formed, its human instinct.
  10. sailing

    I think so too, there are many sims in the map that are empty and not available, they are just sea and sky. being able to fly over them and sail would be more realistic, it will make us appreciate more the big world that Second Life is, they could just have building and scripting disabled, and let that huge amount of space be enjoyed by the sailors and flyers.
  11. if they block you they made it clear that they don't want communication with you, they feel uncomfortable and tense with the relationship. now, I get that if you don't know you are blocked you may be worried about that person, for that, you should be able to know if that person don't want to continue the relationship, but then again, if you know that you are being blocked, it cause drama. i think that what you should do is entertain yourself in other things, meet new people, and send a message that you are worried and wish them well, in case they have not been in Second Life and they have not blocked you, they will appreciate that.
  12. emojis are a way to express an emotion, they are very popular on internet use , sometimes they sum up with a single icon what you want to express. should the viewer have them implemented for every day use?
  13. all around
  14. lovely to see you too Laskya, I'll appear when my name is invoked.